So I just need to get this out of my system before season 2

The Seventh Wheel: A Case for Black Lion Lance

Alternatively titled: Lance Deserves The World Because He is My Son and I Love Him

Okay, so Shiro’s gone and someone’s gotta fill his big ass shoes. In the toss-up between him, Allura, and Keith, I’m going to be arguing in this post that Lance could be the guy to do it. And, fair warning, this is going to be ridiculously (like, ridiculously) long lmao so here’s the TL;DR right now: I think that a) Lance already shows the character traits of a good leader, and b) there’s a good chance of him becoming one, given his impending character arc. 

It also has a chance of not happening, of course, but who cares?? I already started writing this thing, so:

Alright, let’s begin at the beginning, because that’s always a good place to start.

Lance is first introduced to the audience as the classic loud, arrogant, goofy flirt. The perfect comic relief character. He rescues a guy because his “rival” was gonna do it first and he can’t have that, the first thing he does in the giant robot cat is fart, and he hits on a girl who just fell out of a pod in a magic castle. He’s there to make you laugh.

I can’t imagine anyone looking at a character like that and “You know what? This guy could be a leader.” Allura says it herself in episode 1. The black lion is supposed to be the decisive head of Voltron, a person who’s a natural born leader, who’s in control, and,

Basically, calm, collected, and respected. “A natural born leader.” So, definitely not Lance. Case closed.

But, not really. Because Lance actually is calm and collected. He’s just not respected. He has all the leadership traits– the problem is that he’s not treated as someone who could be a leader.

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10 Baby Facts for SPN Fic Authors

[I swear this is not a rant - it ISN’T. Honest.]

It is actually kind of cool to realize that you possess specialty knowledge that may be of use to others. Stuff that you didn’t really KNOW you knew, until, of course, you are reading along in a fic and something the author describes (or the character says) brings your brain to a screeching halt. “That’s not right – it can’t possibly happen that way…” And then you go and do actual research to back up your gut knowledge. This little FAQ is the result of one such realization.

My dad fixed antique and classic cars for a living from 1964 – 1978, owning his own showroom for 3 years near the end of that time. Born in 1966, I grew up playing in old cars, hiding in floorboards and exploring them to my heart’s content. Our family car for several years was a 1966 Thunderbird, but when dad went to car shows, we rode in whatever he wanted to show off. I’ve been in rumble seats, hard top convertibles, cars with windshields that laid down flat, and cars with no roof, doors, or walls of any kind. My 1st car was a fully restored 1966 mustang. Without really realizing it, I soaked up a LOT of inherent understandings about older cars. The information below is based in that knowledge, backed up with some internet research.

The following is true about Baby (the character in SPN, not necessarily the actual cars that play her): 

1) Compared to most modern sedans, Baby is BIG. Like REALLY BIG. She is 17 and ¾ feet long (5.4 meters) and 7 feet 8 inches wide (2.03 meters). Allowing for door thickness on either side and the gaps between doors and bench seat, I’m betting the front seat is a little over 5 feet wide. Given basic geometry and human skeletal limitations, this means it is not possible for the passenger to have their head resting against the passenger door/window AND place their hand on the driver’s thigh. If the passenger is in this position, the driver can,  at best, entwine fingers with the passenger’s outstretched hand. That’s IT (even with Sam’s monkey arms). Sitting up straight, yes. Slumped over, no. On the plus side, this is why the guys can, in fact, get some sleep in her (and have fun in the back seat).

2) Despite how big Baby is, she is kinda short. Baby is only 54 inches high (4’6” or 138 cm). INSIDE the car, she is slightly less than 4 feet tall total. This means that the following actions WILL make you bump your head (or butt or hands or feet) on the ceiling unless you are very very slow and careful: climbing over the back seat, straddling someone’s lap, taking off your pants or t-shirt (unless nearly lying down in the seat), and lunging across the front bench seat to attack someone bodily. And you will look graceless doing it. [Ahem, trust me on these, I KNOW.] Additional negative modifiers for Sam due to height.

More below the cut.

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Two Nights Stand

Summary: (Modern Au) After a bad breakup, your roommate insists that you need to a one night stand to end your dry spell and take your ex out of your system. But what happens when you forced to spend time with your one night stand?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1446

Warnings: This is vaguely inspired by a movie of the same name,. Readers thoughts are in italic;

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.

Originally posted by mebeingbored1

We need to talk.” Your roommate says getting in your room and sitting on your bed “Can it wait a few minutes, Wanda? This episode is almost done.” She groans annoyed, turning off the TV. “No, it can’t, you watched two whole seasons this week. You need to get out more, have fun and get laid. Really, when was the last time you got out of the house?”

You straighten up your sweater, sitting up on the bed, “Yesterday, to go to work.” She rolls her eyes at you and you feel like a kid that talked back to her parents. “Sure, you go to work almost every day, but when was the last time you got out the house to have fun?”

You don’t answer her because you don’t remember. Your life lately has been going to work and going home. “See, you don’t even remember. Look, I know that since you and Nathan broke up things are hard, but you need to go back out there. Have fun, do something crazy.”

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Season 2 episode 9 analysis

More like me rambling abt my hyperfixation but here we go

This episode kind of revealed a lot abt the kid’s personal & familial issues & lives

To start: Nikki

Nikki was either projecting the way she personally was raised, probably with her mom taking on more of the responsibilities, based on how she acted & the fact that her parents are divorced.

Or she wanted her “egg” to be raised the best way possible, b/c she knows what its like to have (possibly) incompetent parents.

Then we have: Max

Throughout the show, Max has a very cynical, distant & angry demeanor. He seems the type to bottle up his issues, based on s2e8 when he pretended “everything was fine” when Mr. Honeynuts got taken away.

Then, when he is tasked w/ the responsibility of raising the egg, I see two things going on here:

1, Max with his usual cynical attitude of “I dont wanna be here and this is wasting my Saturday”

2, Max, projecting the way his parents raise him, neglectful & uncaring. He lets Nikki do what she wants for the most part & there’s a couple of telling moments of his philosophy on parenthood in the episode.

“Let’s just leave it in a box and get back to enjoying our Saturday.” - Max’s parents neglect (?)

“We could just send it to a summer camp and have strangers take care of it for 3 months” - what his parents did to him

“Nikki, calm down! Its like I told you, none of this matters! Nobody knows what they’re doing when they’re taking care of something too dumb to take care of itself! There is no ‘right’ way of doing any of this! How do you think WE turned out so FUCKED UP!?” - Max, projecting some of his own emotional neglect & trauma from his parents.


Neil, the whole time, was very over-protective & “hogged” the egg from Space Kid. This, again, could be seen as 2 things.

1, one of his parents hogging him from the other and being very over-protective & suffocating. Based on the fact that he’s at a summer camp, I’m guessing his more “chill” parent sent him there. This is evidenced in s1e3, when Neil says that his plans are “I think I’ll go to dads house and tell him mom sent me to an abusive summer camp. Pretend to like him more so that she’ll try to buy back my love.” Neil has already learned how to work the system of his parents dysfunctional relationship & custody over him.

2, Neil states that he sees a lot of himself in the egg and that the egg is “fragile” (like him) & that he must protect it. Neil has stated before that he’s a nerdy kid who got picked on back at home, so it’d make sense for him to project on the egg & not want it to go through the same struggles as him.

Ered & Dolf

This can be viewed in multiple ways, & overall displays that both Dolf & Ered had more laid-back parents.

This, of course, can also result in some consequences. Being too “laid-back” can result in the child getting hurt. Ered most likely experienced this as a child, & instead of getting the proper love & attention she needed, got a chuckle and “wipeout”.

Dolf states that their egg deserves not to be “held back by a regime”. On the one hand, this could just be a cheap Nazi joke. On the other hand, this could imply that Dolf has very controlling parents (which is why he enjoys the creative freedom that artistry gives him) & wants to be a more “carefree” parent as a result of this.

Nerris & Harrison

When these two got paired, I of course was PRETTY FUCKIN HYPE (I lowkey ship them)

These two obviously for the most part are just bickering over which one of them is more “credible” in the magic department, which results in them projecting their own interests onto their “kid”.

Harrison is not all that advanced in magic, as has been shown in the show before, and this results in their egg getting crushed. Their senseless bickering caused for their “kid” to “die”, which may reflect on their home lives, or may just be a cute joke. Who knows.

Nurf & Preston

This is by far the most fucked up projection of these kids’ home lives out of all of them.

Preston may have a perfectly normal & loving home life, for all we know. Nurf’s really the one projecting on this one.

Nurf, as we all know, has an extremely toxic and abusive home life, which really comes to show this episode. Ironically enough, he doesn’t want his egg to grow up “with an inferiority complex” *cough cough*, and yet falls into the same cycle of abuse.

He probably even repeated quite a few phrases he’s heard his dad say when exerting abuse over Preston, talking about how “you better not say you’re afraid to leave me”. Based on previous episodes, Nurf’s parents probably fought like this until his mom did leave the family out of fear. Of course, Nurf could have seen this as “his fault”, since his parents may have always been fighting over him (?)

The fact that they paired Nurf with another boy to demonstrate his toxic family life is no coincidence.

First, it is undoubtedly more “socially acceptable” to show a domestic dispute between two men, or where the woman is being abusive, than it is to show a man abusing a women (due to obvious problems within our society)

Second, Nurf has displayed interest in boys before. In s2e2, Neil threatens to spread photoshopped images of Nurf kissing boys. Nurf counters by saying “maybe I’ve already experimented with my sexuality” and then “Chris, why did you leave me.”

Preston was very obviously paired in the “mom” role because theater is shown to be a more “feminine” interest, and he sometimes displays some “effeminate gay man” stereotypes.

anonymous asked:

I'm not trying to come off as rude, but how is lance smarter than keith? Because impulse and intellect are two different things, so if your arguement is that Keith is more impulsive than Lance, meaning Lance is smarter, it is an invalid arguement.

I don’t take it as rude at all anon, don’t worry! And you also aren’t the first person I’ve met to wonder why I believe Lance is the smarter of the two either, so let me break it down:

“ if your argument is that Keith is more impulsive than Lance, meaning Lance is smarter, it is an invalid argument.” 

I agree 110%. I am also a firm believer that this doesn’t count because being rash or impulsive has NOTHING to do with intellect. So don’t worry, that isn’t my argument at all ^^

My arguments below the cut:

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The Alison We See Isn’t Alison

This isn’t some elaborate theory but more focused on the little things that I’ve side-eyed. Have you noticed when Alison got back, she’s been more lowkey and clueless? Some say it’s because Bethany (Alison’s twin) took Alison’s place while the real Alison is still lurking in the shadows. I highly recommend the in-depth theory of this idea which is a video on YT. It’s on the long side (an hour and twenty minutes) but it’s oh, so juicy.

However, I’m just pointing out things to go along with the Bethany has taken Alison’s place theory. The main points here is Alison’s sudden lack of knowledge that we’ve all noticed. Starting from when “Alison” just came back.

