The Gras Rifle Part I — The Model 1866 Chassepot

Fielded by the French Army from the 1870′s all the way up to World War I, the Gras was France’s first self contained metallic military bolt action rifle. A rugged, reliable, and accurate rifle, it served not only with France, but with countries all over Europe, Asia, and South America. Before I can start this series on the Gras rifle however, I must first do a post on its direct predecessor, the Model 1866 Chassepot needle rifle.

In 1841 a German gunsmith named Johann Niklaus von Dreyse invented the needlefire rifle, the first bolt action rifle to be adopted by a major military power. The Dreyse needle rifle was a single shot breechloading bolt action rifle which fired a combustible paper cartridge. It was called a “needle rifle” because the firing pin was essentially a large needle which pierced the paper cartridge, detonating the firing pin placed in the center of the cartridge and thus discharging the round.

With this new breechloading system, soldiers could fire around 10 -12 shots a minute at a time when everyone else was using muzzleloading rifled muskets which could fire 3-4 shots a minute. The Prussian military quickly adopted the rifle and began production en masse. The Dreyse needle rifle was an amazing technological advantage for the Prussians. One of many technological and organizational advantages that allowed Prussia to defeat Denmark in 1864 and the Austrian Empire in 1866. Europe watched as Prussia grew from a small kingdom straddling Eastern and Western Europe into a unified German state. Next door neighbor and European superpower France took notice, and it quickly became clear that the two nations would come to blows. 

With the successes of the Dreyse needle rifle,  France wanted in on needlefire technology as well. In 1866 the Antoine Alphones Chassepot introduced the Model 1866 Chassepot. 

Chassepot constructed two earlier prototypes which were bolt action rifles utilizing a percussion cap system, however it was his third model with a needlefire system which drew the attention of the French military. The new Chassepot had many features which gave it an edge over the Dreyse, in fact what Chassepot created was an all around superior rifle. One of the most important improvements to the needlefire system was it’s action. Before firing the action needed to be cocked by hand. This was done by pulling back on a knob at the rear of the bolt, then opening the action, inserting a cartridge, closing the action, and pulling the trigger.

With the Dreyse the user had to pull back on a knob at the end of the bolt to unlock the action. The user then opened the action, inserted a cartridge, and closed the action. Once closed, he then had the push the knob forward to lock the action and set spring tension on the firing pin. Essentially Chassepot was able to simplify the needlefire action thus eliminating a step in the loading and firing process.

In addition to this simplified action, the bolt head featured a rubber O-ring or gasket which sealed the chamber when the action was closed. This prevented hot gasses from escaping and blowing in the eyes of the user, a problem common with the Dreyse rifle.

Perhaps the most important improvement with the Chassepot was its ammunition. The older Dreyse fired a .61 caliber oval shaped bullet which was smaller than the bore of the rifle. The bullet was wrapped in a paper sabot which made contact with the rifling. The Chassepot fired a .433 caliber conical shaped bullet which was to caliber with the bore, allowing the bullet itself to make contact with the rifling. This combined with the gas seal system gave the Chassepot 33% more muzzle velocity than the Dreyse, better accuracy, and 400 meters more range compared to the Dreyse. Another simple yet important improvement was the placement of the primer in the cartridge. The Dreyse cartridge had the primer placed in the center of the cartridge, thus the needle firing pin had to pierce halfway through the cartridge in order the set off the firing pin. As a result, the firing pins of Dreyse rifles tended to wear out quickly. The French had the good sense to simply place the primer at the end of the cartridge. 

In 1871 the inevitable war with Prussia began as the Prussian Army and an alliance of of German states invaded France, beginning the Franco Prussian War. The Chassepot rifle made it’s first grand battlefield debut and quickly showed its superiority over the Dreyse. However, the Prussians were supior in many other areas such as artillery, transportation and logistics, communications, training, organization, tactics, and leadership. In six months, the Prussians stormed through France, killing 138,000 French soldiers, capturing another 400,000 , capturing Emperor Napoleon III, and occupying Paris, all while losing around 18,000 men.

While the Franco Prussian War signaled the end of the Second French Empire it was not the end of the Chassepot. Needlefire technology would become obsolete with the adoption of the self contained metallic cartridge, and the Chassepot would adapt, leading up to the Gras rifle.

