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Your tags on that spoiler you reblogged for ML is exactly how I'm feeling right now.

yeah some people are wondering why people would ever want tiny, minuscule, disconnected teasers rather than waiting for the whole thing. but the whole point of advertising a new season of a show is to create hype. you create hype by showing us small bits of things we haven’t seen before or aren’t expecting. you get people talking, you get people theorizing, you get people excited, and then they’re more likely to tune into the show. that’s basic marketing. 

leading with lovesquare teasers doesn’t do much in my opinion. we already know that these kids like each other, and we’ve already seen all four corners of the lovesquare interact in some way shape or form. seeing a ladrien scene isn’t exciting. it’s more of what we already got in season 1. 

the value of season 2 is the plot. the fact that master fu and marinette are finally sitting down to talk about the miraculouses. the fact that we’re going to get new villains. the fact that we’re going to get new miraculous heroes, and that these new miraculous heroes are going to be going through some major character development in order to become these heroes. we finally have a continuous narrative to latch onto and that’s ridiculously exciting! 

if you’re going to be marketing season 2, the best way, in my opinion, is to give very small teasers and spoilers relating to that. i’m not talking huge bombshells like telling us who the new miraculous heroes are going to be. i’m talking an audio track of the bee miraculous transformation. i’m talking a quick peek at the new villain. i’m talking a line or two from marinette or master fu’s conversation. show us a small bit of some new powers that we should be expecting if there are any. small bursts of info that are small enough to not spoil anything major but big enough to get people talking are the key here. 

this is why the fandom is so dead and no one is talking about this show right now. they’re not getting people excited. and before anyone brings up the excuse about it being just a kid’s show, i can name other kid’s shows right off the top of my head that hyped up their new seasons leagues better than miraculous ladybug is doing right now. it’s possible. zag’s just not doing a great job with it. 

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I'm not trying to be rude but I'm not sure why you're upset about rick not making Reyna a lesbian. She is his character first and foremost, not ours. And unfortunately not everyone has the same idea of what a character should be. To him, she's straight. And I don't agree with that, but that's how he sees her. So yeah he might have been able to explain his reasoning better, but I don't understand why people are upset that he's hot making her gay? He should write what he feels she is shouldn't he?

Because we’re not just upset that he’s not making her gay? We’re upset about his reasoning behind why, which invalidates actual real life lesbian experiences, ignores the existence of bi girls, and was not thought out well at all.

But even if we were just upset that he’s not making her a lesbian, that would be totally valid too???

She’s not just his character. He himself acknowledged that once characters are published they’re open to interpretation - and he even acknowledged that he knows that Reyna can be interpreted, based on the actual things he’s written in canon, as being Not Straight. He directly acknowledged that in his tweets, and he indirectly acknowledged it by saying he’d spoken to lesbians and bi women he knew about it, which he wouldn’t have done if he didn’t have any awareness of the way her arc seemed to be heading towards her identifying as a not straight. 

It’s not like Reyna is a character who has had long term relationships with men and never shown any evidence of flirtation or attraction to women, or questioning of the legitimacy of her feelings for men. Arguably, her ‘crushes’ on Jason and Percy can be interpreted entirely as the result of textbook compulsory heterosexuality. 

But, to make it even worse, by saying ‘Yeah she thought that Percy and Jason were hot that one time for like five seconds, she can’t be interested in girls’ Rick has said that not a single one of his female main characters can be a lesbian. It makes no sense, it’s not well thought out, and frankly it’s completely out of touch with his intended demographic.

If he’s going to say he didn’t want to play into ‘harmful stereotypes’ then he needs to break up Hazel and Frank and acknowledge how fucking messed up their age gap is, he needs to have Leo realise he doesn’t need another person to make him whole or worthy, he needs to give Calypso the chance to explore the world, he needs to give Annabeth and Percy the space to actually talk about all the shit they’ve been through, he needs to give Drew Tanaka an actual personality, he needs to have Piper and Jason acknowledge they don’t actually know each other at all and should start as friends before dating, he needs to have Piper explore and respect her heritage more, he needs to have Frank do the same, he needs to have Frank go back to being chubby, he needs to fix a lot of shit that is present in his books. 

But all of that aside, giving Reyna a girlfriend isn’t even a harmful stereotype; it’s just reflective of the real life experiences of lesbians and bi women.

He’s a professional writer. He should have the time and the ability to write his characters with the care and skill required to make them more than harmful stereotypes - which Reyna is going to become if she ends up in a forced, heterosexual relationship like every single other main character in the books, or alone forever, because you know a girl can’t be strong if she shows genuine romantic affection for anyone else ever.

okay so from what i can tell from looking at the html on tay’s site there seems to be a video extension behind the black screen, so yeah. i could be wrong so don’t like freak out at me here, but to me it looks like there could possibly be a video hidden behind the black screen maybe… but again im just guessing here i could be off completely im not a coder

Going to say this once

In the animation industry, you don’t get to PICK AND CHOOSE what projects you work on

Stop being assholes to the artists who worked on the emoji movie. It probably wasn’t their first choice either okay? But if you are picky in this industry you don’t get hired. You show up and do your job you don’t sign up for what movies you want to work on

CANON ages, ethnicities and remaining birthday dates

~from the new Paladin’s Handbook~

Shiro: 25, Japanese, 29th February
Keith: 18, Part Human, Part Galra, 23rd October
Lance: 17, Cuban, 28th July
Pidge: 15, Italian, 3rd April
Hunk: 17, Samoan, 13th January

so how bout Lance, Hunk, and Keith as kids??

