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How do you create such fluid dialogue? Mine always comes out so unnatural, almost to the point of a badly written play- it's that comical.

Hey nonny! Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner!

Hmmm, honestly, I’m not too sure how to explain it. I suppose it just “comes naturally” to me, which I know is a massive cop-out, but the first feedback I ever received when I was younger was that my characters had “distinct, believable voices”. Sure, I didn’t actually know what that meant until much later on, but hey, I was willing to take it! 

But I’ll try my best to describe some little things that might help!

1 - Overthinking
A lot of the time it’s easy to overthink dialogue, which tends to make it come across as wooden and unnatural. Sometimes it can be too formal for the intended character (e.g. no contractions and full, perfect sentences all the time), or they end up using words that don’t really fit into natural patterns of speech. It’s a similar feeling to when you read someone’s paper and you can tell they’ve used the thesaurus to just replace a particular, everyday word. The word they have chosen might not be wrong, but it just sounds awkward by comparison to the rest of their writing, and therefore stands out. The same sort of thing can happen easily with dialogue when we get too caught up in creating eloquence and meaning. We essentially shoot ourselves in the foot because it breaks people’s immersion and the character’s believability. Instead we sit there, turning the sentence over in our mouths like a bad taste, thinking “no one speaks like that.” So think about how they talk. Drop words. Use informal language, slang, etc. But whatever you do, the trick is to do it sparingly. Too much of anything, even a good thing, will draw attention to itself.

2 - Embrace your inner thespian
Honestly, it can help to say the dialogue out-loud. Get up, act it out! If it sounds awkward or unnatural when spoken, then it likely reads the same way.

3 - Editing
When you write the dialogue the first time, DO NOT EDIT AS YOU GO. Honestly, this is my advice for all writing, but it stands true here as well. If you are trying to write and edit at the same time you make it infinitely harder to progress creatively, and get so caught up delivering the “perfect sentence” or “perfect dialogue” that you lose track of the overall tone and feel of the passage itself. Just. Write. It can be messy. It won’t be perfect, and that is okay! Your character might not be delivering precisely what you want them to say. That’s fine. They are allowed to be imperfect sometimes – that also makes them believable. You can always go back and take another look at it and clean it up, or you can leave it and have your character actually have to clarify what they mean later on. No one gets it right the first time every time. That’s just being human. Your character doesn’t have to flawlessly deliver the perfect response or comeback every time either.

4 - Flow
Think about how conversation flows. It doesn’t always move in a straight line downstream to the resolution. It can wind and ebb and race. Constant back-and-forth dialogue can work, but only in smallish doses. Break it up a little. If there is a pause in conversation, acknowledge it. If the character is disinclined to talk about a particular topic, have them side-step it. A lot of the time people “tell” rather than “show”, even in dialogue.

E.g.“Hi Maria.”
      “Hi Tony.”
      “What happened to your hand?”
      “I don’t want to talk about my hand.”

Ouch. Right? There’s a lot of repetition and echoing going on and it sounds, as you said, like a badly written play. Change it up! Give people a sense of the situation/character’s mood through their spoken word.

E.g. “Hi Maria.”
       “Tony. About time.”
       “What happened to your hand?”
       “Buy me a drink and I just might tell you.”

Still simple, but it just flows better in my opinion. Each character is introducing something new about the situation, or about themselves, and it maintains interest. You can also go a step further and pair the dialogue with action or description.

E.g. “Hi Maria.”
       She didn’t look up. 
       “Tony. About time.”
       The door closed softly behind him as he entered the room.
      “What happened to your hand?” he asked.
       Maria gave the bar a sharp, two-fingered tap. “Buy me a drink and I just might tell you.”

That’s… all I can really think of off the top of my head! Sorry, it got a little long, but the more I thought about it the more I… well… thought about it. Hope this helps, but of course, it is just my personal take on the situation! Everyone has different techniques for writing, and no particular one is better or worse, but I think sharing can sometimes be useful! 

