Monster of the Deep: FFXV - Meeting Ignis

I redid this thing like five times trying to get closer to him but nope….lol

Ignis: Hello! Come to see what’s biting have you? That was a silly question, I do hope I’m not intruding. As for myself I’m doing some research on the flora and fauna of the area -  a little “recipe reconnaissance” if you will. Of course, if I’m in your way I’d be more than happy to - wait. Yes! That’s it! If it isn’t too much trouble, would you mind letting me have a look at what you catch?

umm not to get political but high key this ending net neutrality bullshit is going to completely change the way that people in the usa access the internet and is one of the most blatant examples of the gop catering to big business at the detriment of the american public and tbh i had no fucking clue it was even happening so i’d definitely suggest doing some reading on it & contacting your representatives & please vote in the mid terms elections because they’re just as important

So you know how Hawkmoth sent an akuma to Chloe’s party cause he KNEW she’s gonna get someone akumatized?

Well could you just imagine how he found out about it? Like, Adrien goes up and asks his dad if he could go and hes like “yeah whatever idgaf” But deep down he was just “??!!!!! pERfecT” AND JUST FUCKING RUNS INTO LAIR TO TRANSFORM IN RECORD TIME-

Stray kids as things my brothers have done

Chan: Burnt his hand because he wouldn’t believe that the hot glue was actually hot

Woojin: Tried to charge my friend who asked him to print some stuff on our printer (and was succeeding)

Minho: Bought some flip flops that had written “bang” on them just so he could come to me and dance to Bigbang’s bang bang bang with the shoes on his hands

Changbin: Told all his friends my very conservative dad had a dragon tattoo on his shoulder

Hyunjin: Got asked by a local newspaper if they could make a rubric for his very special quotes (eg: gosh I know I’m gorgeous but there’s no need for so many cameras)

Jisung: Used “cucumber” as an insult for almost half their lives

Felix: Got sent to the principal on 1st grade when learning the alphabet because he couldn’t stop laughing. Apparently “g has a silly face”

Seungmin: Called our turtle “Turtle”. Yes, that’s actually the poor thing’s name

Jeongin: Told me he knew all my secrets because he had sneaked into my bedroom and read my diary. It was my school notebook

Sleep tight (My Nightingale)

Hi! I should really be doing some of the requests but I am in the mood to write something else so the birth of the ‘Sleep tight, (My Nightingale)’ series is born. It is going to be a series of drabbles featuring DC characters that I feel like writing. So far, I have only written Damian’s and half-way writing Arthur’s. (If you have a character in mind that you want to see me write for, leave your replies down below!)

Hopefully, these drabbles would not be too long! (Partly the reason I wanted to write this is because I just want some cute in my life so hopefully, these will be enjoyable to read!). As usual, mistakes are here and there.

Damian raises one of his eyebrows as he stares blankly at you. “Am I correct to assume that you want me to partake in this napping thing?” He shakes his head. “I see no point in taking a nap when I could be out and about, taking down villains.” Damian turns around and heads toward the door but before he can slip out of your room, you grab on to his wrist and he abruptly stops to stare at you.

You roll your eyes at his antics. “Come on, Damian. You need to rest!” You pull him back towards the bed. Technically, Damian could just pull his hand from your grip quite easily but having you pampering him like this is stroking his ego.

“Sister, I will be fine without no rest.” He eyes your bedroom – why you chose to bring him to your bedroom instead of his is beyond him.

You shake your head. Damian is almost as bad as Tim when it comes to neglecting rest. As the official medic in the house, you are constantly on their health and unfortunately for Damian, he has pulled the wool over your eyes too much because you managed to catch up to him before he left the manor earlier and thus, here he is in this predicament.

“What is going to happen if you get hurt because you momentarily lose focus due to exhaustion?” You furrow your eyebrows at him. “You just need to take a nap – thirty minutes at most.” You compromise and Damian contemplates your offer before nodding his head.

You grin at your youngest brother and head over to your bed. Pushing your covers to the side, you crawl on to the bed and lean against the headboard. “Come on.” You pat the space beside you and Damian resists the urge to roll his eyes before flopping beside you. The grin on your face grows bigger when Damian, without being prompted, snuggles up to you.

“If a word of this reaches Grayson or worse of all, Todd, I will revoke all of your snuggling privileges!” Damian huffs and you had to bite the inside of your cheeks so that you wouldn’t laugh. You clear your throat and nod your head.

“Of course, Dami.”

You lightly run your fingers through his hair and at first, Damian furrows his eyebrows for a bit before he lets you be. Damian must have been satisfied with your answer because he quickly falls asleep soon after. You smile quietly to yourself – now, if only the rest of your family members were as pliant as Damian.

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God, the song is amazing!! If it is dropping next week, I hope they do some promo leading up to it. The song deserves so much, and so does Louis! And build up promo is so important. This performance will air in December so that's good promo! But there still needs to be some promo before the song is released... and if it's next week, there isnt much time. I dont get why they arent teasing the song release, at least on his social media accounts. C'mon, give him good promo from start to finish!!


