bradlissa headcanons

in the same style of my milack headcanons post.. here we go

  • bradley has a big crush on melissa and ofc he is jealous of milo bc of how much time she spends with him (and bc he gets everyone elses attention too but this is my bradlissa post). so he tries to tear milo down for a while until he actually just realizes someday like hey. this is not gonna work
  • after bradley realizes that and stops being openly hostile to milo and just is kinda quietly jealous and avoidant, thats when melissa actually notices him and starts developing a small crush. she starts listening to his interesting tidbits and she starts conversations about them and just interacts with him more
  • zack notices that shes giving bradley a bit more attention and starts teasing her for having a crush on him, which she vehemently denies. she doesnt say she doesnt have a crush bc shes ashamed or bc she thinks bradley is lame or anything but its because she doesnt want zack to make jokes about it around bradley bc he is infinitely more likely to notice than milo
  • she goes to school wearing some dressy clothes to sort of impress bradley and he almost forgets his name
  • eventually she admits her crush to zack and the phone calls in the middle of the night are now composed of zacks extreme romantic frustration and melissas little crush
  • melissa takes a lot shorter of a time to try to make a move on bradley than zack does trying to make a move on milo and he finds it extremely unfair
  • specifically the move is she sits next to him on the bus or something and touches his shoulder while having a conversation about some topic that bradley probably brought up. its not much but it leaves bradley like “does she like me?? omg”
  • bradleys like. receptive to all this stuff. he would notice if melissas crush was as intense as zacks so she thanks god everyday that she has subtlety
  • they end up getting together when bradley asks her out on valentines day and shes like “oh man i was hoping i was right about you liking me back” and she kisses his cheek and he almost faints
  • after melissa starts dating bradley, she and zack are like “its time for.. the initiation.” and they make him let milo lay his head on bradleys lap. if you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends
  • bradley dislikes milo significantly less after he starts dating melissa, partly bc now that he has melissas attention as a boyfriend he doesnt have to worry about milo stealing her away, and also bc milo is just the sweetest guy once he gets to know him

man. this is good

chairlosophy  asked:

"May I question the ethics of shipping us here unawares? Surely if this was a space meant for relaxation, there would be more of an effort made to make it look less like a kidnapping. For instance, it is highly unlikely that this many people would just collapse on the ground upon normal circumstances, meaning there is a high possibility that there is 'something weird in the neighborhood' so to speak. For a school with such a colorful history, this certainly seems..." he keeps going. stop him

“Woah, hey, I didn’t kidnap you! Let’s not fling around baseless accusations! This ain’t some John Grisham novel. Take that tinfoil hat off.”

“And quit worrying so much. You’ll turn grey prematurely.”

Do you know what i love about Luke? That no matter what people say about him or his private life he just carries on with what he’s doing, he never complains, just brushes it off and focuses on his job and his passion. He gets so much hate and negativity surrounding him and he never shows that it gets to him, he just keeps going because he does love us and he does care about us and he’s so worried about making everyone else happy that i think sometimes he neglects his own happiness and that makes me so sad because i would prefer his happiness over my own, he deserves happiness, love and positive attention because he has a heart of gold and the patience of a saint. Luke doesn’t get enough recognition for all that he does for us, instead the media and even us as fandom focus on all the negativity that’s around him and it’s just not right.. he deserves to be recognised as this amazing musician, who literally gives his all at 5sos’ shows, he’ll endure days of vocal rest just so he can sing for everyone and nobody gives him credit for that. Nobody sits there and goes you know what? That’s pretty fucking amazing that he sings even though his body is practically screaming at him to give it a break, he just keeps going because he loves his job that much and doesn’t want to let anyone down and i think that truly shows the type of man Luke is. I’m always in awe of Luke and his attitude and talent, he’s incredible. Luke is one of the strongest and bravest guys who doesn’t give up and just keeps going and keeps trying to please everyone, that’s all he’s ever tried to do is please you all and people repay him by hating on him because of someone that he associates himself with? Instead of focusing on the positive things you just focus on the negative and shit on everything he does, it’s not right and it needs to stop. You don’t need to tear Luke down to build the other members up or to make yourself feel better. Luke deserves more than that. He deserves respect as a musician and as a person. 

The Incident™

aka the reason Papyrus isn’t allowed within five feet of caffeine anymore (from a convo between me and @thatderp).


