Reblog if you’d date a person with tattoos

My dad is saying something along the lines of “I don’t think Lady Gaga looks good because she has tattoos” (which is super fucking shallow on its own) and I just wanna make sure I’m not the only one willing to date someone with tattoos

Social Experiment

I recently came up with an idea that I hope is as intriguing and enjoyable as it sounds in my mind.

Seeing how there are so many of us on Tumblr that are trying to help others connect on here to learn about each other and because I like asking difficult, no-win scenario type questions, I thought that we could make a game of this.

If you want to participate, simply reply to this post and I will send you an ask with an extremely thoughtful or really tough question for you to answer. If you are unsure if this is a game for you, send me a message before replying. I can’t stress enough that I fully intend on providing very strenuous, completely unfair, and somewhat ruthless, but always hypothetical, situations.

For the game’s sake, I will not duplicate any of the questions I send. Everyone will receive one (and only one) to answer. Though, in order to keep this game going I am requesting that you either send the question I gave you to another person or play the game yourself by posting a similar message to this one.

With that said…



I was just watching random videos and when I see this I know I must share it. It’s just beautiful and I’m so thankful that this guys do it. Words at the end was amazing. LOVE IS LOVE!

social experiment: reblog with your opinion of robinxlucina in the tags

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