“Don’t cry, Kayneth. It is still to early to give up.”

Whilst whispering in a comforting voice, Sola caressed his face. In times when he needed it, it is common for her display of affection towards her fiance to be slightly late. […] Displaying the smile of an affectionate mother, she held Kayneth’s right arm. At the back of his hand which was made impotent, there were still two Command Spells remaining, creeping on his fingers.

“That’s why, Kayneth……Please hand these Command Spells to me. I will take over Lancer as a Master. To bring you the Holy Grail.”

“N-no!” […]

Huhh… Sola sighed deeply.

Along with that long sigh, the gentle smile on her face vanished.

“Kayneth, you don’t understand huh……Whatever the case, we must win.”

Kruck, The dry sound of a twig being stepped on could be heard.

From Kayneth’s right hand which she had been treating gently until now, Sola casually twisted his little finger off.