So he read her books.


Rory and Jess after the series finale; life in New York


it’s showing you possibility….
h o p e

30/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

I wish i could have the ability to write an essay about even after everything that happened to him, Percy is still a Hufflepuff at heart. 

“Title page of the printed transcript of the trial of Calico Jack and his crew in November 1720 and of the trial of Mary Read and Anne Bonny, celebrated a few days later. Both trials took place in Spanish Town, Jamaica, then known as St Jago de la Vega.” - Under the Black Flag, David Cordingly

Today my supervisor told me about how she worked at a Buddhist centre throughout her PhD (she is a Buddhist and was writing about Tibetan Buddhism specifically) and a Lama from Nepal came to stay at the centre but he didn’t speak any English, so he asked her to take him to get a book to read that was super super simple and he chose a kids’ book called The Naughty Lion

and all the people at the centre were like “you literally cannot buy the Lama a book called The Naughty Lion, he is a highly venerated spiritual leader"

but she did and he absolutely loved it, and he thanked her for letting him buy a book called The Naughty Lion because he secretly didn’t like how everyone at the centre was trying to stop him from reading The Naughty Lion, but he was too nice to say anything

and she bought him a nice pair of shoes from Clarks on the same trip 

what a tale

[It was such a nice day, that once Brie and the girls picked Jeremiah up from school, she figured they could all spend time in the backyard for a little bit before Josh got home. Alina and Amerie were running around the yard barefoot, chasing the dogs around while Brie and Jeremiah sat on the stairs as she listened to him read her a book so he could check it off for his homework. She was more then anxious for Josh to come home so she could share her news with their little, now growing family.] Daddy’s gonna be here soon, and I have a surprise for you guys, Pepe. [she reminded him with a smile, lifting an eyebrow as he asked if it was more toys for the playroom. She couldn’t help but laugh as she moved her arm around his shoulder, kissing his forehead] Nope, no toys. It’s waaaaay better then some silly toys.

Actually…I don’t want Robin dead….*hears Swen and all the other ppl with taste gasp*

I want Regina to ditch Robin’s sorry ass!

Not because of Emma (partly!!)

Because Regina is better than this!!

Cause Regina deserves someone who puts her (along with HENRY) first

Someone who doesn’t live like “Well, hole is hole..might as well tap that too!” 

Someone who will stand up and tell her, when she’s wrong or what she did

Robin is not worthy of Regina…

And instead of fucking around, he should read a book about parenting! 

So I want her to look Robin in the eyes and say “Get the fuck away from me, you peasant!” 

Cersei had taken Tommen round their camps before they marched, to let them cheer their little king. She had never looked more beautiful than she did that day, with a smile on her lips and the autumn sunlight shining on her golden hair. Whatever else one might say about his sister, she did know how to make men love her when she cared enough to try.
—  A Feast For Crows, Jaime II

one of my upcoming prompts revolves around Simmons having hypoxia instead of Fitz, and it makes me want to rip my heart out just thinking about it

  • Simmons not being able to look at Fitz (or May).
  • Simmons feeling weak, feeling like she’s letting down her “strong women” heroes.
  • Simmons not being able to conduct dissections or surgery anymore because of her hands.
  • Jemma “journey into mystery” Simmons becoming increasingly withdrawn and depressed.
  • Fitz staying up all night reading medical terminology books so he can help her properly.
  • Fitz joining HYDRA to give her space.
  • because he realises that his presence + his confession is crowding her and making her feel like even more of a failure because she feels like she’s not the Jemma he fell in love with and how could he ever love somebody so stupid, and she is so stubborn and self-critical and she thinks that he’s only saying what he’s saying to be nice because he loves her
  • in other words “The only thing that makes her worse is you.”

Sparks (12/?)

I’m so happy to be able to updated less than two weeks later! Chapter 13 is already begun so hopefully there will be an update in two weeks! (no promises though!)

Thanks again to my wonderful beta @ultraluckycatnd <3

Summary: Killian meets Emma on his wedding day after being left at the altar. Will she able to help him pass through his issues and Killian help her open up to others around her?
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Being back in Boston was a bit harder then Emma had initially thought it would be. As soon as they had entered the city, memories of her and Neal spurred back to mind. Memories of being young and making poor decisions. She hoped that Killian hadn’t caught on to her slight change of mood, but he could read her like an open book. So it wasn’t a surprise when he did ask her if she was alright. Emma debated with herself for a short moment if she should deflect the subject or just be honest. Knowing Killian, he would notice her lie, so she preferred to tell him how she really felt without actually telling him about Neal.

She knew that she would eventually need to tell him, and if she was being quite honest, she didn’t know why she hadn’t told him yet. Of all people, he would understand her and he wouldn’t judge her. It seemed that as much as Killian had helped her tear those walls down, she still kept this armor around her heart. Emma decided to tell him how she felt, but also admitted that she wasn’t ready to divulge her past. As usual, Killian was understanding and only gave her a warm smile which managed to wash her worries away.

The city looked gorgeous covered in snow, but not as beautiful as Storybrooke. Emma sensed as they parked the car and grabbed their overnight bags that Killian was a tad tense. She totally understood, especially if she was still tense about something that happened ten years ago, while Killian was probably more tense about something that happened only two months ago. She stood next to him as they entered his apartment and kept a watchful eye on him. He seemed to process the sight of his apartment. After two months in her little town, the last time he was in this room was when he was with Milah. Emma knew that these two weeks would be hard since he would have to deal with his past life and hopefully get closure from it.

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Also I need to find a new place to eat sushi because, as much as I love my fave sushi place, the sushi chef will talk to me through an entire bowl of udon soup.

And… and I can’t say ‘please leave me alone so I can eat my delicious food’ because I don’t want to be rude.

But I hate people talking to me when I’m trying to eat. (I HATE PEOPLE LOOKING AT ME WHEN I EAT. PLEASE STOP.) It wasn’t so bad when Cute Chatty Waitress #1 and #2 were around but waitress #3 apparently doesn’t talk to the chef enough.

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snuggles+snuggle4 (liz)

Jack had been watching Liz for a while now, hoping that she would enjoy her stay with him. He had plenty of plushes and other toys to keep her happy, so as he sat reading his book, though turning his eyes to check on Liz here and there, he saw the little Neko run up to him, and hug against his legs. He smiles happily, and chuckles, for it seemed Lizzie was trying to tackle him in his chair. 

“Hehehe, what are you doing Liz. Pffft, if you want to climb up, cuddle and read with me you could have asked. Your effort of tackling me is fruitless.”