So gorgeous i just

i am so utterly obsessed with dodie’s new song and there are so many thoughts and so little words ah i just goddamnit it’s so gorgeous and simple and sweet and caring and wise and so so true and i can tell it is a song i am going to cry to and will cry whenever i hear it.

im going to be QUITE HONEST but I’m not a fan of how Nocchi’s hair is done for Perfume like how its round and curled in at the ends. It’s just so unflattering idk I mean she’s gorgeous anyway but I’ve seen her hair slightly wavy (like when shes being casual) or like just straight and it looks fantastic??? like the way it was done for cling cling looked so good??? Also in some magazine shots of just her they do it that way and she looks so good.

anyway JUST MY ONION. What do you guys think

anonymous asked:

HOW are all of the gen 3 kids so beautiful I just ???? Gorgeous

honestly idk there’s just some great genes this gen