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Around your early teen years, did the word 'adulthood' ever scare you? If yes, how did you overcome it? Cause for me right now, it does

idk I kind of love being an adult right now? As an “adult” I definitely have more responsibilities to take on, but in general I have so much more freedom now than I ever did as a child or a teen, and I like who I am as a person better as well. I think it helps if you’ve figured out a goal you want to achieve - imo making the decision to do something or pursue something is the hardest part. Once you’ve set a goal, it’s easier to figure out a path to get there. Learn to develop resiliency (what I think of as the ability to work through fear and setbacks) and establish good habits as best you can, soak up knowledge, and forgive your failures. It also helps to look outside yourself and to take an interest in the world and the people around you, and to help out where you can. It can be depressing or scary when your whole world consists only of yourself (which is how I felt much of the way through undergrad) - cultivate bonds where you can, and be open to those different from you. I’ve learned that the scariest part about adulthood for me is the potential and inevitable loss of everyone who has ever supported me or cared for me, and I don’t really have a good solution for preventing that except to be a good person and to care for others (and allow yourself to be cared for in return). 

Keep in mind that I do have pretty (financially) supportive parents so I’ve been very privileged in that I don’t have to worry about money at the moment while I’m in school. I understand that a lot of people have had it much harder than me, so I can really only speak from my perspective. All I can say for sure is to be prepared to work hard and don’t give up. 

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Okay but Emily is clearly a character song, like obvs Gerard is singing but Emily is narrating. w/ the chorus hits she's singing to herself, literally "@self oh god what happened to us", because she has no idea how she got there (dead in the Parade) except that she's lonely and horrified by whatever she did / what her lover made her do. Also while I'm here NTKoG is narrated by a lady who's in love with one of her old friends and angry-conflicted about it & Wolves v.1 has my Whole soul thank you

i really dig these interpretations! not that kind of girl especially pretty much has to be from the perspective of a girl, but i like the idea that gerard-as-emily is singing to herself.

i’m loving wading knee-deep into these songs and their perspectives……..let me soak them up like a sponge

A red bikini stretched out of her tiny frame as she laid out on beach towel and tried to soak up as much sun as she could. She wanted to do things that made her feel normal, like she was still at home and had daddy’s credit cards in her purse. It was easy and fun to pretend for a little while until she had to go back to reality of her what was her life now. She was completely broke with next to no life skills whatsoever, but hey, at least it had landed her on an island.Her thoughts were interrupted by someone blocking her sun. Pushing her sunglasses to the top of her head, she opened her eyes to see who was disturbing her.

new word: realies

definition: Steppin’ on the state of questionably justified war, income inequality, an economic recession caused by the sand Soaking up the phone, my guy.


They walked outside just as the sun was fully rising. It was so long since Len had seen a sunrise but he couldn’t think of a better moment to see one again. Barry never stopped amazing Len.

Len felt the first few warms rays on his face and just wanted to stand there and bathe in it. They wondered aimlessly around the city for a while. Len just soaking up the sensation of sunlight again and the warmth it brought him, even if he usually preferred the cold.


For @coldflashbigbang! I was assigned to @mockingbird-22, and got to do some art for their wonderful fic Walk In The Sun With Me

(Ignore my attempts at a background. I can’t draw houses :P )

i said i wasnt going to post anything but music till monday, but i left the thesis cave to get breakfast with my mom and now i’m spending a moment to soak up some sun,& then i pinky prom just music till monday.

aceofc3 said: “Is it as bad as it looks?”

          Idiot, idiot, idiot.

          Mikuni is knelt beside him on the ground, both hands completely covered in blood as he presses his palms against the open wound, trying to stop the bleeding enough where he could prevent Tsurugi from passing out, or dying. The fact that he can still talk to him is a good sign.

          “It’s– hard to tell–” he scoffs, shrugging his uniform jacket off so he could press the fabric against the wound now; his hands certainly weren’t doing a very good job of keeping the pressure on and soaking up the blood that is continuously spilling from where Tsurugi had gotten hit.

          “Why did you do that?! I didn’t ask for your protection! I don’t need you to fight for me! I’m capable of handling things on my own! That was so stupid! Look what you did to yourself! You’re just causing more problems!”


Today was truly one of best experiences of our lives! And we are not being dramatic…

Upon the recommendation of our friend Lizzie Harris (thank you Lizzie!), we ventured 30 minutes outside of Florence to the Tuscan wine country via taxi. We were expecting a similar wine tasting to what we’ve done in Sonoma and Virginia – but the Ruffino winery was *completely empty* except for US and our guide, Stefanie! (!!!!!!). We had the estate to ourselves — and soaked up all the sun, wine, and cheese we could.

For three hours, we had a private cellar tour and tasting of Ruffino’s Chianti (Chianti is what the Tuscan / Florentine region is known for) and what is called “super Tuscan” or “Tuscano” wine blend. INSANE – INSANE.

Ruffino holds the title of being the very first winery to ship Chianti to the U.S. (way back in the 1800s). It didn’t exist in the US before them!

Unexpected and amazing, the vineyard was hands-down one of the most magical experiences we’ve had in the past 3 weeks.


New series on my Youtube channel; trying to soak up as much summer left in Norway. 

funny story

so ever since we were little my mom usually NEVER let my brother and i skip school even when we were sick. it was forbidden. she wanted us to be learning our ABCs or some shit like that. so fast forward to when i was a freshman in highschool. i woke up one morning with a slight redness in one of my eyes. i didn’t think much of it, until i was in math class and one of my friends told me to get it checked out by the nurse. i went to the nurse and she said that i had pink eye and I needed to go home. i was super happy because obviously i needed to go home. i’m not going to get everyone infected. my mom didn’t give a fuck about that and tells the school nurse that i am fine and to just put a eyepatch on for the day. the nurse follows my mom’s request to turn me into a pirate for the rest of the day just so i can go back to math class to learn about the area of a triangle

What saddens me most about Castiel is the excuse writers kept giving in the previous seasons, about why he couldn’t be more onscreen and had to constantly be depower, vilified or stupefied. According to them it was hard to write Castiel as a powerful ally without having him be a walking, talking Deus Ex Machina. Yet this season, with Castiel’s powers non-existent, nothing changed. They still kept him off screen, and didn’t let him be a part of the main story arc even though that story was about fallen angels. Instead they turned him into Irrelevant Steve whose presence or absence didn’t matter. The only function he had was to vouch for Ezekiel, the new walking, talking Deus Ex Machina on the show, and, I suppose, to be comic relief.