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My progression as a Doctor/River fan, or why Steven Moffat will foot my therapy bills
  • The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon:Wow, look at all that sexual chemistry! I ship them. Must write fic.
  • A Good Man Goes to War:Look at them! Awww, one of my top five ships. Must write more fic.
  • The Wedding of River Song:HOLY CRAP, OTP. *dives into fandom*

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steven universe?

  • top 3 favourite characters: in no particular order- sour cream, nanafua pizza, honestly i can’t decide the last one i love literally everyone???
  • top 3 least favourite characters: mayor dewey, 
  • top 3 otps: i love the cool kids too much so im bending the rules to put them, amedalia, ruby/sapphire
  • top 3 notps: pewey, larsadie, pewey again
  • top 3 brotps: connie/steven, amedalia, and lapis/steven
  • top 3 favourite episodes/chapters/scenes/games in series: onion friend, the cool kids, the scene in jail break where ruby and sapphire fuse in front of steven out of sheer gayness love
  • top 3 other things you think people who like this should watch/read/play: watch a:tla and gravity falls, play pokemon. if none of those appeal to you then i have no idea what you’re getting out of su
  • my rating of this media out of 3, with 0 being lowest and 3 being highest: 3 for sure i can’t really imagine it getting any better than it is i love it

Tomorrow is my anniversary with this sweet gentleman. I don’t know what to do- at all to make this day special for him. I disagree entirely with this idea that anniversaries are the day a man plans- fuck that. I’ve never once in my life believed in the concept of soul mates, I’ve never imagined that someone can love me so entirely, and he deserves to feel special for that. In short, we’re both huge goofballs masquerading as normals throughout our day jobs. He loves DOTA, poetry, football, and me. I love reading, mermaids, emotions, and him. We don’t have a lot of money, or a lot we can do in such a small town, but I’m taking suggestions now. Mostly I just wanted to gush. He makes me feel okay for being bigger on the inside.

The delivery box had holes, which wasn’t entirely unusual with some of the packages that River had received while in the Stormcage. She thanked her assigned guard and watched with amusement as he scurried far far away, just in case it exploded. It did shuffle around a bit in her hands.

Carefully, she unpeeled the tape and a little paw stuck out. Then she opened it completely to see an adorable tabby kitten, just a few weeks old, sitting in the box. It wore a blue bowtie and gave her a pleading look.

“Hello, sweetie,” River cooed, scooping up the kitten. It immediately started purring. He, she quickly deduced by a quick glance at its nether regions. Though, really, she didn’t need to check. She nuzzled the soft fur, and the kitten purred like mad and tried to climb into her tank top. “Oh, no you don’t,” she said, carefully extracting the kitten. It mewed pitifully.

She flagged the guard down. “I need the phone, please! I’m entitled to calls.”

“Receiving them. Not making them,” he reminded her, but he handed the phone over anyhow.

River waited until he moved away, and she quickly dialed in a complicated number. “Hello? Amy? When are you? Mmm … Mmm hmm …” She lay down on the bunk, and the kitten settled for nestling between her breasts. “Oh, I believe I have what you’re looking for. OK, here’s what you need to do. The TARDIS will handle the bulk of it for you.”

A few minutes later, the TARDIS landed outside of River’s cell. Amy and Rory stepped out. River waved to them and laid a finger over her lips, gesturing to the now-sleeping kitten still nestled between her breasts.

“Why am I not surprised?” Amy whispered as Rory used the sonic on the lock. They creeped into the cell as River gently petted the kitten.

“That the Doctor got himself turned into a kitten? Bless.”

“Well, we have the antidote.” Rory showed River a syringe. “But, we couldn’t find the Doctor.”

“Why am I not surprised that he mailed himself here?” Amy trailed a finger down the kitten’s back, and it yawned in sleepy contentment.

“He knew I could help get you here in the TARDIS one way or another.”

“You know, if I turned him back now, it’d be really hilarious.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Rory mused. “It’s really quiet right now, him being a kitten and all.”

