Things I am going to do when Pokemon Go comes out:

-come up with a goofy catchphrase to say before I start a battle and when I win/lose

-ask strangers for their numbers after we battle so I can call them constantly to tell them how strong my top percentage rattata is

-brush up on my Pokeflute playing skills in case of a Snorlax blocking my path

-start a gym and hand out badges to people who beat me

-scream “THERE’S A TIME AND PLACE FOR EVERYTHING” at people riding bikes in illogical locations

-jump out at unsuspecting civilians when they walk past to battle

-blast inspiring Pokemon music when I travel around or battle people

-cosplay every day

-lose my entire social life

What we gonna know about MAMA stage from BTS based on the set list

- BTS will be around 11th performer. At 21:27 HST (22:27 KST)

- The length of performance expected to last about 8 minutes (from  21:27 to 21:35), the maximum length is about 12 minutes.

- The order of perform:

Boy Meets Evil pt. 1 - Jungkook, ST2 (Extended Stage) Hologram / Giant lift / Wire up and wire down (?)
Boy Meets Evil pt. 2 - J-Hope, Jimin (Jimin will be on the right of the stage & Hobi on the left then they’ll follow the rest of the members, who will be on the lift up on stage 1)
Blood, Sweat & Tears - ST1 
Boy Meets Evil BRIDGE - Jin & V stage!
Fire - ST2 (Extended Stage) There will be 100 backup dancers (in other stages at the same time)!

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  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: gets a Netflix series
  • Star Wars: gets a new trilogy and a bunch of spinoff material
  • Big Hero 6: gets a TV series
  • Tangled: gets a TV series
  • Wreck-It-Ralph: gets a sequel
  • Hotel Transylvania: gets a TV series
  • Runaways: gets a Hulu series
  • Narnia: finally gets a 4th movie
  • Harry Potter: gets a play
  • The Maze Runner: gets a new prequel
  • Star Trek: gets a new series