cuddling is my fave I just finished reading the whole bokuroo ao3 tag

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Ladrien, silver.

part 10

THANK YOU @mirthalia FOR THE BETA!!!

It’s wonderfully, horribly, terrifyingly easy to see her after getting her number: all he really has to do is ask.

You, me. Ultimate Mecha Strike. Rematch?

If I remember correctly, i’m in the lead. Why would I give you a chance to steal my throne? ;)

Because there is mercy in your soul, and you’ll let poor mortals attempt to overthrow you


I’ll be there in 10

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     Brown eyes don’t even lift to meet his own, her own anxiety
raising inch by inch. All Yukino wanted to do was curl into a small
ball to hide, but a sabertooth mage couldn’t be weak or show
weakness, she needed to be strong, right?

          ❛ You were gone for a while.. I was..
          I was worried.. ❜

I kind of low-key headcanon Chikage as half-French ( French father with a Japanese mother ), strangely, and I’m not exactly sure why. 

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I've become so insanely obsessed with Haikyuu cecause of seeing your really amazing and cute art! I love seeing your drawings it warms my heart :3

OH Thank you !! thank you!! dear anon you’re so lovely ♡ thank you so much for your nice words //holds your hand// (つ///﹏///<)・゚。 your message makes me very happy! ♡ ゜.(つ///x////・。`*)゜.・