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Hurricane Preparedness -- What To Take When You Evacuate

There are tons of informational lists out there for hurricane prep.  But if you’re getting hit by anything a category 3 or up, I personally recommend just evacuating.  This is my personal recommended list for what to take when you evacuate:

Flashlights (I recommend the little headlamps with adjustable elastic bands.  They use cheap but bright LED lights, cost as little as $1, and leave your hands free.  Don’t use candles – even if you manage to keep your matches dry, open flame presents a fire hazard and kids are likely to burn themselves.)

Water (1 gallon per person for each day – don’t forget some for pets).

Toilet paper, pads, & tampons

Trashbags in multiple sizes

Non-perishable food (Lipton cup soup, ramen, tuna, jerky, pretzels, etc)

Important documents (birth/marriage certificates, licenses/ID, professional certifications, wills, etc – a cheap and easy way to store these is in gallon Ziploc bags)

Pet food (non-perishable), leash/harness, comfort toy or bed

Diapers and wipes (even if you have a potty-trained toddler, grab a couple days’ worth becuse kids tend to regress in stressful situations)

Chargers (have an alternative on hand, like extra batteries or solar/car chargers)

Phone numbers and contact info (write it down, your phone may not be accessible)

Spare tire, jack, motor oil, antifreeze, radiator stop leak, portable battery charger

2-3 changes of clothes for you and your kids 

First aid kit and comfort medicines (Tylenol, antihistamines, etc)

Prescription medicines and a list of dosages

Medical information kit for everyone and any pets (blood types, allergies, etc – write it down)

Identifying information and a current photo for everyone with you (including pets)

Comfort items (blankets, pillows, pictures of loved ones, a favorite book, toys for kids and pets)

Remember, if the professionals say you should evacuate, then fucking evacuate.  Your house and your stuff is replaceable, you aren’t.  If you do stay behind, remember:

  • Keep a life vest or flotation device on hand if you get caught in a flash flood.
  • Don’t drive through moving water.  If you do feel your car starting to get swept away, immediately roll down the windows and undo your seat belts so you can get out in a hurry.
  • Don’t go into an attic, climb onto the roof.
  • Stay away from windows or make sure they’re boarded up securely (100+ mph winds can turn any projectile deadly).

If you are undocumented, write down contact information for immigration lawyers ahead of time.

If you have special needs, leave early.

Better safe than sorry.

Remember: Hurricanes happen every year.  Yes, they can be devastating, but they aren’t the end of the world.  We can and do survive and rebuild.  Don’t panic and don’t make yourself sick with worry.  Preparedness is for peace of mind.

Reblog and add anything else you think of.

Destiny 2 Editions

Destiny 2 is available on PS4. Xbox One, and PC!
[All prices listed below are in USD]

Destiny 2 Standard Edition - $60*

  • *Can be bought digitally

Destiny 2 Standard + Expansion Pass - $90*

  • Destiny 2 Base Game
  • Destiny 2 Expansion Pass
  • *Can be bought digitally

Destiny 2 Digital Deluxe Edition - $100

  • Destiny 2 Base Game
  • Destiny 2 Expansion Pass: Get access to both Expansion I and Expansion II, offering brand new story missions, cooperative activities, competitive multiplayer, and a wealth of new weapons, armor, and gear.
  • Premium Digital Content:
    • Legendary Sword
    • Legendary Player Emote
    • Cabal Empire Themed Emblem

Destiny 2  Limited Edition - $100

  • Destiny 2 Base Game
  • Destiny 2 Expansion Pass: Get access to both Expansion I and Expansion II, offering brand new story missions, cooperative activities, competitive multiplayer, and a wealth of new weapons, armor, and gear.
  • Limited Edition SteelBook® Case
  • Cabal-themed Collector’s Box, containing:
    • Booklet with secrets into the Cabal Empire
    • Cabal Schematic
    • Collectible Postcard Images
    • Cabal Military Pawns
  • Premium digital content: 
    • Legendary Sword
    • Legendary Player Emote
    • Cabal Empire Themed Emblem

