These 5 ladies are all Filipinos.

1st pic- Solenn Heussaff, half Filipino- half French

2nd pic- Isabelle Daza, pure-blooded Filipina

3rd pic- Georgina Wilson, half Filipino- half British

4th pic- Anne Curtis, half Filipino- half Australian

5th pic- Marian Rivera, half Filipino- half Spanish

I searched for those information but that does not make me a stalker. No, no. It doesn’t, and it never will! I’m a girl and not a lesbian.. For sure.


Isabelle Daza and Georgina Wilson are cousins. (Mother Side)

Solenn Heussaff’s brother, Erwan Heussaff is Anne Curtis’ boyfriend. (I’ll post a picture of him later)

Both Solenn Heussaff and his brother Erwan Heussaff has a great voice, can cook and attractive.

Solenn Heussaff is also a painter, model, actress, singer and everything in between.

Isabelle Daza, along with Anne Curtis and Marian Rivera, are actresses and models.

Georgina Wilson is a model and a VJ.