calumizing  asked:

Can you do an imagine blurb where y/n and cal know each other from the going out life and everytime they both get drunk cal is so protective over her (like when y/n is drunk she falls a lot - but cal is always there to catch her) and cal always kisses her cheek after they talk but y/n is unsure if its more than just a friendly kiss but eventually cal finally makes a move when they're dancing ridiculously ((wow this imagine is so detailed, don't mind to leave out details if it's too much lol))

girl i got you, ill take aLL the details

so i m a g i n e sauntering into a bar with a few of your girlfriends. It had been a long night already, and your friends wanted a few margaritas to keep the night alive. So there you were, looking gorgeous in your snug outfit as you flashed your ID and entered the fairly cramped place. Sweaty bodies danced around, conversations oozing into the air about sex and stupid bitches. You and the girls strolled over to the bar, listening as one of them ordered all the drinks.

“Y/N?” You turned over to find Calum, the devilishly handsome bassist finding himself on the stool beside yours. He was wearing a very loose gray-blue flannel, a few buttons open. His scruff was evident, those chocolate eyes light as they stared into yours.

“Calum!” You hummed, slightly slurred as Calum leaned in to give you a kiss. He always greeted you this way, with a kiss and a hug. You kissed his cheek back, giggling a bit from your already tipsy state. “You here with the boys?”

“Yeah, we’re just hanging a bit,” Calum informed, having you nod as you beckoned the other girls to greet him. They all cheered at Calum, who gave them a friendly wave as the bartender came with your margarita. “D’ah shit, I’m gonna get overly smashed tonight.” 

“Be my guest,” Calum began amused as he ordered the two of you some shots. “I’ll make sure nothing happens to you. I promise.” 

And, as usual, he kept it. He always said this honest words, having it always flutter your heart as you consumed as much poison as you could. With all of that dancing around your blood, you took Calum’s hand and dragged you over to where Luke and Michael were. You all exchanged words, having you just a little too tipsy to actually stay up properly. 

“C’mere,” Calum cooed, wrapping his arm around your waist as you continued talking with the boys. Calum had always been sweet this way, ensuring that you never fell or fell into anyone else. You never mean to seem conceited, but it always seems like Calum solely does these things to you. Not that you stalk him when he isn’t around you, but Calum never does these things willingly to other girls who would join the conversation and were far more hammered than you were. You once watched with Calum as a girl fell on her ass and laughed her way through the pain without Calum even offering her his hand. 

“Hey,” Calum began, his lips by your ear, tickling it with the hotness of his breath. “Wanna dance?” 

“Yes, please,” you obliged, waving bye to the boys and a few girlfriends they brought along as Calum kindly dragged you over to the heart of the dance floor. You didn’t know, but Zedd was actually the DJ of the bar for the night as he began playing his own remix of his own song, Clarity. So as the bass dropped, you hopped around with Calum, hand in hand, while sharing amused laughs. 

“I love this song!” You shouted at Calum at one point, feeling as he stopped jumping when you continued. You noticed this and faltered, halting your hops as you squeezed Calum’s hands in search of reassurance. 

“I love you!” He yelled back, having you widen your eyes in shock. Your mind flooded with insecurities, uncertain that his words were real. Was he serious? Was he caught up in the moment? Was he feeling the song so much so to playfully spew an empty confession? Was he too drunk to be honest? Was he at his peak to solely be honest? 

“Are you…” You began in a shout, having Calum furrow his eyebrows. He didn’t hgear you. You got closer to him, your hands still holding his as you guided your lips to his ear. “Are you sure?” You asked in disbelief, wanting to ensure that his feelings were real. You were far too drunk and got yourself in the moment, but you knew you always had this thing for Calum that couldn’t be ripped out of your heart, even if you tried. 

“I’m very sure,” Calum shouted back, having you pull away to give you a wide and goofy smile. “I think you’re awesome, and I love meeting you unintentionally. But now I find myself wanting to meet you more and intentionally, so now that’s out there!” 

“I-I’m down about that!” You sputtered, feeling your cheeks flare up in embarrassment as Calum began to laugh. You laughed with him, unsure why but too drunk to have any sort of sense. 

“This is crazy!” Calum yelled, having you nod in agreement. “But I love it!” 

“Ditto!” You shouted, feeling Calum’s hands tighten around yours as he began jumping again. You returned to your hopping as well, knowing that your heart was now in sync with Calum’s, even in this drunken state of yours.