so when I was in high school vincent price was the background wallpaper on my phone. i like vincent price a bunch, but i’m by no means an expert. (i’ve still only seen around ten of his films) but i had the thought

“what if people began to recognize vincent price as my husband?”

the concept just seemed really funny to me at the time, this long-dead actor supposedly married to a 15-year-old girl, so i decided to try it out just to see what would happen. when friends asked who my wallpaper was, “my husband.” when i watched vincent price movies with my family, “look at my husband.” every time i saw him for the next year, “husband.”

it’s five years later, and i’ve been gifted limited edition vincent price bobbleheads, stuff signed by his daughter, movies, merch, and this baby hanging above my bed every night

and my favorite part of all of this is that people actually recognize him as “vincent price, veronica’s husband” and it’s just as entertaining as i hoped it would be

once in a while people will ask me how he’s doing. i say “still dead” and we all partake in a blissfully awkward ritual

Reblog if you’d date a person with tattoos

My dad is saying something along the lines of “I don’t think Lady Gaga looks good because she has tattoos” (which is super fucking shallow on its own) and I just wanna make sure I’m not the only one willing to date someone with tattoos

Social Experiment

I recently came up with an idea that I hope is as intriguing and enjoyable as it sounds in my mind.

Seeing how there are so many of us on Tumblr that are trying to help others connect on here to learn about each other and because I like asking difficult, no-win scenario type questions, I thought that we could make a game of this.

If you want to participate, simply reply to this post and I will send you an ask with an extremely thoughtful or really tough question for you to answer. If you are unsure if this is a game for you, send me a message before replying. I can’t stress enough that I fully intend on providing very strenuous, completely unfair, and somewhat ruthless, but always hypothetical, situations.

For the game’s sake, I will not duplicate any of the questions I send. Everyone will receive one (and only one) to answer. Though, in order to keep this game going I am requesting that you either send the question I gave you to another person or play the game yourself by posting a similar message to this one.

With that said…

i’m trying to prove something to my family and my teachers

reblog if you were placed into a gifted and talented program as a child, and now everyone has extremely high expectations of you and it is causing you distress in any area of your life (making your grades fall, causing anxiety or perfectionism, giving up if your work cant be the best the teacher has ever seen)


Last week from my knowledge China sent out 84 categories to be censored online from videos, pictures, everything that is media. One of them was abnormal sexual lifestyle, which under that is homosexuality. It seems to be something that China started last year with tv. Dramas were not allowed to show things that have abnormal sexual relationships and behaviors, like incest, same-sex relationships, sexual perversions, sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual violence, etc. Yes, sadly being gay will be classified with all these ugly offenses in China if this is passed. To make this even worse, each platform has to hire at least 3 people to be professional censors. The censors’ job is to take down any content that doesn’t fit China’s aesthetic or pc wants. People that don’t follow these rules will be reported to the police. This ban seems like it’ll go through sadly. (source)

So now that you have that background, I want to share this video that I saw on Twitter of this girl from China. This social experiment of her in a sweater that says “I’m gay, would you hug me”. It honestly made me cry, from the ugly man that pretended like he was going to hug her, to that women in white with a facial mask coming out of no where and hugs her. It was honestly beautiful to see men and women showing support and open mindedness. This girl is strong to put herself out there and I want to share her strength with all of you.



I was just watching random videos and when I see this I know I must share it. It’s just beautiful and I’m so thankful that this guys do it. Words at the end was amazing. LOVE IS LOVE!

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