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Syni, I honestly feel the same way you do about Dark. He scares the crap outta me because of his abusive, manipulative nature and how easily people fall for it. Like, good heavens my ex pulled that crap on me; manipulation is freakin bad my dudes.

That’s why I’m so goddamn passionate about it. Yes, he’s a character, I get that. But seeing people excuse a character’s shitty behaviors makes me worry what they do with real life abuse. 

I’m so sorry you had to go through that, anon. 

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So a while ago my hamster died and I had this witch friend that I used to talk to. Well I was venting about my hamster to him and he almost immediately changed the subject and started asking for pictures of my boobs. So naturally I got pissed and blocked him. Later I found out he put a curse on me because he didn't like that I had blocked him so suddenly and I'm having anxiety about it. It's silly. Do I have anything to worry about?

!!! i am furious! :-( ahhh, i’m so sorry you had to go through such a ridiculous thing, angel! *sigh* fortunately for your lovely self, i think the only real thing you need to worry about is how incompetent and childish this person is. there’s a time and a place for hexing, and he has certainly shown his true colours through this situation - i feel like he’ll ultimately be the one suffering the repercussions of his decision in attempting to curse you, and karma will surely know his name! 🙏🏻 still, to be on the safe side, my best suggestions are to 1). recognize if anything is specifically wrong within your life, and work on improving those areas. it can be something as simple as getting bad sleep or noticing things feeling a little “off” - try your best to address anything that may feel this way, be it the result of a successfully-cast curse or not. burn some white candles for renewal and purity + some black candles for banishment; keep a dish of salt near, deep-clean your bedroom to remove any lingering negativity, charge your crystals, meditate on a positive mantra. 😌 taking action positively as soon as you can should have nothing but beneficial outcomes! 💕 2). look into simple banishing spells! there are many reversal rituals that are really simple, more often than not involving a candle. try your best to find a spell that speaks to you, and perform it if things feel icky. ☺️ 3). just keep on radiating as much positivity as possible. live your best life, feel confident in your decisions to remove negativity from your life, be kind to yourself and others. it’s a lot harder for the universe to be bad to you if you know you’re being a good person and having fun growing! 😊🌿🙏🏻🕊🤞🏻✨

a/n: i honestly couldn’t tell you where the inspiration for this came from but i had the idea and decided to go with it. it’s a mess ngl!! i wrote this au with a slightly aged up jihoon in mind due to the nature of being a detective, but his current age works just as well! please note that this is my first time posting any sort of scenario so please do go easy on me and let me know if there are any mistakes or if you liked it!! also i named it after this song! mainly because i’m awful with names and… you’ll see. btw i bullshitted 99.9% of the information and based it off of cop shows because it’s all for fun anyway! 

as a final note, this is written in jihoon’s pov because it just fit best for the way i wanted to tell this story. sorry if that isn’t your thing!

warnings: dead bodies mentioned but never described.

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i might sound like a dumbass white but what does relaxing your hair do? i’m so sorry hahaha

Lol you’re fine! It can be kinda confusing if it’s not something you’ve been exposed to or had done before, haha ^^;

Getting a relaxer means having your hair chemically straightened with relaxer cream! Basically you put it on your hair and leave it in for a few minutes, then when you wash it out, your hair is straight! Once your hair’s been chemically straightened, it never reverts back to the way it was, but your hair will still grow out in its natural curly pattern, so if you want to keep your hair relaxed you have to keep getting it done every couple months or so to straighten any new growth that grows in! It’s a huge thing in the black community (I could go into the history of why, but let’s save that for another day lmao), so most black girls have had their hair relaxed at least once in their life, for the most part

Of course, since it’s a chemical, there can be a lot of risks like chemical burns or hair loss in the worst case scenario, and of course there’s a lot of concern over long-term health risks, and how it can weaken and damage your hair even in the best case, so a lot of people with relaxed hair decide to stop getting relaxers and go natural, cutting off their relaxed hair and letting their natural hair grow out instead!

In general it’s probably healthier to go natural, and people from both sides have a lot of opinions on which is better, but really both sides have their pros and cons? So at the end of the day it all just depends on individual preference ^^;


What having a lap full of baby hamsters is like! Look at their synchronized grooming.

