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Switch place with me, Bok Gil 

Mike’s wandering eyes, and that little grin he only has for Harvey. Next minute, a heated kiss pressed against the shelves.

Or maybe Mike’s is just hungry…. And wants some of Harvey’s hot dog.

  • Me: Ugh I am honestly so tired of people over analyzing every single ship. Like seriously?? What happened to platonic relationships and friendships? Why does everything have to be in a romantic context? Why can't two characters love and support one another without it being romantic? 'Omg they looked at each other true love!!!' My goodness. You're grasping for straws. Let two characters be friends.
  • Also me, looking at my OTP: Why I Think Them Standing Next To Each Other in This Five Second Scene Is Foreshadowing Them Becoming Canon: a 4000 Word Analysis by Me

in the end i wanna be standing
at the beginning with you

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I've noticed you like kevin/aaron do you mind sharing any headcanons about them as they're an extremely rarepair and most people hate aaron so I can't ask alot of people.

Ummmmm an opportunity to yell about my rare otp and how much I love Aaron Minyard?? Yes ??????
(this took so long, im sorry D: )

  • Kevin gets into arguments with the foxes a lot and he’ll just stop mid-sentence sometimes and gesture angrily at Aaron like “can you back me up please???” and Aaron just closes his laptop or whatever and goes to stand by his bf and opens his mouth like hes gonna say something to the others and then just shakes his head and pats Kev on the shoulder and leaves
  • Aaron is low-key a meme king and Kevin doesn’t really understand contemporary social media but Aaron trains him to respond to memes educates him, and if you listen closely you can hear Aaron whisper “and we’re roommates” into the darkness at 3am right before you hear a half-asleep Kevin snore loudly and yell “OH MY GOD, WE’RE ROOMMATES” and then the sound of a startled Nicky jerking awake and falling out of bed while cursing
  • Aaron is everyone’s first line of defense when it comes to his bf pushing health food on them. The two go shopping together and every time Kevin turns to look at something, Aaron scans the cart and pulls out anything that’s too green. They get to the check stand and Kev is like “I swear I grabbed an artichoke??” and Aaron is like “guess all that healthy shit isn’t helping your memory at all is it? We walked right past that stuff and you didn’t even stop to look, babe”
  • Aaron is the only person that Kevin trusts to string his racquet
  • you’ve heard of andreil sleeping facing each other, now get ready for Kaaron sleeping facing away from each other. Aaron always sleeps facing the wall with the blanket over his head because he got used to trying to block everything out when his mom would bring guys home or when she would get into these drunk yelling matches with Luther on the phone, and Kevin sleeps facing the room because he used to watch Riko sleep and wonder how the soft quiet boy became so hard and cruel,,
  • (tl;dr,,, Kevin and Aaron feel safe at night with the warmth and weight of the other against their back)
  • sometimes Andrew and Aaron both wear long sleeves and Kevin can’t 100% tell them apart, so he’ll casually sit next to one of them and the boy doesn’t say anything, seems to lean into Kevin a bit even, so he’s like “ah ok this one is mine” in his head, and then he goes to kiss his boyfriend’s cheek and a book comes flying from across the room followed by a glare and “IM Aaron, you asshole,”
  • Kevin starts to get up to go sit by the other twin, but a hand grabs his wrist and pulls him back down and the twin next to him goes “what the fuck, Andrew? He knows it’s me, he’s not stupid like Neil”
  • (Neil got as far as “yes or no” last week before Aaron realized what was happening and shoved him off the couch)
  • Kevin nods and cautiously puts his arm around Aaron(?), and Aaron turns to “kiss” Kevin but actually just presses his lips to his and mutters “retract your arm, you fake bitch, I know you couldn’t tell it was me”

my brain - the reason that Keith/Lance always stand so close together is because they’re in voltron formation and thats the shows brand, alongside the fact that they’re usually partners because they’re the right side of Voltron 

the same goes for Shiro/Allura often being paired off together in offical works and promos because they’re supposed to be the responsible leaders of the team and often work off one another

