y’know, i started reading percy jackson 9 years ago and i’ve being making fan art for 6 years. i’ve seen a lot people come and go on this site and i’m still here. i should be over this series by now, but i can’t for some reason. everyone will be done with percy jackson and there will be tumbleweeds and i’ll just be sitting here,, waiting, this is fine,,, rick riordan owns my soul

  • Holland: I am a very bad person. I am a very very bad person. I am a horrible person.
  • Lila:
  • Rhy:
  • Ojka:
  • Alucard:
  • Kell:
  • Holland: "No you're not Holland, we still love you Holland."

some guy: brings you flowers

alucard emery: gives up four years of his life to buy a magic mirror that’ll show you, in front of your brother and several other people, the objective truth of how he was beaten half to death by his own father for loving you and forced to leave against his will so that you’ll understand just how much he still loves you

According to general relativity, the sun’s mass makes an imprint on the fabric of spacetime that keeps the planets in orbit. A neutron star leaves a greater mark. But a black hole is so dense that it creates a pit deep enough to prevent light from escaping. 

Image credit: James Provost  

Annabeth’s shroud was so beautiful - gray silk with embroidered owls - I told her it seemed a shame not to bury her in it. She punched me and told me to shut up.
—  Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief

Wéris Dolmen, Belgium

This dolmen is part of a group of megalithic monuments found near the village of Wéris, in the province of Luxembourg, Belgium. The megalithic remains at Wéris are scattered over a region more than 5 miles (8 km) long, and form a group which is unique in Belgium. There are many standing stones (menhirs), including one beside the road just southwest of Wéris. Of the many chamber tombs (dolmens) which once existed in the area, two now survive in good condition. These remains generally date to around 3000 BC, a time period which corresponds to that of the Seine-Oise-Marne culture.

  • Holland: If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous.
  • Kell: What if I bite it and it dies?
  • Holland: *sigh* That means *you’re* venomous.
  • Lila: What if it bites itself and I die?
  • Holland: That’s... voodoo.
  • Kell: What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Holland: That’s correlation, not causation.
  • Lila: What if we bite each other and neither of us die?
  • Holland: ...
  • Kell: That’s kinky.
Ele tem riso fácil. Pode não parecer, mas tem. Não existe coisa melhor do que ouvir a risada dele, aquele doce som deixando os lábios dele e me contagiando, mesmo que eu não tenha entendido a piada ou achado graça.
—  Stella Machado Starling
Nico Rant

I think people underestimate Nico and forget how powerful he is. He IS a child of the Big three you know. When he actually unleashes his powers like in BoO, even Reyna and Coach Hedge were scared and they were on Nico’s side. HE FREAKING TURNED A LIVING PERSON INTO A SPIRIT. HE OPENED UP THE EARTH AND HELPED IT EAT BRYCE. Also he can basically teleport with shadow travel which is WAY COOL. And I don’t know anyone else who can do that. Let alone him being able to bring skeletons out of the ground to fight alongside him. He he also sent dreams to mortals to keep them asleep. I’m just so proud of my strong little boy and want him to receive all the love and praise he deserves. (especially if it’s from will ;))