Destiny 2 Collector’s Edition - $250

  • Destiny 2 Base Game
  • Destiny 2 Expansion Pass: Get access to both Expansion I and Expansion II, offering brand new story missions, cooperative activities, competitive multiplayer, and a wealth of new weapons, armor, and gear.
  • Destiny 2 – Frontier Bag
    • Customizable bag that can be worn as a backpack or messenger bag
    • 15” Laptop/Tablet Sleeve with protective pocket slip
  • Frontier Kit, featuring:
    • Solar panel USB charger with built-in light
    • Paracord
    • Solar blanket
  • Limited Edition SteelBook® Case
    • Booklet with secrets into the Cabal Empire
    • Cabal Schematic
    • Collectible Postcard Images
    • Cabal Military Pawns
  • Premium digital content:
    • Legendary Sword
    • Legendary Player Emote
    • Cabal Empire Themed Emblem
hopeful apocalypse aesthetic
  • plants are growing up through the floor. its a garden! the house has been abandoned since the start off the end, but now the plants that are overtaking it are being used, and the house is full again.
  • the oceans may have overtaken the coasts, but they made new beaches and brought back the fish
  • people keep saying they miss the way things were. they miss the communities, the trust, the humanity. those people find each other and bring it back. the communities, the trust, the humanity.
  • scientists are working on a cure for the plague that wiped everyone out, and its in its final stages of testing! (everyone knows, everyone celebrates. it is not the primary problem, but by god if it doesn’t make them feel better.)
  • everyone knows about the cure because of the newspaper! the post-apocalyptic press started out in la crosse, wisconsin, and has spread beyond what anyone could have imagined.
  • there’s nothing to tie people down now! those who want to, travel. skateboard through the desolate cities, listening to music on a phone with a solar charger. snapping pictures of what they find with a twenty-five year old polaroid. playing kick the can across what used to be state lines.
  • the travelers go around in groups, and sleep in the open, under the stars. on the hill behind the hollywood sign, the stars are coming back out. on the roof of a skyscraper, the sun is setting. in the middle of a highway to broken to drive on, fireflies are waking up.
  • despite what everyone used to say, the apocalypse is rife with kindness. there’s always room in the hospitals. always food at the table for you. always a seat for the children in the new schools. some people say that it is foolish, and that a little cruelty might be prudent. everyone else politely ignores them.
  • there are some people who say that there are no children anymore. that childhood was stolen by the end. but there’s always a game of kick the can. always loud, raucous laughter. always ice cream mustaches. the theatre is always full when an animated film is playing.
  • before the end, people always said history repeats itself when something bad happened. when negotiations fell through, when she broke up with her girlfriend, when he got back together with his boyfriend. now, history truly is repeating itself. people help each other without asking ‘what will you give me’. the people are happy and together. history repeats itself and it feels good.

Port Solar Charger

The new Port Solar Charger deals with the minor niggles its older brother had and brings a change in styling. It is round and its body is made of quality plastics with the dimensions of 3.3 x 0.7 inches and the weight of 3.0 oz. It also has a suction cap which keeps it firmly connected to the window, which is a lot better option than the silicone ring the Window Solar Charger used.

More Than Alive

VLD zombie apocalypse au by @maireep​ and @somethingmorecreative1

title kudos to @jubileeart

keith and lance band together, as the only two mildly sane people they’ve met so far and slowly create a strong bond that leaves all of their plans with loose ends as they try to survive and thrive together.

pairing: klance
rating: unrated


The music faded from his earbuds abruptly as his iPhone died. He had to commend it for lasting as long as it did from his tiny solar charger. Sighing, he took out his buds and stuffed the cords into his bomber jacket pocket. Without the low thump of the same downloaded playlist over and over as his companion, he was utterly alone.

Only months ago, it had been completely different. His world, the world, had changed with one bloodborne virus and suddenly he cared nothing about how his music major didn’t match the aeronautical classes he took or that his dorm’s RA Ashley didn’t get the hint that he wasn’t interested. New York was a city, and if his obscene obsession with splatter films in the summer of eighth grade taught him anything, it was cities were to be avoided in the zombie apocalypse.

Except the government didn’t call them zombies. A virus affecting people vulnerable to pre-and-post-mortem infections of the blood stream. If you got bit, you were hit. And there was a lot of biting going around.

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“Your help WILL make a difference! 

As you know the island of Puerto Rico has just gone through a devastating Hurricane category 5 that has left the entire island in catastrophic conditions. 100% of the island is without electricity or running water and basic supplies. Puerto Rico has 3.5 million American citizens living on the island and everybody needs some help. This devastation will affect its residents for a long time, the government’s prognosis is a minimum of 6 months until power is restored especially in the hardest hit areas. There are many families here in the US trying to get their elderly and family members with children over to the US mainland but the only working airport is running on a skeletal crew and on a very limited basis, most flight are being canceled. Brown Helicopter and Brainerd Helicopters are donating their Kodiak aircraft and manpower so that we can help Puerto Rico. We will be airlifting supplies that will reach one of the areas most affected to by the hurricane, the northern part of the island, and we will bring back family members who are in most need. We are asking for monetary donations for aircraft gas and to buy, boxed milk, toilet paper, batteries (they have especially asked for D), & solar powered cell chargers and battery-operated fans. 

