spent an entire afternoon making this in firealpaca im so tired but so proud of myself…………..


ʕノ •`ᴥ•´ʔノ*:・゚✧more animal crossing hakogaku

it’s just arakita and toudou tho let’s be real

Cause loving you, loving you is too hard
All I do, all I do's not enough
Loving you, loving you
I cannot be loving you, loving you
Loving you, loving you leaves me hurt
All I do, all I do is get burnt
Loving you, loving you
I cannot be loving you, loving you

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“The problem with wanting,“ he whispered, his mouth trailing along my jaw until it hovered over my lips, "is that it makes us weak.” And then, when I thought I couldn’t bear it any longer, he brought his mouth down on mine.

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This is a weird ask, but how would the 2P!'s react to finding out their crush/gf/bf was a nymphomaniac? I don't mean to sound pervy, I just thought it would be a funny situation. (I really, really love your blog! It always makes me smile!)

me: (≖︿≖✿)

me: *googles*

2P!America: You’re a what? *pauses* A WHAT?? …. So, you’re sayin’… you always wanna fuck? *chuckles* I think I can take care of that, no need to worry dollface~

2P!China: *stares* .., So… this means… we’re gonna be having a lot of sex? *jumps onto table and fist-pumps* … FUCK YAAAASSSSSS

2P!England: Excuse me…? What you’re saying can’t possibly be true! There’s no such thing… I cannot believe this! I, I… *flustered, at a loss for words*

2P!France: *blinks* So there’s a name for it?

2P!Russia: *stiffens* Then… I suppose we are not as meant to be as I previously believed?

2P!Italy: …You’re fucking with me, right? *after being told again* …. Are you serious? I-I mean… what does it matter? *smirks* I can give you all the pleasure in the world, bella; you can bet that you’ll always be satisfied with me. ;)

2P!Germany: *drops whatever’s in his hands and gazes at you, lovestruck* ….Mein gott I found my dream girl.

2P!Japan: You, a sex-addict? And me, kinky? …I can conclude that things are going to go well between us.

2P!Canada: *monotone voice* yaaaay.

2P!Romano: *nervous laugh* ahahaha…. but I can safely assume that you haven’t had more than say, 10 or so sex partners, yes…?

2P!Austria: Oooh look at this, my lovely girlfriend is a sinner~ May I just say that you possibly have gotten me even more intrigued by you? And that is a great accomplishment in itself, I must admit! Now… how do you feel about S&M, hmmm?~

2P!Prussia: *blushes heavily* I… I’m not sure if I can… I’m sorry if– *sighs and tries again* I don’t think I can say the same?

((Oh, and thank you Anon; I’m pleased to know you enjoy my blog~))

i never talk to you guys anymore so ill talk about what im sayin on all my social media

i started getting a migraine last night and those make me break down because theyre so bad and first i get like ,, that thing when you look into the sun and you lose vision but all over my vision for like 2 hours, then i get the most extreme and awful headache for about 3 hours, then i just throw up until i cant anymore and feel awful for a few days

so i took my prescribed migraine pills but it wasnt working for some reason so i took nyquil which usually knocks me out for 8 hours or so because i figured sleeping it off would help me but they mixed together really weird i guess

and i just?? okay i woke up an hour after i passed out right and my tongue was starting to go numb and my whole body was buzzing and i went to sleep after a half hourish and started waking up again like i woke up every hour and progressively felt more and more numb like

my face felt numb and my tongue and hands were numb but this most recent time im mostly better just very dizzy and disoriented and my tongues still kinda numb and i dont have a migraine anymore so im just slowly sleeping it off lol

its just weird that i keep waking up even with nyquil but i still wake up extremely sleepy? but yeah those are my ramblings

ive been skyping my boyfriend a Lot since we skyped for the first time and it makes me really happy because i love him a lot and i get to hear his lovely voice and im so gay oh my gosh and i used to get triggered by skype calls because of my biggest abuser and now theyre a coping mechanism and he makes me so happy

and since im off break i get to see my girlfriend at school and shes so pretty and talented and im love her god im so lucky

Headcannon that, sometimes, when Lena and Kara are just relaxing or they’re talking or something, Kara takes off her glasses because they can get annoying sometimes.

Also a Headcannon that, sometimes, Lena stops what she’s doing, looks shocked, and goes “Supergirl?!?” In a disbelieving tone.

Also ALSO a Headcannon that Kara just gives her such a look when she does that nowadays.

(This is based off that comic about Maggie and Alex and how Alex does the “wait so you like LIKE me is what you’re sayin?” Thing every few days and Maggie’s just like “not this again babe pls”)


no offense but can pll stop adding new characters - if they wanna bring in ‘new’ faces then they should just bring back the characters that popped in for like three-five episodes ( lesli stone, talia sandoval, miranda collins, alex santiago, jonny raymond, holden strauss, ted, samara, ben, dean, wes, hardy, *my actual king* eddie lamb ) and then vanished into the abyss –– it’s not like they’re going to be relevant to the story anyways so….. ( okay eddie lamb was but you get what i’m sayin’ )

“That’s rediculous,” Chase said, snorting.  “You expect me to believe that?”

