In defense of Sola-Ui (Fate Zero)

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I never thought I would ever defend this character, because lets set the record straight; I AM NOT A FAN OF HER, but wow putting all the blame on her is not okay.

One, Sola-Ui was actually under the influence of Lancers beauty mark.

For those that don’t know, Lancer is the Irish Mythological Hero Diarmuid ua Duibhne, and one little fact about him is that he has a cursed beauty mark on his face that makes any woman that gazes at it fall, totally, completely, and stupidly in love with him.

This little feature, is actually what doomed him in his life when it caused his own lord’s wife to fall in love with him, and would ultimately result in his death because his lord never got over it.

So while Sola herself is from a family of respectable mages, and despite how she possess an above average amount of magic circuits and has enough mana energy to sustain Lancer, she is by no means remarkable in power or status as a mage, which means she doesn’t have the proper magic resistance to Lancers cursed mark, as opposed to individuals like Irisviel or Saber.

So just as his lord’s wife did, Sola fell stupidly in love with Lancer, and it doesn’t help that she didn’t like Kayneth to begin with, because their engagement was ARRANGED, a political move for her family by marrying into Kayneth’s because of their high status in mage society. 

Also SLUT SHAMING, NOT OKAY, stop slinging that word around for every female character. Ever heard the saying “Love makes you do crazy things”? Welp Sola is a premium example of that, that power of Lancers cursed beauty mark made her do some very crazy things for the sake of gaining Lancers love, things that would ironically lead to his downfall and her own.

But really? Lancers downfall came from more from Kayneth’s paranoia and distrust of Lancer, and Sola Ui being inflicted with his cursed marks effect did not help the matter. It made a bad arrangement even worse. Lancer was set up to fail from the very beginning, because of how incompatible he and Kayneth are, its even been mentioned that Lancer wouldn’t even stand a chance against ASSASSIN, and he’s more or less the weakest of all servants in terms of direct combat and because of just how terrible their master-servant dynamic is.

This is because they don’t just work together and don’t have the same values.

Kayneth prefers to hide in the shadows, or in the stronghold he made in the hotel he was staying in before his fight with Kiritsugu, he prefers to leave the fighting to Lancer, and is quick to criticize him harshly and unreasonably. While Lancer prefers a direct and honorable approach to battle, because of his chivalry code and sense of honor he doesn’t go all out in their first battle, which earns him Kayneth’s disdain.

Another fact; Lancer was never Kayneth’s intentional servant, as Waver stole the catalyst for his original servant, the catalyst for Iskandar (A.K.A Rider). This forced him to summon another servant instead of the one he originally planned around using, so to the say the least Kayneth already had a bad taste in mouth from the situation, so his plans backfiring in his face and having a servant that didn’t meet his expectations set up a shaky foundation for them.

So even if Sola wasn’t around there would be conflict between them without her, and this eventually would result in their downfall, it just might not have happened as fast, but they would still be doomed for failure.

  • Character: Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri
  • Fandom: Fate-Zero
  • Reason for Being Hated: “Slut”, “bitch”, “weak”, “didn’t resist the Love Spot”, “throws herself at Lancer”, “treats Kayneth like crap”, “depends on Lancer”, “wants Lancer to fuck her and cares about nothing else”, “Kayneth loves her and she doesn’t love him back”, [SPOILER] ”caused her and Kayneth’s deaths, as well as Lancer’s” [/SPOILER], “the men are hot and can get away with all kinds of shit, but a woman commits mistakes and she’s worse than Kotomine or Zero!Caster”.

“Don’t cry, Kayneth. It is still to early to give up.”

Whilst whispering in a comforting voice, Sola caressed his face. In times when he needed it, it is common for her display of affection towards her fiance to be slightly late. […] Displaying the smile of an affectionate mother, she held Kayneth’s right arm. At the back of his hand which was made impotent, there were still two Command Spells remaining, creeping on his fingers.

“That’s why, Kayneth……Please hand these Command Spells to me. I will take over Lancer as a Master. To bring you the Holy Grail.”

“N-no!” […]

Huhh… Sola sighed deeply.

Along with that long sigh, the gentle smile on her face vanished.

“Kayneth, you don’t understand huh……Whatever the case, we must win.”

Kruck, The dry sound of a twig being stepped on could be heard.

From Kayneth’s right hand which she had been treating gently until now, Sola casually twisted his little finger off.

Defense for Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri of Fate/Zero

I’ll be perfectly honest here, I utterly loathe Sola-Ui. She, like the majority of the antagonists in Fate/Zero are utterly vile.

Part of the problem for her in part is she had very little screentime compared to the other villains so what little scenes you DO see her leave very strong impressions of her character.

  • “Slut”, “bitch”, “weak” – She IS a bit of a bitch, but she’s engaged to a man that she doesn’t like and clearly not too happy about the match. I can’t really blame her. “Slut” is never a good reason to hate a character because sex isn’t a bad thing. Even so, she never does ANYTHING of the sort with Lancer or Kayneth. “Weak” is kind of a cheap shot as she is not an official master and is only involved in the Grail War because Kayneth is her fiancee.
  • “Didn’t resist the Love Spot” – Of course she didn’t, she’s a normal woman. Lancer’s power causes any woman who sees the spot to fall in love with him. The only reason Saber and Irisviel didn’t was because Saber has very high-magical resistance. In short, it’s not her fault.
  • “Throws herself at Lancer”, “depends on Lancer”, “wants Lancer to fuck her and cares about nothing else” – Of course she does, she’s bewitched to care and love Lancer. You can’t even blame Lancer for this, as he can’t control it.
  • “Treats Kayneth like crap” – Again, she’s engaged to a man she doesn’t love. Kayneth is also using her to basically cheat in the Grail War. I don’t really blame her, I’m pretty sure I’d be kind of angry about that too.
  • [SPOILER] ”Caused her and Kayneth’s deaths, as well as Lancer’s” [/SPOILER] – Sola-Ui actually never went onto the front lines and stayed fairly safely away from the battles. It took Maiya to actively hunt her down and bring her into the hostage situation.Kayneth COULD have abandoned her to die, but he didn’t because he loved her so much. Anyway, you can shift the blame to Kiritsugu and Maiya, as they were the ones who actually orchestrated their deaths.
  • “The men are hot and can get away with all kinds of shit, but a woman commits mistakes and she’s worse than Kotomine or Zero!Caster” – I feel like this is more of a statement from the submitter, so I more or less agree with it. Sola-Ui suffers from a lack of screen time and what screen time she does have firmly puts her in a very bad situations with the fans. Most of the reasons she gets hate appear to be shipping related which is ridiculous. I feel like I should add that she tortures Kayneth into giving up the command spells which I feel is much more evil than ‘not returning romantic feelings’. But in short, she’s really not as bad compared to the horrible things the majority of the cast do because this is Fate/Zero and everyone are basically huge douchebags.