As I said a long time ago, I started a project of remaking Flowerbud Village from Harvest Moon 64 on Minecraft. I got started recently and it’s looking pretty good so far.

Here is the church inside and outside! You can even see a tiny part of the bar right behind it. I’ll post some more pictures of the bar later :)

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Soartex 1.0.0 Texture Pack Minecraft 1.0.0

Soartex 1.0.0 Texture Pack – Download Soartex Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.0.0. I like these textures more than most HD textures. It has a clean, crisp look that reminds me of early Gamecube adventure games. If you mix soartex, you can create a continuation and can distribute, and, a customizer is continued and it can release to the public freely. Sound interesting right ? if you want to install and download this Soartex 1.0.0 Texture Pack, just see my post below

Soartex 1.0.0 Texture Pack Updates

Soartex 1.0.0 Texture Pack have some of updates, the creator Balavoine added those of the end-stone (Floppy), end-portal (me), enchentement table (me), look screens ! Also adding Bump Mapping for ores, new moons, and sun phases and particles 64×64. And a few other additions. So guys! say thank to Balavoine as developers this awesome Soartex 1.0.0 Texture Pack

Soartex 1.0.0 Texture Pack Installations for Minecraft 1.0.0

[1] Correct HD texture glitch with MCPatcher

  • Download MCPatcher HD Fix
  • Close Minecraft if still running
  • Run MCPatcher
  • Under options, change settings to “Default”
  • Click “Patch”
  • Refer to MCPatcher forum thread for more information, if necessary

[2] Select your preferred configuration of Soartex textures via the collapsible menus below

[3] Download Soartex Fanver’s Texture Pack by clicking the large button at the bottom of the screen (Do not unzip)

[4] Place the newly downloaded .zip file in:

  • On Windows, C:Users[Username]AppDataRoaming.minecrafttexturepacks
  • On Mac, HD/Users/[Username]/Library/Application Support/minecraft/texturepacks
  • On Linux, ~/.minecraft/texturepacks

Download Soartex 1.0.0 Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.0.0

Last paragraph at the end of post, given to you for share for experiences using this Soartex 1.0.0 Texture Pack, tips, trick or even tutorial might be great, or you might be want to add for latest features and update details, please feel free. That’s it, see you on next post with another texture pack category and thank you for visiting my post about Soartex 1.0.0