The Poetry Foundation was honored to sponsor the WanderWord poetry program during this year’s SolidSoundFest at Mass MoCA. The images included here hopefully give you a feeling for the poetry, the art, the music and the amazing crowd who descended up North Adams, Massachusetts to hear, see and experience this unique event. 

The Lost in the Words Poetry Trail was a scavenger hunt audio tour featuring 12 poets. At each of the 12 trail stops, guests took out their phones, and plugged into a poem. 

Check out all of the “Lost in the Words” Poetry Trail poems:

1. Tera Ragan -

2. Kazim Ali -

3. Rita Dove -

4. Jeff Tweedy -

5. Yuko Otomo -

6. Jon Sands -

7. Mike Watt -

8. Victor Hernández Cruz -

9. Atsuro Riley -

10. Susan Brennan -

11. steve dalachinsky -

12. - Abraham Smith -

A special thanks goes out to Susan Brennan, poet and organizer, who put together the WanderWord Trail. The Poetry Foundation thanks her especially for bringing a vigorous presence for poetry to a new audience of poetry lovers.  Thank you Susan and all the poets who participated.