One would think that Alison would want her gang of girls to walk her during school because this is her first day back and she should have some kind of support system. But what if I told you it was because it was “Alison’s” first time being in Rosewood High and she needed her friends to lead her to places without seeming like she’s lost? Bethany has been locked up for majority of her life and with this new identity, she has to make it seem like everything is normal. Even if she has absolutely no idea what to do sometimes.

From there, Bethany has been continuing Alison’s identity through the journals she used to write. You know, the journals Alison kept so the girls could “continue her legacy”?

Bethany found the diaries and studied them front to back - memorizing every little detail so she could pull this off flawlessly. However, she couldn’t continue the nastiness that was Alison’s sense of ownership over the girls. That’s the difference between them. Alison feels like she’s a god towards the girls while Bethany cherishes the friendship. Isn’t it weird how throughout the early seasons of the show when Alison appeared to the girls in “hallucinations”, she’s acted exactly how she was before she “died” but as soon as she comes back, she’s completely different and less dominate? How could she be completely cryptic, talking to Aria in true Alison fashion one moment-

Then 3 weeks later (In PLL Time season 3-5a was A MONTH), be this completely vulnerable girl who is trying to stay lowkey and blend with the curtains? 

The entire demeanor and aura has changed, it’s like two different people…

I also think this explains that weird thing that happened between Alison and Caleb in season 5. We all believed that maybe Alison knew Caleb from somewhere and they were keeping it hush, hush from everyone else. But maybe….that’s not it. From the journals, Bethany knew Ezra, Toby, and Paige, which counted for all of the girls’ romances but last time Alison was around, Hanna was on the thick side and had no romantic interests. Now, Hanna is with Caleb. And it made Bethany nervous. He was the only person she had no background information on and it worried her. This is why her guard was always up with him - what if he finds out about her secret?

(Even when Ali apologized to Paige, her apology was very basic. “I was mean. I’m sorry. For everything.” She couldn’t go into specifics because she didn’t know them. In that moment, it’s better to play the “for everything” card to be safe and cover all bases.)

However, although it was used as a blueprint, Alison didn’t write everything in those journals. That’s where Bethany had to freestyle. But sometimes, she wouldn’t know exactly what to say in certain situations. For example in 7x16 when Emily asked a question that she and the viewers have been dying to know since season 1:

Just when we thought we were going to figure out the reason behind Alison’s behavior towards Emily years ago, we get an “I don’t know”. That’s because Bethany doesn’t know why Alison treated Emily the way she did - she never wrote that in the journals. Even going into 7x18 with Emison’s intimate moment, “Alison” said she dreamed of them at the kissing rock. Did she really dream of it…….or did she read about Alison’s little idea and just went from there?

That would explain why so many Emisonians wonder why Alison never brought up their history with the kissing rock - it’s because Bethany doesn’t know it. Also, this sentence said by Alison was also a bit odd.

Emily and Alison escaping to Paris was a dream, something she had in Welby but her leaving? Where to? It can’t be her wanting to leave Rosewood because she made the active decision to stay while everyone else left so that brings us back to leaving where again. Alison did in fact leave. She left when she “died” - that wasn’t a dream but her reality for 2 years. But if this was Bethany, her wanting to leave Radley for so long……that could be a dream she had. A long-term fantasy.

This Bethany turned Alison change would also make sense why “Alison” has a soft spot for Charlotte. Majority of us and even the liars cannot understand the reason WHY Alison would pick Charlotte over the girls. Charlotte tortured them, trapped them in a dollhouse, almost killing them several times and all of a sudden, Alison is sympathetic because “she has a sister” and wants the best for her? Even begging the girls to testify for her release despite everything she has done to them? That was a slap in the face to everyone. The bogus idea of “this is my sister” is exactly that, bogus, and I believe the real reason is because Alison Bethany identifies with Charlotte. They have this sense of relation with being locked up like animals and now that she’s out, she wants to care for Charlotte and get her out as well. That’s why “Alison” kept pushing for the liars to help her, not really caring for their own trauma.

With the possibility of another set of twins running around: whether it being Alison or actually Spencer, there are some pretty interesting evidence stacked up against both of them. Alison specifically.


Patterns, refs, and more+

So this con season I made myself Pidge and a Shiro paladin costumes to wear, with pretty good results. The worst part of it though was the amount of time I spent drafting patterns, so I figured this might be a good resource for anyone else looking to make armor in the future.

This is all based on my measurements (a 5′1″ average-ish build with… bigger thighs), so you’ll likely need to make adjustments to have this fit yourself, but hopefully this makes building your own cosplay a little easier. Materials, patterns and everything under the cut. Hope it helps!

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I just read a fic called traces which was all about stiles with guilt and ptsd after being void, and Derek helping him deal with it. Do you know any other fics about that? I feel like teen wolf just totally glossed over him dealing with it between season 3 and 4. Thanks

Yeah, he did seem weirdly fine after, you know, being possessed. NBD. Here’s some nogitsune aftermath with Sterek. - Anastasia

Originally posted by stilinskisvoid

Traces by standinginanicedress

(1/1 I 44,844 I Explicit)

Derek snaps his fingers and glares into Stiles’ eyes. “You say you’re not the same, but – there you fucking go, acting just like yourself.”

Stiles bristles. “Oh, right. Because you know me so fucking well, don’t you?”

“Better than you seem to think,” he mutters under his breath in response, and Stiles gets even more incensed.

“Pushing me up against walls, shoving my head into steering wheels,” he shrugs his shoulders, glares, “some real heart to hearts we’ve had!”

“Holding me up in eight feet of water when I was paralyzed, nearly cutting my arm off for me to save my life. Doesn’t seem so fucking shallow to me, Stiles.”


The Promised Land by StaciNadia

(1/1 I 1,952 I General)

Pushed away from the pack, Stiles has had enough of Beacon Hills.

The Aftermath by tabbytabbytabby

(1/1 I 2,047 I Teen)

After everything that happened with the Nogitsune Stiles was not okay, despite what the pack wanted to believe. Derek finds Stiles alone in the preserve and comforts Stiles and offers Stiles something he hadn’t felt in weeks, hope.

N: Nourishing by brokxnharry

(1/1 I 6,082 I Teen)

Stiles has some creature crawling under his skin, killing him from the inside out. And he’d rather die, before he hurts anyone else, so he goes to Derek to do just that. Derek won’t let him.

Magic Marker by Batwynn

(1/1 I 2,954 I General)

Look, just because he’s magical, doesn’t mean Stiles has to be an adult, right?

Where Scott keeps quoting Spider Man when he comes in the room, his dad keeps getting that pinched look around his eyes when he accidentally turns the microwave into a portal to another timeline, Lydia has stopped wasting her breath by heaving great, disappointed sighs at him, and Derek… Derek tells him to get it out of his system somewhere not here. Which is actually pretty nice, for someone with such judgmental eyebrows.

With Broken Spines by TriscuitsandSoup

(1/? I 3,264 I Mature)

After saving Stiles from the Nogitsune, Peter and Chris find themselves trying to fill the void his father left, but Stiles’ trauma is deeper than they expected. Derek has his own ideas on how to help.

“We’ve been reduced to pest control. Remember back in the days when hunters only went after big things?”

“Werewolves were the big things,” Chris said. “Back in those days you would have been the pest and your head would rot on spike.”

“Not if I got to yours first,” Peter said with a flash of his crimson eyes.

Maybe by aprettysmalldose

(1/1 I 3,658 I Explicit)

It’s 3 am. Derek was actually sleeping for once. If this is another one of these ‘world is ending’ 'people are dying’ moments, Derek is going to - but no, it’s Stiles. Fuck. He takes it back. Give him one of those 'world is ending’ scenarios. Those he can handle.

Intention by AliDee12, ReadablePlot 

(14/14 I 12,612 I Explicit)

The idea of making things better clings to Stiles: He needs to undo even a fraction of what he did, stop it from happening again, make something around him better in a way he can’t for himself.And things do get better, for all of five minutes.

Heaven Help Me Keep My Faith by Toxic_Valentine

(8/? I 13,080 I Not Rated)

Stiles tells the pack he wants to spend the summer alone, with his dad before his leaves for college but when the summer ends and the pack wants to have a going away bbq, Stiles is nowhere to be found. The pack comes to the conclusion that he left without saying goodbye to anyone. But of course the pack tracks down their Pack Mother and demands an explanation.

Trigger Warning by thesuninside

(2/2 I 15,064 I Mature)

Derek goes home to New York shortly after the nogitsune is dealt with. He begins the long, slow climb toward mental health, and begins a text-based relationship with Stiles. Stiles, who is struggling with very real issues of guilt and consent, is climbing his own mental health mountain. Together, they’ll try to make it.

In the Name of Love by NoOneCanBeJustLikeMeAnyway

(15/? I 17,256 I Not Rated)

Stiles isolated himself in the aftermath of the Nogitsune. His friends didn’t want to push him so they gave him his space after they fought one to many times in an attempt to pressure Stiles to go out and be 'normal’ again. Stiles doesn’t agree. In fact, he likes being an introvert. Aside from the guilt trips, of course.
Cue: Derek Hale.

Cuddlebug Therapy by FiccinDylan

(13/13 I 52,913 I Explicit)

The nogitsune has wrecked Stiles nearly beyond repair. Scott enlists the help of a member of his pack to help right his brother (and hopefully also get said assignee right in the process).


Derek and Stiles start cuddling to help Stiles exercise the demons and it works. Really, REALLY well

To Build a Home (Of Sorts) by nogitsune_lichen

(18/23 I 58,710 I Explicit)

The words were stuck on loop, Stiles’ broken voice repeating them over and over. Derek didn’t realize he was crying until he let out a broken noise, so low he could barely hear it himself. His hands dug into his eyes trying to stop the flow but the tears kept coming. He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t think, he couldn’t be strong like he’s supposed to be.

He was weak. So weak.

He walked away from the only person that felt like home.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he couldn’t help but acknowledge that by the time he got back, his home would be miles away, once again leaving him all alone.


Or the healing/getting together AU that involves building a house together and a healthy dose of angst.

There Should Be A Place by imtheonekeepingyoualive (frerardestiel)

(3/3 I 59,026 I Explicit)

The following day, he says goodbye to his dad and Scott (who isn’t really that happy Stiles is leaving to go to Derek’s, says he’s not sure about it but in the end, Stiles doesn’t really care about it and Scott can just suck it up for a little while) and puts himself behind the wheel and breathes for the first time after so long only when he sees the You’re leaving Beacon Hills sign.

Freedom never tasted so good.


Or the one where Derek moved to Montana and Stiles needs to find himself again.

Zoned by notenuffcaffeine

(32/32 I 93,135 I General)

“The point is, Stiles, it’s here in the sanctuary or within a week the hunters back home take care of you their way. This way, maybe you’re screwed, but at least you’re alive. After what happened to Al-”

“What the hell is a sanctuary? It’s a hospital, you just said-” Stiles bit the inside of his mouth to make himself shut up. He wasn’t going to freak out. He wasn’t going to make their jobs easier. Scott’s dad already treated him like a mental case.

