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What if over dinner or movie night with the Avengers, Steve casually calls Bucky accidentally. Everyone around them just freezes, and Steve is just, like what what did I do? Bucky getting all possessive. And taking him upstairs and reclaiming him.

“What? What did I do?” Steve asked, staring at each of his friends, sitting around the TV. 

“You called Bucky,” Tony said as if it was obvious. 

“And…?” Steve looked at them all again to see them all wearing the same expression. “What, don’t you like him?” 

“It’s not that we don’t like him. He’s just very protective around you and well…oh look here we go,” Tony mumbled. 

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“Right, so what you’re sayin’ is, what? You want me to throw this rock, and try to hit that person all the way over there? You do know how fast my pitches are, right? So what the hell did that person do to ya that makes you want to hurt ‘em that bad? I mean, I won’t necessarily question what you’re askin’ me to do but… Seriously kinda harsh, if it’s a stranger?”

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{🔥}—; Spyro raised a scaly brow at that, he’d come to visit Lilith and here she was telling him about this strange other fairy that had come to see her and wielded dark magic. “So what you’re sayin’ is there is another fairy like you?” Truth be told, even back home all the fairies didn’t have dark magic like Lilith or now this other one.

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This is a weird ask, but how would the 2P!'s react to finding out their crush/gf/bf was a nymphomaniac? I don't mean to sound pervy, I just thought it would be a funny situation. (I really, really love your blog! It always makes me smile!)

me: (≖︿≖✿)

me: *googles*

2P!America: You’re a what? *pauses* A WHAT?? …. So, you’re sayin’… you always wanna fuck? *chuckles* I think I can take care of that, no need to worry dollface~

2P!China: *stares* .., So… this means… we’re gonna be having a lot of sex? *jumps onto table and fist-pumps* … FUCK YAAAASSSSSS

2P!England: Excuse me…? What you’re saying can’t possibly be true! There’s no such thing… I cannot believe this! I, I… *flustered, at a loss for words*

2P!France: *blinks* So there’s a name for it?

2P!Russia: *stiffens* Then… I suppose we are not as meant to be as I previously believed?

2P!Italy: …You’re fucking with me, right? *after being told again* …. Are you serious? I-I mean… what does it matter? *smirks* I can give you all the pleasure in the world, bella; you can bet that you’ll always be satisfied with me. ;)

2P!Germany: *drops whatever’s in his hands and gazes at you, lovestruck* ….Mein gott I found my dream girl.

2P!Japan: You, a sex-addict? And me, kinky? …I can conclude that things are going to go well between us.

2P!Canada: *monotone voice* yaaaay.

2P!Romano: *nervous laugh* ahahaha…. but I can safely assume that you haven’t had more than say, 10 or so sex partners, yes…?

2P!Austria: Oooh look at this, my lovely girlfriend is a sinner~ May I just say that you possibly have gotten me even more intrigued by you? And that is a great accomplishment in itself, I must admit! Now… how do you feel about S&M, hmmm?~

2P!Prussia: *blushes heavily* I… I’m not sure if I can… I’m sorry if– *sighs and tries again* I don’t think I can say the same?

((Oh, and thank you Anon; I’m pleased to know you enjoy my blog~))

Dean WinchesterxReader - Not falling for you Chapter 4

After about a few minutes you returned with two cold beers on your hands.

You approached him and gave him his beer while still holding yours.

After you both took a sip of your drinks he spoke first.

“So what is pretty little thing like you doing in a place like this?” he asked his eyes scanning you from top to bottom as you placed some glasses on the right places.

“Well you know making a living, ends meet just so I can get by, you know.” you answered having put the last glasses on their places.

“Hmm and what about when you get out of here?” he asked again. And you should be an idiot if you didn’t get where he was going it.

“Oh you know go a home like a good little girl I am” you said almost sarcastically.

“Alone?” he asked once again.

“Well it depends” you said making him think that you were flirting and you thought about the same thing he was.

“On?” he asked coming closer to you.

“On the company” you said getting closer to him, too. Smirking when he smiled too.

“Hmm so what you’re thinking. You will be going home alone tonight” he said your faces now almost a few inches apart.

“Well who knows… Maybe yes…. maybe no” you said resting your chin on your palm.

“Well I do think yes” he said and you just shrugged, holding the urge to roll your eyes.

‘Could he be more lame. Agh!' you thought to yourself.

“So what you sayin’ ?” he asked and took a sip from his drink as you did so.

“About what?” you said wanting to play it innocently.

He chuckled.

'Oh no no. Don’t chuckle not now’ you thought as you felt your knees go weak at the sound of his soft laugh.

“Well…” he started and leaned closer “You… me… later… your place” he said smirking and immediately turning into his jerk-y self.

“Well I have a better idea.” you smiled mischievously and leaned closer too.

“Me…” you started and he smiled even more “Later… my place… alone” you finished but the smile still hadn’t left from his face.

“Hard, huh?” he said raising an eyebrow.

“Oh no how did you ever thought about such a thing” you said sarcastically.

“You’re not just my type” you said and drank from your beer.

“Babe, I’m every girls type” he said smiling confidently.

“Exactly!” you said smiling too “And that IS NOT my type” you said finishing quickly your beer “After all why deprive the opportunity from the guy over there. You clearly seem his type” you finished you sentence.

And he remained speechless. So you made your way behind the bar but stopped on your track and turned to look at him for one last time.

“And just so you know Dean” you started and said his name which made him frown a little bit “I’d much rather sleep with a demon than you” that was hard but you had to give him a lesson. “At least I would know where he would be the next morning” you said in a-matter-of-fact tone.

He staid there looking at you almost shocked and definitely speechless.

“Who…” he started but did not have the courage to continue.

Biggest rejection ever.