This litter is so lovely. Not only did @hathorhamstery do a fabulous job raising them, but Ara and Huckle were such a complimentary pair. What these little toots lack in type (and even then, Hugin, Odin and Thor have lovely faces) they make up for in stellar personalities. They remind me so much of Gilli and her crew.

So pleased that we’ll benefit from such amazing lines! Gillian was not only a fantastic outcross, but also a phenomenal way to add solid natural temperament and longevity in my lines. None of my lines descended from the original pair of breeder hammies I bred from have had as good health as my Gillian lovies. #BerryPatch #Boysen

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What pose would you have asked Tom to do if you were at that photo session?

I would never pose for a pic with him at a fan event like that. Never, nor ask for an autograph either.  I live in NYC, so I have already had plenty of chances to meet him if I wanted to. But I don’t want to. If I am going to meet a celeb, it would ONLY be organically (through work or whatever). Like I can not do the “fan” thing towards someone when I meet them. I would rather we be on equal levels in a situation of two people naturally meeting/working or it not happen at all.

So, I have no desire to attend any comic cons to meet him or pay money to meet him. I may perhaps attend a free Q&A like I did for Hiddleston but even then I did not approach Hiddles for pic/signature afterwards. I only attended the Q&A (for KSI) at Apple Store in Soho and left as soon as it ended….Not criticizing others who go to comic cons or premieres or whatever, but just saying how I am with these kinda things.

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I've been seeking to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The thing is it is so hard for me to ask and believe, especially if I don't feel something right away. I really need advice on how to ask in faith.

Hi there,

Personally speaking, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the Holy Spirit the instant I asked to feel His presence. Maybe others have had different experiences, but that’s how it’s been for me.. So don’t feel discouraged that you didn’t feel His presence the second you ask, if you have tried asking already.

For me, I’ve noticed it usually happens naturally when I’m not really expecting it. I often experience Him when I’m reading scripture, listening to worship music, worshiping Him during church, when I’m doing work for Him, etc - experiencing His presence tends to come naturally when you are doing these kinds of things because you’re focusing your attention on Him and actively spending time with Him. But you may also experience His presence when you’re not doing anything at all.. The first time I experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit was during a very painful time in my life when I was feeling afraid. At that time, I didn’t even know what it was to experience the Holy Spirit and I didn’t even know to ask for Him. But how I knew it was Him was because I felt an overwhelming sense of peace that made no sense for me to be experiencing given the circumstances at the time. I mentioned what I had experienced to someone more mature in faith than me, who explained that it was Him. At the time, I hadn’t really read much scripture/had just started doing so. But at a later point, I read what scripture said about God’s peace being a peace that surpasses all understanding, which confirmed further that this was what I had experienced.

I would suggest to approach this situation with an attitude of faith and trust in Him, as well as calmness. Don’t allow the enemy to fill you with doubt, uneasiness, or stress. Instead, just continue to seek God and communicate with Him in prayer. Ask Him to reveal His presence to you and trust that He will, even if you don’t feel it instantaneously. I would also recommend to not get so fixated on experiencing the feeling, but spend time directing your attention to doing things that help you to focus on Him. Set aside quiet time to pray, read scripture, and listen to worship music. When you do these things to glorify Him and focus on Him, experiencing His presence will be a natural result. :) If you would like some suggestions for worship music, please let me know and I would be more than happy to give you the names of some musicians/songs.

I hope you found this helpful, let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you!

