So naturally I had to do this

Story time. Mod Saeran x Jack in the Box guy

So I was a nervous wreck before I entered the place. I breathed in n out and was like fuck it. I checked my face and hair and ugh i just wished I had natural beauty LOL. anyways I was thinking what do I order so I was thinking of an Oreo cookie shake with French fries. I went in and I LEGIT saw his co worker go to the cashier And was like “ my name” hi what can I get for you and i SAW BAE LEGIT LEAVE THE DRIVE THRU WINDOW AND HE SMILED AT ME AND THEN HE SHAKED HIS HEAD. So I was like okay okay don’t get nervous. So I ordered my thing and then we gonna call his co worker Steve. So Steve was just smiling and looking at BAE and when BAE was down he told Steve to take care of drive thru.


So BAE was like “ wow no pajamas today? Cute how you got dressed up for me” and I was like “ no my friend didn’t want to go to drive thru because of the line” and he just smirked at me “ and was like sure cutie ” and he winked and went into the fridge and I died.


So Steve was taking drive thrus order and he was making my Oreo shake. BAE was getting my fries ready and then I notice Steve give me a bag and I grabbed it and I was shook. Like BAE was still getting my fries. And then he was like “ this is from me ” and I got the bag and it WAS A FUCKING CAKE. IM LIKE NO. then Steve left.


Then BAE put my fries in the bag and he looked at me and saw I had a bag so he grabbed my bag and looked and he legit stared at Steve. Steve just smirked and continue taking orders. BAE gave me my fries and he was like “ I remember since we were kids you never liked cherries” and he grabbed my cherry “ let me show you something I could do ” he double notes the FUCKING cherry stem and I FUCKING became the color of a cherry. “ you wouldn’t be needing this anymore” and he threw the cherry stem. I was shook. I was ready to leave and I grabbed my bags cause I was a nervous wreck and I got the drink and walked out. I heard the employee door open and he legit grabbed my wrist to turn me around and he got close and legit warned me “ next time you only accept chocolate overload cake from me. And only me. Have a goodnight and think about the cherry” YALLL YALLLL TALK TO ME TALK TO ME IM STULLL SHOOK - MOD SAERAN DYING

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hey sorry for bother but where did u find bts hq video on mama to make gifs?

check out this channel

Okay but with the taekook swaying gif, it just looks so goddamn natural like they do it all the time and i feel dead when i think of it also Jungkook looks so relaxed, his eyes are closed and he looks so peaceful and i can’t believe I’m dead 😭


omg you should do like a meme of that scene where jk grabs tae cause if you pause it at the right time you’ll see yoongi’s face is like this: -_- , and everyone else is so happily singing i crack up everytime i see it

LOL really??? i didn’t even notice haha

how long is the mamas? like after the red carpet

4 hours after red carpet

these past few days….have truly been a blessing to us taekook shippers


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i've been reading your opinions on the possibility of lavabending and i've had a thought - i agree that bolin should not be able to lavabend due to not undergoing the training and thus skill to do so. The POTENTIAL to bend an element does not equal the ABILITY to bend it. Canonically, the bender must adopt a technique and mentality similar to the element itself to have control over it, hence why Aang struggled so much with earthbending. The fluid nature of lava should make it impossible for (1)

(2) most earthbenders, due to their training in bending rigid, unyielding earth. However, I was thinking about Iroh learning to manipulate a form of his element by watching waterbenders and imitating them. I began to speculate on whether an earthbender who watched, learned from and imitated waterbenders could use the technique of waterbending to control the flow of molten lava. What do you think? Perhaps by also learning from firebenders they could learn to use their chi to redirect energy?

Another (not very well thought out) possibility - waterbenders gaining the ability to create steam from learning from firebenders. If firebenders can learn to guide the flow of a form of their element, what if waterbenders could learn to harness energy from their own chi (i believe firebenders like azula can create blue fire by harnessing more energy from her chi?) and somehow direct it into water, thus transferring enough energy into the water to excite the molecules and create steam?

I agree with you that, with training, some earthbenders could use waterbending forms to control molten rock. However, I draw the line at firebenders teaching earthbenders how to redirect heat, both because earthbenders have never been shown capable of heat redirection and because firebenders are the only benders that are actually capable of creating energy straight from their own chi, which is where they get heat from.

A little throwback to Iroh’s  training sessions with Zuko:

Iroh: No! Power in firebending comes from the breath. Not the muscles. The breath becomes energy in the body. The energy extends past your limbs and becomes fire.

The earthbenders’ breath is unable to become energy, the way firebenders’ breath does, so I don’t think they would ever be able to create or direct heat in any way. The same thing with waterbenders: they don’t create their own energy with their chi. Rather, they use their chi to channel their respective elements. (The fact that firebenders are the only ones who create their own element was likely helpful in the state propaganda of “Fire is the superior element!” as Zhao would say.) 

I’ve been thinking about waterbenders being able only to freeze things, not heat them up. This actually makes a lot of sense to me the more I ponder it…

Because waterbenders do not create their own element, they can only manipulate the energy, such as heat, that already exists in it. When they freeze water, they are directing energy out of their element (probably into the surrounding air). However, they can’t heat water, because they can’t bring energy back into that element once it’s out, since the energy is no longer part of the water and thus they would not be able to manipulate it any longer. 


