Social Justice Bloggers

Dear social justice bloggers:

Always remember that the people that harass you and make racist, misogynistic, ableist, transphobic, etc., comments on your posts are NOT the ones you’re trying to reach. Those are anti-SJ trolls and they have already made up their minds and will not listen to reason. 

It’s the people out there who are on the fence, who are still inquiring minds, the ones who most often don’t even leave a “note”, THEY are the people you’re trying to reach. In fact, any anti-SJ backlash you face is almost always a sign that you’ve hit a prejudiced nerve and are doing something right. 

So please do not lose hope. Keep on fighting for social justice no matter how many trolls surface from the nasty depths of the interwebz to try to stomp you out of existence. Bc the more they whine & moan, the more you can be sure that you are disrupting the white male supremacist (etc) status quo and promoting positive social change.

Personally, I plan to continue advocating for social justice for as long as I am able. I hope that you will all join me in solidarity!!!

tumblr drags people for being close-minded and i get it but at a certain point i’m like damn stop with the superiority complex and give people a chance to grow lord knows you didn’t come out of the womb a social justice blogger with a steve rogers obsession

there are three types of tumblr gays:

  1. the pokemon trade/ power bottom
  2. the twink with the pink blog who’s obsessed with a female celebrity that was popular somewhere between 2004 and 2008
  3. the hypersexual social justice blogger who also memes

So I’m like… really sick of social justice bloggers/activists in general caring more about semantics than ACTUALLY caring about social justice?? Like. If that hitler kin asshole just came out and was like “I’m a nazi” no sj bloggers would be defending them but because they said “I’m ~kin~ with hitler as a ~coping mechanism~” there have been people defending them??? Like damn. Same with goyische bloggers who make nazi punching edits and talk about how much they hate nazis but NEVER include Jews or rroma people in their activism I just. Ugh. This is a terrible website.

A handy guide to tumblr terms
  • Racist: used to silence white people criticizing those of another race
  • Homophobe: used to silence straight people criticizing homo people
  • Misogynist: used to silence men criticizing women
  • Bigot: used to silence anyone with a different opinion
  • Transphobe: used to silence cis people criticizing trans people
  • Islamophobe: used to silence anyone criticizing a Muslim
  • Ignorant: used to shame those who don't know much about a certain subject
  • Diversity: only PoC, but only my kind of PoC
  • PoC: black people
  • Black Lives Matter: only care about blacks dying when white people do it
  • Internalized misogyny: used by women to silence women against feminism
  • Add any I may have missed
Tumblr, you are disgusting.

I understand disagreeing with someone, but this whole doxxing thing is beyond wrong. Nothing can justify exposing someone and threatening their home and job. Anyone who considers this acceptable behavior should be ashamed. I can only hope that you social justice morons see the light someday. This is not the tolerance you preach. This is sick. What is wrong with you?

I stand by communismkills.

Jesus fucking christ

Alright. This goes out to the men out there.

I understand that a lot of you are tired of seeing all these feminist posts about how shitty men are and how we do a lot of shitty things and hurt a lot of people

but I have a good idea

How about instead of bitching about how “not all guys are like that” and “a lot of guys are different” you actually SHOW you’re different?

Be a fucking good person, do the right fucking thing, take a little bit of shit because statistically us dudes are fucking awful, and maybe you’ll be a noteworthy exception instead of a whiny bitch

Dear everyone who comments stuff like

“If you don’t reblog this you are dead to me”

“If you don’t reblog this you’re a heartless bitch”

“My followers better reblog this or I’m going message all of you and ask you why you are homophobic ect…”

Stop, you’re annoying as fuck. Just because you do not reblog a sad/relatable/meaningful post does not mean you do not care or support the subject and visa versa.

So please, just no more. You suck. It’s my blog, I reblog what I like. Thank

you know a place tumblr is too accepting when otherkin people start floating around and wanting acceptance like that’s a thing. ok yes i do not have a problem with that cis stuff, identifying with a different gender role, ok.

but i’m sorry, otherkin? no.. like you are not an animal in a person’s body just please stop while you’re ahead. you don’t have wings sprouting from your back or a tail popping out of your ass.

you are not a faerie
you are not a wolf
you are not a kitty cat
you don’t have wings or a tail

you are a human being

I don't understand how someone could have a purely social justice blog

like wow how do you dedicate all of your time on this website full of whimsy being miserable about everything because really anything could offend anyone like even this post. i mean no offense to anyone i am just confused to all hell as to how you could do that

  • tumblr: welcome to tumblr, where everyone is accepting and kind.
  • 'social justice' bloggers: ugh straight people need to go die
  • 'social justice' bloggers: ugh white people are so annoying
  • 'social justice' bloggers: ugh cis people need to burn in hell
  • 'social justice' bloggers: privileged people shouldn't be allowed to live even though they can't help being cis or hetero or white more than i can help being trans or gay or another race
  • 'social justice' bloggers: boy i sure am doing good for the world