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SoulxMaka Fan-Children

More Soul Eater fan-children coming you’re way! This is Rhythm (left) and Blues (right) the two kids of our favorite totally-not-canon ship, Soul and Maka. Yes that’s their names. I’m trying to continue the music theme.

Really important thing to note- all these children belong in the Anime’s story line, not the manga’s. So Death Scythes are still a thing.  

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A small comic of Jax and Lily (Characters belongs to Awesomeasusual and Hotapplestrider

Jax drools when he is focused on something (a terrible drawn butterfly in this case) and I was thinking that Lily is maybe disgusted when he slurp up his slobber. Oh well… 


Soul Eater // Soul x Maka childrens

OC TIME :D SoMa babies ♥ 
I was shopping groceries yesterday and saw cute little boy who helped his mama to get something in the cart argh he was sooo cute! ;O; That’s the reasons why I wanted to draw SoMa children; I simply love the OC Lily from hotapplestrider and OC Jax from Awesomeasusual. They are so freaking lovely and I fully accept them as Soul and Maka’s child. ;W; I have an headcanon of my own, about a third child which has more of Spirit’s genes. Red hair and an eyecolor something between green and blue. This happened in my family; my great-grandma had red hair and these genes skipped a generation. So my granma was blonde and my mama got the red hair of my great-granma. I was thinking, that this could happen to Soul and Maka’s child as well. She has no name yet any suggestions?

Possible Fanfiction Idea: Some years after the final events of Kuro, Soma is in London where he meets up with a young man who is a successful author. Soma has read the book, so he’s happy to meet with him. The young man, however, recognizes Soma and tells him how he was one of the children that Soma used to feed. This touches Soma, but then the young man asks about the tall man who used to also give out food.

At the mention of Agni, Soma’s heart breaks as he remembers the tragedy all over again. His pain is obvious, and the authors asks what is wrong. Soma tells him all about Agni, and how he had lost him so violently. The young man is sad to hear this obviously, but he goes on to say how Agni isn’t really dead since he’s alive in his hearts and in the good deeds he has done.

After this, Soma decides to do more to help the poor once again - not only in his own name, but in Agni’s name as well. After, Agni was too good of a man to simply allow to die.

As always, this idea is free for anyone to use.

anonymous asked:

I'm having a sleepless night right now, so, here we go! Let's imagine that all the members of the rebel team, except Erina, turns into children during the night, so she has to take care of all of them for the entire next day. How will Erina react and look after them, and how does the rest of the team behaves/acts when being children? (Sorry for my English, I hope it's comprehensible and not too crazy)

AYE YEEEEEEES (Your English is perfectly fine! Also I hope you get some sleep) 

  • A living nightmare
  • Erina just wants to pull her hairs out
  • She does not understand what is happening
  • Why are they children?!
  • Soma is practically hugging her leg as she walks 
  • Takumi decided to take the other because it looked fun
  • She’s thankful that Megishima is pretty calm though
  • Just sitting there and blinking….yeah
  • Megumi keeps tripping and crying and Erina feels so bad bUT SHE CAN’T PICK HER UP BECAUSE TWO MONKEYS WON’T LET HER LEGS GO AND SHE CAN’T BEND DOWN
  • Isshiki is just being a sweetheart and doodling and showing it to her
  • It’s a drawing of her and all of them as children with a big heart
  • It warms her heart but it doesn’t erase the fact shE’D RATHER HAVE THEM AS THEY WERE BEFORE
  • Kuga is being a little attention nuthead
  • Look at me Erina!!1!1!!!” He says as he jumps from couch to couch 
  • She is getting heart attacks
  • Mimasaka is simply copying her every moment
  • She moves her left Takumi leg, Mimasaka moves his left teddy bear leg
  • Erina does not get sleep that night