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This'll be the last one. That witcher thing just kinda had me like "Eh" when people were asking about diversity. Its a dutch? (I think?) adventure about dutch fantasy problems and how they do it with their own culture. They just throw you in the stew with all the quirky good and bad side that makes it a charming natural time. To then want to force things into that charming stew just feels off. Its like when a cool monster show has that one boring kid so you can "Relate" Just show the world


This is kind of what I figure. The diversity would be great, but as soon as these cryboys start moaning about it a lot, you can tell it has nothing to do with you or your race at all. It’s all about them and broadcasting to everyone possible that they’re this great, accepting dude. And then they want to be your voice for shit you don’t care about. Like “In fact, black people are so oppressed by video games, half of the current white labour force should be fired and replaced by black people!” and you’re just there like fucking          what? Yeah, more people of my race in the media that I like would be great, but what the fuck is this? Or even just the type of emotional investment into this shit these people spend that are supposedly your shared opinons and stance, so everyone has to now assume that all black people are as pissed at video games as this crying white boy who can’t stop microblogging about it when really it’s almost impossible for you to give a fuck. This stuff boils my asshole. Everyone sees through the signalling right away.

Okay real talk, how do girls squirt so much. I was trying to get myself in the mood and I came across this porn with the title so much squirting, so naturally I became interested. But see these girls all you had to do was rub their clit three times and a fucking waterfall came out. I’m sitting here, with my fucking toy in my lap, completely amazed because it takes me almost ten minutes just to cum. Not that I’m into squirting like 20 times in five minutes but I mean once ever so often would be nice I guess. Go them I guess.

Skam vs. Eyewitness?

Sorry for being honest, but I think SKAM and Eyewitness are in completely different leagues. Although they both “do their own thing”, the remake of Eyewitness has lost it’s Scandinavian charm and no filter, colour grading and desaturation can help creating the natural atmosphere the original series had, because it just looks so fake. They actors are the ones making it enjoyable for me to watch, but I honestly only watch their clips once or twice, while watching SKAM clips around fifty times as soon as they come out.

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Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)

when we first got married i had to psych myself up every time to say “my wife” to a new person. it was awkward because with “girlfriend” a lot of people would just assume i meant “friend,” and of course “fiancée” is gender-neutral when spoken, so we’d always had plausible deniability. but the meaning of “wife” is pretty unavoidable. still, i made myself do it on principle, and slowly but surely it became natural.

now i love saying “my wife,” to everyone all the time. i love saying it to the old woman distributing the strawberries at the farm share, asking if she knows where i can still get rhubarb because every summer i make my wife a pie. i love saying it to the gay employee helping me at crate and barrel, telling him i’m buying these glasses because my wife and i both had them growing up, and seeing his eyes light up. i love saying it to friends of friends and to new acquaintances and to potential coworkers and to the women at the laundromat. i love being aggressively out, and i love having such an easy way to be aggressively out. i love being the first woman with a wife someone has ever met, making our existence part of their reality. i love being visible for other lgbt people who might feel a little less alone knowing i’m there, which helps me push past the fear when it comes. most of all, i love not hiding. i love saying “my wife” and i love my wife.

i decided i was going to make my bed and was curious how long it would take for boo to leave

so i begin. here we see boo, my nearly 1 year old farting machine, in his natural habitat. this creature cannot be pissed to do anything. 

so i take everything off and start straightening my blankets. as you can see, boo hasn’t so much as glanced in my direction. he’s fucking rude.

ah, you say. he left! he had it with me disturbing him while he tried to sleep.

but you are wrong my friend.

because boo doesn’t give one fried fuck.

i am having a significant amount of trouble finding enough information on men’s wigs/hair care in the 18th century. a lot of the same information keeps getting repeated. here’s what i want to know:

  • did hamilton wear a wig or powder his hair? at the very least it doesn’t look like he’s wearing one in the ezra ames portrait, but that would’ve been when wigs had pretty much gone out of style. i mean, after studying a bunch of portraits i’m under the impression that it’s his natural (fairly curly) hair, but i really don’t know.
  • if someone powdered their hair, how often did they do so and how often did they remove the powder? i know it was messy and greasy, it seems difficult to sleep in.
  • if a man wore a wig, did he always shave his real hair?
  • did men sleep with their hair in a queue? did they use some kind of hair net to keep their pillows clean?

honestly, if you know the answer to any of these questions (or if you just have some thoughts to add) hmu. i swear there’s a reason i’m asking, though it’s not a very good reason.


“I didn’t know what to call him and [to] Dorothy, my wife, I said ‘Will you have a look through the Mayflower, the Christian names of everybody who went over to America’, and she came across a man called Determination Davis and another man called Endeavour Jones.” – Colin Dexter

“It certainly informs pretty much everything we do, that name.” – Russ Lewis

“It shows you a massive part of who this person is. To endeavour, to … try. There’s something about that name which is interesting and sort of essential.” – Shaun Evans

Hair Magic

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Enchant your hair ties! Use colors to help you enchant them:

*Purple - creativity 

*Yellow - joy

*White - protection 

*Black - wards off negativity 

*Green - prosperity and luck

And so on!

You can also enchant the way you do your hair! This is how I enchant my hairstyles:

*Ponytail - motivation/determination

*Bun - productivity 

*Braid(s) - calm and relax

*Dreadlocks - balance and harmony; passion (I have not had dreads, however, so the correspondence is not personal)

*Natural/down - success

You can also enchant wigs and hair dyes! 

Feel free to tweak the correspondences however you like and the next time you style your hair, add some magic~