To drop off donations and supplies you can contact Astrid Anduze at 561 252-1101 or Mari Melendez at 561-670-4324

Most Effective way to donate will be through our PayPal account: 

Our first flight will be leaving on Wednesday, Sept 27, from North County Airport in West Palm Beach, Fl. All donations need to be received by Tuesday at 3:00pm in order to load the aircraft. More flights may be forth coming depending on the amount of donations and funds received. This is a grassroots movement from our family with the help of these very special companies to help specific areas of Puerto Rico. The infrastructure of these areas is more difficult to access because of the remote locations Water, electricity, gasoline and supplies will take longer to arrive in these areas. We thank everyone who contributes in any way possible, especially the Brown and Brainerd families. Everyone who is touched by this mission will be blessed by the help, love and support that we can provide them with.

 God Bless.”

My daughters company sent this out today and the owner is matching donations right now. I don’t know for how long, so if you can donate go for it!! 

anonymous asked:

I think Sombra would be the hardest character to think of something up. She isn't evil but she isn't good either. BUT I have an idea. so they find Sombra in a lab? somewhere looking through files and hacking computers(portable solar charger?) and trying to find codes for the vaults there (Military base/hospital?). Without hesitation she offers them evrytng, some people are suspicious others are so grateful. All she ask is that she can join once she gets the vaults(?) open. Ran out of space.Cont?

She would be very natural towards everyone in the group, her intentions are survive and if she has to throw someone under the bus for it she would. Sometimes she takes it upon herself to give the others help but only if she really feels like it, other than that she has no use for them.

Alongside the headcanons that Sombra does still hack into systems only to figure out information about the undead and in the process she figures out a gigantic secret that was kept from the group- Angela was the one to cause it all. She proceeds to tell Reaper and Widow due to similar understandings and all three of them plan a public execution of Angela because of her crimes.

She figures out about their understanding but does nothing about it because she blames herself and lets guilt take her over, so she awaits the day they proceed to kill her.

on that day they shoot her aftr a speech in front of the group, not compromising or listening to the plea of the others even though Angela unknowingly had the cure to the infection in her pocket. 

Jethro master post that no one asked for!

- Jethro is a VERY light sleeper, and nature can be noisy.

- 29 years old.

- 5′8

-166 lbs

-Is of hispanic decent, but can’t speak the language except for the basics (Hi, bye, what time is it? how much? I don’t speak spanish, fuck you.)

- Loves kids and is very social around small groups of people.

- Lost his parents and his eyes were burned away due to a fire when he was 5.

- School drop out

- Has too big of a heart sometimes and can be a little too trusting.

- Uses Duct Tape on EVERYTHING. (broken pipes, windows, injuries, bondage, etc.)

- Started smoking since he was 23. Hates cigars.

- He tortures to feel other’s desire to live whenever he’s overly depressed or suicidal. 

- HATES loud noises, so he gags his victims so they don’t scream.

- He’s an odd one with his victims. The man simply treasures them all and talks fondly of each one, even keeping trinkets they had on them so they would not be forgotten.

- He’s not very sexually active as Jetro feels that sex should be something that’s special, not tossed around carelessly. Because of this, he’s still a virgin.

- He makes masks and sells them at a near by, small town. They are rather popular to tourists, so he sells a fair amount.

- Jethro is off the grid almost completely.  his home is a small, worn down cottage with no heating, cooling, internet or power. All he has is a working toilet and that’s it. Want a shower? He’ll heat up some water and fill up the tin tub out back.

- The man won’t map your face with his hands unless he asks your permission.

- Sometimes he’ll wander off into the woods, just to see if he can find his way back. He normally does.

- Can be rather patient at first. But further hassle and he’ll leave you for dead.

- Is the kind of man who will try and keep you comfortable and happy in between tortures, like buying your favorite snack or drink, let you walk around if you’re bored, let you have your own room if you want to be alone, go on walks in the woods with him, etc.

- Was originally going to be a victim of Teo’s Dominic Lucia. However, due to his lack of eyes, Jethro wasn’t able to be under Teo’s control, and even noticed the meat wasn’t from any animal needless to say, Teo was rather impressed and let Jethro live. Now the two are good friends.

- He makes empty threats when he’s annoyed. So if he tells you that he’s going to throw you in the fireplace he’s while annoyed, he’s bluffing. But if he casually tells you what he’s going to do, he’s serious.

- Whenever Teo and Garret get into arguments, Jethro is normally the middle man who has to parent them into splitting up the fight.

- There is an ending where you straight up be a mom to him and he lets you live.

- Jethro doesn’t like soda or tea, or coffee, or energy drinks. He prefers either water or light beer. Sport drinks are okay.

- He has a solar charger. so if you have a portable game system, he’ll be happy to lend the charger to you

-With each victim he’s killed, Jethro will cut a tally mark into his chest. Teo greatly dislikes this, and tries to encourage Jethro to stop harming himself.

