i don't write tragedies only sin

The windowpane rattled with the force of the wind and rain, so poorly obstructing the sounds from the thunderstorm and  cold air that hadn’t it been (mostly) dry in the apartment Lovino could have sworn the tempest was going down inside the living room. The humidity of the air didn’t help much either, for it made everything feel slightly damp, which, combined with the chilly breeze that insisted to snuck in, made it harder to keep warm.

And if Lovino didn’t like rainy weather, then he absolutely despised the cold. He just couldn’t understand people who found some kind of melancholic beauty to the sound of rain whipping at windows and and howling wind from it’s corners, as it all just made him feel miserable.

“Sorry, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I invited you”, apologised Pedro from where he watched the storm from one of the windows, baring a slightly concerned expression, before  turning back to face the Italian man with a crocked smile. He didn’t sound sorry at all. “Here, take this. Will help warm you up a bit”

“Thanks”, the Italian replied somewhat grumpily, taking the cup of hot cocoa the other man offered and holding it with both hands so carefully it might as well have been the physical embodiment of the new coming of Jesus, relishing in the warmth it emanated. Pedro chuckled bemusedly.

“Well, would you look at that, brat actually knows gratitude~” teased the Portuguese man, making himself comfortable beside him on the couch and pulling on the blanket Lovino had wrapped himself on so he could be covered as well.

“Tch, shut up.” replied the other feeling himself bush a little bit, while trying his best to hog the blanket without spilling any of the liquid in the cup. “And, don’t even think about taking this from me! All this is all your fault anyway!

“Oh yes, of course it is!” Mocked the other, ”You see my skin was feeling a bit dry lately so I called up my friend Zeus to see if he could do anything about it~ Oh common, let me in! I’m cold too!” wined Pedro, inevitably winning their tug war and snuggling in on the couch with a sight of content just in time for the start of the film.

And just like that, as both men accommodated themselves so as to be more comfortable, Lovino suddenly felt strangely overwhelmed by the absurdity of the whole situation. There he was, snuggled up on a couch with his best friend’s older brother, ready to watch some shitty horror movie while it purred heavily outside - in what must be the most terrible first date he had ever had.

Except he didn’t feel all that bad anymore what with the hot cocoa and the warm heat emanated from Pedro’s body, shielded from the cold by the blanket and the comfortable ancient couch on a stormy Friday night. And maybe the Portuguese man wasn’t as open or cheerful as his younger brother, but with his more snarky sense of humour and more mellow nature still made for great company all the same. It didn’t hurt that he wasn’t hard to look at either.

petition for there to be a scene in orphan black’s future where cosima and sarah are being held captive and they hear their guards complaining about another clone they’re bringing in and how it took five of them to take her down and sarah and cosima are like “oh, no! they’ve got helena!” but instead they end up dragging in a terribly inconvenienced alison hendrix who doesn’t give a DONALD DUCK about their evil plans because she’s late for soccer practice and how dare they.


Like I don’t even know what’s going on here but it’s Alycia so it’s automatically awesome

Taken from this music video (x)


Some Kind Of Beautiful by Lindsey Stirling & Tyler Ward

@ask-iran has always inspired me to art. And honestly, I’ve always wanted to draw Iran, because she’s gorgeous af and such a great representation of Iran, but I felt my skills were never good enough to represent what is the fire of my inspiration..but..TODAY I SAID TOO BAD AND DID SO ANYWAYS


you stayed up waitin’, anticipatin’, and pacin’
but I was, chasing paper
caught up in the game