my heart - the aliens wanna stand with their boyfriends lmaooooo 

I hate this gif.
I hate it because I don’t understand it.
It’s ridiculous but I hope you get my point.
We all know jongkey was all lovey-dovey during MBC Gayo. But this is too much.
First of all, I can’t understand why.
Why would Kibum be so touchy with Jonghyun, knowing there were so many people? He must have seen the camerman so it was obvious everyone would see it (not mentioning fancams).
Second. How did Jonghyun know that Kibum wanted to lean on him? You cam see Jonghyun hunching his shoulders even before Kibum as much as touches him. How did he know?!
And god, his hands are so shameless, he’s so shameless, they’re so shameless..!
I can’t stand looking at this gif, truly. Everything about it is so infuriating because this is how soulmates look like. Knowing what the latter wants without even speaking, complying to their every whim.. serving as their goddamn armrest.
I just love jongkey so much, ok? And this ia one of the most memorable moment. Let 2016 be the year of jongkey!

  • Steve: Man I hate Tony Stark-
  • Bucky: me too- like why the fuck is his hair so cute, and who the hell allowed him to be that brilliantly smart? Why am I always so inclined to cuddle him and protect him whenever I see him?? How the fuck can he be that abrasive and yet still turn me the fuck on?? I fucking can't stand that loser God I wanna kiss him so bad-
  • Steve:
  • Steve: What
Just something I made up to ward off the impending ending of yoi
  • Yurio: I've wanted to kiss you all day long.
  • Otabek: well why haven't you?
  • Yurio: *sighs* I can't reach your face.
  • Otabek: *starts slowly leaning down*
  • Yurio: *stands on his tip toes, grabs Otabek by the neck and DRAGS him down so their lips can meet*
  • Otabek: *blushes*
  • Yurio: *blushes*
  • Yurio: you know I'm going to be taller then you soon.

I knew Emmerdale and Robert wouldn’t let me down. Look how far we’ve come.

Robert Sugden is going to willingly and voluntarily tell Aaron Dingle, the love of his life, the one person that he would do anything for, would literally die for. The one person that he is the most afraid of losing. The one person that he knows that he could not live without. He’s going to tell that person that he slept with Rebecca and got her pregnant. Not because he has too, not because Ross is blackmailing him. Not because he thinks that there’s going to still be a baby at the end of all this, but because he actually can’t live with the guilt of lying to Aaron. He actually wants to try to be a better person for the man that he loves. 

Andy was right when he said that Aaron makes Robert a better person, and here we are again, getting further evidence of that, as if we needed anymore. If this were anyone else Robert would be merrily going about his way, not worrying about the fact that he was lying to him, but he can’t because it’s Aaron. 

I love that there is nothing forcing him into doing this anymore. Ross has backed off thanks to Rebecca. As far as he knows Rebecca is no longer pregnant. He’s got away with it, but he doesn’t want to and that just makes my heart sing and break at the same time. 

I also love that it’s not a heat of the moment decision, like Aaron says or does something that makes him confess. He’s thought about it and he knows what he’s doing. He’s making a conscious, considered decision that could end his relationship with Aaron and he’s willing to risk that for the sake of Aaron knowing the truth. 

I’m just imaging him now tonight and tomorrow stealing glances at Aaron when he thinks he’s not looking, just watching him as he goes about his day, memorising every little thing about Aaron and his habits, as if he hasn’t done that already. But this could be the last day that he gets to spend with the love of his life and that has got to be devastating and terrifying, and yet despite that he’s going to do the right thing and confess. 

Well that got long and rambly, but if you couldn’t tell I have a lot of feelings about this and I just love the way that they have worked up to this reveal being all about Roberts decision, no one’s forcing him into it.

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It kinda makes me sad to see full grown adults ship sha||adin ships. I'm 12 and i know this is not right! My friend can't got on tumblr and look at klance fanart because there are people who have and will mix tags. She can't enjoy her ship cause people are being rude. She has ptsd from someone taking advantage of her when she was little and can't stand to see sha||adin ships. It actually makes her have breakdowns and it's so sad that she can't enjoy her otp because of gross assholes. ~lambie

God I hope she’s doing better, I’d suggest telling her to use the safeklance tag!

It’s still fresh and there’s barely anything there but I’m hoping in the future it’ll fill up.