To be Continued… 

The god and the bookworm

pairing: thor reader

Plot: after failing to find his soulmate in Asgard tony throws thor a party to cheer him up. After the party Thor tells the team that he wants to find his soulmate already and tells them that only his soulmate can lift his hammer. To see if any of them are his soulmate the team tries to lift the hammer. After everyone tries and fails the bookworm of the team aka the reader is pressured into trying and freaks out when she lifts it up like nothing.

A/n in this fic vision can’t lift Thor’s hammer.

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The one thing Thor kept repeating throughout his life was that he was never got to get married yet marriage has been on Thor’s mind for the past year. Sure when he was younger he at the thought of meeting his soulmate made him sick. It was mainly because he knew that once he met them he wouldn’t be able to have sex with any woman he pleased. But now that he’s older he’s grown out of that mindset and wanted to settle down with his soulmate.

When he told his father he was ready to settle down with his soulmate he asked him how he could find them. “My boy you are holding the tool that will let you find your soulmate.” Thor looked down at his hammer confused “your mother charmed it so only two people can carry that hammer; you and your soulmate. So if you are serious about finding your soulmate I suggest you hold a assembly and have both men and women try to lift the hammer.”

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In A Moment Ch. 8

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Bucky came awake with a jolt.

He sat up and looked around the dark room. He could hear you shifting on the bed and letting out soft whimpers. He smiled, thinking about what you could be dreaming about.

But when you cried, “No,” in a broken voice, his blood ran cold. Steve started to come awake and sat up beside Bucky. You let out a wail, and started thrashing in the sheets.

Bucky and Steve shot up from the floor and climbed onto the bed. Steve gathered you in his arms, whispering soft words while Bucky turned on the lamp, coming up on the other side and wrapped his arms around the both of you. Steve met Bucky’s eyes over your head when tears began falling down your cheeks. You kept mumbling but Bucky shook his head when he couldn’t make out what you were saying.

Steve looked down and saw your eyes flutter open. You raised your head and looked behind you at Bucky. You sat up straighter and looked around the room, gathering your bearings.

Feeling like you were hit by a freight train, you turned to Bucky and Steve who were sitting silently behind you. “We have a problem.”

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Attack On Titan Chapter 95 Thoughts

I haven’t gotten access to the Crunchyroll version this month yet, but I’ll just do my full thought post anyway.

So, this chapter is a little low on substance when it comes to talking about it: a lot of what I’d like to say would be repeating what I’ve said in my thought posts for chapters 91-94.

However, it did have a few interesting points to address, one being connected to this parallel:

…which I’ll get to a little later.

1) The plot stuff or the Tyber family mention. I have a feeling it’s supposed to be Tieber family, “Tieber” meaning “thieves” in German, which might give us a clue why they actually would be accepted by the Marleyans - perhaps they stole the power from another family and have used it to assist the Marleyans? Perhaps it’s thanks to the help of this family that the Eldian empire was taken down, but sadly only for the cycle to repeat and not end?

Whether their name actually is meant to mean something/means I think it means is unclear, but I’m sure they’ll eventually be important somehow.

2) Pieck is fun. She’s another one of the likeable minor characters. She’s smart and an oddball in the strange Kenny/Sasha/Zeke way. She and the others of the Marleyan group are likely going to have very little focus with perhaps only getting small character arcs the minor characters of the story are known for (Hannes and the first Levi squad), but I continue to appreciate how the story is able to create these likeable dynamics and minor characters in perhaps just a few pages of screentime. (This for me also includes Gabi because she’s an reflection of Eren, as he was in the beginning of the story, Galliard for his dickishness and Zeke for actually having a family and genuinely caring for his subordinates, they all care for their people).

3) Everything else is pretty much repeating the themes set up in the previous few chapters, but in a more minor way - the center of the chapter seems to be setting the ducks in a row - this chapter mostly seemed to serve as connective tissue for getting to the next part of the story. I said it in my initial impressions, but because the new info is so minor, it is probably one of the weakest chapters in a while.