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Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)

ok so, it turns out that i love drawing altean lance,, a lot


Appreciation Month – Day Twenty-Four: Free Choice – Scenery/Cinematography

Last full drawing before going on hiatus this month :’>

I just love childhood friends au’s okay

so we all love the pocket pudding line, but, important note: there is no way carey “you should always be careful when you rob someone, they might just walk around with loose pudding in there” fangbattle found this information out in any kind of legal manner

in fact, going by just sort of how she is in that scene, im willing to bet she does this as a matter of routine

(lost a thing ages ago that you swear you left right there? carey probably took it)

and taako, being a pretty accomplished pickpocket himself (and the second biggest suspect for when items on the moon randomly go missing), is probably aware of this

i reckon he finds it funny if nothing else. sometimes he just watches her do it from where he’s sitting invisibly somewhere else in the room and critiques her performance

but he can’t just allow her to steal his stuff. he worked hard for that shit. or, at least, was very clever in his methods of obtaining it. and this is not the first time he’s had to defend against thieves, he’s been doing that his whole life

so he starts off pretty basic, stuff he’s mostly been doing the whole time

transmutation is his whole jam, and these kind of spells are nothing but transmutation. putting warding spells on his pockets so only he can access what’s inside, anyone else just finds an empty pocket? it’s second nature at this point. you’d be hard pressed to find any item of clothing taako owns that isn’t full of various charmed pockets, regardless of whether or not the original design for the outfit included pockets in the first place. and at some point carey’s gonna try, because at some point you get bored of the easy targets and start looking for a challenge.

(taako definitely doesn’t know this from experience. he also has definitely never tried to steal from her just out of curiosity. unrelated, taako is pretty sure at least one of her pockets contains an entire armed bear trap and he has no idea how. or how carey even gets to any of her stuff. she doesn’t even have magic. he’s a little bit scared of her, maybe?)

but taako’s not a quitter, and he’s definitely not going to back down just because she’s convinced him to conduct all future pickpocketing via mage hand. if this is a competition now, you can bet he’s going to up his fucking game.

round two: experimenting with short term conjuration charms, weaving them into the spells already in place. it’s a complicated bit of magic, but this is what he’s good at, and quite frankly it’s opportunities for humor are endless

initially, he just randomises it. trying to get into taako’s pocket? not anymore, please treat yourself to one of many various items, such as:
-an assortment of jellybeans
-a small statue of a dwarf that bares a striking resemblance to someone you think you know but you can’t quite put your finger on it (they’ve just got one of those faces)
-an entire potted plant (none of them of an appropriate size to fit in the pocket, but the bigger they are the funnier it gets)
-a surprisingly convincing replica of your own hand, disembodied and floating slightly

it’s conjuration magic, so none of them last more than about an hour, but it’s so fucking worth it.

(carey’s retaliation is to stab his mage hand out of the air next time it gets near her. she shouldn’t even have been able to see it, the arcane trickster’s glove makes it invisible. what strange capricious trickster god is even responsible for the existence of carey fangbattle?)

points have to go to the pocket though. he programmed in some of the weirder and more complicated objects, but the rest of the time it’s just designed to produce normal household objects in a completely random pattern. and the pudding, that’s funnier than anything he could have come up with. it’s perfect, it’s so on brand, and just the look it gets him when carey finds herself with a handful of loose pudding is fucking incredible. he doesn’t even care when she throws it in his face. it was worth every second.

he could have stopped there. that in itself was more entertaining than anything else on this moonbase. but that’s when he gets an even better idea.

carey knows that the stuff in his pockets are an enchantment. she’s seen them fade when the spell times out. the pudding, while hilarious, was just a ruse, and they both know it. whatever was actually in taako’s pockets that day never touched pudding.

so he reworks the spell entirely, on the outfit he next plans on wearing. takes down a few of the existing enchantments, and adds just one new one. and then he waits.

the next day, taako goes to watch the regulators training. it’s not unheard of for them to have an audience, they’re pretty popular on the moonbase, but taako usually isn’t part of it. he can tell by the way she eyes him that she’s already suspicious about what he’s planning.

taako just grins lazily at her, and conjures up a sign with an 7.5/10 on it. she scowls, and goes back to focusing on training.

it’s not until they break that he finally gets to implement the best joke ever created.

he knows she’s gonna try to steal from him. it’s an obvious trap, but both of them are too competitive and committed to this that he knows she’ll at least check what he’s got in there. (it’s the conjured pudding again. this isn’t a surprise. he’s never getting rid of the pudding trap it’s too good.)

