Snyder New York


Longing over these dreamy Jack Hughes illustrations, pretending it’s not going to snow even more tomorrow (wishful thinkin’ NYC)!

See more gorgeous work by Jack HERE.

Remember when Hattie Newman created a teddy bear made entirely of cheese (cheddy bear!) for this amazing portrait of Blur’s Alex James? Two of our fave things in the world: Alex and cheese. Le sighhhhhh.

Yoni Alter illustrated our favorite scene from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” giving us pointillist Cameron looking at pointillist Seurat, making our hearts explode.

More work by Yoni HERE. And if you want to buy this print, go HERE.


Angela Souther’s gorgeous hand-lettering, also created for “An Idea Live On,” the interactive site for the JFK Presidential Library & Museum. Developed by The Martin Agency and Tool of North America, the project marks 50 years since JFK’s death, and the enduring legacy he left behind.