Video Game Challenge: [4/7] Female Characters

↠ Catherine Chun, SOMA

The Ramen Incident 

it’s finally time to announce that ness, mak and i are collabing this soma week with a nisekoi au! strap yourselves in homies bc this is gonna be a long ride - soma week is just the beginning!~

here are some snippets of ness and mak’s work, but don’t forget to check out the full things! you’ll find everything related to this au in the flamakness collab tag ♡

“– swollen cheeks, hiding a shameful secret. Soul stared at her in disbelief, completely shocked that she had the audacity to– he took a deep breath. ‘Maka, did you just… take my egg?’ 'No,’ she said, muffled. He took another second to let out another breath. 'Bro…" - @l0chn3ss

- @mrsashketchum​

  • Souma: All right, so you and I are married.
  • Erina: We are not married.
  • Souma: Relax, it's just pretend.
  • Erina: I don't wanna pretend.
  • Souma: Scared you'll like it?
  • Erina: Okay, if we're married, I want a divorce.
  • Shun: Are you two like this all the time?
  • Souma & Erina: Yes.

A Rare Soma Has Appeared!

I can’t explain it but I really love this look. It’s somehow really innocent and sweet (maybe that’s just the shipper in me). I totally don’t blame Erina for blushing. It’s a look I’ve never seen on him before. When it comes to his friends, he often always looks proud of them, but the same look with Erina somehow seems to be tinged with sweetness? Like this gem right here:

And this one too:

Again it may be because of shipper bias, and this will probably just be a long rant why I love the two of them so much. 

I mean in the usual tsun-protag-dere triangle, I pick the dere side, mostly because I usually dislike how tsun characters can turn about face so quickly and the Tsun-Protag pairings that I usually love because of proper development become axed (NEVER FORGET ICHIRUKI) so I’ve pretty much been burned. Maybe that’s why I like Soma and Erina together. Despite the slow development (it’s been a long time coming!) or because of it, the progression of their bond seems natural and organic. I am WEAK when it comes to enemies-to-friends-to-lovers trope, especially when it’s done right. and despite complaints about SNS’s pacing issues, I can say that they did well with building on the connection between these two. I mean I don’t think they’re catching feelings yet. They’re definitely in the friends stage building up their mutual trust. I also like how Erina didn’t do a 180 with how she saw Souma after finding out about her idol Saiba being his dad. Despite the turmoil she went through and her process of recategorizing Soma in her mind, she mostly just treated him as she usually did and whatever warming up she did towards him was purely because of his own efforts and not because of who his father is. 

Similarly, I find it interesting how Erina doesn’t fall into a neat category for Soma. She’s kind of a rival, kind of a friend, but definitely, how he acts with her is subtly different than how he acts with his other rivals (Takumi, Hayami, Ryo) and other friends (Megumi, Nikumi, Hisako). There’s a challenge there because he knows she’s a better chef (and I love me dynamics where both are Alphas but the female is Alpha-er if that makes any sense) so that’s where the tension between them comes from. His teasing of her is reminiscent and the equivalent of elementary school pig-tail pulling of one’s crush (not that he’s aware of it or anything). But after learning about her past, somehow he also becomes a bit softer with her? The push and pull between them is still there but it’s somehow gentler. And I just love how they’re not aware of it? At all?? (Well, Erina’s starting to become more aware but really they have a lot on their plates to think about any of that for now). 

So yeah, I’m interested to see where the story takes the two of them. Romantic or Platonic, there’s still plenty to develop especially with the background for both of their missing moms. 

This really did end up a shipping rant but really I couldn’t contain my feels from watching Season 3 (and knowing what’s coming from the manga, the Soueri shipper in me is just screaming in anticipation).