So I made a lot of gifs


CS + Floor

Dedicated to the wonderful manic-pixiefangirl

This is such a significant word for them with so many different situations that I just had to make a “mega” gifset for it :)

We use to talk a lot about Captain Floor, but Swan Floor is also becoming a huge icon already. And don’t get me start talking about the threesome… This three should really hook up more (pun intended of course).

Send me a word/quote/parallel and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

Full CS + Quote list made so far

Full “CS + word” list made so far


I haven’t seen the original Walking Dead. I like the fact that there’s not a lot of blue screen and stuff like that. Acting today is so much about empty entertainment, and this show is dealing with something important because the world will end one day. All the themes in the series seem to be really important and real. That’s what intrigued me. Family is a theme, death, morality, what it is to be a human being, what it is to kill someone and what effect that takes. What happens to humanity when the walls fall down? What are we actually doing here? These are real, human themes.”


so, i’ve hit 2,000 followers and i’m so so grateful! ok, only about 400 followed me because i am a full sidemen tumblr (as i did have a general youtube one before this) but they’ve still stayed and i’m happy that i’ve hit this huge mark so thank you to everyone for following me; it means a lot. xxx 

i love every single person i follow and i know i’ve only spoken to a handful but i still stalk everyone and love you from a distance. ♥ 

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Emma Overland and Babytooth 

Emma was super rough here, I had a lot of issues animating her for some reason? Lots of glitches and off frames…
all well, but I’m really proud of Babytooth!
I didn’t know it would be so difficult to animate two characters in one picture!

I wish the directors of ROTG could give us hints about Jack’s sister’s real name, and why she and Baby Tooth share the same beauty mark? I’m surprised we haven’t gotten at least a christmas special yet.  

“Emma Overland” / Jack’s Sister, and Baby Tooth © Rise of the Guardians / ROTG
Made with Photoshop and Live2D !


~ Wildest Dreams ::: Taylor Swift ~

So, most of you know, Taylor Swift’s new music video

aired today on the VMA’s! I had to wait for it to

get on Youtube ‘Cause I don’t have any special channels.

Anyway, yeah, I loved it. The theme was perfection

and really like, vintage type. Follow for more! xx ♥

Also, shoutouts, by the way? Thank you!

taylorswift​ I was literally so moved by this video! So I made an edit and then combined those edits with GIFS as always. ♥

And I have a lot more of them on my Google+. Also, thanks for 3.3k on G+ Love you guys.


I’ve finally done what I should’ve done years ago and set up my own dedicated Tumblr for all things I do with my pen and pencil and/or stylus and Cintiq. I’ll be posting plenty of sketches, doodles, storyboards I’ve worked on, and so forth. Some may be old hat if you’ve been to my reblog Tumblr, so sorry to dig up old stuff, but I still like a lot of it.

I figured I’d start by posting the progress videos I did for that GIF you see at the top of the Tumblr page. It was a bit of an experiment to set up my own animation pipeline and workflow. I liked the final results!

STORYBOARD - Done using Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

ANIMATION - Done using Toon Boom Harmony

ASSEMBLY - Background made entirely in Adobe Photoshop

COMPOSITE - Done using Adobe After Effects.


I’ve noticed that a lot of reaction gifs are of white men. When I go looking for a reaction gif, I often struggle to find one that’s suitable and not of a white man. Which is unsurprising - a lot of our popular culture is dominated by white men.

What are giant sources for reactions? Supernatural? Doctor Who? Whiiiiiiite Meeeeeeeen.

So. Here are some of my favourite gifs* for common situations that are entirely or mostly of people who are not white men. Use as needed. Feel free to add more.

*found by me, not made by me.

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Since RubberHose was released last week, I’ve been having lots of fun experimenting with it. For those that don’t know, RubberHose is an After Effects plugin that promises easier and more flexible rigging compared to something like DUIK. RubberHose is entirely based on Shape Layers so characters with a lot of detail are pretty difficult to create—However, I don’t see it as a draw back, I see it as a fun challenge!

I made this happy holiday-sweater-wearing lady as a test to see how much detail I could put into a character before it breaks. You can see the pattern on the left arm swims a little bit, but I feel like I could make it work if I wasn’t actively trying to push the limits of RubberHose.