Just a Purple Spider-Web

Just a Purple Spider-Web

Sofia the First


Language: English

Rating: K/T

Summary: She was like a purple spider web, floating through the wind on her little cloud- beautiful to admire from far away, and impossible to get rid of once you walked into her.

One shot (I don't have any plans to continue this.)

Just a Purple Spider-Web

She was like a purple spider web- strong, clingy, ensnaring all who pass through. And, also, because she always wore purple. She floated around the castle with the grace she learned from years of walking on her tip-toes instead of wearing her heels [she hated them]. She often talked to the little bunny Clover that followed her around, and she greeted Wormwood every time she saw him. She was curious- curious as a person and interesting to study [especially now that she was of age and she avoided every conversation that involved her finding a prince and getting married. Usually girls her age were very keen on finding someone to love and cherish them forever with lavish gifts, but she was content to continue on with her lessons as his apprentice].

She danced among the flowers in spring, singing to little birds and bumble bees that bounced along.

She ran around in sundresses in the summer, her feet bare as she tramped around in the fields outside of the town.

She skipped over puddles in the autumn, twirling her umbrella about her frame as she sang and danced in the rain with the leaves falling gently to the ground.

She was bundled up in thick stockings and thick winter boots long after snow started to fall, her hair done nicely in a ponytail almost every day because she loved the hairstyle so much-

“Cedric!” Sofia bounded up to him one day when she was 13, jumping in her excitement. The sorcerer looked down at her from over his nose with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, Princess?”

“Do you like my hair?” She gave a little twirl, and looked up at him with her big eyes. “I think it makes me look cute!”

Cedric swallowed thickly as a blush coated his cheeks, he pulled at the collar at his throat seeing as it was suddenly a hundred degrees.

“O-oh yes, Sofia. You look very… cute.” He resounded, looking down at the girl’s excited face; he smiled himself despite feeling awkward.

She had confided in him once that she couldn’t choose a favorite season, because she loved them all [though she did favor winter and autumn a bit more than spring and summer, surprisingly. He had the same feelings about the seasons as she did- though not such a poetic sense about it].

She was like a purple spider web– complicated, intricate, beautiful, strong [stubborn], graceful [she tried to be], stuck to his side like glue [literally], and she always wore purple. It just seemed to fit for her to be considered such in his mind.

Now he only had to wonder if he was the spider or the fly.

Second Chances || Calzona & Sofia

Their morning went smoothly. Sofia woke up before them but was actually good and just watched cartoons on her iPad with scooby. Callie poked at her breakfast and made it look like she ate some and hoped Arizona hadn’t noticed. Sofia got her meds and they just arrived at the hospital. They walked up to the room with Sofia in between them again and smiled, “hey daddy.”


“…Да си седял до Славейковците; или на пейка в Кристал… Да си имал дом тук (не апартамент). Да си имал също и приятели (не познати).

Да си се влюбвал тук (само това да е, пак е достатъчно).

- “Да изживееш този град”, Ал. Шпатов  

Bad Reaction || Calzona & Sofia

As they pulled up to the hospital Callie stiffened in her seat. She was nervous, so incredibly nervous for this. She knew Aria was there…but she all knew her mother probably would be too. She could see her family getting out before her but Callie just couldn’t get herself to move and go in.


The Duke and Duchess of Värmland being cutie patooties with little children on their two day visit to Värmland. Sofia gets down to them and lets each smell a flower, included her husband, who was right behind her. Can this couple get any cuter?! ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