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Bonus after Lance’s distraction:

hes a cutie I s2g

Heres a Shou headcannon: Since he’s probably been around the world a few times, I like to imagine he uses alot of slang no one in Salt city understands. He’d probably try to teach it to the other three, only Teru would actually use any though.

No one can deny that the Koopalings are huge dorks. They all have unique interests, like Morton with construction and Lemmy with the circus. But which Koopaling is the biggest dork of them all? I firmly believe that it’s Ludwig.

I mean, look at this guy.

He marches to the victory theme during award ceremonies. No surprise there, since he’s a composer and a show-off. But still. He’s the most intelligent and cultured Koopaling as well, and has a lot of talents, so he must’ve spent a lot of time on studying and stuff like that, all for his own benefit.

So…the biggest dork ever? LUDWIG VON KOOPA.

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That's ridiculous that Finn even felt the need to explain himself. People are so quick to be like "protect him" or " paps are so annoying" but they're doing the same thing. They have no boundaries when it comes to privacy and they say he should be "used to it". The hypocrisy blows my mind. Millie isn't pressed so why are they?

HOOOOO BOY DO I AGREE WITH THIS ON SO MANY LEVELS i literally woke up and saw the whole situation on twitter with finn’s tweet and honestly ?? i was so mad, i’m still mad honestly !!! like !!!!!! HOO MAN i can’t believe some people were seriously getting on his back so much about this dumb insta post that he felt the need to make a whole tweet addressing it and explaining himself like ???? he shouldn’t have to !!!! because it’s not our business ??? it doesn’t effect us in any way ?????? it’s his life and his friendship and we should respect that !!!!!!!! i know not everyone is like this in this fandom, but hooooo boy i am just,, so annoyed right now just thinking about it lmao (also you don’t need to make a freaking insta post about your friend’s birthday to prove your friendship with them i’m just sayin bc some ppl really blew this outta proportion smh)