Solar panel

I like to think that when Roadhog and Junkrat’s partnership developed into a friendship during their crime spree, Roadhog would tell Junkrat stories. Not stories about himself, no, those were too personal. But about movies and books. As they rode across dusty roads for hours on end, Roadhog would tell the plots of movies or books the best he could remember. He wasn’t the best story-teller or anything, but Junkrat loved the stories all the same (he especially liked the ones with grand explosions and people getting what was coming to them). Roadhog didn’t lie to Junkrat either and pretend that he made up the stories himself, Junkrat always knew they were all the plots from movies or books they didn’t have in Junkertown

Fast forward to when their friendship turned into something more, when the two of them got a chance to sleep in motel rooms rather than abandoned buildings, they would go out and get as many movies and books as they could and just go for it. In between crimes, they would just cuddle on the shitty motel bed and watch some new movies and some of the old movies Roadhog had told him about (Junkrat complained the whole time that the characters didn’t look how he imagined). Other days they would just sit around in comfortable silence, each reading a book, finishing it and then switching so the other could read it too.

Even with access to all new books and movies, Junkrat still liked when Roadhog told him stories on their long trips, partly for the story itself, partly to hear his voice.


A flight over the Nile into the darkness of the night. See how our solar panels track the Sun and get ready for the next sunlight? We get all our energy on the International Space Station from solar power


Donald Trump regales Iowans with plan to cover Mexican border wall in solar panels

  • At a rally in Iowa on Wednesday night, President Donald Trump made public an idea he reportedly first pitched to Republican leaders in Congress several weeks ago: covering his massive, promised wall on the Mexican border with solar panels.
  • Trump said he had come up with the idea himself. He added he believed it solved the key problem of how exactly it would be financed, as said solar wall would pay for itself by generating electricity.
  • “We’re thinking of something that’s unique, we’re talking about the Southern Border,” Trump told the crowd. “Lots of sun, lots of heat.” Read more. (6/22/17, 8:51 AM)

I’ve had some people ask me about the layout of the Specter lot in my story, so here it (finally) is. I hope it will be interesting or useful to some of you. I’ve changed very little about the layout, closing off one doorway for a secret room, and adding one wall to make a nursery adjacent to Ophelia’s bedroom. The stairs go up to the attic, which is just a floor under the roof. Most of the original furniture and objects were either re-purposed (usually in a new colour or pattern) or are stored in the attic.

I won’t be uploading it, because it’s been occupied by many sims and many ghosts, and trust me you probably don’t want anything from this ancient (circa 2007) and decidedly not fixed version of Strangetown.

Solar Panel Goals

So as you might have seen, I got portable solar panels a couple days ago, and a big ol’ power bank yesterday (all told, this investment was $110, including shipping, if you were wondering).

I did this for a number of reasons, the most significant being that I want to be able to demonstrate, any time and anywhere, the sheer power and awesomeness of solar energy. These panels are roughly the size of a sheet of paper, fold in half for easy transport, and have attachment rings to hook onto backpacks, car windows, decks, etc. You can literally take them anywhere, open them up, and immediately begin charging.

If we can show people how affordable, powerful, and just overall exciting this is, we can change how they perceive renewables, Maybe even convince them to invest in their own household renewable technologies!

My second mission is to break my portable device charging dependency. Starting on May 31st, all the power I put into my phone came from sunlight. As of 8:30am on June 1st, 100% of the power stored in my phone was solar energy. The first real goal I have is to go a full month without plugging my phone into a wall, ever. Not even when my phone is dangerously low….which it shouldn’t reach, because…

Of the power bank you see in this picture! The black box in front of the panels. Fully charged, it stores enough energy to charge my phone about 7 times. The solar panels themselves have a storage device capable of holding about 3 charges. Combined, that’s 9-10 full charges for my phone–about a week’s worth, maybe more.

The other thing about the solar panels is that when in full sunlight, with my phone plugged in, they generate enough energy to recharge about 1% per minute. You know, just about the same rate of charge that a wall charger provides. This isn’t a guess, or something I read in the manual. This is what I measured yesterday and this morning when I plugged my phone into the panels. It’s literally just as good, and even better than a wall plug. Because wherever there is sunlight, there is power. No more searching under tables at the coffee shop, or fighting people at the airport. It even works through windows (as seen in this picture!)

The solar panels you see here, from iNiCE, cost me $55. The power bank was $50. Unless I decide to go live in a cave for the rest of my life, I will literally have unlimited energy.

Future goals include getting my laptop off the charging grid, too, and providing energy to my family/friends when needed to reduce THEIR energy consumption. It might be just nickles and dimes at a time, but it adds up.

I’m just gonna say it: I’ve had these solar panels for two days, and they’ve already proven to be an exciting, worthwhile investment, with promises for what the future holds!