So I made a lot of gifs

EXO’s rival is EXO


yoongi’s adorable gummy smile for @agustdulce​ (happy birthday, mi amor!)

[shows up late to the garrison sheith manip party]

Since people are asking, here is the original version of that manip I made for the second gif in this set

This fandom makes so many awesome Sheith manips I thought I’d join in and I’m kind of proud that it came out not too bad for my first try but anyway this was a lot of fun to make and I love them so I’ll be making more soon I’m sure

“We have an exam tomorrow, but I need you to hear this new song I wrote for you”

My nephew and I stimming together!!

Last weekend I went to visit my family and had a great time. 

In the week leading up to my visit, I talked with my sister a lot and we were facetiming almost everyday so I could talk to my niblings. One of the times we were talking, I could hear L in the background going “Wee weee weeee”. I asked my sister what was going on and she said he was rocking back and forth on the couch while saying that over and over. 

So later, when we were facetiming, I showed L that I rock too which made him super excited. 

When I later asked what they wanted to do while I was there, L told me, excitedly, that we were going to rock together! My heart melted and I was so excited. 

So while I was there, he started rocking on the couch and I joined him. He couldn’t stop smiling and, when I finally needed to stop, he kept trying to get me to rock with him some more. 

It was such a beautiful experience!

i loved the animation in this part, before he turns to look at max his eyes move around very slightly, you can almost tell exactly what he’s thinking and feeling in that moment just by looking at him, it’s a small detail but i feel like it says a lot, it’s nice to camp camp be animated at a slower pace in these scenes since it’s usually animated really fast and bouncy (especially with a character like david whose movements are constantly being exaggerated) also the head turn looks so smooth and natural it’s satisfying to watch

Title: Constellation Connection
Character: Jason Dean

A/n: From now on, I’m gonna use this format because the gifs still aren’t working and having them show up at the end of the text really bothers me so this is the next best thing. (Side note: I know jackshit about making gifs so any that I use are not mine and are most likely from pintrest or google)

You didn’t know much about your new neighbors.

Just that you saw a boy who looked your age helping movers carrying boxes from the large moving van.

Your mother had invited him and his father over dinner a couple weeks after he moved in the house across the street. While the adults sat in the dining room while they drank and discussed business matters, the two of you moved outside so you could talk.

“This is quite the set up here,” J.D said, his hand gesturing to a tall bronze telescope situated in the lawn next to some maps and a small box. “I assume you’re into astronomy?”

You nodded. “Oh yes, very much so,” You sat down next to it and began adjusting the lenses so you got a clear view of the stars. “Sit down.”

J.D situated himself on the grass next you, watching your hands fiddle with the knobs while you focused the view. “This thing looks ancient.” He said, referring to the style.

You hummed, not bothering to look up from the task at hand. “Yeah, I think it used to be my grandad’s.”

He continued to watch you for a few more moments until you pulled away from the eyepiece and motioned him to move to your spot.

“Okay, look in there,” You instructed, crouching so you could observe him over his shoulder.

“Aye aye, captain.” J.D said with a mock salute as he did as told, shutting one of his eyes and peering into the telescope. “It’s blurry.”

“Really? Well here, place your hands here,” You said, taking both of his hands and placing them on the knobs. “Try and focus it.”

J.D moved the knobs in every which directions, but he seemed to be making it worse with every turn.

His growing frustration must have been pretty clear to see because you decided to give him a hand. “Here, let me help.” You said softly, your fingers brushed against the back of his hands for a moment before you started fixing the focus for him.

“Better?” You asked once you let him look back into the eyepiece.

J.D could see the night sky perfectly, and a small smile formed on his face once he could make out the Big Dipper.

He looked over at you, and saw you still looking up at the sky. “Better.” He answered, noticing that you had turned your head to look at him with a smile of your own.

“Pretty great isn’t it?”

J.D nodded, his gaze had since left your eyes and was more preoccupied at staring at your lips as he began to lean closer to you. “Absolutely fantastic.”

All in an instant, you became very aware of how close his face was coming to yours and you panicked. You cleared your throat and turned away from him as you point to the sky.

“Uhm, that one right there is Cepheaus, it kinda looks like a house with a weird roof,” You moved your finger slightly over to the side. “And that one is…”

Your words trailed off whenever J.D’s hand reached and lightly grabbed onto your chin, turning you so your gazes were locked again.

“You know a lot about this stuff don’t you?”

You felt your face become very warm and you let out a nervous laugh before moving away from him again. “I’ll go get drinks!” You all but screamed as you jumped to your feet and ran into the house.

You closed the backdoor quickly and leaned against it, hiding your face in your hands when you realized how stupid you had made yourself look.

After your small pity party, you got the drinks and slowly made your way back outside.

J.D wasn’t sitting next to the telescope anymore, you looked around your backyard and saw him leaning against a large maple tree.

“Oh, there you are.” You said.

You were about to walk up to him when he turned around to face you, blowing smoke out his nostrils and giving you some sort of look you couldn’t quite read.

“Hey, thanks.” J.D said, taking a step and grabbing the drink out of your hand.

“That looked really cool, almost like something out of a movie.” You said as you tapped the top of your nose.

J.D looked down at the ground and smiled before meeting your gaze. “You’re real cute, you know that?”


Am I a man? To want you so badly that nothing else matters?