“Hunters like the Argents have chosen a code, to hunt those who hunt. You hunted. Whether it was you or somebody who just looked a lot like you… They’re just waiting on proof. For everyone’s safety, you’re here,” the agent said.

“Until when?”

That one the agent didn’t have an answer for. Stiles wanted to sic a werewolf on him.


The Nogitsune was just a trigger switch. Now Stiles can’t turn it off. For some reason though, Derek can.

Burn Me Till There’s Nothing Left by halcyon1993

(25/25 I 185,114 I Explicit)

Two months after the Nogitsune’s defeat, Stiles is having trouble coming to terms with what he did while under its influence. When Derek’s birthday rolls around, the pack plan a surprise party for their alpha, also hoping that the celebration will help raise Stiles’ spirits. During the festivities, secret looks of longing shared between the two catch Erica’s attention, and she bands together with Allison and Lydia and plots to get them to admit their feelings for each other. The plans quickly go awry, however, when a new antagonist appears in Beacon Hills with connections to Derek’s past and Stiles finds that the Nogitsune left him with more than just guilt.


B99 Fanfic Recommendations (Peraltiago Stylez)

Since I’ll be off to visit my sis for about a week now and then will be busy with an internship for the following 6 weeks, I’ll probably not be able to post much during that time. So I decided to assemble a nice, mostly fluffy collection of b99 stories centered around Jake and Amy I very much enjoy :)

Canon (or canon-divergent or possible-future fic… just non-AU ;) :


  • Enigmatic Easter Bunny by huffellepuff (“The Nine-Nine does a Secret Santa of sorts, and Jake gets Amy.Takes place very shortly before 2x21, Det. Dave Majors.” This is so sweet!)
  • Untitled Prompt 1 by @elsaclack (”What if Amy and Teddy got engaged during Jake’s undercover op and when Jake’s back the wedding preparations are in full swing and he tries to be supportive but can’t bring himself to go to the wedding?“ It’s by em, so of course it’s friggin’ amazing, duh! ;)
  • Untitled Prompt 2 by @elsaclack​ (”The night of Captain Latvia, Jake talks to Amy about his thoughts on what Boyle said about Jake never becoming a dad.” Aaah, I love this one so much! So great!)
  • Untitled Prompt 3 by @elsaclack​ (Amy finds Jake’s folder about her Dad while he’s still in prison. It’s… so… great? And the ending is super sweet!)
  • Untitled Prompt 4 by @elsaclack​ (Jake moves in with Amy and Amy finds a box with his mixtapes… one of them labeled with the date he went into witness protection. Good lord, this is so amazing! Just… amazing.)
  • Untitled Prompt 5 by @elsaclack (A father’s day fic. I squealed so hard reading this the first time! It’s super cute!)
  • Oxford Comma by grapefruity (”She’s got a system, and it isn’t going to come to a standstill just because her messy, disorganized, wreck of a partner makes her sometimes feel things.” The evolution of Jake and Amy’s relationship from Amy’s perspective. Really, really great! I also really love the description of their first encounter - heelies are involved; it’s amazing ^^)
  • Untitled Prompt by @haylestorming​ (”Amy and Jake talking about their future after the Rosa/Pimento (cancelled) wedding” ADORABLE!)
  • Untitled Prompt by @hotelsweet (”Random girl at bar starts flirting with Jake, Jake is clueless and it all goes right over his head, Amy steps in and gets her to back off” Do I really need to say more? It’s glorious. ^^)
  • what’s a home without you here? by @jcobsperalta (”amy comes home, jake is still in prison.“ Oh boy, my heart! But great!)
  • you’re a sky full of stars by @oceanvirus (”Jake discovers Amy’s secret stargazing spot, but he can’t seem to focus on constellations as much as he can focus on the one excitedly pointing them out. Takes place between Boyle-Linetti Wedding and Det. Dave Majors.” So. Friggin’. Cute.)
  • it’s amazing what baking can do by @sergeant-santiago (Jake and Amy face their biggest challenge yet: baking a cake for Charles. Whee! It’s super fun and cute and awesome!!)
  • all the way home i’ll be warm by @the-pontiac-bandit (“We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here.” Cute Christmas fic with all the Santiagos and Jake. Sooo adorable! Get ready for pure joy!)


  • breaking the first rule by @heart-eyes-santiago (“When did Jake Peralta fall in love with Amy Santiago? And when did she fall in love with him?” Soo good! Really sweet insights on Jake and Amy’s thoughts throughout the show. Complete. 4 Chapters.)
  • and all my world is losing light by @jakelovesamy (“Day one is listening to Captain Holt telling them not to give up hope, but then overhearing him calling Karen, and telling her in a quiet voice that her son has been sentenced to 15 years, telling her not to cry. Day one is spent filled with fear, and tears, and she punches a wall in their bedroom (because it is still theirs) so hard that the skin on her knuckles splits open. Day one is a cold side of the bed and a thick silence filling up the space where Jake used to be. Day one is overwhelming, plain and simple.” Amy finds out she’s pregnant after the end of S4. Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster of awesomeness! Incredibly good. Complete. 2 Chapters.)
  • it’s only me who wants to wrap around your dreams by @oceanvirus (”In which Jake Peralta showing up at Amy Santiago’s door in the middle of the night in need of a place to stay is simultaneously the best and worst thing that’s ever to happened to them.” temporary roomates… Oh yeah! Excited for more! In-Progress. 1/6 Chapters as of yet.)
  • Nothing’s Normal in Texas by @okayokaycoolcoolcool (”She started feeling something in Texas. Maybe it was the mind-numbing fear that came with being locked in jail unarmed with murderers.  She probably could’ve blamed how annoyed she was at Jake and his tendency to jump in and make her job harder. Although, now that she thought of it, it was probably just the fake pregnancy that was making her mind funny.  It was probably nothing.” Or was it?! ;) Very cool. Complete. 8 Chapters.)
  • What to Expect by @three-drink-amy (”After a crazy night together, Amy finds herself pregnant with Jake’s baby. They have to learn to be parents while navigating their partnership. Set in season 2.” Really interesting read! In-Progress. 9 Chapters so far.)



  • you, me, and the moon by @heart-eyes-santiago (“Amy Santiago’s whole world is turned upside when her brother, Manny, invites his best friend and college roommate to stay for the summer. Enter Jake Peralta, his inability to win a game of scrabble, and his ability to win Amy’s heart.” Cuuute!)


  • if you want me to stay, i will stay by your side by @elsaclack (“For someone whose job requires an unusually large amount of personal risk on a near daily basis, Amy Santiago has not dedicated much time considering how she might one day die. The vague assumption that it will probably happen on the job - via stray bullets or careening cars or massive explosions - has been enough to satisfy any musing.She never imagined doctor’s visits or specialist consultations or diagnoses. She never imagined hospital gowns and thinning hair and chemotherapy. And she never, ever imagined cancer.“ 50/50 AU.The Ultimate Angst fic, but it’s amazing! (Better have some tissues ready, though.) In-Progress. 6/11 Chapters as of yet.)
  • Amy and Jake’s Epic Detour by @hotelsweet (”When 18 yr old Amy Santiago needs to make the trip to New York City for her first year of college, family friend Jake Peralta steps in as a favour- but the week that’s about to follow is one that neither of them could have predicted.” THIS. This story is an experience, my friend, and you really should read this because it’s amazing and has an awesome playlist for every chapter and is just AMAZING, okay? Okay. Complete. 10 Chapters.)
  • everything is easier when you’re home by @sergeant-santiago (”Amy Santiago loves her new apartment. One bedroom, one bathroom, good neighborhood and decent rent. One thing she does not love? Her neighbors. More precisely, whoever lives in the apartment that shares a paper thin wall with hers.” Neighbor AU. Awesome! In-Progress. 4 Chapters so far.)
  • Camps Safe and Amusing by Talking_Bird (”Amy Santiago was NOT excited to be a camp counselor for a bunch of bratty twelve-year-olds, but she was even less excited to have a jerk like Jake Peralta be her group partner. A fluffy, slow-burn fic with awkward, nerdy Amy and cocky, insensitive Jake.“ Really cool and sweet, it has an awesome bet and everything! Complete. 8 Chapters.)
  • You’re the Only Song I Want to Hear by Talking_Bird (”Amy is having a really hard time adjusting to college life as an Art Major, but a mysterious pianist in the music conservatory keeps her sane // Jake just wants to do what he loves, but everyone else wants him to be practical. Everyone, that is, except for one person…College AU.” Highly recommended because it’s stupid good. Really. Plus, there is a great piano piece to go with each chapter. Complete. 10 Chapters. )
  • The Detective and The Squad by @three-drink-amy  (”Amy Santiago is a brilliant detective, quickly burning out on her job. Jake Peralta is a famous actor recently relocated to NYC for his new TV show “The Squad.” What will happen when Amy is assigned to be the police consultant for Jake’s new show?” Goood… Really good. In-Progress. 6 Chapters so far.)
  • around my heart like a coronary artery by @the-pontiac-bandit (”Amy Santiago enters NYU Medical School with prep books, a 60-set of colored pens, and a plan. Jake Peralta walks in with gummy bears and orange soda.” Medical students AU. Every chapter represents a year. AMAZING! In-Progress. 2/5 Chapters so far.) 

Sooo… this is a fic rec of quite respectable size, huh? ^^; Would anybody be interested in me continuing/updating this? Let me know! (I assembled this in various stages of consciousness/being awake, so I’m sorry if some of my “reviews/thoughts” on some of the fics are a little too rambly or short - I love them all so much, my dear writers; you are all incredibly awesome! 💕 )

Tentacle Date

It had all started as a blind date. Your friends set you up to meet some guy, “someone exotic” they promised. You hadn’t been on a real date in a good while, nothing more than one night hook ups. So against your better judgement, you’d gone along with it.

The date itself had gone surprisingly well. Initially you’d been a little shocked, seeing as from the waist down he was all tentacles. But he was a really nice guy, and the two of you hit it off well. As the date drew to a close, you invited him back to your place, teasing that you knew a way to sneak into your apartment complex’s pool when he seemed reluctant. He agreed finally, and the two of you made your way there.

You threw off your clothes and jumped in, while he slid into the water with a strange grace. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him, pressing up against his cool body. You could feel the soft flesh of his tentacles against your hips and legs. Each long appendage caressed and tugged, little suckers teasing over your skin. He broke away from the kiss, panting and gripping your shoulders.

“W-we should stop,” he panted.

“But it was just getting good,” you teased. You kissed at his lips again, feeling him flinch. He made a half hearted attempt to move away, but you kept your arms around him.

“I should go home…”

“You can stay at my place.”