so when she does, there’s a second where taako thinks she’s almost disappointed. not because she’s covered in conjured pudding, but because neither of them have ever gone for the same trap twice. and also because she didn’t find out what was actually in his pockets and she’s a perfectionist like that.

so taako waits for a moment, just to let it sink in. and then casually, pulls out a spoon, and starts eating actual pudding, from his newly waterproofed pockets.

the look on her face is fucking hysterical. taako completely loses his shit. he almost misses her response, which is the next best part-

“you enchanted your pockets so that anyone trying to steal from you would just get a handful of pudding, and then filled your pockets with actual pudding??

yep, that’s exactly what he did. he can’t even answer at first, he’s laughing too hard. but he recovers, and holds a second spoon out to carey.

“want some?”

she looks at him in disbelief, but then curiosity gets the better of her, and she hesitantly tastes some of the pudding.

“shit. that’s… actually really good.”

“i know, right? that’s how we do.”

Actual Lines in Superntural

Dean: ““Cas get out of my ass!”

Sam: Yesterday was Tuesday right… but today is Tuesday too!

Sam: It was night and now it’s day!

Sam: It’s something … Not Natural!

Dean: Accidents don’t just happen accidentally!

Jack: I like … cocaine.

Lucifer: I’ve never liked you, you’re sort of prissy.

Lucifer: *having his arm twisted* Nah it’s kind of wimpy.

God: I’ve never seen so much porn.  … Not in one sitting.

Bobby: Do I look like a ditchable prom date to you?

God: I started a blog.  Mostly pictures of cats they’re super cute.

Garth: I just had like a whole beer of course I’m drunk!

Gabriel: What you two call an Apocalypse was Sunday dinner.

Gabriel: I dropped, I hid, I finally watched Downton Abbey.

Gabriel: I lied about watching Downton Abbey, I just said I did to fit in!

Gabriel: I used most of my juice to get back into porn. … That came out wrong.

God: I lied about learning the guitar, I just gave myself the ability.

Sam: Shouldnt it be Deastiel?

Baby Groot

So I was running a one shot for some friends, amongst whom was a rookie playing a Druid. They got attacked by a whole bunch of twig blights and a zombie

DM(me): alright, Sara’s down and two of the dancing bushes are still alive, what do you do?
Druid: I want to cast charm person on the dancing twig and persuade him to join us
DM: (going along with it). Alright, roll persuasion to charm a bush
Druid: 17
DM: well, the bush rolled a 1 to save so he has an identity crisis a begins pondering the nature of morality. He’s no longer hostile
(Later when the party had destroyed the magic tree controlling the bush)
DM: The bush walks up to you and asks to join you
Druid: can I name him Groot?
DM: …..
Druid: Pleeease?

And that’s how baby Groot joined my campaign

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I love classic Vader,but I wish Anakin had killed Obi-Wan in Mustafar and got out of the planet. The guy'd be so powerful and badass... Besides,I think Obi-Wan deserves some shit...

i actually think suitless!vader is a lot more interesting than people give it credit for - usually, it’s turned into, “vader, but pretty,” and that has a lot of terrible connotations, so i usually loathe suitless!vader on principle. 

the pain vader experienced because of the support system is usually at the forefront of people’s minds - but it runs far, far deeper than that. there’s a lot of symbolism behind people wearing masks; there’s a lot of identity issues tied to mask motifs and characters that wear suits of armor. think: tony stark.

but vader’s not willingly wearing his suit of armor - it was forced on him, through a painful, invasive surgery that he was forced to stay awake for. it’s an armor that was purposely customized to palpatine’s needs, not his.

and vader can’t take it off. he can’t override the system, can’t pull it off, can’t escape from it. a lot of the suit is wired directly into his body; i know everyone wants redeemed!vader to loose the suit, but you have to wonder if that’s actually possible - and, to be brutally honest, it’s probably not. (i know in legends that there’s a scene - i’m specifically thinking of lost command - where it’s taken off, but it’s not practical. and, you know, lost command had vader running around helmetless like he can suddenly breathe again - so i take the medical scenarios in that one with a grain - no, bucket - of salt.)