  • Hunk was a chubby kid so a lot of other kids picked on him and bullied him for his size. Lance was the thin, lanky kid who always always defended Hunk, even if it got him pushed around
    • this boy SMALLER and YOUNGER than Hunk would just jump in front of him, arms flailing, and yell things about how they shouldn’t be mean to Hunk
    • Lance was a Pal™ and gave Hunk all the confidence he needed
    • Hunk gets teary-eyed every time Lance springs to his defense and hugs him so hard he can’t breathe
      • Lance, with labored breath: “SEE. BIG HEART.”
  • Keith is the kid who says “FUCK” and Lance is the kid who’s like 😱 😱 😱 😱 
  • Hunk bakes cookies for the first time and they honestly taste like sand but LaNCE SWALLOWS THEM DOWN AND TELLS HUNK HE’S GONNA BE A WORLD FAMOUS CHEF/BAKER (look at him now boys)
  • Lance used to throw small, wadded up pieces of paper at Keith’s head and found it 100% amusing that the little pieces would stick in Keith’s fluffy hair
    • Keith gets reALLY MAD when he finds out about the paper thing and Lance becomes genuinely afraid that Keith hates him so Hunk gives him a pep talk so Lance can muster up enough courage to apologize for it
  • Lance tries to tell Hunk jokes in the middle of class but Hunk has very very loud laughter so that always ends badly
    • Lance starts sobbing because he feels so frEAKIN bad and Keith is standing there like “oh no oh no oh no i’M GONNA GET IN TROUBLE I ACCIDENTALLY HURT HUNK I’M GONA GET IN TROUBL–”
  • the kids all have to play kickball for P.E. and when it’s Hunk’s turn, he goes to kick the ball, misses, and fALLS DOWN
    • Lance immediately runs over like “you ok buddy?? you good??” Hunk just gives him a thumbs up from the ground
  • one day, the kids pick on Hunk when Lance is home sick so Keith steps up and actually whACKS THE BULLIES WITH HIS PLASTIC SWORD AND TELLS THEM TO BUZZ OFF
    • of course they tattle on him so Keith gets sent to the principal’s office where his precious plastic sword is confiscated for the day
    • it’s pretty obvious Keith is really upset, and Hunk feels like it’s his fault so he goes to the playground, gets two sticks (one short and one long), and ties them together into a makeshift sword which he gives to Keith as thanks
      • to this day, Keith has that little wooden sword in his room :’)
    • he helps Hunk bake and cook since he isn’t allowed in the kitchen without someone else
    • he plays swords with Keith and lets Keith beat him up (though he’s honestly gotten some pretty painful bruises from Keith’s plastic sword…the strength of a child can be terrifying)
    • he often entertains Lance by allowing him to “style” his hair
      • aka put so much gel in it that it looks like a grease bomb :’)
Yuuri & Phichit - Museum Guide

• Phichit is a doll and I love him. He greets the listener in Thai, and proceeds to introduce Yuuri as “This is my best friend, Yuuri!” who is, of course, embarrassed by this

• Yuuri calls Phichit a “fan service monster” and says that he always goes over the top when interacting with fans (isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?)

• Phichit demonstrates this by going over the top very enthusiastically explaining the plot and theme to the King&the Skater movie, all while dancing in the middle of the museum in front of his SP costume display

• Yuuri: You’re gonna dance here?!

• Phichit proceeds to grab Yuuri’s hand and tugs Yuuri into the dance with him
(Yuuri asks “Shall we skate?” all breathy-like in English and I died)

Phichit: Look, it’s the photo corner!
Yuuri: Oh no, Phichit’s social media posts are here too…
Phichit: Look, there’s Yuuri’s ring! Hey, omg, did you know, Yuuri and Victor are–
Yuuri: Ahhh, Phichit, no! Next, next, next, let’s go!!
Phichit: Haaaaaaappyyyyyyyyy Wedding! -fading into the background-

• Phichit and Yuuri fanboy Victor’s skating in extreme detail, talking about his routines, jumps and combos. Phichit thinks Victor’s Stammi Vicino program is amazing
(Yuuri thinks everything about Victor is amazing)

Yuuri: Of course it’s so like Victor to be able to pull off programs with such high difficulty
Phichit: If it’s Yuuri, you could totally do it too!!!
Yuuri: Please don’t shout those kinds of things…

• Phichit was super surprised and impressed with Yuuri’s GPF performance, including the fact that he had four quads and a flip in his FS. He also thinks Yuuri is very “manly” for pulling off such a feat

• Phichit:  (shouting) Everyone! My best friend got a silver at the GPF!!!

• Phichit and Yuuri were both super happy to be able to see each other at the GPF, say it brought back fond memories of their time in Detroit together, are proud of each other’s accomplishments and are excited for the future

Best Friends Forever, I love these two so much… 

Ain’t nobody fresher than my motherfucking clique