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NASA Astronaut Terry W. Virts aboard the ISS: “Our solar panels chase the sun as we paddle through the universe.” January 24th, 2015.

Source: Terry W. Virts/NASA


Backpack Solar Charger Kit

I think this is so friggin cool. My co-worker just rigged a solar charger to his backpack to charge his mobile devices on the commute!

He got the kit and instructions here:

I got to make one. My understanding of solar energy and electronics is suuuuch weak.

The Miura Fold.

The Miura fold is a method of folding a flat surface such as a sheet of paper into a smaller area. The fold is named for its inventor, Japanese astrophysicist Koryo Miura.

Why it is awesome?

The Miura fold is a form of rigid origami, meaning that the fold can be carried out by a continuous motion in which, at each step, each parallelogram is completely flat. 

This property allows it to be used to fold surfaces made of rigid materials; for instance, it has been used to simulate large solar panel arrays for space satellites in the Japanese space program.

The fold can also be unpacked in just one motion by pulling on opposite ends of the folded material, and likewise folded again by pushing the two ends back together.

In the application to solar arrays, this property reduces the number of motors required to unfold this shape, reducing the overall weight and complexity of the mechanism.

Other cool stuff.

Miura folded maps. Snug it into your pocket when not in need and open it up in style when you are lost ! 

(Source : , wikipedia )

Amazing New Tesla Invention Will Completely Eliminate Your Electricity Bill

Amazing New Tesla Invention Will Completely Eliminate Your Electricity Bill

Frankly, I have no idea how Elon Musk is still breathing. He’s been so disruptive to so many established industries that he HAS to have a number of powerful people who would very much like to see him go away forever. If he delivers on his promise of a battery that can run a house for a month or two, he will have effectively signed the death warrant of the power companies: 

Tesla is working on a…

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Levin Solpad – 3000mAh Travel Solar Charging Kit for iOS/Android

Rugged, Waterproof, Shockproof and a Huge panel to soak up all that free energy by that often overlooked thing called the Sun, this portable solar charger is a beast in the solar charging market!

Even though the title says that it’s for iOS and Android devices, it’s charging capability goes far beyond those devices alone. It’s (pretty impressive) built-in 3000mAh battery can store the juice needed for any 5v USB device. So, that means it’s good for things like: GPS’s, Cameras, Speakers… that sorta thing.

You can get the internal battery fully charged in about 5 hours of direct sunlight. So, leave the panel outside in the happy sunshine and when night falls, take it in and then plug your sad, juice-less device in to keep playing around with whatever it was you were playing around with that took all your juices! Oh, and it comes in Pink… if that matters to you.


Reflections of dusk off of the solar panels on the North Campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI on March 16, 2016.

Photo: Joseph Xu/Multimedia Content Producer, University of Michigan - College of Engineering
Solar Farm Rejected Amid Fears It Will 'Suck Up The Sun's Energy'
Residents were concerned it would stop plants from growing and cause cancer.

This is sad. 

A “former science teacher” told the rest of the community “the proposed solar ranch could hinder photosynthesis – the process of converting light energy from the sun into chemical energy for fuel – in the area and stop plants from growing.” and that “no one could tell her solar panels didn’t cause cancer.”

Now the town has not only declined the solar farm but put a moratorium on *all* future solar farms. I fear for whoever that person taught.


Tommy Hilfiger Introduces Limited Edition Solar Panel Jackets

If there is one common issue across all of of our connected devices its battery life. With smartphones dying before we can make it home, smartwatches needing to be charged every night and smart glasses sometimes not making it past a couple hours, the need to access an outlet to charge your devices has never been more dire. Of course, finding a plug can be a challenge in itself. Tommy Hilfiger’s latest jacket aims to cure these woes by making the jacket a walking power source using solar power.

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