a book that you could literally throw at anyone’s face and it wouldn’t hurt nearly as much as the story

mrs curtis: *holding her second born* honey what should we call him

mr curtis: sodapop

mrs curtis: 

years later

mrs curtis: *holding her third born* honey what should we call him?

mr curtis: ponyboy

mrs curtis: 

Let’s talk about this scene here.

This really gets me because of a few things, and these is one of the reasons I loved the movie.

Here we can see how the producers didn’t forget the chocolate milk, and I think this is one of the sweetest things on the entire book and the fact they didn’t leave it out made me feel emotional.

The chocolate milk and Soda gets to me because shows so much of a kid Soda still is. He may work, he may get a lot of  sexual  attention from girls, he may try hard to look perfect to Pony’s eyes but he’s still a child.

He’s still gets pleasure of little things like chocolate milk, chocolate cake and sweets. 

And this is what kills me, how much it must be for him and Darry, to be kids but try to act like adults.

So, in this part when he’s here with Steve and doing that, I think you can actually see how they’re still kids.

They fight socs, but they’re still kids.

They have rumbles

They struggle with the state.

They try not to get in jail.

but hey’re still kids.