The main repeating points lie in Reiner’s father being scared of what happens to him, but also still caring for his son and the further denial of human rights to the Eldians within the walls. It’s once again shown that the Marleyan Eldians don’t see the real enemy because they just don’t *know* any better and that the enemy is simply the corrupt system everyone lives under. These ideas are great: I love the thematic and character substance in particular when it comes to this arc, but just like the first training flashback, it’s a massive pace-breaker. Looking at the volume covers for those arcs (which are above at the start of the post), the comparisons are even supposed to be delibrate.

A central idea in that flashback was understanding the flaws of the system the soldiers in training were living under. This is one thing Annie went ahead to call Eren out on and now with much more context to what’s going on, it’s a great parallel. Eren was just as clueless of the real enemy as all the Marleyan Eldians are right now. Reiner is the only one who knows better among them, but he’s only one person who is broken and almost dead and trying his best to push his feelings and perspective aside.

Just to add something new to the mix in this post (and something to think about): the very basics of philosophy come down to the idea of Plato’s cave (check out the video - it explains it in deeper detail). If people are born in a cave, what they see as shadows on the cave walls is the reality to them. If someone ventures outside the cave and starts to see the world in a different light, and then comes back inside to inform the others, they will be hostile, deny them or maybe even try to kill that person because what they’ve known so long is being challenged. This is the principle at play here in the story (and honestly, a lot of stories, it’s basics of philosophy). Isayama went into it in a new interview, too, but the current purpose for his story is to work through this process of realization. The base topic in this case is obviously war.

“I had already seen it, but I always looked the other way.” says Mikasa in chapter 6/episode 6. Changing someone’s perspective, especially one that’s deeply ingrained in someone, takes patience and a lot of time. So while Reiner’s mother or any of the young warrior children might seem maybe one-note or ridiculous in their loyalty (no doubt part of it being exgaggeration for the sake of a fictional story because an author chooses what part of human behaviour to put emphasis on), this kind of behaviour is also very realistic. We, as readers, see what’s wrong, just like we see “wrongs” (and sometimes things that aren’t wrong at all, just different) in cultures we are not a part of, but the characters and the people inside different cultures, don’t.

AoT makes the differences between character perspective very important, at this point probably one of the most important elements thematically. So yeah, AoT is great and super interesting in many ways.



               Farm Road is known as the second oldest road in the town of Dover, Massachusetts, and with age comes an unusual past. There is a passage in the 1914 book, “Dover Farms” by Frank Smith; a historian of that age. That states,  “in early times this road went around by the picturesque Polka Rock (on the farm of George Battelle) which was called for a man by that name, of whom it is remembered, that amid the superstition of the age he thought he saw his Satanic majesty as he was riding on horseback by this secluded spot.”

               However, that is not the only abnormal event that has occurred on Farm Road. There is a rumor that is still floating around till this day that the land around the Polka Rock was used to bury treasure. There is still evidence of digging around the surrounding area of the rock. There is no records or proof of any truth to this rumor, but it would be a little odd since Dover is a little more inland than your typical buried treasure would be found.

               But the strangest events occurred in April 1977.

Dover Demon:

               There is no better way to describe this odd and little creature but to dive right into the three sightings that brought Dover Demon, its fame.

-         April 21, 1977 (10:30 P.M.) (Age 17)

Three seventeen year old boys were driving along Farm Street in Dover, Massachusetts. Their names were Bill Bartlett, Mike Mazzarra and Andy Brodie. While Mike and Andy were in conversation, Bill Bartlett – the driver – became alert when he saw something on the stone wall in his headlights. It was small and very much alive.

What he saw was nothing like he’s seen before.

Walking upright, unsteady like a toddler, clutching the rock wall with long fingers and toes. The small humanoid figure had a huge, bulbous head that was out of proportion for its body. Large orange glowing orb-like eyes stared back at him. The creature’s face had no nose, no mouth, or ears that were visible. It couldn’t have been more than 4 ft tall; it was naked and hairless, its skin an odd peach color.

He stopped his car shortly after and told his friends who hadn’t seen it. The boys’ convinced him to turn back around and they did but it was no longer there, and they were too frightened to get out of the car to search any further.