Folks can feel free to add their two cents too!

fun fact about me: when i was in third grade i had to do a big presentation about a state so naturally i chose new york bc even back then i was a slut for new york and like a big part of this presentation was a poster we would make that we’d keep up all day and we had to stand by it all day and answer any questions about our state and every other grade would come down and like… it was crazy s hit for a third grader right ?? but ANYWAYS the point of this story is that we had to dress up like someone from our state right so like my friend who was doing kansas dressed up as dorothy from the wizard of oz and people dressed up like sports stars and shit and you know what little sofia decided to dress up as ???? fucking norman rockwell little eight year old sofia put on a fucking fake beard as a wig and dressed up like this ancient old man like ??? who does that who am i and like if that doesnt tell you everything you need to know about me i dont know what could

One of the best people I’ve ever met taught me a very important and valuable lesson that I didn’t realise I needed teaching. She told me that she liked complimenting people. She liked to show them how she felt about them when she liked them by telling them good things about themselves, or just making her behaviour reflect that she liked them. And she didn’t like it when people - especially prospective partners - couldnt loosen up to be as free with her.

It made me think…i do that too, most of the time, naturally. But I always feel bad about it because for some reason to have the upper hand in any relationship or friendship you have to act like you care less about the other person…so I always felt like I had to act that way. And it worked. When I tried it. But it’s not who I am naturally.

So I began to live like this intentionally - complimenting people, telling people why it is that I like them anyway…and wow are the differences huge! People love it!

People don’t actually want you to be in charge…but if you are then you have this pedestal and they want to impress you. But if you just treat them with love, and tell them how fabulous they are… The rewards are SO much better. Your mental health improves, your self esteem improves… All because you’re caring less about what people think of you… And directing your attention to how your words are making them feel about themselves.

Be kind. Let people feel good about themselves. It’s worth it.


So first thing’s first, I wanna say I hope everyone’s having a good day. And to be upfront, this is going to be a plea for assistance.
Some of you may know this, other’s may not, but the beginning of July (the 6th) my Dad had a stroke. He’s doing a lot better, he regained nearly full mobility. The issue is, that he hadn’t been to the see the Doctor in roughly 20 years, give or take, so naturally the Doctors found quite a lot of things needed to be dealt with.
Right now, neither myself or my sister have access to a car, and the three of us live together.
I work part time for the city library system, my sister is a performer at a strip club. Our dad hasn’t worked in a number of years, with the only govt assistance being food stamps for him. We are currently trying to sign him up for Disability Assistance, but the process, as many of you know, is long.
Thing’s have been difficult but we’ve been making due. We’ve been getting him to his appointments with the help of my sisters boyfriend. Naturally, this is when things start coming at you.
First, the fan belt on our dryer broke. Not the biggest problem, but with no laundry mat near by, we’ve been relying on the use of a clothesline until we can get around to fixing it. This has been a problem, since the weather over the past week in Indiana has been horrendous, with far too many storms for this time of year. Next, the drainage pipe on our kitchen sink needs repaired. Again, not a huge thing but rather one more issue, on top of others. On top of all that, it’s the end of the month, so Dad’s food stamps our down to the last couple dollars.
This morning, when Sister went to the club to pick up her check, she found out that the club was closed due to a leak in the roof. Her check was for roughly $30, since she relies on tips.
The houses mortgage is due on Wednesday, with the phone bill, a shared plan for all three of us, due on the 4th.
We’re needing roughly $150 to get where we need to be to get our bills paid and still eat this next week.
If you’re willing to do anything, we’d be incredibly grateful.
Linked are my PayPal, GoFundMe, and YouCaring accounts for whichever is easiest.
Thank you,
Jackie, aka GingerJab

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but now that i’m thinking more carefully about it, they’ve done everything but a hug & fly, which is a damn shame…..unless of course we’re counting this amazing moment from The Dark Avengers:

Okay, so like, I’m having a fic idea that I’m probably too lazy to fully write, but idk. Fair warning: includes a Zimbits breakup, because I hate joy.