Now i’m imagining “the incident” is a very very tired Alphys nursing her third energy drink that day and Papyrus’ like “woah what’s that???” and she unthinkingly and silently just hands him the can and cracks open another one

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Apples and Desks

Prompt: (thank you for submitting!)

Genre: smut, fluff

Warnings: swearing, rimming, anal, light bondage, light gagging

Word count: 3020 (im in too deep, no going back at this point soz)

A/N: the actual plot was okay in my opinion but the smut part i actually tried so ayyyyyyyyy ((BUT SIDENOTE: LOOK AT THE WORD COUNT I DIDNT THINK I WOULD WRITE THAT MUCH FOR A ONESHOT HOLY SHIT))

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Hi Taylor! 

If you’re reading this, Tanya (aka @darkandtwistymeredith) and I just wanted to let you know how ridiculously excited we are to see you in SEVEN. DAYS. Ever since you followed us both in January, AT THE SAME TIME (which we still haven’t recovered from) we’ve grown closer as friends and I can honestly call Tanya one of my best friends now.

I hope you saw our post (or maybe one of our other posts) and thought to yourself, “WOAH, THAT’S A LOT OF DIAMONTIES”. And you would be correct, there’s actually about 30 THOUSAND DIAMONTIES between our two crop tops. We both decided to take inspiration from one of your 1989 tour costumes, and we spent so much time ironing on the individual diamonties and also creating the rest of our outfit, but we are so happy with the results!

We both love you to the moon and back and can’t wait to party with you in Sydney!! We’re also both going to your Brisbane show and I’ll also see you at your Adelaide shows!

If you want to find us in Sydney…
Mikaela: Section A2, Row N, Seats 19-20.
Tanya: Section 405-1, Row 4, Seat 37.

i just thought about it for a while and i’m just so happy for dan and phil you know. in 2009 they struggled to meet up and had to skype all the time and dan hated himself and they had to go through so much shit to meet up and now it’s like woah huge youtubers who r hella rad and they get to wake up next to each other

john’s feelings for mary mean absolutely nothing to the writers. his feelings for her have no textual inception and his marriage to her was a plot point whose first introduction was fraught with internal conflict- hasn’t known her very long, you’re the best thing that could have happened- woah, except for sherlock, obviously, and i’m going to notice that he isn’t dead before the end of this sentence. this wasn’t something that was built to last. in fact, it was specifically written not to.

i don’t understand what the insistence is that because he married her, the implied affection in this act will be sustained and plot-relevant. hlv begins with their already unhappy union, mary shooting sherlock is an excellent way for the writers to sever all emotional & sympathetic connection john and the viewers may have for her entirely; the baby is literally the only thing keeping them together at this point and there’s plenty of reason to believe that this reunion is tenuous at best.

“but he married her so he must love her that doesn’t just go away”

😒😒😒 what else do you need to be told

um idk there was like 0 fan art of them and so here i am to ruin everything by e

//8:01pm - 25/08/16//
I’m back! Haven’t posted on tumblr for a long time but I’m ready to start again and give 100 days of productivity another go! So here goes!
Got new glasses today!!☺️🤓
I have been binge reading Illuminae because it is just so unique and different! Like woah! And I’m not much of a Sci-fi lover but this is a real good book! Highly recommend it😍📖
Also bought my first book in two months today!!! Mum put me on a book ban… but I got EoS with my own money and it was a lil treat☺️📚 gosh I need a big haul soon though😂

Rose Is A Rose

“Sometimes I steal flowers from your garden on my way to the cemetery, but today you’ve caught me and have demanded to come with me to make sure the “girl is pretty enough to warrant flower theft” and I’m trying to figure out how to break it to you that we’re on our way to a graveyard” AU

I found this prompt way back when and started writing something in the summer for it. And I’m just now finishing it…lol woah. But, since I didn’t realize Emma’s b-day was so soon (just a couple days ago) I’m going to dedicate this to @pale-silver-comb. We all know just how much she loves Sterek (as many of us do). Happy Birthday, lovely! I hope you enjoy <3

Also available on AO3!