After getting home, Bartlett retells what he saw to his father, who told him not to mention it to anyone. He, then, drew the famous image of the Dover Demon that we see today.

-April 21, 1977 (midnight)

On the same street, John Baxter (15), was walking home from his girlfriends, Cathy Cronin, he was surprised when he came to see another person coming towards him. Assuming it was a friendly face, John called out – but no reply followed. Yet, the figure advanced towards him.

       John called out again. But nothing.

       Suddenly, the figure ran off the road and into the forest, thinking that maybe it was a disabled neighbor, John followed. They raced down to a wooded gully and up to a bank, where on the opposite side of the bank John could better see the figure that now stands 30 feet away. At first, the creature reminded him of a monkey, with feet that wrapped around the top of a rock but what threw him off was its head that was the shape of a ‘figure eight’ and the large green eyes that was on its face. He claimed he had never seen anything like it before.

       Realizing it isn’t human and that it could cause him harm, he quickly took off.

-         April 22, (nighttime)

Eighteen year old, William Taintor, was driving with Abby Brabham, 15, on Springdale Avenue, which is 2 ½ miles from Farm Rd. Abby noticed the little demon on top of a culvert over Trout Brook. The creature was on all fours facing their oncoming car. Shocked at the sight, Abby cried for Will to get them out of there.

       By then, Abby hadn’t heard the reports that Bill Bartlett and John Baxter made, but she described the creature exactly the same as the other two, but unlike Bartlett’s experience, the creatures eyes were green.

-A Year later.

About a year later from these events, Bill Bartlett was in a remote area, parked in his car with his girlfriend when he heard a thump on the back of his car. When he looked back, he said he saw a “Small figure” leaving the scene. He didn’t get a good enough look to speculate whether it was an animal or the Dover Demon.

       Shortly after the two day event the Dover demon and the town of Dover grew with fame. Out of this fame came forward a man named Mark Sennott of Sherborn and with his story of seeing the Dover demon in 1972.

       Mark Sennott exclaimed that he and his friends saw the Dover Demon first one night while they were riding along Sprindale Avenue near Channing Pond. What they claimed to see was a strange tiny creature in the headlights, it was deep in the woods and moving along the edge of the pond.

       Personally, I’m not entirely convinced in Mr. Sennott’s story since it came up after the fame. Although he did say he went to the authorities, and they did nothing – it’s the lack of description about the event and the creature that throws me off the most. I couldn’t find the names of his friends anywhere either; though that could be for their safety.

Animal or Cryptid?

       So what is it?

       Is it really a demon, an alien, or an animal?

       Most who don’t believe in the supernatural say it had to be a baby moose or a diseased fox. Bill Bartlett said he knew most of the animals in the area and that the Dover Demon looked nothing like anything he’s ever seen.

       Foxes do appear in Massachusetts but the appearance of Moose in Dover during the 1970s was at a 0 sightings,  and even so, by April, a young moose would be 200 pounds, due to the Moose mating and birthing season not matching up to the sightings.

       No one can sum it up better than cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman. “To have a bipedal moose with long fingers and orange skin, and no hair and no nose would be more of a phenomenon than the Dover Demon.”

       And this is true, Bill and John, both mentioned that the creature had elongated fingers on their hands and feet, that wrapped onto the wall and rock. Very odd indeed, since no animal in the area has those sort of digits.

Alien  or F-Faerie?

       But a faerie has wings. No, no – not all of them.

       Remember that story about that Polka Rock in the beginning of this story? Well, Loren Coleman theorized that what historian Smith called, “Polka” stone might actually have been called the “Pooka” Stone – after the fairy folk of Celtic folklore.

       Pooka or Puca are many things: goblins, fairy, spirit, but they always have ears, a tail and fur of some sort which is usually a dark color. Their favorite shift is of a black horse. They also don’t show fear, are mischievous and like talking to humans when seen.

       All of these attributes are the opposite of how the Dover Demon acted and looked. I think it’s safe to take fairy out of the equation.

       So Alien?

       The Dover demon does follow the description of the commonly known “greys” of the alien world, except the skin color, the greys are grey and the demon was peach. Plus there were no UFO sightings during this time period. And the orange eyes, maybe on eyeshine – is animal like.