So, I was listening to Beyoncé on shuffle, like you do, when Best Thing I Never Had came on. So naturally, my brain went straight to Bitty doing some heartfelt heartbreaking karaoke to this song after a breakup with Jack. Like, tears streaming down his face… Think Teenage Dream (Acoustic), if you’re a Glee fan.

And then I think, where is Bitty doing karaoke? In Vegas! Because that’s a good place for karaoke, and because the next song that came up on Beyoncé shuffle was Sugar Mama, which… Imagine Kent Parson. Like please, I beg you, imagine Kent Parson doing Sugar Mama for karaoke. No one will take this away from me.

So naturally, my thoughts turn to a full-on Beyoncé karaoke battle, wherein Bitty is inarguably better, but Kenny is ridiculous and succeeds in making Bitty laugh, which was what he was going for anyway. Because who knows the Jack Zimmermann heartbreak better than Kenny?

Then, choose your own adventure: a) they become sassy bffs that watch bad reality tv and go dancing together, or b) they totally bang.

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My dad is half native and I've always known that however it's never really registered that it might make me mixed too? Our mom had custody of us when we were young and always put us as white on anything but dad says we can apply for native stuff.

you’re mixed! :V like there’s ofc a point where the nonwhite ancestry is so far removed from the present that considering oneself mixed is sketchy, but ¼ is significant enough to qualify my dude. i’m ¼ black, and i’m mixed.

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coral and shipwreck

coral: if you had to describe your personality as a food, what would you be and why?

i think i would want to be a pear because its fresh (i like to think that my ideas and persona are refreshing) organic/not processed (i try to have a decluttered life and take pride in the natural state of my body and its place in nature)and tart (i think that there is a bit of an edge to me as well)

also pears arent particularly exuberant and i dont think i really stand out that much so theres that

shipwreck: do you have an OC? If so, describe them.

i currently have an OC that is a demon/ former human who sold there soul to the devil to save their lover but then their lover became a witch who summoned a demon to be their familiar and that demon ended up being their former lover and it was very awkward

i havnt names them yet  but i think i have their personalities fleshed out

the demon is kind of a suave chaotic neutral lady who is a bit rough around the edges and likes to tease and antagonize people in a playful way

and my witch is a very chill lady with a lot of class who hates people who flash their wealth. she can be a bit cold but is actually quite sensitive to others despite being a bit judgemental 

I got tagged by @babygirloffcial to do the personal aesthetic moodboard challenge and here it is!

It was hard for me at first bc I had no clue what my aesthetic was but I guess it’s nature, sky, cats, dogs and of course Luke.

*these are all my pictures btw (except the luke one) I just looked thru my camera roll so pls don’t steal*

I tag @wrap-your-wings-around-me, @lukeestnitescent, @saturnluke and @domlucas (love you guys but you don’t need to do this obs)

One of my favorite things to do is take mid-day showers. There’s something kind of magical about taking a shower at one or two in the afternoon. You don’t have to turn the bathroom light on and the natural light is soft and warm (especially in the summer) and it’s this refreshing little boost in the middle of the day, especially because I usually only shower at this time when I’ve had a slow, lazy morning. It’s just so much more peaceful than a morning shower and I’m alert enough to really appreciate it, unlike when I shower at night. Idk. I just really love mid-day showers.


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How long did it take you to get to the standard you're at now with your digital art? I feel like I'm never going to improve, especially seeing as I have no way of learning.

I get this question a lot,, I’m still relatively new to digital art…I’ve been doing it for maybe 2 years? Something like that. But I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, so I’ve had lots of practise :)

Also: like any skill, drawing is something you have to practise and work at if you want to improve, there’s really not much else to it. Yes, natural talent can certainly be a factor but getting better at art is mainly about how much time you’re willing to dedicate to honing your skills and developing your style as an artist. I’ve been drawing for more or less my entire life, and there are still days when I feel like I’ve hit a wall/I’m not improving–it’s all part of the package and I know firsthand how awful it can feel. But it’s super important to remember that you are improving no matter how much it might feel like you aren’t, and if you keep at it, eventually you’ll start to see the results for yourself ^^

I hope this helps!! 


