curious question, would people like/ support me making skam gifs like this???


This dairy goat farm lets the public take tours during/a little after the kidding season during spring! I got chewed on and it was great.

Fun French Fact

Okay okay so I’ve seen Moana in French a’ight. 

And instead of calling Tamatoa “Crab Cake”, Maui calls him “Pâté De Crabe” which is the French version of Krabby Patty. 

And honestly that’s amazing thanks for the spongebob reference disney. 

the solution is, i see a whole room of these mutant kids,
fused at the wrist, i simply tell them they should shoot at this,
simply suggest my chest and this confused music,
it’s obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist.

- guns for hands // twenty one pilots

For my Giving Tuesday #thek30lyn perk, one of the lovely donors requested I enjoy some green mint chocolate chip ice cream as my “dare.” Because she cares!!! And enjoy I did!!! Thanks, Gear! I enjoyed the ice cream and appreciate your support of Kaitlyn’s Gonna Donate! ❤️

i’m really good at singing never gonna give you up by rick astley and every steven universe song ever but only when i’m in the shower