So much so that I think I scared my roommate

i need to face the fact that i need to get another job RIGHT NOW if i want to maybe not stay here for another winter?? not living with water, heat or plumbing for 5 months literally feels like camping, and i reaaaally dont wanna go through that again

nerdyten asked:

hi sam :) ok first things first THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOT LETTING THE DALEK RUIN THE REUNION (which is one of my favourite scenes EVER in dw and to not have it ruined (by the dalek) is wonderful <3) oooh my god I was properly scared while reading :D:D ugh, my feels. also, how are things at your new apartment, have you settled in yet? :)

Everyone seems so surprised that I didn’t completely ruin the reunion. Like what do you guys think I am? RTD? ;)

But I’m glad you liked it :)

And yeah, I’m settling in alright. Not completely moved yet – I’ll be doing some more later today when my roommate wakes up, but it’s alright. Loving the new place :)