Fallstreak holes are natural phenomena that often get mistaken for UFOs. These ‘hole punch clouds’ occur when water droplets inside a cloud freeze and fall beneath it, creating a large gap that looks like a perfect hiding place for a flying saucer.

Aliens, obvi.

The rarity of fallstreak holes is what tends to throw people.

That paired with the tendency to look at anything in the sky and cry ‘UFO!’ is the perfect makings of a false alien alarm.

Sometimes these clouds have little rainbows inside.

They aren’t always circular, though…

They make all kinds of crazy shapes.

Including airplane/sword/cross/wieners.

Photos via: Rantplaces



It’s been one whole year since Tyler revealed the cover of his debut book, ‘BINGE’ at VidCon 2015. Since then the book has spent weeks on the New York Times Bestsellers list and is personally one of the best books I have every read. It is truthful, funny, heart-warming and very well written. I am so proud of everything Tyler has achieved with this book! so…

Happy One Year Anniversary Tyler!

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A Wild Vikavolt appeared! Villager used Bug Net! It’s Super Effective!

Gotta earn those bells somehow… ;3

Honestly, though. I love Vikavolt’s design.. it’s so angular and powerful looking.. But when I first saw it was a stag beetle, I immediately became reminded of the beetle island in Animal Crossing: New Leaf~ (As well as trying to capture an entire inventory of beetles to sell for MOAR BELLZ~ <3)