So it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Today was Kalsu - it has a strict 40min time cap.

I finished in 32:47

The WOD is 100 thrusters with 5 burpees every minute. I modified a bit and did 3 burpees, I felt if I did 5 at some point it would just be me doing burpees. I started with 5 thrusters and did that for 5 rounds then dropped down to 3 and then started to do 2 and 3 alternating each other round. I also went light with 52# bar.

I thought of it as an endurance race and just paced myself and tried not to burn out too fast. The last 15 thrusters I powered out doing 5 each time.

I was starving when I got home and pretty much walked in and made food and shoved it into my face. Tomorrow my friend is here and I’m so excited!!! It is supposed to be hella hot this weekend not sure what we will be doing this weekend but I’m thinking long bike ride is not going to happen.


HORIZON ZERO DAWN The Frozen Wilds Trailer (E3 2017) PS4

THESE snaps reveal Cillian Murphy is back “shooting” a new series of hit BBC gangster drama Peaky Blinders. The Cork actor, who plays mob boss Tommy Shelby, was seen sprinting down the street with a pistol. Cillian, 40, was filming in Liverpool, parts of which were given a 1920s makeover to stand in for Small Heath in Birmingham. The third series came to a nail-biting climax last year, with police arriving to lock up the gang. But it seems they will make an explosive return. Cillian said “everything has changed” for the fourth season. The drama could be back on our screens as early as October. — Irish Daily Mirror, 22 Mar 2017