- Jethro isn’t sure if he should be grateful or spiteful that Teo spared him.

- All of Jethro’s clothing is from the DI,  except for the leather coat that he got from a taylor named Dylan.

- Beef Jerky is his all time favorite food/snack since he doesn’t eat meat very much. his main diet is fruits and veggies he grows in a small garden.

- Unknown to him, Jethro has actually survived multiple attempted kidnappings.
(meeting a german at a bar, nearly getting into the backseat of a car by a shady police officer, chatting it up with a rather suave man at some jazz lounge, etc.)

- If he encounters anyone else’s victims, Jethro will try to cheer them up and help them forget the grim situation, if even for a moment.

- If Jethro’s victim is in any other kind of danger, he will instantly rush in to save them, despite how dangerous it might be for him.

- Since he lacks eyesight, of course his other senses make up for it, being able to read the raised ink on a page, sense one’s emotions, and can even hear the tiniest sound you make. 

- Jethro thinks he’s ugly due to his burn scars and lack of eyes, hence why he either wears a mask, or thick, dark sunglasses. (sunglasses when he’s in public)

- Talks in his sleep.
World's first floating windfarm to take shape off coast of Scotland: Turbines for £200m Hywind project will be towed from Norway across North Sea and moored to seabed off north-east Scotland.

World’s first floating windfarm to take shape off coast of Scotland: Turbines for £200m Hywind project will be towed from Norway across North Sea and moored to seabed off north-east Scotland.

You guessed it… Solar USB Chargers from Amazon!

I kinda wanna make/plan out a 72-hour car kit using only

Opinions or ideas?

Basically some kind of waterproof duffel bag, with IFAK, gas mask for CS/tear/chlorine, sweater, flashlight, solar charger, radio, rations, water, mylar, wool blanket, poncho, whistle, etc.

I can’t imagine gunblr hasn’t made one yet. 

magspy  asked:

Hi, I'm going to go to college next year, so I'm moving out, but I won't be able to afford a house, where I could add solar panels or have an actual garden. Do you know of any small, not super expensive, things I could do to make my home more solarpunk?

Oh, exciting! I bet you’re looking forward to that! 😄

So here are a few non-aesthetic ideas that won’t need you to do any home remodelling or have a garden. Of course, depending where you are, you could always try looking for a local community garden. It’ll take a little commitment, but home grown fruit and vegetables are so worth the effort.

First up, I guess you’ll probably be renting? I’d try and find a place with plenty of light (higher floors are good) and then fill it up with plants – I’ve kept a windowsill garden in every place I’ve lived that had windowsills! Gradual is best. I always start by picking up some spiderplants or a dracaenia and then plant a bunch of seeds for herbs and veggies. Chilli plants and lemon trees make great houseplants and do well in a sunny window with a good amount of fertiliser. Other houseplants can be easy to keep and can find homes on bookshelves, on the floor, or even hanging from the ceiling (if your landlord lets you put up a few hooks, that is).

As for solar power, you may not be able to power your whole home, but you can definitely buy solar battery chargers for your phone, decorate your place with solar window lights or solar string lights (who doesn’t like string lights, amiright?), and other accessories. Things like solar powered backpacks to charge your laptop are a bit more steep, so it depends on your budget and if you need a car. If public transport is good where you are and you don’t need to drive, consider whether you can get by without your own vehicle.

Oh, also, I don’t know if you’ll have a choice of electricity providers where you are, but if you do I’d take a look at their policies for renewable energy. If one invests in solar farms or wind farms, try to go with them.

These are a few things that may be good to start with. Hope that’s some help! 😊☀️

I should really make a section of this blog devoted to this kind of thing…

Fic: Makers of History (Ao3)
Fandom: DC Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart, Mick Rory & Georgie Washington

Summary: Mick has enough of the Legends and decides to quit mid-mission to stay with someone who actually appreciates him.

Someone like - Georgie Washington.

(AU of ‘Turncoat’ where Mick stays in the American Revolution instead)

A/N: 100% inspired by an excellent idea by @jq-piccadilly, who is ALSO writing her own version of something similar which is going to be awesome - so everyone should go encourage her :D

also note the alternate fic style tag. this is written like a textbook.


“I must say, I’m sorry to see you go,” Georgie comments after releasing Mick from the hug. “We can always use good men such as yourself.”

Mick frowns.

It’s been so long since he’s heard a kind word, and from the same sort of sneaky planner as Len used to be - so long since he’s been anything but a burden, that he’s been wanted - it’s nice. He’d forgotten how nice.

“You know what,” he says on an impulse. “Why not?”

“What?” Sara says blankly.

“Lemme get my stuff,” Mick tells Georgie, who beams. “I’ll be right back.”


Mick turns and goes for the ship.

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