Derek was really proud of his garden okay? Cora could tease him all she wanted about him being a loner that was better friends with a bunch of plants than any actual humans but he would still continue tending to it. Not that she would remember, but it was something he started with their mother way back almost two decades ago when he was six years old. Talia’s garden was never big or extravagant or even very beautiful but she loved it almost as much as her family. And Derek felt the same about his own.

He’d moved into his small house on the edge of a large rural neighborhood about three years ago. Being back in Beacon Hills after many years hiding in New York City, he felt more at home than he’d been in a long time. It was finally the right time for him to settle down. He and Cora demolished the burnt remains of their childhood home and officially took ownership of the lands it had sat on within the Beacon Hills Preserve. Even though they technically didn’t actually live there anymore, they couldn’t bear the thought of the city erasing what they had left of their childhood.

His new place was a lot smaller than their old family mansion, though. Derek liked it that way. Designed with just the one bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen—it was everything he could need. The one neighbor he had, a little ways down the road to his left, was nice and respectful enough of his obvious desire for privacy not to come knocking at his door for any sort of neighborly bonding. Derek appreciated that.

It took a few weeks for him to get completely acclimated to the new home amongst such familiar surroundings. But after that, he got tired of the walls of his home—being an author wasn’t all it had cracked up to be. He ventured outside, toward the trees near the edge of his backyard, and sometimes to the park a few blocks over for a jog. That was how he discovered just how much space he had around the outer walls of his small house.

With the view of all that empty, flat grass in his yard came the memories of his mother’s garden. And with the memories of the garden, came the idea for Derek to cultivate his own. He started small, just a row of purple and maroon pansies across his front walk. It didn’t take long for those to flourish and the sight of them their first day blooming had made a smile spread so wide across Derek’s face, he’d surprised himself not to mention Cora who’d been over for dinner.

From there, his passion grew. He branched out to some vegetables and spices in a nice square plot of dirt in the backyard. He was pleasantly surprised by the money that the vegetable garden saved him on groceries (not that he needed it). Out front, with the original pansies, he planted tulips and daisies, lining the narrow walkway leading to his front door. And his most recent additions were the rose bushes along the side of the house. Derek had chosen to grow non-traditional roses, the kind that grew in multiple values of orange and yellow and white instead of solid red. They were his mother’s favorites.

Even Cora couldn’t keep from complimenting him on his flowers and took it upon herself to pick a few every time she came over and create a small bouquet to take home with her where she placed them in a simple vase on her breakfast counter. Derek always pretended to be irritated but it wasn’t hard for her to see completely through him and know he was secretly pleased.

He’d gotten a few comments from people in the neighborhood who suggested he sell his flowers—start a shop. That his garden was beautiful and he seemed to have quite the green thumb. Every time he politely refuted their proposals. The flowers were for him. For Cora. For the Hales.

So when he noticed a bald spot in one of his rose bushes one morning, he was understandably a little confused and a lot angry. 

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Honestly the fact that people are using the word polyamory to describe the non monogamous relationship options in fallout makes me want to cry I’ve never seen the word polyamory be used this much and it’s like woah people aren’t just calling it multiple romances they’re USING the word polyamory, and it’s being viewed as a positive and cool feature that a lot of people are enjoying and I just really really appreciate that.. I know Bethesda did it more out of player freedom than representation but god damn this is the best representation I’ve ?? Literally ever seen? I get so giddy seeing headlines like “fallout allows bisexual polyamory” I never thought I’d see those words from anyone outside the spectrum itself I just could go on and on about how stupidly happy it makes me to see polyamory recognized and the word used rather than “yeah you can bang more than one companion” I just… 😭😭😭

  • Nico:*studying*
  • Will:Hey babe.
  • Nico:*studying*
  • Will:Babe?
  • Nico:*studying*
  • Will:Sunshine?
  • Nico:*studying*
  • Will:Nico? *pokes*
  • Nico:*slowly turns head* What do you want, William?
  • Will:I just wanted to see how you were doing-
  • Will:Woah, chill out, it's just an exam-
  • Nico:Just an exam? JUST AN EXAM!? *ground rattles* I HAVE SO MUCH TO MEMORIZE *shadows grow* SO MUCH TO KNOW!*room darkens*
  • Will:*backs away* I'm gonna, uh, go check on the campers in the infirm-
  • Will:*backs out of room before bolting over to infirmary*
  • Nico:Finally. *room returns to normal* *goes back to studying*