This fully transparent solar cell could make every window and screen a power source
Ubiquitous Energy and Michigan State University researchers have created a fully transparent solar concentrator, which could turn any window or sheet of glass (like your smartphone's screen) into a photovoltaic solar cell.

Ubiquitous Energy and Michigan State University researchers have created a fully transparent solar concentrator, which could turn any window or sheet of glass (like your smartphone’s screen) into a photovoltaic solar cell.


Ecocapsule Self-Sustainable Home

The Ecocapsule is powered by a wind-turbine and roof solar panels, so there is no need to worry about the lack of power as this amazing house has two efficient ways of generating its own power. It even has built-in rainwater and dew collection systems so your toilet, shower and kitchen sink are fully functional at all times.

Unique polymer can harvest solar energy and release heat on demand when needed

MIT researchers have developed a new transparent polymer film that can store solar energy during the day and release it later as heat, whenever needed. The material could be applied to many different surfaces, such as window glass or clothing.

The new material solves a problem with renewable solar energy: the Sun is not available at night or on stormy days. Most solutions have focused on storing and recovering solar energy as electricity or other forms.



Ref: Solid-State Solar Thermal Fuels for Heat Release Applications. Advanced Energy Materials (8 January 2016) | DOI: 10.1002/aenm.201502006


Closed cycle systems offer an opportunity for solar energy harvesting and storage all within the same material. Photon energy is stored within the chemical conformations of molecules and is retrieved by a triggered release in the form of heat. Until now, such solar thermal fuels (STFs) have been largely unavailable in the solid-state, which would enable them to be utilized for a multitude of applications. A polymer STF storage platform is synthesized employing STFs in the solid-state. This approach enables uniform films capable of appreciable heat storage of up to 30 Wh kg−1 and that can withstand temperature of up to 180 °C. For the first time a macroscopic energy release is demonstrated using spatial infrared heat maps with up to a 10 °C temperature change. These findings pave the way for developing highly efficient and high energy density STFs for applications in the solid-state.

More Americans now work in solar energy than oil.

As of last November 209,000 people worked in the solar industry while 185,000 worked in oil/gas.

A piece of positive news about the direction of America!  Go us!

(Republicans are probably going to use this to “prove” that oil/gas is better for the economy since those workers get paid more, but y’all know them fools can’t do math or utilize basic reason, so don’t let em confuse you.)

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Soleta zeroEnergy - Off-Grid Homes

Justin Capra Foundation for Invention and Sustainable Technologies (FITS) developed Soleta zeroEnergy Houses that minimize losses and save energy by using renewable energy sources (geothermal energy, solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectricity). SoletaOne house is available as well as four new types of houses- Soleta One+, Two+, Three+ and Four+, each with different size and shape. The houses are modular, which means new sections can be added after the house is built. 

Perovskite solar cells see increased efficiency of 25% in the lab - Essentially doubling efficiency for future cells

A team of researchers working at Oxford University has found a way to add cesium to perovskite solar cells to boost the performance of [silicon, while maintaining the efficiency benefits it offers. In their paper published in the journal Science, the team describes their process which included finding a way to overcome the problem of efficiency loss in such materials that normally come about due to a limited range of solar spectrum use.

As researchers around the world continue to look for the next-generation material to use for solar power collection to increase efficiency, others continue to seek ways to improve the standard now in use: silicon.


Ref: A mixed-cation lead mixed-halide perovskite absorber for tandem solar cells.Science (8 January 2016) | DOI: 10.1126/science.aad5845


Metal halide perovskite photovoltaic cells could potentially boost the efficiency of commercial silicon photovoltaic modules from ∼20 toward 30% when used in tandem architectures. An optimum perovskite cell optical band gap of ~1.75 electron volts (eV) can be achieved by varying halide composition, but to date, such materials have had poor photostability and thermal stability. Here we present a highly crystalline and compositionally photostable material, [HC(NH2)2]0.83Cs0.17Pb(I0.6Br0.4)3, with an optical band gap of ~1.74 eV, and we fabricated perovskite cells that reached open-circuit voltages of 1.2 volts and power conversion efficiency of over 17% on small areas and 14.7% on 0.715 cm2 cells. By combining these perovskite cells with a 19%-efficient silicon cell, we demonstrated the feasibility of achieving >25%-efficient four-terminal tandem cells.


Cooking with solar.
January 23rd 2016

This morning I found an old rear projection television next to a dumpster. I quickly removed the fresnel lens and took it home with me.

The following images were a quick experiment to demonstrate the power of these lenses.

What would you do with one?

Below is a link to a previous to guide you step-by-step on how to locate, fashion one into a cooking structure, and on its uses.

We hope our latest post finds you doing well and staying warm.




Finding the right Solar Power Installer

Finding the right Solar Power Installer

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There is no doubt that solar power has become an extremely popular type of alternative energy for many homeowners and business owners, and it’s important to find the right company to install your setup. If you want to have solar panels installed on your home, you do not want to hire just anyone to do the work. It is very important that you make an effort to find the best professionals in the area so you can get your money’s worth. Getting Estimates It is crucial that you take the time to get estimates from at least a few different solar panel installers in the area before deciding which one to hire. You will find that getting a free solar quote is quite easy, and it’s highly recommended that you take advantage of them. Once you have gotten some written estimates from a few of these businesses in your area, you will be able to choose one in particular that is going to do excellent


Seraphim Solar alongside Optimus Energy are changing the game in Australia for 2016

Seraphim Solar alongside Optimus Energy are changing the game in Australia for 2016

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Seraphim Solar alongside Optimus Energy are confident that 2016 will be a great year for arguably one of the best if not the best low to mid entry modules.

Having largely gone un-noticed to the consumer market in Australia, that is all about change in 2016 with a series of promotional, marketing and advertising campaigns to really propel this excellent modules award winning credentials.

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A Guide to Solar Installation Businesses

A Guide to Solar Installation Businesses

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These days a lot of homeowners are having solar panels installed on their roofs because of how beneficial this alternative energy source can be as a whole. It is very important that you take the time to look at some of the benefits associated with solar power before deciding whether or not it is right for you. Why solar power? There are lots of different reasons to seriously consider making the switch from traditional electricity to solar power, including the fact that you will save a lot of money on your utility bills in the long-term. While it may be true that the initial installation costs that are associated with a residential solar power setup can be significant, the long term savings are certainly worth considering before you make a final decision of any kind. You will need to make a point of getting the best solar quote so you can save a maximum amount of money on these