The coach just shrugged.  “You can believe what you want, Chase, but it’s the truth.”

Evan squinted and scratched at the top of his head.  “That dont make alot of sense to me, Coach.”

“Think about it.  Carefully.  Don’t want your heads exploding on me.  Now, remember - this isn’t my idea.  I’d much rather have you as you are, as my boys, my team, but some people seem to think it’s unethical and that I should tell you what happened.”

“So when your sayin that we havent always been like this, what the hell do you mean?”  Chase tossed the football back and forth in his hands.  He always did that while he was trying to use his brain.  For example, if he was tryin to study for some stupid test.  Couldn’t think without the football.  Well, it wasn’t that but he kept getting … distracted, I guess, by the lack of the feeling of it in his hands.  Like something had gone missing.  It consumed him, irritated him, frustrated him, until he got the pigskin back into his hands and could toss it around idly.

“I mean that you, ah, you both had different lives.  Different goals.  Wanted different things, ah, then you do now.  Don’t get me wrong, you were both very unhappy with things the way they were.  Aren’t you happier now?”

“Happier then when we weren’t who we are now?”  Evan reached up under his jersey and arranged his shoulder pads.  “All respect, Coach, but I dont know what the hell your talkin about.  Are we gonna practice soon?”

“Yeah.  I just had to take a minute to tell you this.  It wasn’t my idea,” the coach said.  He had a feeling Evan would be more confused than Chase.  He had taken to the change much more quickly than it had initially been thought he would, in fact, perhaps took to it slightly dangerously, with his cognitive function drastically reduced.  You could argue, the Coach thought to himself, that it wasn’t so much he got dumber, not really, just … more focused on one thing.  Focus is a good thing. There’s a hundred ways to rationalize what had happened. 

Chase was still staring at him in disbelief.  “So you’re sayin … we were someone else.  Like, what … nerds?”  The coach was concerned for Chase, who, even though he had also taken swiftly to the change, for some reason retained a splintered ego, his psyche maintaining a false amount of confidence in his intelligence.  He winced, dreading how close to reality the jock’s question had veered. 

“Boys, let’s just let it go, huh.  We’re all different at different points in our lives.  Just because you haven’t always liked football doesn’t mean that you don’t absolutely love it now.  Am I right?”

“Fuck yeah, coach,” they said, nearly in unison.

“That’s right.  And, besides.  People change.  Sometimes for the better.”  He clapped Chase’s shoulder.  “And I know that I have two of the most dedicated, hard-working, men on this team, standing right in front of me.  If you don’t have much interest in other things anymore, that’s perfectly fine.  If you can’t do too well in your other classes, well … you do the best you can, right?  The team comes first.  The game comes first.”

“The team comes first.  The game comes first.  Yes sir, Coach.”  Again, maybe a heartbeat off, but nearly in unison.

The coach nodded, satisfied.   He wasn’t gonna risk the team.  He was safe.  The boys were happy.  They worked out, played football, watched football on TV, played fantasy football, talked about football and working out.  Maybe they weren’t the brightest bulbs in the box, maybe he could honestly compare at least one of them to a box of rocks.  Maybe he could call them meatheads and mean it honestly as a descriptor of their lifestyle. 

Fuck ethics, the coach thought to himself, and smiled.  “Now who’s ready for some goddamn FOOTBALL!”

Several muddy, rough-tackle, grueling hours later, Chase and Evan were still smiling.  Could hear the cheers of the crowd in their ears already.  Knew, implicitly, that they were exactly where they should be and doing exactly what they should be doing.  They felt the satisfaction of the “click” that occurs when you and your destiny become aligned.  Or at least they thought.  And that was enough for them.



“Mako, old pal,” Varrick purred, his voice like silk and his tongue as slick and silver as mercury. “My boys tell me you’ve been making a right mess of the place. If you wanted to see me, you have my card.”

“I figured you’d be adverse to me comin’ to call,” Mako grunted. “Given the circumstances.”

“The murder of dear old Asami, yes,” Varrick laughed, pouring out two glasses of the good stuff. Varrick’s liquor always stank, and as he offered a glass to Mako, he had to force himself not to retch while declining it.

“Dreadful business, that,” Varrick remarked, downing both glasses himself, “but I wouldn’t get so worked up about it if I was you.”

“What’re you sayin’?” Mako asked, his eyes narrowing.

Varrick wrapped an arm around Mako’s shoulder and leaned in, his face an unmistakable smirk. “I’m sayin’,” he chuckled, “that from what I heard, it ain’t healthy for a PI to be askin’ questions about the Sato girl. I were you, I’d drop it.”

Mako wasn’t sure if that made him more or less suspicious of the man whose breath reeked of whiskey.

me before summer started: this summer is going to be amazing! i will spend time with my friends, go out, read many books, eat healthy and exercise :”—)) aaah~ i’m so excited!
me now: *spends the whole day in her room watching k-dramas*