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I’m laughing bc Yuuri was a drunk mess when he asked Victor to be his coach, and I swear–
What Victor saw:


Victor’s had it so bad for Yuuri right from the start…

November licks her wounds, & flinches before the next blow even lands. She is the colour of a freshly blossomed bruise, tender to touch, a porcelain doll swept off the mantelpiece. November is a festering wound, left to die in trenches, sobbing on rusted garden swings. November is cemetery girl throwing herself onto railway tracks & blistering fingers from putting herself together all the times the world ripped her apart.

November licks her wounds & presses rags to her charred skin. She coughs through mouthfuls of blood & heaves her battlefield body out of the graves they tossed her into, & November is walking on glass, lying through her teeth, picking bullets out of her skin & learning to hold her breath.

November licks her wounds and prepares for battle, winces as she pours salt water on her cuts & buries her broken bones in the backyard. November leans in for another kiss, pulls her family close & wishes for time to stop. November swallows her fear & stares straight ahead, jaw clenched too hard, knees almost buckling. November braces for the fight ahead, lip trembling, praying one day this will be worth it. This history of pain and bloodshed, & she prays this fight will be her last.

by laetitia k.

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Sanvers + Hot Chocolate

“You call that hot chocolate?” Alex looks up, sees Maggie eyeing the packet of chocolate powder she’s pouring into a mug of hot water, and scrunches her eyebrows together.

“What do you mean?” She asks, turning to face Maggie fully, and Maggie just smirks at her.

“Nothing, Danvers. Just that, well,” she gestures to the packet still in Alex’s hand, “that isn’t real hot chocolate.”

“And what is real hot chocolate, then, Sawyer?” Alex plays along, still not quite understanding where this is going. Maggie beams, dimples on full display. She turns away from  Alex, grabbing her helmet, and starts walking towards the door.

“I’ll be right back. And don’t you dare drink that,” she says, throws a wink Alex’s way, and heads out.

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Stuff Sealand Does #303

Seriously wonders why America even has ‘Trump Temptation: The Billionaire and the Bellboy’ in his secret files
But then he remembers what he read in it and YEAH NOBODY SHOULD SEE THAT OF COURSE IT’S TOP SECRET

I finally asked my sister to take some pictures of the tattoo I got last month! It needs some touch-ups, but I’d been waiting to get a tattoo of both Lugia and Toothless since 2014, so I’m very very happy!

done by tiz tattooer at the international brussels tattoo convention

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Whoa,Whoa,Whoa... Otoya managed to walk around and NOT be recognized? How? His hair is bright as fuck?

Ok I don’t blame the fans on the street for not recognizing Otoya, really. I mean, the only Otoya they (and pretty much everyone) knew was like this:

And then the person walking on the streets (on a cloudy/rainy day) was literally looking like this 

Would you think they’re the same person? Bc I probably wouldn’t. 

Plus, he also had his hoodie up sometimes, so I guess he went Superman and no one could see through his amazing disguise. 

We’re back!

Hello, our beloved followers~

Some of you may have noticed that we password-protected our blog for a while. Due to some stuff that happened, we kind of felt…unappreciated and upset, that’s rare coming from people with thick skin like us (I mean come on, shipping HimUp and protecting them as well as ourselves from all the hate, we have to be thick-skinned lol), we decided to keep everything from everyone for a while to sulk be quiet for a few days. During the whole week, the concerned messages that we received made us feel so happy and it’s so hard to keep our treasure from you guys, for you have been supporting us and HimUp nonstop. 

We are so sorry for suddenly hiding away from you. Thank you so much for trying to reach out to us and the kind words you’ve been sending us ^^

Love you~

Rwby rambles

(short cause im tired)

Okay so I have seen this theory here and there and while it could happen, its not 100% feasible. What it is? Its the theory that Sun will fight Adam. Now please hear me out, alright?

-First off, as I said the theory not 100% feasible. What do I mean by this? I can see Sun having a fight with Adam because yes, he is with Blake. But it won’t be the fight. As in, Sun will not necessarily help aid in defeating Adam. Maybe a bit, like wound him or something? But other than that if he fights Adam he’ll either end up dead or seriously injured. He won’t take him down, not by a long shot.  

And I know there is also the argument Sun should fight Adam cause both are faunus on different sides of the coin but like, if we go by that, Velvet could fight Adam for the same reason. Again, Sun could fight Adam but from the narrative that we have, it should not be the end all be all. That belongs to Yang.

-Why does it have to be Yang you might ask? Because the writing calls for it. Yang lost her arm to Adam. She was the one who appeared right after Adam told Blake “I will destroy everything you love”. Adam will be after Yang. Yang also now knows who Adam is and Blake ran to protect Yang (and others). 

It has to be Yang because she is forever tied into Blake’s story with Adam. Adam caused her so many problems, hurt, and pain. She needs to face her demons just like Blake and their major demon is Adam. The final fight needs to be Blake and Yang vs Adam. Sun has no place other than being with Blake. The writing does not call for it.

Idk, its been irking me seeing this. Again, Sun could fight Adam, I’m not denying that, but it might end badly for him and it can’t be the last one fight that defeats Adam. It has to be Yang and Blake since they are the most affected by Adam’s actions and have suffered so much because of it.

Edit: Also, Adam as no clue who Sun is. He know’s Yang’s face. He’ll go after her more than Sun