Hey guys, so I have decided to do a big ART giveaway with 3 WINNERS :)!!!

Prizes in giveaway:
1st winner:
-1 72 packs of copic markers
-2 packs of 48 prismacolor pencils
-3 kanken backpacks (your choice)
-2 pairs of MUSTARD doc martens
-5 pairs of ART socks (your choice)
-3 Large moleskin sketchbooks
2nd winner:
-36 pack of copic markers
-1 pack of 48 prismacolor pencils
-2 kanken backpacks
-1 pair of MUSTARD doc martens
-3 pairs of ART socks
-2 large moleskin sketchbooks
3rd winner:
-36 pack of copic markers
-1 pack of 48 prismacolour pencils
-1 kanken backpack
-1 pair of MUSTARD doc martens
-1 Large moleskin sketchbook
-2 pairs of ART socks

-Must be following ME on Tumblr
-Follow my instagram @ tarakenny__ for a better chance at winning. (Like and comment on my instagram posts, keep active)!
-MUST please keep active, like my posts, comment and be friendly, I love to make new friends!
-Reblog the giveaway as much times as you want (the more the better chance of winning)
-If you don’t follow the rules you will be disqualified from the competition and blocked.

Other Information:
-This giveaway ends the 4th of October
-I’ll be shipping world wide.
-Please don’t comment about the giveaway on my instagram since it’s my personal account and it can get very repetitive and annoying. :)
-Message me once followed on instagram also so I can write you down on the list.

I love you all and I hope you all have fun. :)


Afrofuturism Appreciation Part 3: Music Edition (see Part 1 and Part 2)

Random things that make me feel little
  • 1:knee high socks
  • 2:Daddy zipping up my hoodie
  • 3:daddy ordering my food at restaurants
  • 4:straws (when I can't have a sippy)
  • 5:big sweaters
  • 6:soft blankets
  • 7:raspberries (not the fruit the like pftttt kind)
  • 8:cute phone games
  • 9:flower crowns
  • 10:daddy brushing my hair
  • 11:daddy grabbing my hand in public saying "hold on I don't want you to get lost"
  • 12:Glitter!!
  • 13:Pokemon
  • 14:ice cream
  • 15:emojis
  • 16:cut up apples
  • 17:dinosaurs
  • 18:finding cool rocks
  • 19:apple juice
  • 20:Last but not least, Daddy!!