{commissions are open;;}

I still don’t know the whole story but V is so overly dramatic in Zen’s/Yoosung’s route? me and @thebluestmage once talked about how frustrating it is and at one point she said: “I wish I could slap some sense into him. my la chancla is ready”. so naturally, I had to make this. {based on this vine}

this is how V’s route would look like, i’m sure of it


rules: take pictures of your room and upload them. if you’re comfortable with showing your followers your whole room, that’s awesome. if not, maybe just take a picture of your bookshelf or your favourite chair or the place where your cat sleeps, it doesn’t matter. just do what you’re comfortable with. use the #showyourroomtag, so the posts are easier to find. have fun and tag however many people you want!

i tag (and this is totally optional, feel free to ignore this) (i wasn’t even tagged by anyone i just had to do it) holdmetightniall, thatswhatloveisallabout-tm5, thecolouroftheoceanafterastorm, nightingiall, thatsmyboyblog, lyinginyourattic, planetarydust, lastlivingsouls-honey, 1dalwaysbenice (i keep adding more people bc you all take hella good pics and bc i think you’d like this)

and i also tag anyone who sees this and wants to do it bc that’s what happened to me :D

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Of all the people you designed for the game, who was the most fun to draw? :3


୧༼✿ ͡◕ д ◕͡ ༽୨ Markimoo,chica and ToastyKen ! Because i love robots and animal stuff.(especially the bear mode of ken.that was awesome )

Poods was fun too but it came out so naturally that i didn’t see the challenge into it. 

but that  was so hard to rework on Mark.Especially his face, i didn’t know what to do ‘cause for his first version,it was covered by his mask ..Plus ppl had already in mind a design of him so i rlyyy wanted to not fucked up. 

Stressful.but fun ! (ノ^∇^)ノ゚

So Renji and Rukia have already been married during some years and they have even had a kid. 

But I love that they still show to have that spark of being very attracted to each other and being flirty. We saw it in chapter 685, with Renji flirting with Rukia and Rukia sttutering because of it and blushing (I’m pretty sure now that Renji’s comments had at the very least something to do with the blushing xD), and in the last chapter colorspread they show a so natural interaccion between people in a romantic relationship, people that are very much in love with each other, with Rukia leaning on Renji’s lap, and Renji looking at her with a flirty expression and Rukia’s interacting back. 

They haven’t changed from when Rukia blushed because Renji touched her butt xD in the academy days, except that Renji is now very openly flirty with her ^_~

Badboy!Luke AU

Requested: Yes, basically Badboy!Luke AU with very shy/ insecure reader

Smut: No

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Word Count: 1K


so hey this was a request i got literally over a year ago but I haven’t written since then but I’ve finally got back into things so here you go!! enjoy x


“So, you free on Friday?”

You roll your eyes as Luke slides into the seat next to you in the library. For some reason, the stereotypical bad boy of your college had taken it upon himself to torment you at every opportunity for the last four months. It had all started when you were forced to tutor him in Chemistry, as he was unsurprisingly failing. Tutoring wasn’t something you normally liked to do as it went against your introverted nature but when your professor mentioned that reference you’d been begging him to write, you couldn’t help but agree. Ever since that very first tutoring session, Luke had been pretending to ask you out every time you saw each other – as if you needed another reminder of your pitiful social status and your lack of experience with the opposite sex.

“Busy on Friday, sorry.” You reply without moving your gaze from your notebook.

Luke shifts in the seat next to you so you glance up. He looks incredible, as always, wearing a white t shirt and black leather jacket with his trademark jeans and Chelsea boots. “Oh yeah? What are you doing?”

“Studying. Like you should be.”

He scoffs, “As if. Calum is having a party this weekend and you’re coming with me.”

“No, I’m not. I’m busy.” You reply snappily.

“You’re not busy. Studying’s no fun.” He rolls his eyes right back at you.

