Someone requested I make a masterlist of those who are Ashkenazi Jewish and over thirty. Some of these face claims could play young or older parents of others. Some might be able to get away with playing an early twenty year old. Be aware some of those listed are mixed race, however it will be mentioned what other ethnicity they are. This list is useful if ever you need a face claim who is of this ethnicity. To search for someone’s ethnicity if biracial, just press CTRL+F on your keyboard and search for that ethnicity.

Some may not have gif hunts, but that is just an incentive for someone to do one. I have not listed politicians, those who work behind the scenes in things, a businessperson and those who have died,

  • Ashkenazi Jewish -  A Jew of central or eastern European descent
  • Other ethnicity masterlists: Under 30 (Filipino, E Asian etc), over 30.

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Studying Abroad: Students Breaking Down Magical Boarders

The Wizarding School Foreign Exchange Program is off to a magical start! 30 students from Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, Hogwarts, Koldovstoretz, Mahoutokoro and Salem have begun their education at the various wizarding schools around the world. Each school received five students from each of the other schools. The 30 students also met over the summer at Beauxbatons Palace for two weeks to learn more about the program and their fellow students. Witch Weekly checked in with a number of students to see how they were adjusting to their new environments:

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Valleys ~ John Sokoloff