Nov 2016: Zayn followed a Ziam account (check out her profile description when Zayn followed her 😏 and that Liam follows her already)
Dec 2016: Liam liked a tweet from @TheZiamNews about his BB Artist 100 list debut
Jan 2017: Zayn liked a tweet from @TheZiamNews about voting for him at the Brits

Elizabeth’s new Twitter header [x]

anonymous asked:

texting fics?ty!

Hit The Lights by lethallergic - 1-800-HOTLINEBLING

Drive Me Wild by lethallergic - “We should stop because I want to permanently add you to the snapchat story of my life.” (sequel to Hit The Lights)

SUN PRINCE by checkpleasetae - SUN PRINCE: also stop attacking me for wanting 2 suck some dick. SUN PRINCE: this is some hOMOPHOBIC ASS SHIT. mom: im gaydad: I’m bi. jiminiii: i am literally gayer than. u:) hobi :): I may have sucked a dick or 2 in my time alive

hey baby, show me your love (and i’ll show you mine) by angelicjimin - from: unknown
to: jimbro’s new numberspeaking about balls. pls show me ur dick
i know ive seen it like 3 days ago but i

from: jimbro’s new number
to: unknown who the fuck are u and why the fuck
do u want to see my dick  03:40am

Txtng 101 by Sick_27 - Wrong number. Oops. (Mon 3:56 a.m)Can you straddle minnie hyung and take a picture from above? My fingers won’t cooperate :(

From Tumblr to Lovers by snksloth - jungkook wasn’t sure who followed the other first. he just slowly noticed that an awful lot of notifications came from one blog, and an awful lot of his own reblogs were from that same blog. he never really thought about it, but he also didn’t think he’d ever get a message from the blog either. (aka an internet friends au told entirely through messages and a few phone calls)

noot noot by seoulgi - rawr XD may mean ‘i love you’ in dinasour, but noot noot means ‘i love you’ in penguin. facts checked by kim taehyung.

Bills Bills Bills by taekover - tae, [23 Dec 2016, 20:24]:
I might be gay now there was this hot dude at work jimjim, [23 Dec 2016, 20:25]: tae you were always gay Detailstae, [23 Dec 2016, 20:25]: my manager wants to suck his dick and he’s a straight man

dog by rxaaru - in which kim taehyung sees an attractive stranger at the park with a very adorable dog and texts the crew to ask how he would go about talking to him

A Question of Lust by bullet_bad_wolf - Taehyung:
Hey baby
What are you wearing

I honestly can’t tell if that’s you trying to seduce me or a legit question

Makes two of us

Either way I’m totally wearing this flipping sweet Pikachu onesie some hot demon dude sent me

So you like it

I’d like you being here more
But yes
I like it.

Can’t keep my hands to myself (no matter how hard I’m trying to) by sunshineandpixiedust - 6:00 | tae hyung
What are you wearing? or: Taaehyung and Jeongguk starts to sext as a game. Jeongguk will not lose.

hold me like i’m hope by jjks - “Uh,” he says eloquently, looking back at Taehyung. “Do you, like, want something?” “Nah, I’m just popping in,” Taehyung says, looking around the place again. Jeongguk stares at him in confusion. “Wh–” he starts to ask when he’s interrupted by Taehyung grinning at him. “Yeah, I’d like to schedule a time to get a tattoo.” “Of course he wants a fucking tattoo, dumbass, why do you think he’s here?” It’s Hoseok, and honestly that warrants another punch to the shoulder, but Jeongguk decides to play it nice. He’s a good boy. OR: let me present to you the most cliché trope of all, starring tattoo artist jeon jeongguk & florist kim taehyung.

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