“No, you don’t under-”

You cut him off with another firm kiss, pressing yourself close to him. It took a moment, but soon his arms were around you, holding you almost crushingly tight. Suddenly your back was to the wall, and his tentacles had hold of your legs. His eyes were alight with feral need as he maneuvered you.

“I’m sorry,” he panted.

You could sort of see beneath his tentacles now, and you gasped to realize there was something bulbous and rather large there, almost like a mammal’s balls but…much, MUCH bigger. It was almost translucent, and you could see…movement?

Before you could question it, he pushed you legs up and pulled you half under his mantle. You gasped to feel the tip of his probing cock, crying out in pleasure as it suddenly plunged deep into your hole. His tentacles moved you, working you like a life sized sex toy over his shaft.

“I shouldn’t have met you,” he panted. He hissed and jerked against you, and you could feel that sack against your body. It convulsed, skin around it tightening. “Ah…hah…Fuck I..” He jerked you faster, gripping your arms in both hands. “I’ season. I need to implant my young..”


Before he can explain, you felt his cock suddenly spreading at the base, forcing your hole wider with it. He sobbed in a mix of pleasure and pain, forcing you onto the swell over and over. Finally, he kept your bodies flush, grunting and panting intime with the tensing of the heavy sack. Wider and wider, his cock spread you open. You screamed, tried to pull your arms free and push against him, but his grip was iron. Another long grunt, and he let out a sob of relief just as you screamed in agony.

“That’s the head…rest easier.”

“Head?! What the fuck are you-AH!”

He pushed against you, and you felt the ‘head’ working its way deeper into you. His cock swelled and spread, opening you to allow whatever it was to slide into you. You looked down to see your stomach stretching outward, pressing against his. You both cried out as another jerk of his hips pushed whatever it was all the way into you. He shuddered and rest his head against your shoulder.

“That’s..the first one..”

That barely had time to register before he hissed in pain and arched against you again. Once more your hold spread, crowning in reverse around his cock. It didn’t take as long, but the stretch was still just as incredible. With another “head” tying you together, you squirmed and writhed and sobbed, trying to free your limbs and push him away. He held fast.

“It’ll be over soon..” He sounded almost apologetic.

You shuddered and squirmed as the thing wriggled deeper, sliding to meet the first. Your belly now looked like a nearly full term pregnancy, visibly writhing and squirming. He thrust against you once, flooding your hole with seed or slick or whatever, something liquid and viscous. Your belly swelled further, and his grip finally relaxed.

So you slapped the fuck out of him.

“…I deserved that,” he said meekly.

“Damn right you did!” you gasped. Having so much inside you, pushing your organs around, it was hard to breathe, and you were suddenly aware of just how squished your bladder was. “What the hell was that?! Take it out!”

“I..can’t.” He ducked his head, looking at you with sad but earnest eyes. “I’m sorry, I’ll…I’ll do whatever I can. But they’ve implanted by now-”

“They?!” you spat.

“My young.”

You went silent, staring at him. He babbled a moment, something about a weird evolutionary branch of his species where they weren’t entirely one gender or the other, and often had to transfer their unborn offspring to gestate in a new host.

“They won’t hurt you,” he said. He tried to lay a comforting hand on your massive belly but you shoved it away. “…They’ll attach to you like a human baby would, and just draw nutrients off your system.”

“So you put a couple of parasites in me, GREAT! Nice first date you shit head.”

You tried to move away from him, but found your new girth ungainly and awkward. He caught you, and though you tried to push him back, he helped you out of the pool.

“I will take care of you, if you let me,” he said. “I’ll..hell I’ll pay your bills for the next few months, make sure you don’t need-”

“Months!? Just how long is this going to take!?”

“Usually…2 to 3, it depends..” Again, he seemed to shrink back a bit as he crawled out of the pool. “Please..there isn’t anything that can be done now. Even if we force them to detach, it would hurt you as much as them.” You could hardly believe what you were hearing.

“So I’m stuck now, that’s what you’re saying.” You feel yourself shaking. His young, his /babies/ were inside of you now. You could feel them shift and squirm, making you grunt and feel sick.

“I’m sorry…I told you we should have stopped..”

“You’re an asshole.”

“I know…” He offered his hands to help you up. “At least let me get you home.”

“I don’t want you to know where I fucking live,” you snarl. You get up and waddle to your clothes. Your back already hurts, your hole is throbbing and aching from the ridiculous stretch of TWO babies being shoved through it. You feel yourself gape open as you bend over to get your clothes. Your shirt refuses to stretch over your belly.

Strong hands grab you and whirl you around. He holds you tight, fixing you with a firm look.

“This situation sucks, I know,” he said. “But please…/please/ let me help you. Once it’s over, I’ll take them and leave and never bother you again. I know you hate me right now but…I want to make it right.”

You jerk out of his hold and spit another curse at him.

“Get the fuck out of here before I call the cops.” You do your best to jerk your pants back on, then make your way out of the pool area.

You don’t know what you’ll do, but you’ll figure it out. And WITHOUT him.

(Might do a part 2 if there’s interest - Nona)


So my friend and I who have physics together started freaking out over this in class. Which obviously meant that we ended up learning nothing about waves and instead spent forty minutes coming up with headcanons. Enjoy!

1) Matt tags along on a mission to a nearby alien planet, and just as Lance sees a hot alien, Matt is already by her side, getting her number. By the time they leave, Matt has five new contacts stored away on his phone, and Lance has a new rival.

1.5) Now that Keith is no longer Lance’s #1 rival, they begin to hang out a lot more and Lance starts to actually admit that Keith is his friend. One day though, Lance is thinking about something Keith said earlier and is like, “Wait…what he said earlier…that kind of sounded like flirting. But it can’t be, that’s what he always sounds like. Unless…..KEITH GET IN HERE HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN FLIRTING WITH ME FOR?”

2) Matt gently talks Shiro out of panic attacks. Matt builds an alarm system between their rooms so that Shiro could push a panic button that would go off in Matt’s room whenever he needed him.

3) Matt and Shiro exclusively praise each other behind each other’s backs, but jokingly insult each other face to face.

4) Within seconds of arriving on the ship, Matt witnesses Klance bickering, and just grabs Shiro aside like, “You fucking loser, you’ve been here for weeks and you haven’t gotten them together yet,” and then promptly locks Klance in a closet.

5) FACEDOWN OF THE GAYS. Matt and Shiro vs Klance, trying to prove their status as Alpha Gay Couple™️. Klance is set to win but their plan is ruined due to excessive bickering.

5.5) It eventually gets so bad that they’re literally having a contest at the dining table to see who can make out for longer, and Allura just gets so fed up and knocks them all out with a baseball bat. And then Pidge hits Matt over the head for good measure.

6) Matt and Pidge is everyone’s worst nightmare. Especially Shiro. Lance’s daily bullshit has NOTHING on what the Holt siblings are capable of. The entire rest of the series basically consists of Shiro just being exasperated and cleaning up after their messes and trying to prevent innocent random planets from blowing up every three seconds.

7) Matt and Shiro are now both the dads of the ship. Pidge is the rambunctious crafty child who sneaks off every three minutes and manages to almost blow up distant galaxies before the Space Dads™️ can catch her. Shiro tries to stop her. Matt sneaks her a couple of extra wires. Hunk is the good little child who likes baking cookies for everyone. Shiro makes Hunk save some of the cookies he made for the next day. Matt sneaks some off the top shelf for him. Lance and Keith are the twins who will not stop trying to murder eachother. Shiro is fed up with them. Matt tells Lance that Keith stole his face masks.

8) MATT AND SHIRO: THE REUNION. Okay, but imagine if Shiro is back in Galra prison at the start of Season Three and Matt is with some kind of anti-Galra organization, kinda like the Blade of Marmora. Matt’s on a misson to steal some stuff from a Galra ship and he sees Shiro and’s like, “Dude. How have you not escaped prison yet? You’re such a fucking loser. Also what the fuck is up with your hair? Like, did only the front half of your head turn 70 or something?” And Shiro’s just like, “Huh, that’s exactly what Pidge said you’d say.” “Who the hell’s Pidge?” “Oh, sorry, Katie.” “Dude. She’s at least 5 years younger than you. Don’t hit on my freaking sister……wait where the hell’d you see her???”

9) Shiro’s gone, which means that the next two obvious choices for leader are Keith and Allura. Allura knows Shiro wanted it to be Keith, so she argues that it should be him. Keith doesn’t want to be leader, and tries to insist that she should lead instead. Then Lance pops up out of nowhere like, “I’LL BE LEADER!” And Keith is instantly like, “Yeah no. Changed my mind, I’ll do it. Case closed. Lance, fuck off.” And then when Keith leaves the room Lance grins and is like “Knew that’d do it.”

10) Matt is a huge prankster. Allura and Coran aren’t familiar with the concept of “pranking.” Matt can’t prank Pidge, she’s always a step ahead of him. Shiro gets exasperated. Matt can’t bring himself to prank Hunk. Keith tries to throw his sword at Matt. Lance legit chases Matt around the ship, threatening murder. Allura and Coran don’t really get it, but find it amusing nonetheless. On April Fools Day, Matt and Pidge wake up at four in the morning to start setting up. Shiro is the only smart one and left the ship the day before to go on his own mini personal mission. He’s still not safe, Matt and Pidge find a way to hack into his lion.

[OP-ED] Why do K-Netz love Somi but not Samuel?


Often compared due to their young age, experience and biracial backgrounds, Jeon Somi from Produce 101 Season 1 and Kim Samuel from Produce 101 Season 2 had ultimately very different fates on the show.

However, if we really think about it, these two contestants actually have a lot of differences which set them apart and also speak volumes about South Korean society. 

Keep reading to see my thoughts on this and feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments below.

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A-Level Survival Guide, by @Shannonsstudy

If you are unfamiliar with A-levels, they are a 2 year course typically for 16-18 year olds carried out after high school. In most cases you will study 4 subjects at AS level in year 1, and drop to 3 subjects at A2 level, unless you are me, in which case you would have carried on all 4 subjects and become way too stressed by exam season, because you didn’t have THIS survival guide.

·         Be prepared. You will need a binder/folder for each subject; none of this multi-subject notebook nonsense, there won’t be enough room for your notes and you’ll become unorganised. Make sure you have the basics- pens, pencils, ruler blah blah blah you know the drill.

·         Make an effort with your tutor. Your tutor will be writing your reference for university/job applications at the beginning of year 2, so make a good impression and stick to it. A simple “Hi, how are you?” as you walk in to registration and a “Have a good day” as you leave is all it takes, it will make the world of difference when it comes to them writing a reference. Similarly, make friends with your teachers, I’m not saying you need to be BFFs, just make it clear that you’re interested in their subject and them as a person.

·         DO THE HOMEWORK WHEN YOU GET IT. In a free period or when you get home, sit down and do the homework set that day. If you can get it done and out of the way asap it won’t build up and become stressful, it also gives you time to go to your teachers for help if you need it (also showing them that you take their class seriously and want to do well).

