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Castlevania Week Day 1: Beginnings

The Dark Lord sat on his throne, absently swirling a glass of blood in his hand. He could feel the Castle shaking around him, the very stones screaming in pain. As connected to the Castle as he was, he was only too aware of the intruder fast approaching the Throne Room. Help us, Lord, his creatures screamed, he is too strong for us. We cannot stop him.

Death had already fallen, and so had the rest of his most trusted servants. The Dark Lord knew there was little any monster could do against such formidable a foe. So he waited, silently; it would end here, at the foot of his throne, as it had done so many times in the past.

The door shattered into a million pieces. In its place stood a Belmont. The Dark Lord cast an appraising eye over him. The hunter was young, even for a human. More a boy than a man. It mattered little. He was a Belmont, and he wielded the whip. He was the one prophesied to end the Night once and for all.

Looking into the youth’s fierce eyes, the Dark Lord could not help but be reminded of another set of eyes. A thousand years had passed between then and now, and almost all memories of that time were lost; however, there was one memory the Dark Lord knew he could never forget. Not when each and every Belmont he encountered served to renew it.

You have become a cursed being and I will never forgive you. This whip and my kinsmen will destroy you someday… even heard through the ears of Death, the fury in those words had been unmistakable. The same fury was standing in front of him. Younger, less experienced, more raw power. The same spirit and determination.

The Crimson Stone had been compromised, his bond to Chaos weakened. The Dark Lord had no doubt that his son would have been thorough. If he were to be slain, this time he would not rise. The prophecy would come true, Leon Belmont’s oath fulfilled at last…

Prophecies. Fate. Destiny. He had renounced such notions with his humanity. But he knew only too well of Leon’s will. The noble knight never went back on his word. It was Leon Belmont the Dark Lord feared, even across a thousand years.

“Come,” he said, raising his glass to the youth with Leon’s blood. “It is time to end this.”

The glass hit the floor with a shattering crack. The eclipse was about to begin.

Soma Cruz awoke with a scream.

Ever since Soma had returned from the Castle, the nightmares had been plentiful. Although he managed to keep Dracula’s memories at bay during the day, at night they bubbled to the surface, demanding to be recognised. Most of it was about death and destruction, and while it was the sort of thing one could never get completely used to, Soma was learning how to deal with such dreams – or, at least, put them out of his mind so that they wouldn’t affect him too much.

This, however, was different. The horror Soma felt wasn’t his reaction to the memory, but an aftermath of Dracula’s emotions. Fear, yes, but also sadness…

Soma rolled over, grabbed his phone, and texted Julius. They needed to talk.


The moment the hunter walked into the coffee shop, Soma blurted out,

“Who’s Leon Belmont?”

“Good to see you too,” Julius said gruffly, taking a seat across from Soma. He laughed as the boy reddened at his lack of manners. “It’s all right,” he said, waving a hand over Soma’s stammered apology. “You obviously have a lot on your mind. Leon Belmont? Where did you get the name from?”

“A dream that I had,” he replied, not quite looking the older man in the eye. “I saw… I saw you. In 1999. Dracula was about to fight you. Thinking that if you killed him, Leon’s oath would come true, or… something…”

His words trailed off as Julius stared at nothing. Recounting his own memory of the battle, Soma guessed. He waited in silence until Julius seemed to come back to himself.

“There isn’t much I can tell you about Leon,” he said. “The records just don’t go that far back. What little I know I heard from Arikado. Supposedly, Leon is the first Belmont to hunt vampires, and the first to wield the whip.”

Soma waited. When no more information was forthcoming, he prodded, “Is that it?”

“That is all Arikado told me. He might know more, but I don’t think so.” He looked straight towards Soma, his face grim. “The only one who can truly answer your questions is Dracula himself.”

Soma groaned, burying his face in his hands. “I don’t want to look into Dracula’s memories. The nightmares are bad enough as it is. But, Leon… I do wish I knew more about him.”

“Well, if you remember anything or dream of Leon again, both Arikado and I would be glad to know. My family’s been trying to figure out the origins of the Vampire Killer for generations, but it seems the knowledge was lost with Leon’s records. If we have information about Leon, we might be able to get something more out of the whip. Mind you, I’m not asking you to go looking. But if you get anything…”

“I’ll be sure to tell you,” Soma replied, fighting down a grimace. He didn’t like thinking about the whip. Even now, hidden under Julius’ coat as it was, he could still feel its presence, burning like fire on the edge of his consciousness. Almost without thinking, he whispered, “I must have done something terrible to him. Why else would his whip hate me so much?”

“Whatever Dracula did, it has nothing to do with you,” Julius asserted. “Don’t you go feeling guilty about it.”

Soma couldn’t bring himself to respond. You have become a cursed being and I will never forgive you. Soma wasn’t sure if it was Dracula’s memory resurfacing or his own memory of hearing it in the dream, but Leon Belmont’s voice rang clearly in his head once more.

He heard himself ask, “Would he forgive me now? Now that I’m not the Dark Lord anymore?”

“There would be nothing to forgive. Leon would never hold you accountable for Dracula’s actions, Soma.”

“But, still… What would he think of me? Could we… be friends again?”

With his head in his arms, Soma couldn’t see Julius, but he still felt the hunter tense up.

“Again? You mean Leon and Dracula were…”

Soma realised he was shaking. Tears started to well up in his eyes. “I don’t know,” he managed to choke out. “I don’t… why am I…”

He heard the scraping of a chair, then firm hands wrapped around Soma’s shoulders. “Don’t think about this anymore,” Julius said, pulling him to his feet gently. “Let’s get you home.”

Soma let Julius lead him out of the coffee shop. Even though Julius had taken care to put his body between him and the Vampire Killer, Soma still felt the whip’s wrath all too strongly. However, Julius’ touch was kind against his shoulder. The same eyes that had looked upon him with cold resolve now held warm concern. The youth with Leon’s blood had now become a man, just as the vampire lord had become a boy.

“Thank you, Julius.”

“You’re welcome, kid.”



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Glad You Liked It! 

Fuck that I’m not just liked it,I really loved it. 

Shokugeki No Soma is one of my favorite anime of all time (If you know I am always buying figures for this show)
Shokugeki aired April 4th 2015 and concluded September 26 2015
second plate was shortly announced after the first season was finished . As far as 2nd plate I loved it After reading a head in the manga I love seeing every get animated. 

The characters are amazing and everyone get backstory to see why that character is the way they are and its lovely The only bad thing I can say about the characters is everyone is perfect except for those two from polar star that are nobodies but the show acknowledges that they are nobodies on episode 13 which I thought was hilarious
The art is simple but amazing there is some much detail put in to the food it looks fantastic.I love the fact I don’t feel like an 11 year with an erection watching this the ecchi is super irrelevant this show leaves me on the edge of my seat even when I know whats gonna happen
It has me wanting to go to culinary school

If you haven’t seen shokugeki no soma I highly recommend it
10/10 Would Finally Learns To Cook