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Port Solar Charger

The new Port Solar Charger deals with the minor niggles its older brother had and brings a change in styling. It is round and its body is made of quality plastics with the dimensions of 3.3 x 0.7 inches and the weight of 3.0 oz. It also has a suction cap which keeps it firmly connected to the window, which is a lot better option than the silicone ring the Window Solar Charger used.


Kate asked what I used to keep my camera going on the JMT, so here it is. We bought this almost on a whim like two days before we left for the trail. If you couldn’t tell it is a solar panel charger, and basically when it wasn’t raining or hailing, one of us had this strapped to our pack to absorb all those powerful rays of sunshine. It actually worked very well and because I took like 1600 pics I needed to charge my camera at least every other day. We also used it to charge the cell phone a couple times, although since we never had service it wasn’t actually helpful/functional. (For reference this is only 14 in long when it’s open, so it’s not very big, they do sell a larger more powerful one as well)

Trail name

Most people who know me accept that I am not much of a technology wizard. However, out here I have become known for my 3 panel solar charger. As trail names evolve I went from being soul-awe to moonbeam. My hiking buddy and I are Soul-awe sisters. Since sunlight shines on a panel to produce energy and since the sun shines on the moon to make moonlight I felt moonbeam 🌓🌙would be acceptable. After all it is my mission in life to bring light where there is darkness which is a spiritual form of energy. My buddy’s trail name is Rainbow 🌈 The sunlight shines through the precipitation to create a beautiful, colorful prism of light which definitely describes Monica. It is all good.

There was so much trail magic on the trail today. There was a group serving breakfast and then a few hours later another group serving lunch. You would think that my pack would start getting lighter at some point. Four days in and my pack is ½ pound lighter. There are so many amazing people that are coming together to make this experience more than exhilarating. One can only wonder what tomorrow will bring. I am striving to do my best at savoring each previous moment of each new day. Thanks to all for keeping up with my adventure on the AT.

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(re: "training for the apocalypse") Seriously. Since Trump was elected I've taken a self-defence class, a first aid course, read like half a dozen books on homesteading (growing food, building shelter, foraging, etc), started lifting weights, bought a solar charger and an ACTUAL AXE and started hoarding toilet paper and drugs. (I wish I was joking. Even a little bit.)

No, I know the feeling. Many people are. People are stocking up on their medications expecting a huge price hike. I need to read some books on homesteading and get re-certified in First Aid

Solarpunk Workspace


  1. 13W or greater portable solar charger for USB compatible devices (this one is 25 W)
  2. 10,000mAH external battery/usb charger (example)
  3. USB LED strip light (I like this one a LOT)

Assembly instructions:

  1. plug external battery into solar charger
  2. place charger in sunny spot.
  3. hang your strip light. These are painfully bright, so I recommend placing them somewhere facing a wall or ceiling where you won’t look directly at the LEDs. They fit great on door and window trim. They’re very light, so emovable sticky stuff like command adhesive works fine for renters. 
  4. when your battery is charged (6-8 hrs from dead to full charge), plug the light in and enjoy 4-6 hours of bright, Eco-friendly work lighting.

Additional notes: please, for the love of beautiful things, make your area as art nouveau or retro-futurist as you’d like; this is more of a technical post than an aesthetic one. Don’t let my cramped little writing desk with oddball junk on it limit your imagination.

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5 Things you’ll find in my bag:

- Course work 

- Note book 

- Wallet


- Solar charger

5 Things you’ll find in my room:

- Anime

- Manga 

- My rabbit

 - Cat

 - Art supplies

5 Things I’m currently into:

- Obviously Voltron 

- Steampunk

- More voltron 

- miraculous lady bug

- The ancient magus bride 

5 Things people don’t know about me:

- I study Level 2 diploma Animal Care

- I have green hair   

- I’m dyslexic 

- i looooovvvveeee coffee

- i cant cook for shit unless its eggy bread.

I’m not going to tag anyone but feel free to do it if you want  


Window Solar Phone Charger - By XD Design 

They have come up with a Window Solar Phone Charger that enables you to charge your phone using only solar energy. It is fairly small (4.3 x 4.3 x 0.68 inch) and light (3.35 oz), but it packs a 1,400mAh battery and a full size and mini USB port that can be used to charge up its own battery when there is not enough sun, or when it simply takes too long due to the fact that it is said to take about 13 hours to fully charge.


I got my Sanrio multi-purpose cell phone case and solar iPhone charger!

The case holds my iPhone, cash, ID, and credit cards. :)

The solar charger can be hung from a bag or any where on your person really and acts like an extra battery back to charge your phone! You can also charge it in an outlet at home so it’s ready to go if you don’t want to wait for the sun.