“There’s a point. And, he is really cute,” Amy agreed.

“Maybe just a little longer,” River suggested. And they sat about for the next hour, alternately petting the sleeping kitten while talking about a little bit of this and that. It really was a normal day for the Pond family.

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I just want an entire series of domestic Doctor/River where they’re always adorable and happy with each other, with him going around and getting them into ridiculous situations, and she’s always getting them out, and there’s a lot of hand holding and hugging and random affection touches, and lots of “dear” and “sweetie” and all the episodes end with them shagging against the TARDIS door. IT IS ALL I WANT, OKAY?
Behold the Liquid Thames frozen o’re - savvyliterate - Doctor Who (2005) [Archive of Our Own]

Rating: K

Pairings: Eleven/River, Twelve/River, Clara/Danny

Characters: Twelve, Clara, Danny, River, Eleven

Note: It took me ages to find my inner voice for the 12th Doctor. It came last week during “Time Heist.” But after all the River callbacks in “The Caretaker,” I wanted to depart from otters and a “Time Heist” alternate take for a bit and see what would have happened if the Doctor really had taken Clara and Danny to the one of the Frost Fairs. This contains spoilers for “The Caretaker.”

The title comes from an inscription engraved in the pedestrian tunnel under London’s Southwark Bridge.

Summary: Ignoring Danny, Clara rushed out of the TARDIS and into the snow. Carefully, she crept up the hill and found herself overlooking one of the bridges spanning the Thames. A man and a woman danced around the ice, arms wrapped around at each other. Her eyes narrowed. Was that Stevie Wonder sitting at a piano?

We start and end as one

Pairing: Doctor/River

Rating: M/R

Word Count: Prologue - 647, Chapter 1 - 4,064

Summary: Oh, but it all made sense now. River Song was Melody Pond, and Melody Pond was River Song. And River couldn’t tell them that she was Melody because with one single misstep, she could have easily wiped herself out of existence. That, the Doctor knew, would be a very bad thing - a story of the three months between “A Good Man Goes to War” and “Let’s Kill Hitler”

Notes: This story came about as a desire to tell the story of the Doctor properly falling in love with River, which you can see starting at the end of “A Good Man Goes to War” and culminating with his fierce drive to protect her in “Let’s Kill Hitler.” Something happened between those two in the 3-month gap for the Ponds. It was also spawned by seeing gorgeous pictures on Tumblr of cities created out of trees and the tale of Jim the Fish that’s in the diary excerpts of “The Eternity Clock.” When I saw the tree cities, I knew that there was a story that needed to be told.

Prologue | Chapter One - Archive of Our Own

Prologue | Chapter One - LiveJournal


While Amy and Rory waited, River accompanied the Doctor up to the Pandorica. As he started to lower himself into the chair, she suddenly embraced him. He was caught off guard, and he wasn’t quite sure what to do, but it certainly wasn’t unwelcomed. And because Amy and Rory were distracted with each other, he returned the hug. It wasn’t because River smelled good or anything like that. Well, she did, but that wasn’t the point.

“I want you to know that I understand,” she said.

“Of course you understand,” he scoffed. She was River Song. She understood everything he did, usually even before he did. He shouldn’t like that, but he did. 

She stared at him for a long moment, then her gaze dropped to his lips. He wondered if she was going to kiss him. Then, he wondered what he would do if she kissed him. Did he want her to kiss him? He didn’t think he minded really. It wasn’t like when Amy had jumped him. Maybe he should kiss her? Maybe a handshake? Or he could offer her the last Jammie Dodger. There was one still in his coat pocket. 

Then River suddenly took a deep breath, forced a smile, took his hand and led him to the chair and started to strap and wire him in. He didn’t even have to tell her what to do. She knew what he needed..

“If one didn’t know better,” he quipped as she strapped him in, “they’d think we’re into bondage.”

“Maybe when you’re older,” River replied and grinned at his blush. Neither of them bothered to comment on the fact there wouldn’t be a him to grow older with shortly.