Coming Soon:

On October 1st we will begin the first month for our League of the Month series.

The idea for this was given to us by an anon who said they wished to see and learn more about different leagues from around the world. The plan for the series is to introduce you to teams, histories, players, managers, and even trivia facts about the League of the Month.

The format for League of the Month is to announce the League on the 1st of every month and to share League Info every Wednesday.

Another aspect of this project is that each month the Mods will be picking a team (typically one they don’t follow) to follow for the month and share content/updates for!

We are really excited for this project and we hope you are too!

Follow the tag #leaguexi for all the posts!!

My friends think I am crazy because i’ll find something i’m interested in and then I NEED to know everything about it or about them. Like tv shows, or soccer teams, or bands, or celebrities. They make fun of me, but they don’t get it. It’s the stuff i’m good at. That is the stuff i’m interested in and I can remember. School goes right over my head but man oh man. Ask me a question about the 100 and I tell you anything you’d ever want to know.