·         Use your free periods. I’m not saying you need to spend every single free doing hardcore study, because that’s not going to happen. But utilise the free time and get work done, you can relax at home and not have to worry about homework then.

·         Read. The. Textbook. You can have the best teacher in the world, and they may still miss out some details. Every day go through the relevant sections of the book for the day’s lessons, add anything missed out to your notes. I did NOT do this at AS, which was a huge mistake as I then had to do it all in the months/weeks leading up to my A2 exams, when I could have been revising content rather than learning it for the first time.

·         Similarly, make your revision resources ASAP. Again, do this after every lesson to avoid panic and stress in exam season. It’ll be much easier to write out 5 flashcards every day than it will be to write out hundreds 3 weeks before the exam, plus you’ll actually have time to study them.

·         Choose your subjects carefully. But also don’t stress if you start and discover you hate the class, you’ll have around a month to swap. Choose subjects that you enjoy and find interesting, there’s nothing worse than writing an essay on a subject you despise.

·         THE NEW A-LEVEL SYSTEM SUCKS. Yes, you now have to memorise everything you’ve learned in the entire 2 years and will be examined on it all at the end. Revising the month before may have worked in the past, but not this time. Revise year-round.

·         When it comes to revision (which again, you should be doing all year) use past papers. Although the system has changed, for the most part the questions have not. Once you’ve done one question on ‘differences in achievement and subject choice between genders’ you’ve done them all. You can still use old papers and mark schemes, just ignore the questions that are no longer relevant

That’s all I’ve got for now, but if anyone has anything to add, go ahead. Any further questions feel free to message/send an ask. For anyone who’s curious I studied Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Sociology. At AS I achieved AAAB (B in chem), and am currently awaiting my A2 results.

44. My favorite TV Show


So, get this, it’s set IN THE FUCKING FUTURE where it takes just a few months to get to KERBEROS. That’s fucking right, KERBEROS, as in the moon that orbits Pluto at the edge of our solar system, right out near the Kuiper Belt. 

Meet the motherfucking paladins. These motherfuckers each pilot a lion that’s the same colour as that badass armour they’re wearing. Each lion chooses their paladin based on their personality, and each lion has very distinct preferences. These lions come together to form VOLTRON, a massive robot that is stronger than literally anything else in the Universe

KEITH KOGANE, the red paladin. He’s an orphan, and everyone thinks he’s really emo and angsty, but he’s actually a TOTAL CINNAMON ROLL. The red lion chooses her paladins to be quick witted and sharp, relying on instincts alone, and charging into things before thinking. The red lion is the most difficult to pilot, but she’s the fastest and most agile. She is INSANELY protective of Keith, and they have the strongest connection. Keith fights with a sword, and he used to be at the Galaxy Garrison as a fighter pilot, until he got kicked out.

LANCE MCCLAIN, the blue paladin. He’s literally the biggest sweetheart ever. He was in Galaxy Garrison as a fighter pilot after being moved up from cargo pilot when Keith dropped out. He’s the teams sharpshooter, but he has massive self esteem issues and self doubt, which he hides behind humour and jokes. He literally jumps in front of someone he’s just met so that an enemy can’t shoot them. He’s a hopeless romantic, and flirts with everything and everyone he sees. He also has a pet cow called Kalternecker. We don’t actually know what traits the blue lion chooses, because Lance cut off the explanation by saying that the blue lion obviously chooses the handsomest and most charming paladin.

TAKASHI SHIROGANE, aka Shiro, aka the black paladin. He was part of the mission to Kerberos to gather space ice (which he doesn’t get as excited about as some other people), and he and his crew (Matt and Sam Holt) get kidnapped and held prisoner on a Galra ship by Emperor Zarkon himself. That’s how he got the white fringe, nose scar and cool robot arm. He’s a total leader and a complete sweetheart, and Pidge is secretly his favourite paladin. He pilots the black lion, which is the body of Voltron, and chooses a natural born leader who keeps their head in stressful situations. Shiro sometimes gets flashbacks to when he was kept as a prisoner, rendering him unable to move or react to anything. He has the best eyeliner in the Universe.

PIDGE GUNDERSON, aka Katie Holt, aka the green paladin. She infiltrates the Galaxy Garrison, first as a girl, and then cutting her hair and enrolling as a male student, to find out what REALLY happened to her father and brother, Sam and Matt Holt, who were both lost alongside Shiro on the Kerberos mission. She’s an expert hacker and probably the best technician on the team despite being the youngest. She writes code like you eat cereal, IT’S THAT FUCKING EASY FOR HER. She’s a beautiful little nerd who makes maths jokes and snorts when she laughs. She pilots the green lion, who chooses an inquisitive, curious, creative paladin, and also represents nature. Pidge hates nature because of her allergies and general aversion to the sun, but she finds that she actually kind of enjoys being in it.

AND LAST BUT CERTAINLY, DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, HUNK GARRETT, the yellow paladin. He is literally the sweetest person you will ever meet. He loves baking and is an amazing mechanic. He has a sense for dodgy people, and he WILL NOT hesitate to call a bitch out when they’re being shady. He went to the Galaxy Garrison with Lance, and they’re the best of buddies. He’s literally so sweet and such a cinnamon roll and an actual line of his from Season 2 is “I’m just so glad my cookies are making people happy” LIKE UM THIS BOY IS BEAUTIFUL AND NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED?????? He pilots the yellow lion, who chooses a compassionate and caring paladin, and can also take the most damage and is basically built like a fucking tank. He gets very travel/motion sick BUT HE STILL POWERS ON THROUGH AND BECOMES A FUCKING PALADIN???? He can befriend literally anyone in the matter of a few seconds and honestly I just love him so much I wanna shyly hold his hand and fall asleep with his arm around me and watch movies with him all night because I just love him so much

I mean just look at him. He’s so happy to be alive and have friends and be able to make people happy

Now this beautiful person might just be the most stunning, gorgeous, badass thing to ever cross your dash today. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, MAY I INTRODUCE PRINCESS FUCKING ALLURA. This girl is one of the only 2 surviving members of her ENTIRE RACE (the Alteans). She was put into cryostasis by her father when the Galra attacked, and awoke to find everyone dead and gone (except for her right hand man and fellow Altean, Coran). She kicks ass and has no time for anyone’s shit. She fucking runs straight into danger head on AND IT FUCKING RUNS AWAY. She takes on the Galra’s most powerful magician ONE ON FUCKING ONE and walks out ALIVE. She kicks ass and still looks absolutely breathtaking doing it, and is mentally connected to all of the lions

THIS IS CORAN, THE ONLY OTHER SURVIVING ALTEAN, AND PERSONAL ADVISOR TO KING ALFOR AND PRINCESS ALLURA. He is just awesome and funny and cool and badass and he still kicks ass and provides comic relief and honestly he is the embodiment of the Uncle Friend

Now, they’re all fighting this mean Galra dude called Emperor Zarkon, who takes over worlds and kills people, and he want Voltron because it’s cool and powerful and he’s a butthurt little piss baby who is never satisfied with anything. He used to be the black paladin (but the black lion likes Shiro more, so up yours, Zarkon)


Bonus: it has hot aliens

YoI Domestic Language Headcanons

I got inspired by a fic I recently wrote and came up with a bunch of language related headcanons. Please enjoy!


• Victor saw no real point in learning Japanese while in Hasetsu until Yuuri offered to teach him.

• Before he was like, “It would be cool to learn Japanese, but there’s 3 writing systems! That’s 2 too many! And one contains over 2000 kanji.” But when he realizes he can use it to get closer to Yuuri (hello study dates!), he jumps right on that train!

• While being taught, Victor would pretend not to know how to write a kanji when Yuuri asked him just to watch him write it and admire the beautiful strokes.

• Similarily, he would also stumble over pronunciations he knew just to hear Yuuri say them over and over.

• He loves the look Yuuri gets in his eyes that says, “Wow, turns out the person I admired and thought was flawless isn’t so perfect after all.” It’s not a look of superiority, but more of accepting himself to be like the idol he viewed as unattainable for so long

• Victor gets really excited when he remember a word or phrase Yuuri taught him while out in public. He’ll point at a sign and say, “Hey! I know that one! It’s (blank)!” and Yuuri will nod and say, “Yes, it is”. Yuuri smiles even brighter at Victor’s accomplished grin.

• The first kanji Victor memorizes both the reading and writing of is 勝生勇利, Yuuri’s name.

• Victor will never stop obsessing over the fact that the kanji for kawaii (可愛い) has love in it because that’s how he feels about Yuuri: he’s cute and Victor loves him

• Victor insists on ordering things like food and drink for himself and doesn’t like when others offer to help. If he needs help, he’ll ask.

• Katakana is very amusing to him because it sounds like funny English so he uses it as much as he can

• Victor’s favourite word(s) in Japanese (besides Yuuri’s name, of course) are onomatopoeias like peko peko, piri piri or kira kira simply because they’re fun to say and there’s so many of them

• Victor loves Japanese tongue twisters even though Yuuri can say them much better and much, much faster than he can

• When they move to St. Pertersburg, Victor changes his trademark Russian phrases for Japanese ones to make Yuuri feel more at home

• He’s 100% Jpop trash and Yuuri had to forcibly stop him from doing an exhibition skate to AKB48’s “Koisuru Fortune Cookie.”

• He also loves anime OP’s and asked to skate to the opening of Attack on Titan season 1. Yakov lost another handful of hair


• Yuuri wanted to study Russian while in Detroit but between all of his classes plus skating he simply couldn’t fit it in his schedule.

• Yuuri learned how to read, write and say “I love you, Victor” in the hopes he would one day be able to say it to his idol

• He would say it to each of his posters when he was growing up every night before he went to bed. Yuuri’s parents pretended not to notice

• Now of course he says it to the real thing, and Victor says it back in Japanese.

• Yurio is happy to teach many Russian curses to Yuuri and contrary to popular belief, he isn’t opposed to learning them. He doesn’t use them often, but on the rare occasions he does, Victor’s eyes go wide with shock that those terrible words came from his precious Yuuri’s mouth

• The first bit of Russian Yuuri learns (besides a handful of curses from Yurio) is Victor’s many interchanging pet names

• Victor changes them frequently simply because he likes to keep things interesting (and loves each of Yuuri’s reactions to them).

• He has very special, more precious petnames set aside for specific times, such as being sick or simply just enjoying an intimate moment alone together

And bonus:

Dialogue that I’m like 95% sure has actually happened post-canon

Victor: *staring lovingly at Yuuri*
Yuuri: What are you thinking about?
Victor: Just about how much I love my gold medalist.
Yuuri: But I haven’t won gold yet…
Victor: Not yet, but you’re gold to me, my zolotse, and you are in fact a medalist, so there! My gold medalist!

Master Fanfiction List | July 2017

For those of you who have been asking me for my updated master list, ask and you shall receive!

