Lance adopts a russian blue and calls her Socks

Keith is picked by a somali called Mittens


So I have this lil au in my head where Keith and Lance meet when they both visit a cat adoption drive and end up bonding when Lance helps Keith to name his cat. 

I may write a short fic about this if enough people are interested ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

The Houses as Clothing Things

Hufflepuff: Loose threads. Heavy sweaters in warm autumn hues. Shoes so worn they no longer have tread. Hair ribbons. Wool scarves that tickle your neck. Complementary colors and patterned motifs.

Slytherin: High heels. Rips in a pair of leggings. Long coats with big black buttons. Silver earrings. Watches that tick unceasingly in the silence. Shirts with lacy necklines. Monochrome fabrics with careful accents.

Ravenclaw: Button-up blouses. High-waisted skirts and the shirts tucked beneath them. Bracelets that snag on everything. Soft fabrics. Ballet flats with scuffs on the toes. Stripes and polka dots.

Gryffindor: Sunglasses. T-shirts with fading designs. Sandals that leave unwelcome tan lines. Socks with cats on them. Flannels and sleeves rolled up to the elbow. Designs full of bright colors, big pictures, and words.

Tom Dating A Cat Person:
  • A/N: Requested

  • At first Tom didn’t realise that you were a cat lover, he had automatically assumed you’d be a dog person

  • “Oh my gosh Tom look! She’s so cute!”

  • “Oh no, god no. We are not getting a cat”

  • “But baby…”

  • Convincing him to get a cat with you from the shelter

  • “Tessa isn’t going to like this…”

  • “Are you kidding?! She’ll love it”

  • Tom getting jealous when you give the cat more attention than him

  • He didn’t like the cat and the cat didn’t like him

  • It wouldn’t take Tom long to notice the cat pillow you’d placed on the couch

  • “I can’t decide if i hate the pillow more or the actual cat itself”

  • “Hey! Don’t talk that way about Captain”

  • “I still can’t believe you called that thing Captain…”

  • He’d mention his dislike for cats in an interview and you’d think it was the funniest thing ever

  • Buying him cat socks for his birthday as a joke

  • He’d lowkey think your love for cats was adorable but would never admit it to you

  • Sending him pictures of cute cats on instagram and snapchat

  • Okay but.. You’d buy this really ugly cat sweater to annoy him and he’d just get really frustrated

  • “Cmon Darling, this isn’t funny anymore”

  • “Oh but Tommy it is funny”

  • Your ringtone would be cats meowing and it’d drive him up the walls sometimes

  • Okay but one day you caught captain crawl up on his chest and fall asleep there and Tom didn’t dare to move her… it was the cutest thing ever

  • Of course you had to take a photo and post it on instagram

  • Having heated debates on weather Cats or Dogs were better

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