Quick Time Management Tips

1. Be aware of any lurking deadlines.

2. Plan out your day.

3. Define and limit the time for each task.

4. Set reminders.

5. Plan to be early, not just on time.

6. Allow yourself some margin in your day.

7. Say “no” to distractions, including the distraction of friends.

8. Prioritize.

9. Ignore unimportant details.

10.Concentrate and focus while you’re working.

do you realize that if the Beatles were young and famous now Ringo would have a video blog with all the random shit they’d get themselves in to, John would tweet random strings of words/jibberish alongside incredibly wise thoughts, George would have a tumblr with a url he would keep a secret, and Paul would post shirtless pics on Instagram

Would you use this app?

It’s basically a Tinder for makeup where users can search for makeup artists according to post code, swipe right on looks they like & connect with local makeup artists to do their looks at home.

So if you’re a:

Makeup artist: You sign up, upload photos of your work, categorize the looks you uploaded ie: glam, goth, prom, etc, enter your post code and rates for the job.

User: You sign up, enter your post code and the look you’re hoping to achieve. Then you get a list of looks you can swipe through. If you like a look, you swipe right and it’s saved in your “beautybook”. You can then click on all your saved looks and it’ll connect you with the makeup artist, show you his/her other works. You can click book and have the make up artist come to your home, or you go to her studio and get done up.

Please send me your feedback, constructive criticism etc on this.



I don’t need you..I have poetry.

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