Afrofuturism Appreciation Part 3: Music Edition (see Part 1 and Part 2)


Born on this day: July 1, 1971 - Singer, rapper, songwriter and producer Missy Elliott (born Melissa Arnette Elliott in Portsmouth, VA). Happy 46th Birthday, Missy!!


Artist of the Day

Missy Elliott


Sock It 2 Me - Missy Elliot ft. Da Brat

push you off your throne; a keyleth x raishan playlist

i. sock it 2 me (cover); natoo guybeuls (let’s see if you can bring, bring, bring the nasty out of me / now sock it // ooh ahh, sock it to me like you want to / i can take it like a pro and you’ll know) ii. girl with one eye; florence + the machine (i said, hey, girl with one eye / i’ll cut your little heart out cause you made me cry) iii. 1940 (live); the submarines (now’s the time to be alive / to stay awake and be with me a while / and smile) iv.  heart-shaped box (cover); hayley richman (hey! / wait! / i’ve got a new complaint / forever in debt to your priceless advice) v.  time is running out (cover); the nude rock (you’re something beautiful / a contradiction) vi. head is not my own; ms mr (your heart, your heart understand mine / found in forbidden nights) vii. toxic (cover); allie davis (you’re toxic i’m slipping under / with a taste of a poison paradise / i’m addicted to you) viii. rifle scissor stone (radio fm4 accoustic session); squalloscope (“hate to say i told you so” said the snakebite to the bone / “i’ve worked all night on this, now i’m gonna push you off your throne”) ix. obsessions; marina and the diamonds (we’ve got obsessions / you never told me what it was that made you strong and what it was that made you weak)