Here is the Master List for all of my current completed and works in progress Fanfictions for Outlander.  All of my stories can be found on AO3 under the same name of WrittenThrough Time. I do NOT write about real people, so please don’t ask or expect to find those on here.


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A Life Unseen - An AU, Frank cheats on Claire story. Frank cheats right before Claire falls through time and how her relationships/experiences will differ from the books since she doesn’t have that anchor of Frank trying to get back to.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

Mo Chridhe - Modern AU of Claire and Jamie’s lives
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12

Briste - Modern AU where Claire believes she is unlovable and will never find love. However, life doesn’t always turn out the way she believes it will… Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13

The Crook Chronicles - My half is set for Mr. Crook Part 1, Mr. Crook Part , Mr. Crook Part 3, Mr. Crook Part 4 COMPLETE

@lenny9987 and I have paired up for this series and she has written Mrs. Crook Part 1,Mrs. Crook Part 2, Mrs. Crook Part 3, Mrs. Crook Part 4 COMPLETE

Endlessly - Story based on @gotham-ruaidh‘s Endless Loop Theory
Part 2

For the Love of a Soldier - Also known as 1940s Claire and Jamie, it’s an AU set in the 1940s with Jamie a Scottish soldier and Claire a nurse meeting during WWII.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8 COMPLETE

A Second Chance - Yet another AU where Claire goes back through the stones with Bree, 2 years after leaving the past before Culloden.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Changing History - One shot AU where Jamie and Claire were successful in getting the Bonnie Prince to go back to Italy and not start the rebellion. Their experience after with a certain Captain of Dragoons. COMPLETE

Just a Man - Currently a one shot, but soon to be multi-post, from Jamie’s point of view. Current post is set (book world) right after the wedding when Claire faints. COMPLETE

25 Days of Outlander - Posts are tagged with 25 Days of Outlander, Gotham-ruiadh,& Lenny9987. There are a series of 25 “Favorites” that I’ve chosen to writeshort fanfictions based upon. Currently there are 11 posts for that particular set.
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10, Day 11

Claire’s Not a Fetch - Completed AU where Claire goes back and stops Jamie from marrying Laoghaire in Voyager. COMPLETE

The Sorcerer and the Stones - Master Raymond based story (currently complete. Future chapters possible) COMPLETE

A Flurry of Green and Red - Bree goes through the stones before Claire. deviation from Voyager

Christmas Faith - Christmas themed one shots based with Faith Fraser as a main character.
Alternate Christmas Faith    COMPLETE

Christmas on the Ridge - Fluffy Christmas day story COMPLETE

From One to Another - Frank has a child with another woman, abandoning Claire hours after giving birth to Brianna. COMPLETE

Ma Famille - Fluffy Fergus AU at Lallybroch with Claire & Jamie. COMPLETE

Mutually Beneficial Pleasure - Fic based on an image and the caption “Imagine him looking down at you like that.” SMUT COMPLETE

Untitled Ramblings - Meet cute for Jamie and Claire set in an unidentified Modern Universe. (completely separate from Mo Chridhe.) This fic could also be continued for now marked complete.
Untitled Surprise COMPLETE

La Bibliotheque Parisinne - Modern standalone piece of Jamie and Claire in Paris. Smut for Smut’s Sake.SMUT COMPLETE

Forever and A Day… - Rewrite of DiA where Claire stays in the past. Written for @mybeautifuldecay

A Whole New World- JPOV s2ep13: Dragonfly in Amber AU

Scottish Sun - Sweet Jamie and Claire moment COMPLETE

Outlander Drabbles - Collection of Drabbles based in any setting of Outlander
Wedding Night Drabbles, The Newsroom, Smut Drabble, Motorcyclist, Drunken Night, Obedience School, Anniversary Gift, Trouble, First Night Alone, Puppy Days, Walks, Ring Bearer, The Halloween Party, Happy Second Anniversary, Happy Halloween

Singin’ in the Rain - ONE SHOT: Roger and Bree moment on the Ridge.Book 9 setting SMUT COMPLETE

A Kiss a Day Keeps the Whores at Bay - Claire saves Jamie from Laoghaire COMPLETE

Life Drawing - This would totally be an AU fic but I would love to see Claire teaching a figure drawing class and Jamie being one of the students draws her.

Letters For Christmas - Secret Santa 2016 for @akb723. For Christmas Jamie writes a letter to his wife remembering different moments in their shared history.  Letter One - 1944 Letter Two - 1946 Letter Three - 1949 Letter Four - 1953 Letter Five - 1957 Letter Six - 1959 Letter Seven - 1969 COMPLETE

Prompts for Imagine

Always With Me - Imagine Jamie going all proud poppa mode with baby Faith if she had lived COMPLETE

Born Out of Time - Bree is sick in the 20th Century and Claire has to bring her back to the 18th Century to heal her.
Part 2: I Need A Healer, Part 3: Return of the Red Man and Red Child COMPLETE

Main Du Chroi - Faith asks Jamie if Claire is really a faerie Part: 2 COMPLETE

The Darkness That Leads to Remembrance - Sir Fletcher allows Claire to see Jamie. (Endlessly Spin-Off) COMPLETE

The Steam Rises - The hot baths did win….for both of them. SMUT COMPLETE

Oidche Math - AU where Jamie has premonitions/dreams of his Sassenach before they meet in person.
Part 2: Et Somniatores    COMPLETE

An Aching Wish - The stones failed the second time around and Claire goes to France. Chapter 2 COMPLETE

Lallybroch’s Newest Healer - Rewrite of Always With Me where Faith Lives and is NOT a dream. COMPLETE

There Can Only Be One (aka Legwhore Smackdown)- Claire goes back slightly earlier just before Jamie leaves for Edinburgh and he still lives with Laoghaire COMPLETE

Together in Paris - Life for the Frasers had they stayed in Paris instead of fighting in the uprising. (AU where Faith lives)
Part 2: Older Brother, Older Sister, Part 3: La Petite Mort

Wanting to Be….A Daddy’s Girl - Fic about Brianna never bonding/having that fatherly relationship with Frank and her reaction when she finds out who her father really is. AU with wee Bree and Frank dies early,
Part 2 COMPLETE (for now)

Petit Mircale - Multi-part rewrite of what I believe should have happened in ep. 207. *Spoiler Alert* FAITH LIVES.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, & Part 5  COMPLETE

Neighboring Love - Set in the 18th Century. Young lovers Jamie and Claire.
Prompt: So there’s this post on tumblr that’s like “the most beautiful man in the world lives in my building but every time I see him I’m a mess” and I was like OMG THIS NEEDS TO BE A FIC, so imagine Jamie and Claire in this situation.
Part 2: 362 Days…, Part 3: Unwanted Affections, Part 4: Since the Very First Day, Part 5: Hidden Letters

Èirigh na Grèine - Set in the 18th Century where Bree is born and grows up then. Jamie talking to, showing, and explaining things to a baby Bree. Part 2  COMPLETE

Away with the Faeries -  In season 2 finale, Bree said Claire is always away with the faeries…Coult you do a prompt of instances of Bree at different ages like 5,9, 14 and 20where she notices Claire is far away (thinking about Jamie and such) and at those different ages what Bree thinks of her mother because thoughts change when you get older :)  COMPLETE

Of Innocents & Voyeurs - Imagine if Mary and/or Louise walked in on Jamie and Claire in the throws ;) SMUT COMPLETE

Sticky Fingers - #5 Claire catches a bairn in her surgery. (this is a multi-fic post where each of Imagine’s mods wrote a piece based on a list of prompts. You’ll find Stick Fingers as number 5 on the list) COMPLETE

Cruinne Malartach - Imagine there are stones that don’t send you through time but into alternative universes.

Owl Post - Imagine Bree explaining Harry Potter to Jamie. Gotham graciously let me borrow her Modern Glasgow world and add this little gem to the universe. Gotham’s Modern Glasgow

Tales From the Past - Claire and Uncle Lamb are folklorists and discover a Scottish Legend deep in the North Carolian Mountains Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV COMPLETE

Angel Baby - Anonymous submitted: Could you please write a prompt where little Bree asks Claire for a sister, Claire tells her about Faith but Frank overhears and confronts Claire? Thanks :) COMPLETE

Guardian Scotsman - What about a story about Claire as a child or a teenager and somehow gets raised by Murtagh?

Baking Disasters - Imagine Claire trying to be the perfect WI wife for her husband doing baking and crafts and gardening and she’s kind of awful at it. Chapter 1, Chapter 2

A Shock to the System - Hi, could You write a Fic where Jamie managed to avoid Geneva´s blackmailing (that never happened) and later she met Frasers and SEE THEM TOGETHER (gladly with bairns)? Love to see Claire give her (G) a hard time – kill that little brat!!! COMPLETE

Separate Beds- "Do you wish for us to live separately?“ What if Claire wasn’t ready to forgive Jamie yet? How would he gain back her trust? COMPLETE

The Laird’s Foster - Because I am missing my favorite characters of late, can I get some Roger and Bree story? I’d like to see the evolution of them falling in love with each other. Too much? Anything from you will do. Pretty please? Thank you!

On the Road - Could you do an story where Claire and Jamie return to Castle Leoch before going to the colonies. Bonus points for one where Jamie never married Laogherie :) (up to you!!) COMPLETE

In the Eye of the Beholder - Using a mirror, Bree paints a picture of her and William together and they give it to Jamie for his birthday. Jamie is so touched he tells them a dream he had in the cave of the two of them playing together. COMPLETE

The Arrangement - Christmas Special with @mybeautifuldecay  This little fic is a combined work from both of us with no chapter separation or author separation. We wrote this in tandem, inspiring one another as we went. We hope you will enjoy this Christmas Wedding Bells edition of The Arrangement!

The French Frasers - Imagine a French family (couple, kids and a granny) arriving to the Ridge. They recognised the gran as Suzette, the Paris maid and making counts about her son age they noticed he could be also Murtagh’s son. COMPLETE (for now)

Maman’s Boy - Fergus making his way from the battlefield, just wanting to see Claire and Jamie. He realizes that he thinks of them as his parents. COMPLETE

Drunken Nights - Write a scene where Jamie returns home in Paris, completely drunk and the effort Claire has to put in just to get him into bed with him fighting all the way because he wants his Sassenach. COMPLETE

SAWNY -  Jamie’s first meeting with Fergus in the tv show where you find out he’s the one who took Sawny so I thought a story about Jamie actually giving it to him either just before Culloden or before he arranges to get himself arrested would be really nice. COMPLETE

With Unseeing Eyes - What if someone had told Claire that Jamie was in love with her when she was first staying at Leoch? Chapter 1, Chapter 2   COMPLETE

The Cat’s Delight - Drabble on Imagine for the 2nd Anniversary of the Wedding Episode. COMPLETE

The Historian, the Healer and the Warrior - Imagine Frank had already remarried when Claire came back.

