i gt so upset when m fp gets a new friend or hs a crush on some1 & i kno thts probbly mean & disrespectful or smthn bt im not interesting or fun at all & im so easily replaceable tht im rlly scared theyre gnna meet some1 nice & good nd they wnt b interested in me at all anymore,,

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what happened to Light? :O

i wrote out the whole response and my tab closed on me I cannot believe it. Hey Anon!!! Super sorry I haven’t updated the timeline since Ra’s death which even though it was just 2 weeks ago… as our slogan is basically “ so much happens here™ ” I have this massive list of things to add including this lmao. 

So this follows the… “interrogation” of Mikami on Friday. You should probably read this by Darcy, cos it comes into play here and is important context. 

The whole thing is really long so this is just a brief summary of the event. Like with Mikami warning for Psychological torture and also I will say gunshots.  (sorry for mobile users I have a cut but i know sometimes the cut doesn’t show on mobile) 

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5 12 13 15!

5 - Rovinsky or Pynch?

pynch 4 real

12 - Adam and Gansey or Gansey and Ronan?

adam + gansey is in my heart

13 - What do you think about Ronan and Blue?

their relationship is so important 2 me u know????? the meme team

15 - Dream cast for the raven boys and Blue?

u know what amandla stenberg would b perfect 4 blue tbh??????
i’ve always had a tough time picturing dick but u know what i saw a picture of jan purski w glasses on the other day and u know what. he’s so gansey
and 4 ronan either anton lisin or dudley o'shaughnessy tbh
but adam is the toughest 1 u know??????? he’s my #1 fav dude so like i’ve never really seen someone who looks like him????? i have to get it Right
and u know what???? noah is dominic sadoch fight me

put a number in my ask maybe pls

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ladybuggiin ... please love me chloe .....

my opinion on;

character in general: I LITERALLY DO NOT EVEN NEED TO SAY HOW MUCH I LOVE MARINETTE DUPAIN-CHENG. And I’m not going to, because I’ll rant for a million years, but I LOVE HER SO MUCH AND SHE IS SO FIERCELY IMPORTANT 2 ME.
how they play them: ur marinette is such a sweet cinnamon roll and  i m just so happy to have u on my dash aaa a a a a g o s h. like, just, seeing other marinette’s on my dash being cute gives me lots of inspiration and happiness and u are nO EXCEPTION!! UR GR8 I LOVE
the mun: O K SO E L L I E….OUR FIRST ~REAL~ INTERACTION WAS LAST NIGHT DURING THE MEME STREAM an d even tho we haven’t talked much other than that so far u are so cute and funny and i feel like we totally clicked omg. ur super cool and i hope we get a chance to talk more you can litERALLY HMU ON SKYPE ANY TIME!!

do i;

follow them: YES!!
rp with them: NOT YET BUT I’D BE SO DOWN!
want to rp with them: YES AA

what is my;

overall opinion:

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

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When you get this, respond with five things that make you happy! (: Then send it to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously!

eep this is super cute !! um…lets see

1) the office – i literally watch it on a constant loop bc its my go to show when i’m sad or stressed or whatever. i’m always guaranteed to laugh. 
2) my dog !! he’s such a little mush ok. 
3) my cousin. i don’t have siblings so i grew up feeling like he’s my brother and idk he’s so important to me and whenever he’s around, i’m smiling !!
4) c h o c o l a t e.
5) film analysis…i honestly love my major so much and i love picking apart movies and idk it makes me really happy bc i feel like i’m good at something finally idk.