       But here is my speculation.


       This is only opinion and theory but I do, in fact, believe the Dover Demon is an alien and here is how I came up with that solution.

       Yes, there were no UFO sightings in Massachusetts during the years of the events, however there are three military bases surrounding Dover, Massachusetts. Hanscom Air Force Base, Coast Guard Base Boston, and Natick Soldier Systems Center. Now I’m not pointing fingers and I probably sound like a conspiracy theorist but hear me out with just a little of the information that I have found.

       The Coast Guard Base hasn’t crossed my mind of suspicion but Hanscom Air Force has been open since 1942, although it has been used in less than 1% of the military air traffic and has mostly been used for civilian flight.

       Natick Soldier Systems Center has been made in 1949 and opened in 1952. The center is used for research and testing of materials such as textiles and combat rations, advanced technology and human performance.

       Again - not pointing fingers and making claims but with all the secrets the government holds from us I wouldn’t be surprised if there are mysteries to be unfolded behind closed military doors or even hidden in plain sight.

       My other opinion stems on how we have never learned about the biology of aliens no one can put a definite on what a young alien may look like or even if their skin and eye colors change due to growth. Most human babies are born with blue eyes and change after a few months. Our hair also changes with age and stress. Our skin can get lighter or darker depending on our exposure to the sun.

       I’m not putting my stamp on this theory but compared to all the other opinions such as animals and faeries, I find this one a little more compelling.


       “The short story is that over a two day period on April 1977, four people saw a small, 4 ft orange sharkskin creature (much like Golem in Lord of the Rings) in three separate sightings, in Dover, Massachusetts, a rural location near Boston. The case goes down as unexplainable. I don’t know the answer to ‘what really happened,’ as all the eyewitnesses checked out and were found to be credible by law enforcement and other people in Dover.” – Loren Coleman, American Monsters.

       Those who knew the teens truly believe that they saw what they saw. They were never known for pranks, hoaxes, or even mischief. In 2006, Bill Bartlett – 46 – was interviewed again on the events. He stuck to his story strongly and even replied that he didn’t want all the publicity and that even now, he gets calls from random people asking about the Dover Demon.

       Now tell me, do you believe in the Dover Demon?

Pop Culture:

-         Lost Tapes Season 2, Episode 10

-         Monsters and Mysteries in America

the signs as 2009 warrior cats amv songs
  • Aries: "Animal I Have Become" by Three Days Grace
  • Leo: "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" by The Offspring
  • Sagittarius: "Time of Dying" by Three Days Grace
  • Taurus: "Monster" by Skillet
  • Virgo: "How to Save a Life"
  • Capricorn: "Soldier Side" by System of a Down
  • Gemini: "Numb" by Linkin Park
  • Libra: "I'm Not The One" by 3OH!3
  • Aquarius: "Bones Shatter" by Hedley
  • Cancer: "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay
  • Scorpio: "InSaNiTy" by Vocaloid
  • Pisces: "Mr Brightside" by The Killers

maddkat98  asked:

Do you have any archives of racism between white and black American soldiers? While black and white soldiers were fighting in Vietnam, America was in the midst of the civil rights movement, so I'm wondering how much of the racial conflict was carried over to the front lines. Perhaps they united in being racist toward the Vietnamese at the time, but I'm not so sure. Vietnam war movies don't usually depict these conflicts, so I'm curious.

Funny you should ask, as I’m writing a paper this semester that focuses largely on the issue of racism in the military during the Vietnam era. It’s a very good question you ask, because you’re right in saying that popular culture does not offer any meaningful insight.

Yes, there was widespread racial tension in the military during the Vietnam War.

As the Civil Rights movement at home continued while American involvement in Vietnam drastically increased, these racial tensions grew. There seems to have been less racial incidents among combat troops while in the field, presumably because it benefited all parties to get along well. In the rear, however, there were numerous incidents. By 1968, the military was beginning to realize these tensions existed and were not going away.