Your eyes roll again. As if hanging out with Luke and his dumbass friends would be any more entertaining. Not that he’s actually asking anyway. With a sigh you get up and shove your notebook into your bag. “See you later, Luke.”


“Hey baby, wanna go see a movie tonight?”

Your phone drops into your lap as you groan. Can’t a girl have one day of peace?

“What do you want Luke?”

“You. Obviously.” He drops down on the bench next to you, sunglasses covering his blue eyes as he rummages round in his jacket pocket for a cigarette.

You ignore him and pick up your phone, continuing to text your sister to remind her it’s her turn to do the dishes. Luke inhales his cigarette deeply and gazes round the little courtyard you’d sat down in, the smell making your nose wrinkle uncomfortably.

He notices and laughs, “Want some?”

You scoff, “No thanks.”

He shrugs and places it back in his mouth, “So, what you doing out here? I went in the library looking for you.”

You try not to enjoy the warmth of his arm as he places it along the top of the bench behind you, “I was trying to avoid you. Clearly that failed.”

“Ouch, baby. That hurt. Why you gotta be so cruel?” He jokes, winking at you.

You lose the last of your patience. “Cruel? I’m the one that’s cruel? You literally follow me around and harass me all the time, and have done for four months. I do you a favour by tutoring you and you throw it back in my face by bullying me. Thanks to you, your little buddies have started talking shit about me as well, even though I was perfectly happy being left alone. I know I don’t have many friends or any guys knocking on my door, but you don’t need to remind me of it every single fucking day. I get it okay.”

With that, you quickly grab your stuff and leave before he can see the tears burning in your eyes.


Luke leaves you on alone for the next few days, and even though you’re relieved, you’re surprised to realise you miss his terrible jokes and cute smirk. But his friends seem to be leaving you alone too, so your little rant the other day is definitely proving worth it. You’re studying in the library yet again when you hear the tell-tale sound of Luke’s boots approaching. Your body freezes as you stare at your textbook, waiting for the onslaught of insults but they never come. After a pause, you look up and see Luke looking really uncomfortable, scratching the back of his neck.

“Uh. Hi.” He starts nervously, making you frown. What the heck is going on? “So, basically, I just wanted to, uh, say I’m sorry I guess. And I didn’t know the boys were being dicks to you but I spoke to them and they’ll stop. And I don’t wind you up because you’re ugly or anything. You’re actually really cute. But, uh, yeah, I’m sorry. See you around I guess.” He frowns at your jaw-dropped expression briefly before practically sprinting back out the library doors.


The weekend is finally here and you’re lounging around the house, hanging out with your sister when the doorbell rings. Sighing, and pushing a stray hair aside, you head to the door. You pull it open and there stands Luke, armed with a red rose and a nervous smile.


“Hi? Why are you at my house” You ask.

“So, you know when I apologised to you at the library. That wasn’t what I was meant to say at all.”

You frown confusedly, “What?”

“Okay, so it kinda was. I was supposed to apologise and stuff.” He rambles, “But what I actually wanted to say is that when I ask you out all the time, it’s not because I’m joking or I think I’m better than you or anything. It’s actually because you make me really nervous and I’m too much of a dick to ask you out properly. Until now.”

You’re even more shocked and confused than the other day at the library. “What do you mean? You’re not joking? I don’t get it.”

Luke takes a deep breath, “No, I’m not joking. It’s just you’re so out of my league because you’re so smart and I’m failing literally everything and I’m probably too much of an asshole to even be your type and I think you’re one of the most gorgeous girls I’ve ever seen. You make me really nervous.”

Your heart is beating so fast. You can’t believe Luke likes you? He’s so stunning, and yeah kind of a dick, but this new side of him is so attractive. “Are you serious?”

“Deadly. I want to take you out for dinner, baby.”

“Okay.” You smile, and watch the grin explode on Luke’s face.

“Fuck, it only took four months.” He laughs as he reaches towards you and firmly presses his mouth to yours.


This didn’t turn out as good as i thought it would but hope you liked it anyway!!