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hi emma! hope you're okay with everything happening. i´m just a bit confused because I'm seeing a lot of people saying that we shouldn't donate to 1dfansgive because they keep the money them self? and i have given them money so many times before, and i´m just getting a bit stressed about it i guess. have you heard anything about that? love you and your blog <3

The only people would say that 1dfansgive keeps the money for themselves are misinformed or lying morons. 1dfansgive use the website JustGiving for the charities and the fans who run the drives never see a cent of the money raised. It’s all handled by the website, not the individuals running the charity pages. According to The Guardian (x), JustGiving channeled 1.5 billion euros to over 13,000 charities since its launch in 2001 (and that number is just from 2001 to 2013, when the article was written). Numerous charities 1dfansgive have supported over the years have also publicly thanked 1dfansgive for their charity efforts, so it’s quite obvious that they’re actually receiving the money. Again: the fans who run 1dfansgive never see a cent of the money you’re donating.

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When you say credit where credit is due, you mean the tracing over the artist's work, not so much as copying a style. No one really owns an art style, right? Because there are people in this world who do believe they own a style that's as generic as Disney's style.

Yes, I meant credit when you trace a drawing.

My opinion about copying a style: It’s totally OK to emulate (copy) a style and make it your own. I do know of some artists that do not like it when people ‘copy’ their style and make a really big fuzz about it- (as if someone stole their idea or genius). But reality is … everyone copies other peoples’ styles. If someone copied mine I’d actually feel flattered.

Now, a better situation would be to copy or get influenced by a lot of styles that inspire you, learn from them and come up with your own as a result… Isn’t that a little more gratifying? Why not do that instead?

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I can't believe what these two boys and their families have been through in the past six months. They both deserve some sweet happiness.

they do indeed. all the sweet happiness this world has to offer, instead of the opposite. :(

IDK why it’s not a more popular headcanon that Mccree didn’t just lose his arm in whatever explosion/calamity he went through, but also a significant chunk of his torso

I would imagine that whatever it was would have definitely taken out most of that side of his body, and even if it didn’t they would have had to do some serious work to create a working structure that supported the weight of his arm on his torso

I’ve also considered that those gigantic tubes wired into his stomach are just some fancy cooling system, but I also genuinely think it’s more likely Mccree’s got quite the injury that’s more than just a missing limb. He might even have some artificial/biomechanical organs under all that plating. 

Not to mention his torso kinda sorta resembles Zenyatta’s 

As well as Genji’s

So I do pretty much believe that the setup on Mccree’s torso isn’t just armor plating you can take off, especially since there’s no discernible reason a chest plate should glow like that unless it’s got some mechanisms running under there

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I’ve gotten some messages (anon of course Bc it would take COURAGE to do so otherwise) asking why I’ve been posting homosexual couples. I wasn’t even going to respond but it’s weighing on me so here we are.

First of all its Pride month, so why the hell not!?!

Second of all although I am a white, heterosexual young woman I KNOW not everyone else is. I’m trying to make this blog a place where people of all different races, sexual orientations and cultures can come to find inspiration and enjoyment. How boring would this world be if we were all the same?

Third of all why the hell does it bother YOU!?! Like seriously you may want to do some soul searching as to why you felt the need to send a message as such and why two people of the same sex in love offends you?

And lastly, if you are lucky enough to find someone you want to spend your entire life with, you are lucky enough. Love is a beautiful thing! And it’s just a guess but I’m thinking you may need some more love in your own life. Happy people don’t get offended by other people’s happiness.

I don’t plan on stopping such content so maybe this blog is not for you. I wish you well on your life journey.

we keep showing up at all the same places separately because we’ve always had similar interests x college!hoseok

You met Hoseok at the places where you did the things you loved. It seems like the first dance move you got to do with him was a handshake. The sound of his voice singing his name, and asking for yours in return that could top your favorite song. He was like a breath of fresh air incomparable to a walk in park that slowly led for the two of you home to where one or the other was.

Loving Hoseok came a long way and that long way had to come to an end.

It wasn’t necessarily anyone’s fault. Just… love doesn’t work out for everyone and love didn’t work out for you with the way you wanted it to for Hoseok. You would be lying if you said you didn’t miss him. You did. Everything you love to do was some of his favorite things and doing them together felt less lonely than you would alone. Sure, you could do them on your own but ever since the breakup, it had been harder to get back on track to doing things you once loved even before you loved Hoseok.

So today was a day of change that you decide to be good to yourself.

That was when… it felt like you were falling in love with Hoseok all over again.

His first dance move ever since was to open the door for you and he too, was surprised to see you there. With a quick thank you, you hope he doesn’t pay much mind to you during the class. The first thing you heard him say is past the music at a record store you stopped by to get something (because Namjoon’s a lazy ass that wouldn’t get off his ass) and… it was your name. At the park where for the first time after a long while, there Hoseok is already jogging… towards you after noticing how you feel off your bicycle.

It’s not really how you plan to get the conversation going with him but hey, the universe has a funny way of doing things.

“Y/N! Are you alright?”

“Honestly, no,” You grunt, trying to chuckle but it only hurts so Hoseok hushes you as he helps you up, into a sitting position at least. 

There it is, Hoseok thinks, smiling in the slightest but wipes it off when he tends to your scraped knee. Two minutes go by and Hoseok’s towel is wrapped around your leg with his hands holding it together until you tell him it’s fine. Deciding to break the silence, you start off with a rather direct statement.

“The one day… I decide to go to all of the places I used to go, I see a certain someone there,”

Hoseok sighs with a knowing look in his eyes, at yours, “I know. I went through the same thing,”

The both of you share a laugh and while it’s peaceful and oddly calming, Hoseok brings up a question.

“Do you still… have feelings for this certain someone?”

If there was one thing Hoseok could trust you with, it was honesty.

“…maybe,” And him to you, the very same as well, “What about you?”



Sunset valley-Christopher Steel

When I visited the SIMS3 town,
Occasionally found that some NPC has good-looking facial features,
(But EA’s skin is bad lol)
After the change of the skin and makeup,
Don’t need a lot of use to adjust the slider, they are beautiful or handsome.
So there is a want to see how many NPC is hidden handsome guy and beauty?
(change the skin, NPC will look like a newborn, It’s really funny for me)
So I look for some of I feel facial features have the potential NPC to make fine tuning,
Adjust the benchmark is to maintain the basic shape of the NPC under the proportion of the shape, do some fine adjustment.
I don’t want to lose the original feature of the NPC
(Plz forgive my embarrassing English^^“)

Sunset valley-Christopher Steel - Download

Just another beautiful morning here in Italy! I’m relaxing with some yummy coffee and taking it all in! ☕💕  I couldn’t help but do some more drawing too 😊  I wanted to  work on a couple of cuties before I set off to explore the city some more and start set-up for the Roma Cartoon Festival this evening! 🦄💕  I’ve only been in Rome for a few days and I can already feel the creative juices flowin! ✨ I think this city has that effect on people. 😜❤ But I can’t believe tomorrow is the first day of the Roma Cartoon Festival! 😆 The past couple days flew by! You can find me at the show all weekend so I hope to see you lovelies there!😘💗