Systematic, or institutional, racism also heavily affected African Americans. They were more susceptible to being drafted. They were less likely to access technical fields in the military due to poorer education, and therefore more heavily concentrated in combat units, and therefore had high casualty numbers. There was a lack of promotions for black soldiers. The military justice system was also a great source of this institutional racism. (See Westheider)

“United in being racist toward the Vietnamese” is an interesting thought. You might have heard the quote from Muhammad Ali: “I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong.” While it’s debated if he ever said this, the sentiment nonetheless rang true with many African Americans at the time. Their fight was at home, for their own rights and freedom, not against another brown-skinned man who had (and still was) experiencing oppression under the white man.

Books on the subject:

Name: Hanami Uzumaki

Gender: Female (homosexual)

Age: 13

Birthday: April 3

Height: 1,54 m

Weight: 47 kg

Nation: Konoha

Chakra-Type: Lightning

Rank: Genin

Academy graduation age: 12 
Chunin Promotion age: -

Personality: cheerful, mischievous, hot-headed, ambitious, impatient   

Likes: playing pranks, cheese, fireworks

Dislikes: fish, cooking

Family: Naruto, Sakura, Shinachiku, Momoka

Team: Mirai - Shiroki Arata - Arashi Inuzuka

Hanami is the second child of Naruto and Sakura Uzumaki. She was born three years after her brother Shinachiku.

Personalitywise, she is the opposite of her brother. But despite that, they both get along very well. In fact, Hanami pretty much admires her older brother, e4specially for his patience, a trait she does not possess.

She also gets along well with her little sister Momoka, even though she sometimes likes to tease her.

She became instant friends with her team mate Shiroki, and after a while her feelings grew from mere friendship into love.

Hanami’s dream is to become Hokage, just like her father. She wants to use her position as hokage to spread peace and improve the lives of people. After a fight in which she had been put into a life or death situation, hanami grew critical of the current shinobi system and its usage of child soldiers. The ninja system was in dire need of reform, and if her father was not capable of changing it, then she certainly would.

Avoiding the Apocalypse Pt 9: The Game Plan

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Word count: 1.3k

A/N: Sorry it took so long guys, but here it is! More AtA.

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Two weeks had passed since Bucky had kissed you. Although your ankle hadn’t fully healed, Bucky took you out on a total of four mini dates where he either cooked dinner or ordered take out but it usually ended with a make out session and some heavy petting. In the past two weeks, Steve and Jamie had been collecting crystals while Tony, Natasha, Sam and Clint collected intel on the place Jamie had suggested to get the last crystal from. They found that it was a still functioning HYDRA base in the middle of Siberia. Steve was happy enough to leave Bucky behind to care for you and let the romance between you blossom. Natasha, on the other hand, thought it might have been too much and requested Bucky on an intel-collecting mission for at least a week. In the week or two that Bucky was absent, Jamie was left to care for you. On the fourth week since Bucky had kissed you, your ankle had completely healed and everyone had returned to generate a plan to infiltrate the Siberia base and get the last crystal.

“Alright, just be careful, there’s a step here,” Bucky whispered to your ear as he cupped your ass and guided you down the stairs.

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dixons-mama  asked:

Just curious if you think there is any significance to a particular scene I found intriguing. The scene was in the morgue, Culverton kept asking John if he was really a doctor, and after repeatedly saying he was, even said he was a military doctor. Idk why that feels like such an important scene to me. I think bc of the doctor=attraction to women/ soldier=attraction to men thing. Please tell me if I'm just crazy!

Hi Lovely!

I’ve actually discussed a similar topic regarding this scene before here. I actually think the odd repetition is Smith’s way of triggering a hypnosis response in John, since I think he may possibly be under the influence of TD-12.

“Are you really a doctor?” – repeating it then instills doubt into John’s mind, in turn making him then question “am I? I couldn’t save Sherlock… nor Mary… nor anyone. It’s why I was shot. It’s why everyone leaves me.” A man like John, with low self-esteem, latent PTSD and possibly having his defences lowered with the drug in his system, the soldier then takes over in that moment. 

I just have a very hard time with that scene at all, especially since in the past 3 seasons PLUS TAB, John is shown to be compassionate towards Sherlock’s foibles. I don’t know. 