Voltron Theory: Lotor, Haggar and Zarkon are related

Alright so, after rewatching season one and season two of Voltron, I have a theory that connects back to the old Golion story way back in the 1980s. Now bear in mind that Dreamworks Voltron is its own beast, and a lot of what’s going on has no connection with the original Beast King Golion or the original Voltron tv series. However there are a number of clues that show that this series is taking from both of the series in their own way.

First I have to point out that in Voltron magic wasn’t directly addressed, however Golion did have this and we’ve seen that the Alteans use magic so first connection to Golion. Following this we have Shiro’s name, clearly named after Takashi Shiro from Golion as well. However Shiro himself seems to be taking more from Sven and Keith from the original Voltron. That being said as well we can then see other connections here and there: The lions possibly having spirits in them akin to Golion, while from Voltron we get more of the goofy characteristics of Lance as well as him being more of a flirt.

The new series really seems to like to play with both shows which brought me to wonder, now that they have Lotor coming in, exactly which story line would they give him? And the strange thing is, I think they’re going to merge aspects from both series into this.

Mind you this is just a theory, as we haven’t even seen Lotor, but I’m going based on what I’ve seen so far in the show, and I’m hoping I’m right on this. 

Alright so we’ve seen in the last episode Blackout that Haggar is worried about Zarkon, and seemingly has been for some time. Naturally a few people have suggested that she has feelings for him, but I don’t think it’s the case of romance. Bear in mind that in previous incarnations Zarkon was the son of Haggar and Zarkon’s father who pretty much used her as a concubine (though Haggar wasn’t an Altean in the series) and she gave birth to Zarkon who later pretty much, er…slept with Lotor’s mother who was a Altean captive of his (this was a pretty dark birth story line and later drove Lotor mad).

I do not think that the whole captive thing is going to come into play here, rather given the events that we’ve seen I highly suspect we’re going to get a rather tragic story of both love and obsession. There’s also the issue that in Golion there was a space angel, goddess of the the universe, who was the one that split apart the lions into five separate beings. In Voltron it was Haggar that did the splitting.

So, my guess based on the clues that we have, is that the whole family tree within the Golion story is going to be kind of twisty and full of turns. They wouldn’t have made Keith Galra without reason, and I suspect that a large part of it is going to come from the fact that there’s going to be connections between Keith, Zarkon, Lotor, Haggar and Allura.

I can only build the theories on the clues that have been hinted at and the two sources of the show, plus the Devils Due comic that came out several years ago. Like I said, most of this is based on the limited clues that seem to be dropped though out the two seasons.

So my theory goes something like this:

Years ago Haggar was one of a family related to Allura’s mother (who I’m guessing is going to be that Space Angel like Goddess –or she’s going to be the purple Lion again) and ended up being married to the Emperor of the Galra. During this time she had a child with the emperor who was Zarkon.

Clue’s that seem to indicate something connected to this as a possibility:

1. In the show Zarkon never calls Haggar by her name, he never addresses her as Witch Haggar, however he shows the utmost respect for her, and trusts her more than anyone else in the whole fleet. I find it odd that he doesn’t call her by her title either, not only that but she seems to be the only one that can talk to him in a less formal manner and that he will listen to.

2. In the original Haggar was Zarkon’s mother, but wasn’t able to tell him due to the way the Galra had set things up. So she could only protect her son from afar in a way.

3 In the new show we see Haggar worrying over Zarkon beyond just a loyal subject. She, at points, looks at him when he’s walking off with utter fear and worry, much like a mother would look at her child before he or she does something that they know the child will regret.

4. Zarkon and Haggar’s attitudes towards one another during the events that led up to Blackout. Zarkon’s voice sounds more like a child telling his mother that he knows what he’s doing and to but out. While Haggar seems to be operating from the shadows trying to find a way to stop Voltron before Zarkon makes a bad move.

5. Both Zarkon and Haggar seem to have the ability to harness the Quintessence.  Something we know the Galra can’t do as most of their machines run on regular crystals and energy over the magic based system that Allura seems to be using.

As the son of the Emperor Zarkon eventually took control of the Empire and because of her connections to the Alteans Haggar made it so that Zarkon could befriend Alfor easily. Keith’s mom was probably a friend of Zarkon’s who was connected to him, or possibly related to Zarkon either though the royal blood line, or directly related as his sister through a different mother.

Anyway, during the time the comet crashed and Alfor came by to help, among those that were working with him was a young Altean woman who met Zarkon and the two fell in love. This eventually lead to a romance and Zarkon and this woman had Lotor. Not sure if they were married or not, that can be left in the air, but it’s reasonable to believe that Zarkon, given the way he’s seen by a lot of people, isn’t 100% a rotten person.

Clues to this come in the form of us mostly in the fact that Lotor in past incarnations has had a Altean mother and given the fact that Zarkon and Alfor worked closely, I don’t see it as such a surprise if Zarkon did meet and fall in love with a Altean scientist.

We also saw from the space mall episode that people are living mostly normal lives under his rule, which is conflicting with what Zarkon has been doing to others. There’s also the mall cop that seems to think that Zarkon is the best.

Somehow between the point that the first group of Voltron paladin’s came about and the new group came about, something large and dangerous attacked the Galra home world and probably killed a lot of people in the wake of its destruction.  Among those that died, more than likely Zarkon’s wife.

Clues to this could be seen in his obsession to get to Voltron and building a device that will destroy worlds. One of the key differences here in the case of Voltron Legendary defender and Voltron Defender of the universe and Golion was the fact that this is the first time that the Galra home world (also called planet Doom) was destroyed. This could mean that the need for Zarkon to overpower everything probably is not coming from the need to conquer everything for the sake of just having power, but rather to build up his army to take on something more powerful than he is.

If you’ve noticed there’s the point that everything he attacks is either for finding strong warriors, finding parts for something that he’s building or gathering the lions to him for use in some giant moment. We’ve seen that he’s willing to die to get those lions back, and there has to be a connection between the use of Voltron and Zarkon’s need to gather parts for war.

Now on to Lotor in this case. If I’m right about Haggar is his grandmother, then that means that there could be a case that like that of Prince Sincline where he doesn’t know about his blood line in regard to his father’s family. However we’ve already seen that the Stranger, if he is Lotor, seems to already be as tall as Keith meaning that he knows he’s probably part Altean. The question is how is he responding to it?

As I’ve said in earlier posts I’m suspecting we’re going to see a more science based Lotor, over the flirty and mostly jerkish version from the original Voltron and Golion show. My reasoning comes from a few places:

1. We saw him grab the scaultrite meaning he knew what he was looking for when he got trapped by the Weblum, and clearly he knew where to look for it as well.

2. Is the fact that he only took enough for one person to use, which to me at least indicates that he’s going to be testing something on a smaller scale first, which is what scientist do normally when they’re trying stuff.

3. We can devise from the fact that the Galra don’t have a wormhole device that they don’t possess the magic to activate something like the Telledove and move over the course of time and through the use of the Druids magic over their own abilities.

This makes me think that Lotor, if that is Lotor, is trying to find a way to make it so that the Galra can move more efficiently without the help of the Druids. This also tells me that he probably will not have as pleasant an interaction with Haggar, as she seemed not to happy to actually be calling him in. Meaning that, like the other Galra, he’s not someone who trusts Haggar and the Druids and finds them offensive. Which also means that he’s probably going to rely more on tech over something like Haggars spells.

If Haggar is his grandmother, and given her love of robeasts and the like, we will probably see new upgraded versions of these things, if Lotor sees reason to use them. I’m also suspecting we may eventually see the robot Iron Maiden, come out of this whole thing.

Of course this is just a theory right now.

An In-Depth Explanation + Discussion of Morty Smith’s (Rick and Morty) Canon “Disability” - ADHD and Autism

In the popular Adult Swim cartoon, Rick and Morty, it is clearly and distinctly said that Morty Smith, the second half of the show’s two main characters, has a (context: learning) disability!

I ended up making a GIFset of evidence from throughout the shows current two season run supporting this statement, and bringing forth the speculation that said disability(s) is both ADHD and Autism!

I’ve gotten many question, comments, and criticism in the short time that the post has been up and have decided to answer them all here!

I’ll be explaining my post in-depth, GIF by GIF, with the episodes and context included, as well as citations to relevant articles/etc. to back them up/explain the symptoms (as well as ones not shown in the original post). 

It is rather long, so using “Ctrl + F” (Windows) or “Command + F” (Mac) to find the specific symptom/explanation you’re looking for is advised!

Explanation is under the cut!

Keep reading

Episode 3, Season 7 Part 2

Okay this was taking really long, so I just decided to do a brief one (hopefully)

Jon and D’s first meeting. I must say I was really stoked about this one. But honestly, I didn’t see any sexual tension or great chemistry in the scene. Jon did look wary+awed+apprehensive+shocked when he first sees her. Maybe he was expecting the mother of dragons to be slightly older. And if I have to be very honest, this was exactly what I’d expected it to be. I’ll tell you what that means in a bit. 

So the funniest part of that scene was the introduction bit. This is Jon Snow, he is king in the north vs. D + rightful x various names. I can’t begin to explain how strongly I now feel about an eventual Jon vs. D plot in the story. 

I am the last targaryen, Jon Snow

I was born to rule the seven kingdoms and I will

I am the rightful this and rightful that…

I have faith in D. targ etc etc

It’s too on the face to not notice anymore. In every single scene and every single dialogue, there seems to be a contrast between Jon Snow and D Targ. To give D the benefit of the doubt, she is unaware of the threat to the north. She’s not a bad queen. She shows that she is capable of humility and compassion when she apologies to Jon for her father’s crimes. He is in fact surprised that she does. Then she repeats what he says in the previous episode. You can’t hold a daughter responsible for her father’s crimes. They agree on something. But Jon comes up with one of his own, that she can’t hold him on to the oath of loyalty that his ancestor made. SHE DOES NOT AGREE, or even like it. 

She then informs him about all that she’s suffered. This I thought was important from the point of view of getting to know each other better. Then, Davos gives a list of the stuff Jon’s done. Again, this was done in my opinion to further their understanding of one another or imho to portray them as equals at best. Again notice the difference in the dialogues here. While Dany rattles on about her achievements and her belief in herself, Jon remains silent. Davos is the man who speaks up for him. It is a difference of personalities and the ethos systems they believe in as leaders. Compare this scene with Jon and Sansa have before the battle of the bastards where Jon tells her, “Aye and what do you think I’ve been doing all my life? Playing with Broomsticks? I’ve fought against worse than Ramsey Bolton. I’ve defended the wall against worse than Ramsey Bolton.” I’m not saying this means anything. Still. 

Again the one on one that D and Jon had together had tremendous foreshadowing involved. 

People thought the dragons were gone, yet here they are! Jon and D the last two (possibly) targs standing and watching the dragons fly above their heads. They again reach an impasse on the bending of the knee bit. D is stubborn, Jon is stubborn but she gives him something else that he came for. Permission to mine the dragon glass and all the help he will need to get it. This was again good Dany surfacing due to good advice given by the clever Tyrion Lannister. There is a lot of tension in this scene between Jon and D. I just didn’t read it as romantic. Sexual, Idk? They are facing in opposite directions and always looking away from each other. But they are learning, more about each other. However, while Jon’s intentions are really what they are, Dany’s gesture of allowing the mining of the dragon glass is motivated by political interests. 

