So gorgeous i just


And it’s done! Once again, photos just can’t do justice to how amazing this is. I spent a lot of time considering pockets and snaps and leather accents. But in the end, @bishybarnaby‘s embroidery was just too gorgeous on its own, so I just sewed a simple sleeve. Its lined with black felt, and with 4 layers total, I have no concerns about it accidentally getting dropped. 

Absolutely the best commission I’ve made. Thank you @bishybarnaby!

zaitv  asked:

top 5 fave jimin or jungkook looks. u could also do both.

i might do jungkook later….so i just did jimin for now. also i know you can’t see his whole outfit in most of these but like whatever. (these aren’t in any order)

1. this look was cunty and beautiful

2. i thought this one was really cute….i love him in glasses

3. i know you can’t see most of his outift, but green shirt with brown hair (and that hairstyle) is gorgeous (p.s.- jawline porn)

4. cuuuutie in a beanie and glasses??? i’m dead

5. he just looks so gorgeous in this one. this outfit is literally always on my mind.

Thanks for asking!! love u

The Pilgrimage: Day 24

I left Livingston with much higher spirits. Never underestimate what a hot shower and a warm bed will do for you. I took frontage road towards Bozeman which led me straight to the Montana Grizzly Encounter. Where I watched two of their amazing bears play around in the enclosure. It was pretty incredible. Appreciating the size of these creatures is a little easier when there isn’t glass between you.
I wish the weather had been a little better so I could have just sat around and drew those gorgeous animals. 

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okay okay, but this gif makes Sam look like a prince who rides a horse to the end of a cliff, and pulls on the reins just in time to look down upon his great kingdom being attacked by monsters, hair in the wind, loyal followers behind his every step awaiting for orders
#Samuel Winchester#Youngest heir of King John #Hunter of the West
#Hero of Winchesteros

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