I have, though, seen the comparison been made before about the duality of his soldier / doctor persona is a metaphor for his bisexuality, which could be plausible as well; this is fiction after all, and often fiction uses “this or that” type scenarios to explain something else. It’s a shitty stigma about bisexuality to explain it as being “either-or” because it’s not that simple AT ALL, but in fiction metaphors like that exist because it’s the simplest way to get a point across, unfortunately. 

But yeah, I can see where you’re coming from here. I actually started a meta a LONG LONG LONG time ago about a similar topic re: John’s sexuality being metaphorically compared to his internal struggle of doctor vs soldier (safe vs dangerous). It got really in depth, maybe I’ll finish it up one day. I simply wasn’t educated enough at that time about bisexuality as a whole, so I thought it best to leave it be.


I have spoken about this before, I posted a couple of days about the…,

Spoilers for episode 2 onReddit, and in the very top picture is him reviewing the episode. Now, I read his run down of episode 1, and he was pretty thorough with what happened, some things were out of context, but right none the less.

“Most people are sheep…you’re a dragon, BE a dragon.”

At the end of the last book, Daenerys was taken from Mereen, and was BROUGHT to the Dothraki waste, I’m pretty sure. There she has a conversation with grass (hallucinations) and they’re telling her she turned her back on being a dragon, and her children. (Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion.)

Fire and Blood.

At the end, she decided to embrace her house words.

Now, the show is doing this, but in a different way. Instead of a hallucination, Olenna will be telling her this.

And if LADS leaks hold weight, she’ll be barbecuing the Tarlys. Father and Son. Hmmm..sounds rather…familiar doesn’t it?

Who else roasted a father and son for going against them?

Yep, Aerys Targaryen, second of his name. They were enemies in his eyes, all because they wouldn’t kneel to his madness.

The Tarlys will be considered treasonous because they won’t bow to a foreign Targaryen who is unleashing dragons upon the realm.

Now, if we see anything from the spoilers, we see Euron WINNING this sea battle, and I also heard the Casterly Rock invasion won’t end well. Even with Tyrions elaborate, expansive knowledge of the sewer systems, the soldiers themselves will be hard to take on.

Will Daenerys stand for this? No.

She’s going to go by what Tyrion says, because he’s her advisor, but, she’s going to turn to ‘being’ a dragon, and taking what she wants with FIRE AND BLOOD.

Lets take a look at the expressions Tyrion has. All three are worried. There’s also one more I forgot, where he worriedly snaps his head to the side.

Getting back to the Tarlys.. Daenerys told the Dothraki horde, when she was atop Drogon after burning their seven Khals, she promised they could pillage.

“Will you help me destroy my enemies in their iron suites and iron castles?!”
(Something like that.)

Now, are you really going to tell me that she will NOT let them pillage Horn Hill? And do you honestly think they won’t kill Sam’s mother and sister? At the very LEAST take them prisoner?

No. She won’t.

Now, do you honestly believe Jon Snow will sleep with her, after knowing all of this?

Are you serious?

He might sleep with her, but it won’t be because of love. It’ll be for comfort…

Comfort for what though?


Even if you’re a D@ny fan, you cannot discount these things. These can’t be ignored…Tyrions facial expressions of worry, dread, and shock CANNOT be ignored. Olennas little ‘be a dragon’ speech CANNOT be discounted.

It’s not a coincidence, and it’s not a GOOD thing.

End of my little meta thing here.


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Tony scowled at the holo display, silently willing it to process faster.  Nothing changed, the stupid word blinking innocently back at him in blue.


“Staring at it isn’t going to make the scan run any faster, you know,“ Bruce informed him from the next table, his tone faintly amused.

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vaporub  asked:

hey quick question, not to be demeaning or anything im just curious, but like, why do you consider it a bad thing that girls are projecting themselves onto sakura? thats literally the point of all shounen manga lol. its escapist fiction, people are meant to project.

Because she’s not a good character to look up to it’s okay for you to ask questions or to disagree with me I’m fine with it just don’t be rude

However with the Sakura thing she’s strong and an amazing medic nin I will always give her credit where it’s due I actually liked her especially during the whole gaara retrieval arc I loved her there being strong independent and she saved kankuro

However character wise and her development is horrible look at her and sasuke that’s why I hate sakura (and her fandom they think she’s perfect she’s not)

like do you want girls going after guys after they disregard them want nothing to do with them and even disrespect them?