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I don't even know how I ship Laven at this point (Brotp or Otp) but one thing I can never stand is if anyone refuses to acknowledge that Allen is really, really important to Lavi and vice-versa. To Lavi, Allen is so human and embraces everything about humanity that he thought was weak/didn't exist- he is a light of hope, as he literally describes him as one. For Allen, Lavi seems to be someone he can always trust, someone he can't think of losing. (Eyes of Hatred chapter.) Also Ace of Spades.

couldn’t agree with you more anon. a lot of people seem to have this weird habit of downplaying or even outright ignoring a character’s relationship with another, especially if they ship one or both of the characters with someone else (either primarily or in a Only They Can Be Together TM kinda way). allen clearly means a lot to lavi, and vice versa, and to downplay that just because you ship allen or lavi with someone else is kinda?? idk it doesn’t make any sense to me.

i mean i’ve seen it the other way around too tho - sadly a lot of people heavily downplay how much lenalee means to both allen and lavi in laven fics a lot, which makes me really sad. lenalee is incredibly important to them both, and i don’t see why them caring about her would effect or downplay how they feel for each other, or equally how their feelings for each other would effect or downplay how they feel about lenalee.

but then i do ship allen and lavi with other characters as well as with each other, and also tend to hc them both as poly, so maybe it’s just easier for me to see it that way idk.

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Hi, hi. LOVE the FP verse, as I love all your writing. Absolutely fell in love with Daniel, which is pretty huge for me since I usually can't bear to read my OTPs with anyone but each other. Just curious: if Daniel had lived and Jared had still met Jensen all those years later, what would have happened? Would Jared and Daniel have been monogamous? Would Jared have left Daniel for Jensen? Would Jensen have just been a one night stand? Don't know about Daniel, but I can't imagine Jensen sharing...

oh wow, thank you so much. i totally get the OTPs thing; i’m strangely the same way, ahaha. i think it’s different for me when i’m writing it because i’m in the characters’ heads and i know that the endgame with my two loves is sincere, even if other people are a part of the journey, you know what i mean? i’m so glad you like daniel. my sweet, broken boy </3

that is a really, painfully good question that made me feel nauseous when i first read it. i’ve thought about it quite a bit the last few days, and what i have decided is this:

if daniel had lived, at least through that, jared would have ended up an entirely different person. he wouldn’t have fallen apart, probably wouldn’t have dropped out of school, wouldn’t have started cutting himself and doing hard drugs and basically doing all he could to die without having the sincere conviction to just end it himself. i don’t know exactly who jared would be if daniel had lived–i would honestly have to sit down and write it to truly know–but he wouldn’t be the jared we know today. and he wouldn’t have joined fuckpig. he wouldn’t have even been in a situation for jensen to ever see him and love him from afar, let alone meet him and get involved with him. 

so i don’t think the other things, monogamy, jared leaving daniel, jensen as a one night stand, etc, none of that would ever have even come up. jared just simply would be someone else, and fuckpig would have another guitarist, if the band existed at all.

basically, daniel had to die in order to create this exact jared. if you take away daniel’s death from jared’s life, it completely alters him. and to be perfectly honest with you, i just simply can’t imagine daniel living and thriving and growing to any age beyond the one he did. it’s not who he was, unfortunately for him and for everyone who loved him. we’ll never know who jared would’ve been, but he never would have been jensen’s. </3

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Im a die hard jikook fan, since the very beginning, and I really can't hide how happy I am with all the jikook moments we have... The one thing that is bothering is these ship wars, like ppl keep forgetting that be4 we are shippers we are still Army, true: love ur bias and fav ship but don't hate/bash other members, we still love BTS as a whole + why can't they appreciate all ships?!!

i agree with you 100%. but sadly, there’s some people who think their ships are so real that they have to hate on other members. and there’s some fans who just hate members for no reason. and i can’t stand it. i remember this one blog (i got them blockedt now lol) who was like “i hate all of hyung line because v/min/kook is the only real otp and they get in the way. plus their ugly and untaleted” and i’m just like… whta the fuck. like, your ship isn’t serious enough for u to have to hate on other members. like, don’t forget bts wouldn’t be bts if all the members weren’t there. as taehyung said, love all of them. like. ugh. and there’s some poeople who legit hate every ship other than theirs, like they’ll have a tiny moment and they’re like “you can fuck off, u ugly boys” like….aejf;aekjf why ARE PEOPLE SO BITTER AND DUMB.