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Cosa fa male nella vita?

fa male amare qualcuno che non ti ama,
esserci per qualcuno che non c'è.
fa male avere una persona vicina
e sentirla lontana.
fa male non sentirsi abbastanza
per qualcuno su cui avevi scommesso tutto.
fa male sentirsi valutati,
sentirsi patetici.
fa male vedere allo specchio
un te stesso che non ti piace.
fa male sapere che c'è qualcuno
a cui piace vederti soffrire.

ma fa sicuramente più male
essere vuoti e senza emozioni.
fa più male essere freddi
davanti ai sentimenti altrui.
fa più male mettere le proprie esigenze
davanti al rispetto per gli altri.
fa più male far finta di non vedere
i propri difetti.
fa più male dare risposte
non rispondendo.

e non chiedere mai scusa
a chi ti fa del male.
se sei importante per qualcuno
farà di te
la sua priorità,
non un'alternativa.
meglio andare avanti,
meglio andare da un'altra parte.

fa male la solitudine,
ma fa più male colmarla
con il primo che capita.

meglio stare soli
se chi hai al tuo fianco
ti fa sentire come se non lo fossi.

If Nita were a bird she would be an owl: watchful, discerning, shy, meticulous, serene, acute, downy.

Her soft, subtle, unspoken pride is so elegant, so like the visible but inward satisfaction I’ve often seen in Koyukon people. I envy her self-containment, her ability to leave lovely moments wordless. It must be difficult for such a quiet person to cope with the bluster and noise that Ethan and I create. If Nita were a bird she would be an owl: watchful, discerning, shy, meticulous, serene, acute, downy.

~ Richard Nelson, The Island Within (Vintage Books, April 1991)

Solitude isn’t always pretty.

Sometimes it’s just lying in bed and staring at the ceiling listening to the same song over and over again as it slowly loses its meaning. Sometimes it’s how people go mad because they couldn’t tame the darkness that was growing within them over time. Some days it’s a girl waking up without her soul. Some nights it’s a boy falling asleep with his spirit crushed. Sometimes it’s someone wanting to lose themselves to a person, but instead, they push that person away.

Solitude only becomes a prison when you do not love yourself. And even if you do love yourself it’s still a very dangerous thing, and the very benefits of it are the stars shining in its purest darkness.

Solitude isn’t always pretty but also are the truths that we find within ourselves when we learn to find solace in it.

—  Juansen Dizon, The Art of Solitude

Sometimes you find your best self in the silence. When there’s nothing to listen to except the sound of your heartbeat , something happens. You find the rthymn of your own thoughts and you stop being so afraid of where those thoughts go. You learn what keeps your hands busy and your mind engaged. We live in a world that insists that you are incomplete in some fundamental way if you aren’t constantly surrounded by other people. And if you only ever allow yourself to be alone when you feel lonely, you might start believing the lie. But if you let go of all your expectations for a happy life and simply live, I think you’ll find that being alone isn’t scary or sad at all. There is clarity in the silence. There is hope there too.