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Hay TFWiki! I've kinda started to wonder about TFP Optimus and Megatron because im doing a presentation for english and i chose this as my topic. But two questions come to mind: 1) how did Orion and Megatronus meet? Was it ever animated (War of Cybertron or FOC)? 2) what happened to Megatron? Seeing that RID15 Soundwave didn't know he changed sides after the events of Predacons Rising (yet knew he was alive). Did he do some good? Did he lock himself in isolation?? Thanks MissTFfan!😁

Megatron’s fate post-Prime hasn’t been expanded on at all, but the story of how he and Orion first met is told in the Exodus novel. That portion of the book takes place before the events of the video games, so it never got animated. It was in his job at the Hall of Records, cataloging transmissions and data from all across Cybertron, that Orion first came upon Megatron’s underground broadcasts decrying the government and the restrictive caste system. Finding that he agreed with Megatron’s beliefs, Orion initiated contact with him via a covert transmission, and their communication evolved from text correspondance to video-conferencing, the pair debating and sharing ideas, until Megatron finally invited Orion to meet in person, telling him that he would never properly understand his perspective until he saw Kaon for himself. That was how they first met face-to-face, and, well, Prime told us the rest of the story…!

Mitch Marner imagine

Hey guys. I’m on Thanksgiving break right now. Yay! So I’ve got today and the weekend off to hopefully do some writing. If you guys have any requests please let me know cuz I’ve been having trouble thinking of like “original ideas”. Thanks guys.

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“Mitch,” I yelled from the kitchen. He was still in the bed and I was lonely. It was like 10 o'clock though and he needed to get up.

Soon enough I heard him trekking down the stairs. He soon arrived in the kitchen with really messy hair and a big smile for someone who’d just been waken up.

“Hi,” I said as he merrily walked over to the counter pushing himself up onto it and looking down at me still smiling.

“Good morning beautiful,” Mitch said the smile still etched into his face.

“You seem to be in quite a good mood,” I commented standing between his legs.

“I just got a really good sleep last night, and I was awoken by your gorgeous voice,” Mitch cooed bending down to kiss my forehead.

“I was screaming at you,” I said scrunching up my nose.

“Hmm. I hardly noticed,” he joked.

“Seriously though. Are you ok. We you doing drugs upstairs or something,” I asked him with a chuckle.

“Honestly when I woke up this morning I realized how blessed I really am. I have a wonderful girlfriend, the career of my dreams, a really great apartment, and an extremely fuzzy cat,” Mitch said placing his hands on my shoulders and pulling me close to him.

“Speaking of that really fuzzy cat,” I began, “the vet told me yesterday that she’s way overweight.” Mitch laughed at that for some reason.

“That’s not funny,” I said pulling away and hitting him lightly on the chest.

“It is. It’s really funny,” Mitch said still laughing.

“No it’s not. I need to figure out how to put our goddamn cat on a diet,” I said starting to laugh with him.

“We’ll just have to start taking her on walks,” Mitch said seriously.

“Oh my God we can be those weirdos who walk their cat. We’re doing this. I’m getting her a leash and collar today,” I replied laughing.

“That can be our new thing to do together. Walk the cat,” he said pushing some loose hair behind my ear.

“Sound good,” I replied.

Just then our fat fuzzy cat strutted into the kitchen to rub up against my calf.

I scooped her up into my arms giving her a big hug as she began to purr softly. Mitch pulled us lightly into his chest. There we were a weird little family.

Songs I Wanna F*ck Tamaki to

Higher // MISO

The Other Side of Paradise // Glass Animals

She’s My Collar // Gorillaz (Ft. Kali Uchis)

Do some Real // Mono: Massive & Philanthrope

What You Need // The Weeknd

Make It Wit Chu (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) // Queens of the Stone Age

Smooth // Saib.

Toes // Glass Animals

Give Up // FKA Twigs

Ocean Eyes (Blackbear Remix) // Billie Eillish

Fuck You All The Time // JEREMIH

Body Electric // Lana Del Rey

A Little Death // The Neighbourhood

Sex // The 1975

Constant Conversations (St. Lucia Remix) // Passion Pit

Gooey // Glass Animals

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That's why the antier alert, which said that if veyes some video or photos do not blog, since they were very, very private because someone took them (supposedly) as we did not know who ?? Ahira with this you confirm me ball of stupid go team ashh I hope soon that I finish this already !!!

You know what’s sad about these photos. The complete  unhappiness in his face, her gloating,  and the fact that he’s looking directly at the camera in 2 out of 3.  They’ve completely hijacked his life in so many ways. She’s everywhere and constantly demanding he partake in BS either for the private IG or to be leaked at a later time.

 I have a feeling we are getting these as the private IG hasn’t been made public.  And because they are desperate to make people think this is real.  And people are blind. They don’t look at his face and body language.  

♡Namjoon Soulmate AU Part 7/7♡

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01 || 02 || 03 || 04 || 05 || 06 || 07[END]

⇝Word Count: About 2K

⇝A/N: I APOLOGIZE THAT THIS TOOK SO LONG! I’M SORRY! This is the end of this particular series. I don’t know where to continue after this. Maybe I’ll do some drabbles, imagines or brief fake texts add ons if people suggest ideas or I come up with a good idea.

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