The Ramen Incident 

it’s finally time to announce that ness, mak and i are collabing this soma week with a nisekoi au! strap yourselves in homies bc this is gonna be a long ride - soma week is just the beginning!~

here are some snippets of ness and mak’s work, but don’t forget to check out the full things! you’ll find everything related to this au in the flamakness collab tag ♡

“– swollen cheeks, hiding a shameful secret. Soul stared at her in disbelief, completely shocked that she had the audacity to– he took a deep breath. ‘Maka, did you just… take my egg?’ 'No,’ she said, muffled. He took another second to let out another breath. 'Bro…" - @l0chn3ss

- @mrsashketchum​

It’s been three days since I read this chapter and I still can’t get over Agni’s death and his last moments alive. This is one of the pictures that made me cry the most because you can literally see how terrified Soma is, he’s shocked, he can’t even speak and of course he’s not scared for himself but he’s worried sick about Agni. I think he didn’t expect Agni to push him in that closet to keep him safe and face the guy out there because of course, he knew how loyal Agni was but giving his life in that way? We saw how many times Agni was stabbed, he didn’t die instantly, he probably died after minutes of pure agony, trying not to let that door open until he was sure his prince was safe. What makes me cry even harder is that smile right there, that honest, simple and reassuring smile Agni gives Soma because he knows his prince is scared and all he can do in that moment is smiling at him and letting him know that everything will be okay because I’m here for you like I’ve always been, so don’t worry, you’ll be alright my prince.

lsiten if ness’s writing doesn’t make you clutch ur chest idk man idk

guess what, we have a tag for this collab: flamakness collab. find all of the collab related things thereee~

“– around,’ Soul said, helping her along with a gentle push until the back of her head was facing him. He tugged the ribbons from her grip, muttering something about how he knew she liked wearing them so often. It felt like an appropriate gift, he continued to reason, as if he needed one to give her anything at all. She felt his hands run softly through part of her hair, untangling a few of the strands slowly to not hurt her, gathering the rest in his palm to pull up into a rough ponytail, and finishing it off with a little bow…” - @l0chn3ss

- @mrsashketchum