chy_leigh Sitting by the fire with a nice glass of wine to celebrate the last night of filming the #DCcrossovers for me 🍷 Friends… It’s been a helluvah journey. I haven’t seen much of my family the last few weeks, which as most of you who know me or at least know about me, that’s been the greatest challenge.
Second to that, there’s a lot of changes coming - And that, in and of itself, has required a lot of acceptance, embracement, and courage. Nothing we do in life comes without some sort of cost and at the same time, a glimmer of fulfillment. The stories we tell as creators, the emotions we portray are, for many of us, as real as it gets. There are a million questions to answer, I know. I take nothing lightly and in turn, nothing for granted. All I can do is my best with what comes my way. As a human being, I promise to do any and everything within my power to be honest and bold and (hopefully) inspiring to those who are willing and able to walk the journey of life and art with me. Being moderately cryptic here, I hope all of us can find solace in the fact that life is worth living, stories are worth telling, hearts are worth healing, and love is deserved. Change is never one sided… it’s reciprocal. So let’s make every change, every step forward, the one that brings us closer to peace. I love you all and am honored to represent 🏳️‍🌈 #HopeHeals #WeAllMatter ❤️