I wouldn’t even want her to be a role model for my worst enemy even in the war arc sasuke was still disrespecting her

And the thing is I don’t really care for sakura but she deserves better then that and I don’t get how people don’t see that

That’s why I don’t like sakura and I don’t think she’s “queen” or anything people thinking she’s a queen is there opinion and I don’t agree with it

And I don’t think the point of the shounen is to self insert into characters I could be wrong but I don’t think that’s what the characters are they for but whatever

Thanks for the ask 🦎

anonymous asked:

I read ur answer to the post about Kakadshi nd just wanted to know why you don't agree with Kakashi's character development?

The biggest problem I have with Kakashi’s character is he’s a glorified victim and that’s one of the things I despise about the ending.

Kakashi and people around him have been victims of abuse by the system all his life. His father killed himself cos the community was so brainwashed by Konoha’s toxic propaganda, his teammates were killed cos they’re made child soldiers by a system which thrives on conflicts. One of his students was the victim of decades long alienating policy and a massacre excused as pre emptive measure to prevent a civil war, the other was a jinchuuriki, a human container of a chakra monster, a tool for war.

Yet, Kakashi never seemed to understand these tragedies were caused by a corrupt system that didn’t serve the people, but demanded the people to serve it. He never questioned it, he accepted it. I hate this unthinking passivity and submissiveness. The fandom like to praise Kakashi for going through so much shit but never turned evil.  They glorify his victimhood, I think it’s stupid. He only looked good cos Kishimoto made all the other victims who realised they’re wronged by the system antagonists. He only looked good in such an unrealistic and artificial dichotomy. I don’t think there’s anything virtuous or admirable about putting up with abuse and let a shitty system trample all over you but not fighting back, aka, the whole concept of “endure”.

I also hate how Kakashi became Hokage cos Obito told him to.  Kakashi had little to no influence on adult Obito cos changing villains’ heart was Naruto’s MC privilege. But Obito could just tell him to become hokage, and he’d do it, it’s not fair. And I don’t think Kakashi should’ve become hokage, his mentality was very much from the old generation, just doesn’t fit the theme.
Unbreakable - Chapter 1 - Welcome to the Suck, by Kate_Shepard and potionsmaster | Archive of Our Own
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Summary: N School at Vila Militar in Rio de Janeiro, affectionately nicknamed ‘the Villa’ by the participants, is infamous for having the most grueling training courses in order to produce the most versatile and hardened soldiers the Systems Alliance can find. Failure rate is high. The soldiers who manage to make it past N1 usually are the ones who can go all the way and reach the coveted N7. 

Two soldiers from drastically different backgrounds are thrown together and forced to cooperate by necessity, for it’s survival of the fittest only to die another day. They must band together or break down on their own.

What they never expected was to make a lifelong connection along the way.

Rating: E for sex, drugs, rock n’ roll, and country.  Otherwise known as ‘Violence out the wazoo’ and actual country.  (Country needs a warning label.)  Heed the warnings and tags, kiddies.  It ain’t pretty.

HEY MARK-LOVERS!!!!  Get yer next installment of his story here, hot off the press!!  Renegade bad-boy inbound!!

HEY KATE-LOVERS!!!!  Her story continues!!  Come see the tiniest little femShep kick the most @$$ this side of the Charon Relay!!

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Here we muthafuckin’ go.  Right, @cdrkateshepard?


Listen here <3

1. soldier side - intro, SYSTEM OF A DOWN
2. sooner of later, BREAKING BENJAMIN
3. knights of Cydonia. MUSE
4. wrong side of heaven, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH
5. war machine,  KISS
6. monster, SKILLET
7. rebel Soul, NICK NOLAN
8. lights out, BREAKING BENJAMIN
9. murderous mind, DOLLY WRIGHT
10. barton hollow, THE CIVIL WARS
11. whispers in the dark,  SKILLET
12. until it sleeps,  METALLICA
13. bleed,  DAYS OF JUPITER
14. the vengeful one, DISTURBED
15. the unforgiven II, METALLICA
16. fire and fury,  SKILLET