Yesterday’s unveiling of a Solar Lab by SERIS (Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore) which boasts a full-scale facility that tests and develops solar modules in South-East Asia, brings to light the passionate intensity and commitment that powers our sunny isle in its pursuit to harness and adopt #solarenergy.

Being the first of its kind in the tropics, deputy chief executive of SERIS, Dr Thomas Reindl affirmed that the Solar Lab has the ‘natural advantage’ of being able to conduct long-term outdoor tests of solar panels in such a climate. 

The Solar Lab is a means to SERIS’ end to put our sunny isle on the world#solarmap by making Singapore the global test centre for solar systems in the tropics.

Source - The Straits Times, Sat, 19 July 2014, B17


Be part of the Solar Revolution! The future is NOT green … it’s Transparent!

“We can squeeze more juice out of the sun,” André Broessel, the Barcelona-based German architect who designed & created Rawlemon’s spherical glass solar energy generator, convinces the world. 

This spherical, sun-tracking glass globe is able to concentrate sunlight and moonlight up to 10,000 times and that the system is 35 percent more efficient than photovoltaic designs that track the sun.

Blaze a trail … be a catalyst for change, TODAY!

How? Simple! Just … LOOK UP! See the shining example of alternative, renewable & sustainable green energy?? 

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Stars that see the light … many of whom are also mega solar advocates! Think the likes of Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Daryl Hannah, Ed Begley Jr. (the list keeps getting longer!) … now that’s truly the power of star quality at work.

To reduce their carbon footprint, many have brilliantly opted to power their homes with #solarenergy. This commitment to adopting renewable and sustainable energy is a shining example of trailblazing the green revolution. Props to each & every one of these luminaries

Sanyo Asia Pte Ltd flies high with solar energy - as high as 245m above ground to be precise.

A global-leading innovator and manufacturer in environmental technology, SANYO carried out Singapore’s unprecedented and South East Asia’s highest solar panel installation on the roof of 43-storey Ocean Financial Centre, adding yet another laurel to SANYO’s platter of outstanding innovations in the solar panel field. 

In March 2008, Ocean Financial Centre bagged the Green Mark Platinum Award by BCA in recognition for its eco-friendly office development of the future. A shining example indeed 

Pure Brilliance!!!

Pure Tension - a portable solar-powered pavilion crafted to fit in the trunk of the car and deploy quickly to soak in the sun’s energy, turning it all into usable electricity.

Sunny outlook for #solarenergy

Poh Ern Shih Temple, nestled on a small hilltop at Chwee Chian Road off Pasir Panjang Road, blazed a trail some 5 years back in their devotion to the Green Initiative and their dedication to energy-saving efforts. 

It became the first eco-friendly religious building in the country all because the enlightened temple owner had just one ideology - to break free from the reliance on fossil fuels. One of its eco-friendly features is a pagoda with Solar PV panels. A beacon of light for all, surely!


Just saying … this invention could’ve been more brilliant had Shai Goitein simply harnessed solar energy instead … wadaya think? 

IMAGINE - John Lennon would’ve approved, for sure!!!

A bright future shines for the New South Wales Australian town of Tathra as the community warmly adopts a solar future  

It wouldn’t be hard to IMAGINE solar communities powering up all over Singapore & for that matter, the rest of the world. Let’s start the wheels of the solar revolution turning NOW for a radiant future!

#solarnenergy     #renewableenergy     #sustainableenergy


The future of Solar Architecture shines bright!

Solar City Tower in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - the Olympic Games continue to push the boundaries and creatively innovate while moving forward in the arena of energy efficient initiatives.

The planned unveiling of this solar PV-pumped hydro renewable energy hybrid is the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. The project is intended to provide energy to the city of Rio.

Solar architecture aficionados can read more about this visionary feat of architectural innovation and sustainable design at

#OlypmicGames2016     #RiodeJaniero     #Brazil  


The New Singapore National Stadium personifies technological as well as architectural brilliance. Singaporeans have much to be proud about as our little island in the sun is a leading light in the pursuit of harnessing renewable, sustainable and green energy - ‪#‎solarenergy‬, in this instance.

In a stellar example of Singapore’s commitment to global sustainable technology development, the roof of the New Singapore National Stadium is fitted with solar panels across an area of approximately 7,000sqm to meet some of its electricity needs.

Boasting the world’s largest free-spanning dome, this iconic grande dame is veritably a spectacular addition to our prominent skyline. So, be sure to make history this weekend and be dazzled by a sneak peek of the integrated world-class facilities at the ‪#‎SingaporeSportsHub‬. Majulah Singapura!



That’s precisely what scientists from the University of Liverpool did when they upped human ingenuity a notch (or more!) by upgrading an everyday wind turbine with a new set of spinning solar blades.

Their design doubles the functionality of traditional wind turbines by incorporating photovoltaic technology. This innovative solution was conceived to silence critics who believe wind turbines are ‘only useful when the wind is blowing’.

Well … this ingenious invention has set in motion the transformation of the world’s renewable energy needs!

*Alex Steffen is an American futurist who writes & speaks about sustainability & the future of the planet.*


The future of #solarenergy is irrefutably looking up as our youth demonstate a committed passion for exploring, garnering, adopting and developing solar technology. 

Competitions such as the AEC (Alternative Energy Car Challenge) Challenge Solar Prix rouse consciousness and inspire the young of today to reach for the sky and emphatically channel their creative energies in their relentless pursuit of finding green solutions to our energy crisis. 

Just watch the video and you’ll agree that the future’s looking bright  

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Deutschland!

As Germany basks in the sunshine with lifting the ‪#‎WorldCup2014‬ trophy, we would also like to shed light on the fact that Germany is clearly the world leader in adopting ‪#‎solarenergy‬.

#SolarPVExchange     #solarmarketplace

The Solar Decathlon was inaugurated in the U.S. in 2002 after an initiative taken by the U.S. Department of Energy. Open to the public, the Solar Decathlon is an award-winning Competition which unites the greatest universities from all over the world to design, build & operate a full-scale, entirely functional solar-powered house.

The U.S. Solar Decathlon has been hugely successful & the word has spread. A European edition now takes place every two years; in 2010 & 2012, Madrid hosted the Competition, with visitors exceeding the 200,000 mark!

The Solar Decathlon is truly a meeting of brilliant minds powered invariably by their passion for humanitarian pursuits. The 2014 European Solar Decathlon will be held in Versailles, France, in a temporary & sustainable micro city called La Cité du Soleil® from 28 June 2014 to 14 July 2014. Check out some of the awe-inspiring architectural & technological accomplishments under the sun!

A heartfelt ‘Thank You’ from the SolarPVExchange™ team to all the solar supporters whose presence made our launch event last Thursday a brilliant success 

The road to harnessing renewable & sustainable energy is paved with sunshine & we look forward to a bright(er) future, indeed!

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Here’s a read to warm you up to solar energy (Click on ‘Video’ to watch the coverage on Channel News Asia aired last night)