“(Y/n). My name is (y/n). I bet you have heard about me” you said and his eyes almost went a bit wide only by saying your first name.

Definitely Bobby had talked to them about you.

“I’ll give Bobby your greetings.” you said smirking and left the bar.

Your high heels clicking with every step as Dean just stared at you not believing what just had happened.


And that’s how you had met the famous - infamous Dean Winchester.

And now he was in town with his brother.

And you had to co-operate with him.


Breathe (finale)

Hello my dearies! Thanks for your likes, comments and reblogs, it means  lot to me :) Here comes the last part of my season 3 that I‘ll personally consider canon from now on haha :D I hope you’ll like it too… This last part is quite Rinn-centered, and I’ll justify that by saying I think they are both happier and better when they’re together. I hope you’ll agree :)… Enjoy!

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Accidental Attraction: The Introduction

She grinned at me the moment our eyes locked. The skillful licking and sucking was beginning to be more than my body could handle. Her mouth a weapon; lethal it was. She was all about dominance and surely she was about to suck me into submission; however I wasn’t complaining. Another wave of ecstasy overcame me as she continued to lap up my nectar; swiping her agile tongue over my drenched opening. My fingers found themselves entangled in the long dreads that cascaded down her bare back; gripping for dear life.

“Cum for me.” She said, tone authoritative. She latched her lips around my swollen clit. My back arched as my fingers abandoned her hair and braced the sheets for what was about to come.

“Ooh, fuck.” Her stiff tongue now inside me. “Jaaaaaae.”

Okay, hold on now. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. I know all y’all horny asses want the rest, but be patient. Good things come to those who wait. Well… that’s what they say anyway.  I bet you’re probably wondering who I am. My name is Sunday Lattimore. Don’t even ask; blame my Mama, she gave birth to me in a drunken stupor. When asked what my name would be she slurred, “What day is it?” to the attending Nurse. It’s disheartening to know that my name would have been Saturday had I been born a few hours earlier. Now back to the incident at hand.

Who’s Jae you might be asking? You’ll find out, don’t worry. In the meantime let’s go back about a month.


He was talking but my mind was too preoccupied to give him my undivided attention. My life was hell and I needed to figure out how to get everything back on track; sooner rather than later.

“Bitch, are you listening?” His fingers snapped in front of my face in an attempt to get my attention.

“B, g’on please.” I stopped playing with the untouched food on my plate, to wave him off.

“Carla?” He asked knowingly.

My brow creased at the mention of her name. I didn’t immediately respond, only because I wasn’t in the mood to discuss it. “She’s getting on my damn nerves.” My mother, Carla, or shall I say ‘Sister Carla’ had been on my back ever since I had to move back home. My situation with my boyfriend, well ex now, got ugly so we split. Long story short, I moved out his place and back into my mom’s. So here I am 23, living back home. She’s a recovering drunk slash born again Christian. Her opinion of my ex-boyfriend, Marcus, was less than stellar. She never let me go a day without hearing how we were shacking up being ‘sinful’. “You know what ya doin’ is a sin?” she would say. What the fuck ever!

“You know you always welcome to stay at my place.” He said sipping from his cup of hot cocoa. I cut my eyes in his direction, eliciting an obnoxious laugh from him. “What?”

“You know what. All them dudes you have up and through there. Hell no, Brian.”

“So what you sayin’?” See, Brian liked to feign ignorant. He knew good and damn well what happened the last time we tried being roommates. He and his male company are a little too loud for me… if you know what I mean.

“You a hoe.”

“Bitch, please.” He said flipping his imaginary wig.  My head dropped as I laughed at his antics. Laughter; it always made me feel better. Brian was everything I could wish for in a best friend. He always gave it to me straight, never sugar coating anything. I may not have liked what he had to say, but his words were always for my benefit.

“You know it’s the truth.” I stared out the window of the small coffee shop that sat of the corner a few blocks away from the high end boutique we worked at. B was the manager and I, a sales person. The pay wasn’t all that damn great, but it was better than nothing. I had racked up a shitload of student loans obtaining my bachelor’s degree that needed to be paid off. I majored in English. Why? I had this crazy idea that I could actually become a writer. I never had time to write though; either I was working, or sleeping… nothing in between.

“Girl, you know Cindy pregnant right? The word is it’s not by her boyfriend but some otha nigga.” My eyes rolled toward the ceiling at the revelation. Gossip wasn’t my thing; which is why I kept my mouth shut in there. The moment I open my mouth, my business was liable to be all over the city. Not something I have time for.

“You know I don’t care.” I mumbled. He continued on anyway, filling me in on the rest of the ‘Hood Report’- his words not mine.

When work ended, I took the 1 train back uptown to my mom’s place. The apartment was quiet except for the sounds coming from the television in the living room. After removing the UGG boots from my feet and hanging my coat and scarf in the coat closet, I walked toward the kitchen.

“Sunday is that you?” She called out. I continued along the hardwood floor, mumbling a soft ‘yeah’.

“How was work?” The relationship my mother and I have is… a strained one.  Everything she says, doesn’t matter what, irritates me. It’s always been this way and half the time I have no idea why. She says I’m bitter. Maybe I am.

“It was fine.” My response was short, monotonous; void of any emotion. I only half listened when she continued speaking. There was food on the stove. It was still warm so she must have made it not too long ago. Now that was one thing I couldn’t complain about… her cooking. I fixed me a plate of spaghetti and meatballs and headed to my room. Once I finished eating, I showered and settled into my comfortable bed, watching the recorded shows that were saved on my DVR.

My phone vibrated beside me. The name Marcus showed up on the illuminated screen. Ugh! There was nothing that needed to be said. I said all that I had to say to him the day I moved out. As far as I was concerned I was done with men.