So I made a lot of gifs

Hiccup and Astrid dancing at their wedding (using Stoick and Valka’s dance as a reference) :)

so i made this.

undertale by toby fox ( @undertale )
traveltale by me <3 ( @travelwithsans )
underfell by @underfell (you need a password to get into the blog)
aftertale, underfresh, spectertale and errortale made by @loverofpiggies (errortale: @askerrorsans ) (jfc that’s a lot of aus)
hypertale made by @d-the-hedgehog ( @hypertale-au )
reapertale made by @renrink
dancetale made by @teandstars
underworld made by @coulsart ( @talesoftheunderworld )
inktale made by @comyet 
poketale by @inkedaway
fusiontale by nomidot
outertale by @2mi127 ( @outertale )
underswap by @popcornpr1nce ( @underswapped )
scientist by (who?)
undernovela by @pig-demon

this was partially made as a gift to @d-the-hedgehog for giving me determination to answer tt!sans’s asks again! thanks!
this was also me taking someone’s idea too seriously again -u-

connie and steven in the rain! as always, a gentleman.

i fixed up this recent drawing, and brought it closer to what i wanted. i’m satisfied enough to be done with this and move on to something else, and, i do like it (something that i made!), so, that’s shocking and nice feeling.

you can buy it on redbubble, on a whole lot of stuff, so please do that!

please, please buy it! it, sadly, is not animated when you buy a physical object, but, the different products are fit to match the best with each one (i.e. some are transparent), and this shit is undeniably adorable. so yeah, help me out? please?

I wanna talk about the change on Kaneki’s hair color. (Mainly cuz my sister didn’t get it).  It’s so important. It basically represents his humanity. When his hair changed to white, it symbolized that he was lost in the ‘in between zone’, between being a normal human being and being a ghoul. But then, it ‘metaphorically’ changed back to black in a lot of people’s eyes, all because of Hide. His friend who knew that he was a ghoul all along, still accepted him despite the fact. Hide made him regain his humanity. Everyone saw him as a normal human being while carrying Hide’s body. He showed everyone that ghouls are also capable of caring for normal people. His friendship with him helped him find who he really was, and if you don’t think that’s beautiful then you have to get out of my face.

Bakugou held out the pot to Hitoshi. Gravely, Hitoshi held out his hand and accepted the cactus. He met Bakugou’s gaze and said eloquently, “Uh?”

for ramabear’s bnha fic, terminology, feat. Bakugou Katsuki & Shinsou Hitoshi

(version that didnt have to be resized for tumble

So this is Greg, better known as Onision. Many people hate him. I, when I first saw him three years ago, did as well. But I decided to watch him again about four months ago, and can I just say this; I love Greg. When I started watching him again, I was not doing good. I was not eating, considering killing myself, all this stuff right. Well he gave me the harsh slap in the face (not literally) that I needed. He made me realize that I don’t have it so bad. He made me realize that I should be grateful for what I have, because many people have it a lot worse. People don’t like him because he expresses his opinion. I love him because he does that. Just because you don’t agree with an opinion doesn’t give you the right to hate on the person whose opinion it is. I don’t agree with all of his opinions, but I’m a decent human being who knows how to accept that other people think differently from me. If you hate on him for hating something you like, than you’re being a hypocrite. I grew up and realized that it’s ok for other people to support things that I don’t. I grew up and learned to take a joke. Yes, he will sometimes make jokes about sensitive topics. But if you get upset by that, then just don’t watch it! It’s that simple! It’s his channel and he can do and say what he wants. That’s all I’m gunna say for now. Greg, if you’re reading this, just know that I love you and that I’ll always support you