So Dream of Dragons


Alexstrasza had planted a colossal tree within the new Well of Eternity that would come to be known as Nordrassil. Both Ysera and Nozdormu placed their blessings upon it. Ysera bound the tree to her realm, the Emerald Dream, along with the night elven men, now the druids of their race. As part of the pact, the druids agreed to sleep for centuries at a time so that their spirits could roam the infinite paths of the Emerald Dream alongside the green flight. Though the druids were grieved at the prospect of losing so many years of their lives to hibernation, they selflessly agreed to uphold their bargain with Ysera. The greens, with the druids’ help, maintained their posts through the long millennia that followed.


WOW that last post got a lot of notes. Anyways, here’s some digital doodles with a lot of weird negative space, and a half done pencil sketch of a human bill cipher. (i’ve seen a lot of very… pretty human bill ciphers, and he’s supposed to be unsettling (i think) so i went for unsettling. whaddya say kids, is it worth the effort to finish it?)

Remember, reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!“

Have you ever gotten really unsettled because of something you were drawing but then drew more of it because you were unsettled? That was pretty much me @ those teeth. Anyways… Here’s a more finished version of that human bill cipher! uh. I might have gotten carried away with it.

OK I’m Going to do this

this has been stuck in my head for a while know. Months really. It slipped from my mind at the beginning of the summer but ever since that post were someone drew once upon a dream with solas and lavellan again, its back in my head and im pretty determined to do it. I want to make a 3d animation of them with Lana Del Ray’s version of that song. I really really do. I’m going to use source filmmaker to animate it and blender and 3d max to model it. Its going to take forever because I dont know how to extract modes from dai so im going to have to make them, (but lets be honest, I’ll be able to give it a more artistic look if I model everything) but im going to do this. wish me luck

PS: im going to die

PPS: if yall wanna exchange ideas with me or help me out with this feel free to says so, id very much appropriate it

PPPS: dont look into the source filmmaker tag unless u got safe search on. i was traumatized 

The Oppai Dragon Song
  • The Oppai Dragon Song
  • Hyoudou Issei (CV.Kaji Yuuki)
  • High School DxD BorN Original Soundtrack

The Oppai Dragon Song (おっぱいドラゴンの歌 Oppai Doragon no Uta)

Lyrics: Azazel
Composer: Sirzechs Lucifer
Choreography: Serafall Leviathan

There is a breast-loving Dragon living on the edge of a certain country.
The Dragon goes for a walk when the weather is good.


There are so many types of breasts,
But he likes the big ones the best.
The Oppai Dragon also flies today.

On an edge of a certain town, the Oppai Dragon was laughing.
Even on a stormy day, the Oppai Dragon becomes happy by pressing breasts.


He has seen lots of breasts,
But he likes big ones the best.
The Oppai Dragon also pushes today.

On an edge of a certain sea, the Oppai Dragon was flying.
In the summer seas, the breasts are full of dreams, so full.


The breasts in swimsuits are wonderful,
But he likes the big ones the best.
The Oppai Dragon also dreams today.

The breast-loving Dragon found big breasts and fell in love.
The breasts of the Switch Princess are so beautiful.


There are lots of breasts,
But he likes that of the Switch Princess the best.
The Oppai Dragon is also spoiled today.

There are lots of breasts,
But he likes that of the Switch Princess the best.
The Oppai Dragon also flies this morning.


I had a dream that together with my Dragon Wife I went to Comic Con and when we were getting closer, I joked that even if the MCU panel is in two days I will stand in line now anyway, as I have to get in, and she looked kinda funny at me, asking if I came here just to stand in line and I was all “I NEED TO GET IN.”

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Finally I’m done with elven quest in DA: Origins! One more to go, just need to complete the quest for the dwarves and then I can go to Landsmeet!!! I can’t wait seriously, everybody been telling me how awesome Anora is so I’m curious. 

My Warden gets a bad dream about dragon and then suddenly we’re attacked in our camp wtf. I really like how the subtle progression of the story also impacted a lot of random combat fights. Right now if we’re stopped on the middle of the road by bandits or darkspawns there’s always allies patrolling there to help us :O which is awesome, and I can chip in some items or money now. Idk how important those are to the game, but I did gave all my elfroots and some money :x JUST IN CASE.

Also my warden kinda torn between Leliana or Alistair and I didn’t even meant to romance them lmao. Idk so far I like all the companions and their backstory, but not so much on the romancing part. Maybe I should try Morrigan or Sten to see if they have better romance plot D: Alistair is too puppyish and Leliana too intense for me to enjoy it .__. Or maybe I should try Zevran? He’s always a lot of fun. Edit: Just realised I can’t romance Morrigan and Sten noooooo ;o;

For the dwarven quest it seems that I’ll pick Behlen… I mean Harrowmont sounds like a nice and noble guy, but I just can’t stand the social structure where the casteless are the lowest of the low and not allowed to improve their standings, you know? I always hate that kind of snobbiness irl so eh I might be really biased about it :/ But really though, how can you claim to be good and noble if you believe that just because you win the birth lottery to be born in higher caste means you’re above anybody else, who are actually just like you, fellow dwarf. He’ll just be the king for upper classes, not all dwarves. I don’t even mind his isolationism policy that much you know? I just can’t stand his social view.

Anyway, in more amusing things, I found this:

Someone give it to Turgon, finally something he loves that won’t leave him and die :))))

i had this really cool dream last night.

and also a nightmare.