when people are like, “vader should’ve just left!” how? even if vader were in a place to consider it, the suit’s still there. he needs the facilities only the empire can provide, and even more, where is he going to go? how do you hide a 7ft special-order murderbot? 

that suit, truly, reduced vader’s options to one: sith apprentice. even if vader wanted to overthrow the emperor, he couldn’t. even if vader wanted to leave, he couldn’t. he’s stuck.

and what’s even worse is that the suit is a symbol of his transhumanity - there’s actually a song, in legends, that the imperials sang: lord vader’s many mechanical parts. tagge, in the darth vader comics, literally calls him a weapon, equates him to a lightsaber, and tells vader that he needs to be wielded. recently, it was revealed that vader has a literal off-button, like a real droid. it’s easy to dehumanize someone who looks inhuman - and that’s exactly what palpatine wants, because he doesn’t want anyone considering that vader’s human and fallible. he doesn’t want people taking his apprentice.

if that’s not enough, vader’s senses were tampered with. he doesn’t feel a sensation other than pain, doesn’t see a color other than red, the helmet distorts sounds like they’re coming through water - it’s all very isolating. and it’s constant - vader never gets to really get out of his own head, because he barely experiences the world around him. nothing exists other than what vader has to do - it’s a very fucked up way to live. 

the suit is entrenched in every aspect of vader’s life; so deeply that it became entwined with his self-perception. he’s not just wearing the suit, he is the suit. and that’s exactly how palpatine wanted it, because he wanted an apprentice he could control - so he took away vader’s opportunities, put people off of communicating with vader, and shut off vader’s environment. think of a horse with blinkers; vader’s only goal, only purpose, is the empire, and nothing outside of that should be allowed to exist. 

essentially, palpatine has done more than systematically destroy vader’s life - he’s destroyed vader’s potential life. he’s destroyed everything, so vader becomes unreachable in his isolation and pain. 

and vader thanks him for it. there’s a scene in the old canon where vader thanks palpatine for making him stronger - because palpatine pulled his card and said, don’t you like all i’ve done for you? like he’s given vader a gift. 

the suit is so, so important to palpatine’s subjugation of anakin that it’s hard to imagine darth vader without it - and i don’t think there would be a darth vader without it. 

without the suit, there’s nothing keeping him in the empire - other than palpatine. in a suitless!vader situation, palpatine and vader’s relationship is going to be even more insidious, even more disgusting, because palpatine’s relying on solely his wit to keep is apprentice in line. and anakin doesn’t stay in line for long - i highly doubt palpatine could keep a suitless vader for long. 

I See You (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Word Count: 1101

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader


Also…i’m back bitches and thinking of doing a 7 days of Christmas sort of thing so let me know if you’re interested.  

Summary: You’re force sensitive and able to connect with Kylo like Rey does in TLJ. Basically you’re Rey but a different character with a different personality as she does not exist in this story :))

Part Two

“W-what is this?” Your eyes widened in pure fear as the figure of Kylo Ren appeared before you. How you ended up on the First Orders ship, you had no clue. Even so you didn’t hesitate to grab your lightsaber and ignite it as you stared into the monsters surprised eyes. 

“You can see me?” He appeared to be shocked by this, however you knew not to trust someone so easily. Especially when that someone was the enemy. Striding towards the boy you pointed your saber at him accusingly. "How is this possible?“

Yet he ignored your threat completely as he took in his surroundings. No longer was he on his ship, now he stood on an island, a place he’d only heard about in stories when training to become a Jedi. Anger filled his body at the memory of his old master, the one who betrayed him and gave him the final push into the darkness. His fist clenched in rage as he stared at the girl in front of him, putting the pieces together. "You’re with him aren’t you. You’re with Skywalker. You found him.”

However you took little notice to his words as you began to freak out, pacing back in forth as Kylo still glared at your figure. “I-i’m going insane! This can’t be real! It can’t be, I must be dreaming! no! It’s a nightmare!”

“Why can I see you, this doesn’t make sense!” His voice was loud, echoing in your mind causing you to stop your pacing. Unfortunately, nothing could ever bring your sarcastic nature to a stop. "Way to point out the obvious. God I can’t even look at you after what you did.“

At the mention of that incident Kylo visibly tensed. “He wasn’t your father.”

