Sochi '14

allie-jayne-leister asked:

[[ 14 & 15 ]]

14. Do they take control or give control or do they believe in sharing power? What are their thoughts on control versus submission (either sexually or in relationships in general)? What do they think of authority?

((Sharing power.  He tends to be attracted to people with more powerful auras that come across as very strong and confident (part of what led him into destructive relationships in the past), but it’s really the balance between that and a squishy inside that he is attracted to as it’s very opposite of how he tends to be.  Sochi’s not one to be controlled.  He’s an independent spirit and he likes speaking his mind and making his own choices (goes back to the idea of wanting to feel supported).  As I said, choice is a big thing for him.  Sochi likes being treated delicately, but he also likes being more gruff with an air of machismo.  These aren’t mutually exclusive for him, either, so finding a place in any relationship (from platonic to romantic to sexual) where there’s a balance that doesn’t make him feel weak but also doesn’t make him feel like he’s too aggressive is ideal.))

15. How materialistic are they? Do they often throw things out or are they hoarders? Do they store their memories in their heads, in photo albums or in countless of boxes of belongings in the attic?

((Sochi can be a little materialistic, not when it comes to things he buys that can be easily replaced but instead when it comes to things that have meaning to him.  When he was a child, he didn’t really have a lot of things of his own, and many things that became important to him (like his turtle) were taken away from him because they were “distractions,” so he does get protective over things that belong to him and are important to him.))