To be honest, I didn’t see chemistry between Kit and Emilia. Does this mean they won’t bang? No. It does not. THIS WAS THEIR FIRST MEETING. They are standing on two opposite shores, each considering the other their enemy, at the very least. It was great to not see a good chemistry between the two of them and I’m not saying this because I ship Jonsa. They are two of the most powerful leaders in the game wanting more important things than to fall in love. They can’t obviously act like silly teenagers who’ve seen a hot girl / hot guy and fallen head over heels. So even if they are eventually going to bang in this season, the lack of chemistry was spot on. 

We also know that after the Casterly Rock debacle and the destruction of the Greyjoy fleet, Tyrion’s clever advices are going to fail and D is going to go on full dracarys mode, and she probably should. Jamie Lannister had better watch out his for back now!! Also now Dany desperately needs Jon as an ally. I can even see how a marriage will help cement this alliance. Jon asks Tyrion he’s wondering how to convince those who don’t know him that the threat is real. Obviously this is a set up for the wight hunt. Because, seeing is believing right? And Jon obviously thinks that Dany is better than Cersei. If the two were to marry, politically their impasse would come to an end. We may even be led to believe in this season that, this is what is exactly going to happen. Only thing is, I truly believe that it won’t. 

The reason I think it wont: Dany is being set up for a major shock. You can see the makings of it. Everything she’s ever done, every action she’s ever taken is to get closer to the ugly chair. She has internalized the belief that the kingdom is truly her birthright. She’s not going to stop at anything to make the throne and the kingdom hers. Imagine her surprise when she learns that the true RIGHTFUL heir to the iron throne is not her but someone else, an ally, a potential husband, a lover?? I think it would be injustice to her character if she accepts that this as her destiny. No, she’s not going to share her right with anyone else. NO WAY!! Jon has a way of worming himself into people’s hearts not by inflicting fear. BUT BY SACRIFICE. This is why thousands for people will follow him into war. Because he is loved, not feared. Targbowl is going to happen guys, as much as the banging is probably. We’re being set up for it. 

Now I was practically praying for them to shift the scene from a one on one J and D to Sansa and it happened!!!! I have so many feels about this scene that I can’t put it all in words. 

SANSA UNDERSTANDS THE THREAT TO THE NORTH, PEOPLE and she’s doing everything in her power to prepare for it. She trusts Jon without having visual confirmation on the WW. She’s slaying being queen in the north. It’s important to notice how the other lords are standing by everything she’s saying and even marveling at it at times. (Except LF who’s dolling out fortune cookie lines one after the other. I can’t believe he said the whole Don’t fight in the north etc just before the other one. LOL) But he does say something very important which kinda made my ears stand up. Two important things.

1. One of two things will happen. Either the dead will defeat the living in which case all our troubles come to an end or life will win out. And then What?

2. Everything that happens will be something that you’ve seen before

Tinfoil: The first thing that he said led me to believe that in all probability the great war will happen first and life will win out and then will come the crisis of power in Westeros, meaning who will sit on the iron throne?? I mean I always felt that the power struggle will happen before the war but LF sentence made me think otherwise. What do you think people??

The second dialogue. What did he fucking mean by that second one? I’m in full tinfoil territory here but was he implying that like Robb, Jon will be taken with a foreign whore/invader? Or was he threatening Sansa that like Ned, Jon rode south and hence will lose his head?? Or did he mean that the North would revolt against/betray  Jon the way they had done with ROBB? And that little satisfied smirk to himself at the end. Or was he talking about his own inference that Jon and Sansa remind him of Ned and Cat and Idk something to do with him being responsible for Jon’s death just like he betrayed Ned Stark. AAAAAAAAARG! I’m so confused. It can’t mean nothing. Parallels are basically, mirroring things that’ve happened before. Any ideas about what the hell he was talking about???????????

Last and most important foreshadowing and question that came to my head.


GUYS THIS IS BIG. Who is the true heir to Winterfell then? What does that mean about Jon’s position as king in the north? Sansa is now basically the heir to winterfell and the oldest Stark in the North. Jon is king in the north but Sansa remains the Lady of Winterfell. (The Shipper in me says, did some potential Jonsa gold just fall into our laps??) 

Sansa is key, in-spite of Bran, Ned Stark’s true born son being present in winterfell. I am a cent percent sure that this is going to have huge ramifications and implications later on in the story. 

I’m hoping Arya and Sansa’s reunion will be better than Sansa and Bran’s which fell flat in comparison to the dramatic re-union and follow through of Jon and Sansa’s. Maybe because they were the first two starks to re-unite. or Maybe *wink*

Anyway, we’ll know more as the story progresses. Lemme know what you think guys especially LF’s lines!!!!

ablogthatishenceforthmine  asked:

Is it just me or has Clarke lost a lot of the relationships she had with the delinquents? Her and Jasper's relationship completely dissolved even after he stopped being angry. Her and monty have barely interacted in the past 2 season. Her and Octavia have been done for a while. Like I feel Bellamy is the only delinquent that she has a relationship with anymore. Hopefully, next ep we will see some more of her and raven's relationship. But it just makes me sad bc Clarke has almost all her friends.

No, it’s not just you and I think there’s a reason for this that plays into Clarke’s overall Character/Story arc. Again, y’all come and ask questions not expecting meta and then it just….springs out of my head because you guys just say the absolute right things.

What you said made me realize that…Clarke has been alone since Season 2. Like, we talk constantly about Clarke and Bellamy being co-leaders and discuss why that’s so frustrating, but we’re thinking as the audience, which means we haven’t taken the time to put ourselves in Clarke’s shoes. 

Although we know that Clarke can always depend on Bellamy to make the big decisions with her, and that he in fact has always been there for the “lever pulling moment” (even in S3, the script tells us Clarke finds strength in the memory of Bellamy helping her pull the lever in S2), but for most of every Season, Clarke has been isolated from her strongest support system: her people (and specifically-Abby and Bellamy).

Most people, when they discuss Clarke, say things like “I really miss Season 1 Clarke!” and “When will Clarke get back to her Season 1 self?” And I’ve seen people say “She’s not that girl anymore because of all of the things she’s had to do!” but the key difference between Season 1 Clarke and Season 2-4 Clarke is that she didn’t have her co-leader by her side. 

See evidence:

Clarke and Bellamy interact in a leadership based capacity in every single episode of Season 1, with no exceptions (they also have their friendship building moments). Clarke also has the benefit of being surrounded by the Core Four in this season (Raven and Octavia also play key integral roles in this Season). Clarke is noticeably not bearing the majority of the burden, and so even as she makes heavy decisions, someone else made the decision with her (even closing the Dropship on Bellamy wasn’t a decision she made by herself, Miller was the one who told her they didn’t have time and that they had to close the door now.).

Let me be clear and say that this in no way means that Clarke is more likable when she is with a man. I’m saying that Clarke is less burdened in Season 1, more open and she shares that burden more equally with those in her Core support system. 

Season 1 ends with Clarke isolate from others and Season 2 picks up the same way, Clarke alone, in a white sterile room. And this should have been the first sign of what was waiting for us in regards to Clarke’s journey. Even as she is surrounded by the 47 in Mt. Weather, Clarke obviously holds herself (and her plans to escape) away from them. When she escapes, she doesn’t escape with one of her people, she escapes with Anya, a Grounder leader (clever bit of foreshadowing there). She is reunited with her mother and Bellamy for only 4 episodes before she agrees with Bellamy’s plan to go into the Mountain. As soon as she takes L/xa’s advice “Love is weakness.”, Clarke’s separation from her support system becomes even more obvious: 

She and L/xa literally spend 2x10 away from their people being chased by a giant gorilla. 

In 2x11 Clarke actually takes control away from her mother (”You may be the Chancellor, but I’m in charge.”) and in doing so she pushes away one of her strongest supports (Abby) while her other (Bellamy) is in the mountain. Raven (the third part of the Core Four) is still furious with her over Finn’s death, and Octavia (4/4 of the Core Four) is too concerned with Bellamy and Lincoln’s absence to be much help. 

In 2x12, Clarke and L/xa abandon their people to a bomb, an act which leaves Abby horrified by her daughter and Clarke even more alone on this leadership journey than she’s been before (save L/xa), because Raven is at Camp Jaha and Octavia is in TonD.C. 

In 2x13, Clarke is still only partnered with L/xa, a solitary leader. 

In 2x14, Clarke is still partnered with L/xa, a solitary leader. 

In 2x15, Clarke and L/xa attempt to open the doors, but ultimately fail (which is a large bit of foreshadowing). 

In 2x16, Clarke is back with a team (Bellamy and Monty) and they succeed at taking down the Mountain but Clarke leaves on a solitary journey. 

Everything about Season 2 tells us that Clarke does better, is successful, when she is operating as part of a team, not a solitary leader. 

In Season 3, we open with Clarke again, separated from her people, and she remains that way until the very last seconds of episode 3x10 (almost the entire Season), even when she is back with her people for brief moments, she’s still rejecting the idea that she can, and indeed needs, to lead with others. Again, it’s not until the finale of Season 3 where Clarke stops trying to make decisions and lead by herself, that she finally succeeds and is able to defeat A.L.I.E. 

We’re seeing it again in Season 4, Clarke is isolated, even as she is surrounded by her support system, because she has not released the lessons she learned from L/xa (primarily) and Dante (only a bit). 

L/xa, as a divinely appointed leader, was raised to understand that the final say is and always should be hers. She was raised to believe that she did not need to depend on others, and that, as a function of her position, all others were subject to her wishes. 

Dante, as president, is also someone who doesn’t seem to have a group of people that he reports to, or who hold him accountable. 

Ironically, both faced similar fates (their people turned on them, both killed by a gunshot). 

We actually see a bit of this happen for Clarke in Season 4 (when Monty reads the list and I suspect we’ll see it again in 4x11), because Clarke is not allowing others to lead with her, her people are turning against her. 

Clarke has not yet accepted that she is not a person who is capable of being a solitary leader (Bellamy actually played on this in 4x11, when he pointed out all the times “they” saved everyone). Clarke wants to save everyone (her mother calls her on this in the pilot episode) and in her mind, part of saving everyone is also protecting them (at least she thinks she is) from making the life or death decisions. 

But Clarke hasn’t come to terms with the fact that she’s never truly made a life or death decision by herself, she’s never done any of her biggest saves by herself, and every time she tries to lead alone, she fails. Clarke is a leader who NEEDS others. 

And I am so hopeful that we will finally see the culmination of what has been a 3 Season long, achingly painful arc. 

Good Character Growth is not linear, and sometimes it takes Seasons before it reaches the end.