I got myself an early birthday present!

By now we should all know that The Shoebox Project is my favorite fic ever. (If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor.) So I had it bound into a book. It ended up being 719 pages, and none of the images are in color (but thankfully not many of the images need color anyway) but it’s amazing and I’m so pleased with the result.

Of course all credit for the writing and everything else goes to Jaida and Rave - we wouldn’t have this fantastic thing without them. Also a big personal thanks to Marlowe for introducing me to this fic in the first place, and to Katy for giving me the idea to have it bound. So thanks again to all of you.


Stig told me to try and–‘cause I was getting tense–he told me to try and take my mind off and talk to myself so I was trying to do various impressions and I’m the world’s worst impressionist. And on that last straight coming out of the corner, I was doing the world’s worst Murray Walker. I only realised when I passed the '100' sign where I was supposed to brake. I was at the '50’ sign and I thought 'OH I MISSED IT!’ - James Nesbitt on his practice lap

a southern playlist with love to eugenia

down home girl - ocms | dead man’s will - calexico | bartholomew - the silent comedy | rattlin’ bones - kasey chambers & shane nicholson | birmingham - shovels & rope | mockingbird - anaïs mitchell | cross road blues - robert johnsonwalkin to new orleans - fats domino | smokestack lightning - howlin’ wolf | i’m going home - sacred harp singers | i walk the line - johnny cash | church in the wildwood - the carter family | saturday night fish fry - louis jordan | creole love call - duke ellington | bottom of the river - delta rae | barton hollow - the civil wars | sodom, south georgia - iron & wine | chop and change - the black keys | georgia on my mind - ray charles 

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Tired and Wired (we ruin too easy)

for staring up at the stars in almost perfect silence

madame de pompadour - murray gold | neptune, the mystic - holst | the secret cave - joe hisaishi | ada and inman - gabriel yared | the swan - camille saint saens | moonlight - beethoven | adagio for strings - samuel barber | (bonus) i only have eyes for you - eddy duchin


Don’t rightly know how I got 20 chapters of Tired & Wired into paperback form, and god knows how i’ll get the last eight chapters to fit. My only wish is that it was a touch less hipster, but then again I’m slightly older than the ‘verse’s fandom (I think?) and my grunge/industrial roots run deep. (I caught the last dying wave of grunge during middle school while the transition to NIN was taking place) All this excessive optimism of the next gen is disturbing. Maybe it’s the economy? Good economy = Melancholy music. Bad = Uplifting and sweet. Just a theory. Lolz.

So, I’ve been seeing these follow forever’s for a few days already. And this is my 2nd year here at tumblr. I guess it’s my time to thank all of those who have made me laugh, fangirl, obsess over music, get lured into more fandoms, made me interested in poetry, among a zillion things more. There are some of you I love from the distance and there are some that I’ve come to become great friends with. I follow a lot of blogs but these special people, have made my time at tumblr worth the fun and made me feel like I’m home :)

Merry Christmas to all of you. And I love you!

And for the ones that follow me, thank you.

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the sleeping habits of the elusive Alaskan Yancy

based on this because oh my god

It wasn’t easy being the oldest.

Dad was working overtime constantly to pay for medical bills, and when he was home he was with their mum. It made sense, because she was sick. He didn’t mind cooking or cleaning at all! He even got Raleigh and Jaz to help out by making sure their rooms were tidy all the time, and he got really good at making pasta.

But he was really tired, especially after coming home from school.

Raleigh used to tease and say Yancy could sleep anywhere, through anything. He was definitely right. 

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