Focusing more on comps and values this week…

The Last Jedi Critique

General Introduction/Disclaimer
I wanted to explore, from as many angles as I could, The Last Jedi and my reaction to it. Please note, going into this, that my overall opinion of the movie is that I did not like it, and that will be apparent in most of my critique, but there were moments that I did like; this is not a pure hate fest.

These will be the main categories for how I approach my dissection of The Last Jedi. 

  • Pacing and Plot (today’s subject)
  • Characterization
  • Film Artisticness
  • Writing (Dialogue) and World Building
  • Spirit and Themes

Honestly, just this one facet took a long time to write and is relatively lengthy; I need to take a break from this, and will return throughout the week to approach the other subjects. Characterization will likely be the last, as there are so many characters to explore and I have so many things I want to examine.

Let’s get on with it.

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Last week was crazy, busy and I managed to complete 4 outta 5 planned workouts, but also added one I hadn’t planned. That makes me even, right?!? *sigh* This week’s workouts were a struggle. Meals were a struggle even though I meal planned. The only thing I feel like I did well was get adequate sleep. I’m finding it difficult to stay grounded this holiday season. Vacation didn’t help that either, lol. Here’s hoping I have a solid week this week. Today has been a much needed reset day. Workouts are planned, meals are planned, and food is about to be prepped.

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