8 Times Link Neal Made You Realize Even Your Dream Job Is Hard Work

You’d think being half of a wildly popular internet comedy duo would be a dream job, and you’d be right–it is. But for Link Neal, living that dream is sometimes a bumpy ride.

Sometimes your dream job means you get winched up like a carcass by a taxidermist.

Or buried in a cardboard box in the middle of the woods while your best friend calls you a baby.

Sometimes something comes along that shocks you…

…takes you completely by surprise…

maybe even terrifies you.

Sometimes you get knocked down–hard.

Sometimes you end up doubting yourself, a little defeated, a little worn out, and a little nauseated.

But you take the hits as they come, each one making you that much better at what you do.

In the end, the good times FAR outweigh the bad. You know you have the coolest job in the world, and it’s all totally worth it to spend every day doing what you love.


Sooyoung’s Cheese Scorched Rice Pancake:

1. Add seaweed flakes, salt, sesame seeds and sesame oil to warm rice and mix well
2. In a hot pan, spread the rice thinly to create a scorched rice
3. When the rice is scorched, place mozzarella cheese over it and cover with a lid to melt the cheese
4. Gently split the rice in the center, fold it in half and cook
5. Plate nicely to serve
6. ENJOY! Do the Party dance and ENJOY!

Kawoshin collab with Ave!!! She did the lineart and I coloured it :DD

Here is the other part of it with my lineart and her colouring. (check it out, it also has a link to her fanfiction yea yea <v<)


here we have woozi doing his snapping fingers talent and joshua randomly getting up to show off his dance skills


“Ain’t got no time for what you think can be described as love
                I’ve cut your hold on me, you’re missing me, I’ve had enough
                                  It’s been so long since you have treated me like I deserved
                                                So long, baby, I’m gone
                                                             You can leave a message for me after the tone.”