The people who are following me for a while might remember the Baseball AU I started a couple years ago and that one drawinG OF 2013 (I JUST CHECKED AND GOSH DAMN THAT’S A LONG TIME AGO) THAT I DID with Soul and Maka going to a baseball NY Yankees vs Boston Red Sox game that both were very excited about. And well, they end up in front of the stadium with fanshirts for the opposite teams LOL. This is me continuing their date in some way? 

I was so inspired when I watched snippets of a LIVE (!!!) baseball game in a restaurant when I was in Vermont with @fabulousanima, @makapedia, @sojustifiable and Caleb. Thank you guys for having me! And thank you for @chaoticlivi for having Fab and me with some great cinnamon rolls (I miss them!) and big thanks to @skadventuretime and @bbbutterfingers for having us stay in Boston and giving me a great tour! This sappy romance is for you all! =D ♥

“The Lab Coats Three: Shiomi Seminar Team, ESTABLISHED!”

Idk whyyy but I love them together soooooo muchhhh, they are so funny and cute together, and don’t worry Hayama, I still love u Spice Boy 💖 (bEiNg CrInGeY lMaO 😂)

OOF- I have decided that I am not gonna be a Shokugeki no Soma/One piece Account anymore! Because I already have Instagram for One Piece, my username is @ nixo.robin ! So give me a follow when u love Instagram! ❤🌼

  • Person A: I have an idea to propose
  • Person B: What is it?
  • Person A: *gets down on one knee*
  • Person B: Ok, the answer is yes babe, but you could do better than that
When Someone Trashtalks Your -canon- OTP
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> *inhales deeply*<p/><b>Me:</b> you come into MY FANDOM, INDULGE IN MY ANGST AND TEARS AND HAPPINESS AND AttACK mY chILdREN<p/><b>Me:</b> HOW dARE YOU<p/><b>Me:</b> THEY ARE IN LOVE DAMNIT<p/><b>Me:</b> LET THEM HAVE THIS HAPPPY ENDING<p/></p>
Yana’s comment on chapter 127

Today is the release date of GFantasy May issue. This month, I could eventually draw the episode I have had in mind for about 10 years ever since that character’s first apperance. So please watch over [his fate]. -Toboso


Don’t tell me that this silly “let me in - no I won’t let you in” quarrel between Sebastian and Agni in ch23

was foreshadowing this “let me out - no I won’t let you out” scene in the latest chapter:


Ever looked at two fictional dorks and said ‘I love them so much!’ to yourself? Yeah, me too.
—  Probably all shippers out there