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Ok, I just had a visual of Tomoyo chasing Kurogane with a sword (she looks so much like his mother) and then you said "murder things at high speed and look incredible at the same time", and who but Tomoyo could pull that off better?




WOW that last post got a lot of notes. Anyways, here’s some digital doodles with a lot of weird negative space, and a half done pencil sketch of a human bill cipher. (i’ve seen a lot of very… pretty human bill ciphers, and he’s supposed to be unsettling (i think) so i went for unsettling. whaddya say kids, is it worth the effort to finish it?)

160306 MADE final in Seoul - encore

literally the moment i died


Took a small break from portraits tonight to work on something that’s been in my brain the last few days. 

I place the blame at @eeblingtheshade for encouraging me, and my stone cold heart melting slightly for papa!solas. 

For maximum angst imagine this as a post trespasser dream. 

References used!


As it descended, it opened it’s maw wide and screamed at Ronan. It wasn’t the sound Ronan had heard before. It was the roaring hiss of a fire dampened with water. Sparks rained onto Ronan’s shoulders.

He could feel how it hated him. How it hated Kavinsky, too. How it hated the world.

It was so hungry.

Kavinsky looked at Ronan, his eyes dead. “Try to keep up, Lynch.”

@therealjacksepticeye You said you wanted a pet dragon and I’m here to make that dream come true so here you go! Your very own PET DRAGON!!
What will you name Him/Her?

Three times he had left her. Three times, both of their hearts shattered to pieces. Not again, never again. There is a whole new world to face, for both of them and they will walk this path bonded as one. 

Solas & Nevia

Mercy Graves + her sweet new coat from one of the BvS extended scenes :’)

honestly, who do I have to petition for Mercy to come back in Justice League 2k17 ಠ_ಠ