So dumb

i am amused


a new trending tag #BoycottHamilton from conservatives after the cast of Hamilton gave a message to Pence after he attended a show. 

Like conservatives were gonna go see that show anyway?!?!?!

also… #TrumpCup

Trump supporters get their Starbucks drinks under the name Trump as a f*ck you to the coffee giant. But Starbucks is still getting their $5-10 per cup anyway?!?!?

I think you guys spent too much time learning the second amendment to know how the first one works. 

Somebody reviewed the BBC doctor who spin off Class (which has incredible racial diversity, as well as disabled characters who aren’t there for inspiration, and lgbt characters, without it being a main plot point) show as being racist because it’s only got two main characters who are white (and they are the most main main characters) and it normalises hate of white people and i cannot tell if they’re being sarcastic or not but i’m honestly very annoyed by this review, I am white, racism towards white people isn’t really a thing, unlike white privilege, which does exist. We have enough/too many white characters in tv shows and after the shit white people put POC through I can see why they would hate white people. 

Imagine dedicating a blog and your time to criticizing a tv show that YOU are CHOOSING to watch

Like no one is forcing you to watch this?? If you’re so done and fed up then don’t watch it?!?!

It honestly leaves me so confused. If people still love the show, then just let them love it and focus on something YOU love, not something you hate. People are wasting too much energy on hating something smh

…so August is Zeref and Mavis’s son? Is Mashima just not gonna address how Precht coaxed Mavis’s frozen body through pregnancy? Or why Precht abandoned a child after going through all that effort? Or why Precht (the guy who eventually collects super powerful mages) abandons a child with lots of magic power? Or how August somehow survived, despite no adult intervention, after being abandoned? Am I supposed to believe August the infant fed himself? And clothed and housed himself? I mean, I’m all for suspending reality for the sake of a story, but that’s just ridiculous…