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I know we’ve moved on some and we now have the glory that is 109 but… you guys look at his fucking face here! Look at the way he looks at her when she glances in his direction. 

Fucking kills me every time I looks at this. I know they were not in a good place here but he still looks at her with the same hungry expression. Only here there’s this tinge of desperation to it. He knows Ginny is not happy with him and he don’t like it!

Just I’m never gonna be over this moment. I pray we get another red carpet moment with these two next season. A lot of people were talking and saying for the ESPYs and that would be amazing! Could you imagine these two walking a carpet together, happy and just soaking up all the attention. Pictures separate and together, Mike’s hand on Ginny’s lower back as he guides her down the carpet. 

Like I don’t even care if they only go as friends… just give me this!

Give me happy Mike and Ginny working a red carpet together! ❤❤❤

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Shower anon--he can ABSOLUTELY HAVE LONG HAIR. It's all soaked and dark and plastered around his shoulders and neck, soaking up the moisture and dripping droplets onto his feet. The steam is so thick now cause he's teasing himself, taking longer, slower, deliberate pumps. His face though? Mouth slightly open, jaw slack, eyes screwed shut, panting barely hear over his rainfall shower. Maybe his head tilts back, he lets out a small whimper. White fist against the tiles, clambering for leverage....

And the way his breathing suddenly becomes harsh, sucking, desperate, and quick in time with those clenches in his abdomen… and how he holds his breath just for a second before he’s making a mess that is washed away before he can blink the stars from his eyes while his knees tremble and lips tingle. He’s gotta unclench his hand before passing it over his sopping hair and blinking dazedly.

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SO a while ag I told u I was allergic to coconut and you said to use avocado oil and I bought a bottle and like idk what to do with it? Like it it save to put down there? Do I let it sit for a bit for my skin to soak up?? Idk I just want my pussy to be poppin

usually i use coconut oil after i shave… just as like a moisturizer!!!!!! so yeah just let ur skin soak it up in a bath & it’ll leave you silky smooth all around ur vag and thighs and such!!!

So, it started with me trying to find the originator of this loveliness and then I fell down the gorgeous rabbit hole that belongs to the remarkably talented @mmfdblog. I have queued a shitload of her beautiful work which you can enjoy at evenly spaced intervals tomorrow (interspersed with some equally wonderful work from @ch1darkcy and @shashaaussi and @fizzezlikecherrycola and @girl-looking-out-window and @mymadfatdiaryfinnandrae and @lookatthelights and @themushroomblues) but it’s such an amazing collection of MMFD fabulousness (and I’ve barely scratched the surface here), you should just go over there and soak up all the pretty. Go to visit all of them and remind yourself why you fell in love with the show in the first place. And thank you, @mmfdblog  (and @ch1darkcy and @shashaaussi and @fizzezlikecherrycola and @girl-looking-out-window @mymadfatdiaryfinnandrae and every other artist who shared) for all the exquisite art. xo

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What tips do you have for someone who feels very lonely most of the time?

Go to a public place to be around humans, bring a book and just read and soak up the energy. Reach out to a friend, even if you aren’t super close. Just someone you feel like you can talk to. For me I go to yoga, I don’t have to talk, but I get to experience something with others and am surrounded by good energy. 💕

funny story

so ever since we were little my mom usually NEVER let my brother and i skip school even when we were sick. it was forbidden. she wanted us to be learning our ABCs or some shit like that. so fast forward to when i was a freshman in highschool. i woke up one morning with a slight redness in one of my eyes. i didn’t think much of it, until i was in math class and one of my friends told me to get it checked out by the nurse. i went to the nurse and she said that i had pink eye and I needed to go home. i was super happy because obviously i needed to go home. i’m not going to get everyone infected. my mom didn’t give a fuck about that and tells the school nurse that i am fine and to just put a eyepatch on for the day. the nurse follows my mom’s request to turn me into a pirate for the rest of the day just so i can go back to math class to learn about the area of a triangle

What saddens me most about Castiel is the excuse writers kept giving in the previous seasons, about why he couldn’t be more onscreen and had to constantly be depower, vilified or stupefied. According to them it was hard to write Castiel as a powerful ally without having him be a walking, talking Deus Ex Machina. Yet this season, with Castiel’s powers non-existent, nothing changed. They still kept him off screen, and didn’t let him be a part of the main story arc even though that story was about fallen angels. Instead they turned him into Irrelevant Steve whose presence or absence didn’t matter. The only function he had was to vouch for Ezekiel, the new walking, talking Deus Ex Machina on the show, and, I suppose, to be comic relief.

Sometimes, when the sky is clouded over and the sea is dark, Brook forgets. He sits very still on the mast bench with his white bone-hands folded in his lap, and stares at nothing. He doesn’t react when people pass him by. Sanji calls them all in to dinner, but Brook seems not to hear.

Eventually, Zoro gets up from where he’s been sleeping in the grass, and approaches him. The others disappear into the mess, the sound of their voices a distant murmur once the door closes behind them.

“Oi, Brook.”

The skeleton is singing, Zoro realises, a deep humming under his breath.

“Hey.” Zoro reaches out and places his hand gently on Brook’s arm … bone. It feels odd; thin and hard under the rough fabric of his suit.

Brook stops humming. He looks down, studies Zoro’s hand for a long moment. Then he looks up. “Oh. You’re real,” he says.

Zoro nods. “Come on. If we don’t get up there, Luffy will clean our plates.”

“Yes.” Brook clears his throat and stands up quickly, fussing with his hat like he’s embarrassed, or maybe moved. Moved that it was real after all. The voices are not in his head, the ghosts are solid and alive. He is no longer alone.