“But he was the closest I ever had to one. And you just took that away. You took away my best friend, because of you he’s in a coma. You murdered so many innocent people. All you do is take and take until there is nothing left!”

It was like everything you spoke went over his head or maybe he just didn’t care. Either way you were quickly becoming fed up with his behaviour. “You are so unaware of the power you have, you’re holding back your potential. Become who you were meant to be. Join me, I can teach you.”

“Over my dead body.”

Your response evidently angered Kylo as he punched the wall next to him in rage leaving a hole in the wall and disappearing from your sight. You could only hope you’d never see him again. 

“Will you stop that! I don’t want to see your face everywhere I go.” You shouted in anger as the boy appeared in front of you again the following day. 

“I’m not the one doing this and obviously neither are you. Somehow, I think we are connected.”

“Why would I be connected to someone like you.”

“Like what? A monster? I know who I am so don’t pretend like you do.”

“I…Please just go.” And with that he faded away from view, leaving you questioning the darkness that raged inside of the boy. Maybe he wasn’t so far gone as you’d thought. Maybe he could be saved?


“Again? Really this isn’t great timing i was about to train and-”

Turning around you saw him standing there wearing only his pants, leaving his muscular chest on display for you to see. You couldn’t help but stare in awe at his body, somewhere deep down you were attracted to the boy, but remembering what he was and what he’s done erased those thoughts. At the thought of Hans death you snapped back into reality, eyes meeting his as they gazed at you questioningly.

“Are you alright?” His voice sounded almost sincere which took you off guard for a moment but you quickly got rid of the thought. "Y-yes, i’m fine. Why do you care?“

"What do you mean?”

“Why do you care about me?”

“I don’t.”

“That’s a lie and we both know it. When we first met, when you captured me. You should have killed me, or hurt me at least. But instead all you did was pry around in my mind.”

“You’re strong with the force. Why would I waste an opportunity to train another force wielder to fight for the first order.”

“No. No it’s more than that. At the star killer base, I shouldn’t have won that battle. I was inexperienced and you were training to be a jedi since you were a boy.”

Some unknown emotion flashed across his face for a moment, he was clearly becoming uncomfortable with the direction this conversation was going. “What are you getting at-”

“There is good in you Ben.”

At the mention of his old name he stood up abruptly, striding towards you in anger. “Don’t! Don’t call me that. Ben is dead-“

"But he’s not!" 

Growing frustrated you took steps forward until you were face to face with the boy. You startled him by the close proximity between you, reaching your hand out to rest your palm against his chest gently. You could feel his heart beat fasten at your touch and his breathe hitched as he stared down at you in bewilderment. It had been so long since the boy had felt such a caring touch.

"Ben still lives. In here, I can sense it. I can help you Ben, please, let me help you.”

A tear unwillingly escaped as you pleaded with enemy. Finally looking up into his eyes you almost lost it at the sight. His expression showed the internal battle he was having with himself as he gazed down at you. Being this close gave you the opportunity to study all the details of his face and you could tell he was doing the same. Taking in the huge scar that ran along his face that you had given him during battle, guilt filling you as you stared at it.

“I’m so sorry for giving you this.” You choked out as you lightly ran your fingers down the scar, more tears leaving you yet still no words were heard from the broken boy in front of you. Suddenly his hand shakily reached up and wiped away your tears causing you to shiver at his touch. However the moment was over too soon when the boy finally responded to your pleas.

“Ben is gone, do yourself a favour and stop searching for him because he’s never coming back.” And with that the connection between you was gone with Kylo disappearing from view.

job application

1) you find out one of your coworkers took a loaf of bread that was going to be thrown out in order to feed his starving child. what do you do?                          a) i turn him in to my boss                                                                                    b) i kill him myself

2) have you ever had a positive thought about unions? if yes, did you start hitting yourself as soon as you were aware of said thought? if so, please elaborate on the nature of your thought and chosen method of self-punishment below

3) how many limbs would you be willing to lose for our company?                       a) all of them                                                                                                           b) i am a spineless coward