Conditions of Business - Anonymous - Fate/Zero [Archive of Our Own]

My gift this Yuletide! One of my requests was for fic about Sola-ui – her desires, her motivations, her family, really anything that focused on her and not on her as defined by her relationship with A Dude. AND I GOT THAT FIC. I GOT THAT FIC AND IT IS EXCELLENT.

Sola-ui is wonderful in this: assertive, capable, and trying to carve out a space of her own in the boys’ club of magus society. The dialogue crackles, the history and worldbuilding are both impeccable and impressive, and the way this author interprets Bram is a real treat.

Read it. If you want to see fic where Sola-ui is too damn smart and capable to sit back and accept the duties that have been assigned to her by the time /zero rolls around, READ IT.